Immaterial Jungle is the first single of the new artistic path of the Italian-French musician Kaouenn, at the crossroads between “Not Not Fun” attitude and sounds from the South of the World.


After the recent release of the single Les Hiboux Remix which sanctioned the closure of the first cycle of the artist’s production, Kaouenn returns with a new single that anticipates the content of the album scheduled for the Autumn. The result of the last four years of migrations, transfers, changes of life and intimate evolutions of the author, is a hallucinated and lysergic electro-samba trip, strongly marked by the use of percussion and guitars, a chasing of tribalisms and space trips, a sort of “hypnagogic imagined South” in the wake of a certain contemporary/not contemporary occult psychedelia (Can, Popol Vuh, Ninos Du Brasil, Peaking Lights, The Lay Llamas, C’mon Tigre).

Conceptually, the track has several reading layers, all related to the adjective “immaterial” of the title.

The first and immediate reference is a tropical jungle that is disappearing under the blind hand of men, cause of violence and abuse on indigenous peoples for the exploitation of resources in Brazil, or the uncontrollable fires due to climate change, as recently seen in Australia. 
But the jungle is also a metaphysical, psychic place, with the vastness of a lush nature and its ancestral mysteries that have always been the engine of adventures, discoveries and fears.

“Despite all this, Immaterial Jungle brings a message of confidence: to overcome certain self-imposed and comfortable limits starting from ourselves, as we can do every morning, starting from small daily actions and good sustainable habits: even a coffee machine can become a small flower pot to make the fruit of hope sprout.”

Immaterial Jungle has been masterfully transposed into images by Fabio Cotichelli – Video Ex Machina, already director of the previous videos of Black Owl (2016) and Les Hiboux Remix (2019) for Kaouenn.


Kaouenn is a creature born in 2015 from the imagination of Nicola Amici, Italian musician currently living in France, former guitarist and saxophonist of Butcher Mind Collapse, Lebowski and Jesus Franco & The Drogas, bassist of Tommy Lorente et La Cavallerie. The solo project Kaouenn debuts in 2016 with the eponymous album which is well received by European critics allowing him to perform in Italy, France, Belgium and Switzerland. At the base there is the need to stage a multi-sensorial and hypnotic show, based on musical and visual performance, with an oblique approach between genres: psychedelia, exotica, electronics, ambient, post-punk, new wave, blues.


Kaouenn | Vocals, guitars, synthesizers, saxophone, xaphoon, samples

Recording and mixing | Nicola Amici @ Ph37 SoundLab, Biarritz and Nice (France)
Mastering | Giovanni Versari @ La Maestà studio, Faenza (Italy)

Music and lyrics | Kaouenn

Artwork and layout | Kaouenn

Video and cover photo | Fabio Cotichelli / Video Ex Machina

Photos | Caterina Fattori

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