Soft and warm harmonies meet technical sounds, dreamy melodies meet bizarre tone patterns. Accentuated Beats, Sequences, sometimes minimalistic at another time powerful, Cosmic Spheres and Speech Quotes are put together to exciting compositions, that are accompanied by bizarre and sometimes excentric sound creations and strange vocal-samples. The atmospherically-flowing tracks seem to play with feelings of wellness and threat which sometimes arouse tension and power, at another time let you calm down again. Dreamy atmospheres are interwoven by decent discords and strange parts are enriched by harmonic elements, traditional sounds are combined with innovative sound experiments. A fantastic, excellent produced sound travel, full of charming contrasts. Recommended (not only) to all Klangwelt-fans. (Lambert Ringlage)

Interpret: Klangwelt

CD-Titel: The Incident

Catalogue-number: SMCD 6103

EAN-Code: 4260107470816

Release Date: 01. June 2018

Duration/Laufzeit: 79:26 min


Style: Electronic Music (Yello, Vangelis, Jarre)


01. Exclamation (6:23)

02. The Incident (7:07)

03. Fragments I (2:46)

04. Time Freeze I (2:05)

05. Rêve Mécanique (8:43)

06. Sirens (7:54)

07. Fragments II (2:38)

08. Evocation (6:06)

09. Time Freeze II (2:13)

10. Aftermath (8:54)

11. Scars (6:49)

12. Fragments III (3:45)

13. Neon Tribes (7:52)

14. Decades (6:09)


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