Electronic pop / dark synth band Huminoida's second
full-length album is released in April as digital, CD and LP+CD
The Grey Area offers nine tracks of human emotions from
the dark end of the scale. Melancholic synthpop, angsty new wave and
harrowing beauty form the musical background for direct, unpretentious

"This wasn't an easy album for me to make. The last
three years haven't been exactly euphoric in my life or in the world
in general,
and the anxiety of the times has affected the lyrics
and overall mood of the tracks. There's no science fiction or
surrealism this time, the
themes on this album are very much of
this world, this reality. That is one of the reasons why I decided to
call it The Grey Area" explains K-K-, the sole member of

"The Grey Area" is an appropriate name also because
musically it's kind of an oddball. It's not easily categorized and to
call it simply "synthpop" may be a bit misleading. There are the
melancholic electropop songs, but also new-wave influenced and heavier
tracks as well as the moody, beautiful tunes. It's
diverse, but I think strong collection of songs."

CD with
large 20x20cm booklet – Release date 6th of April
Vinyl+CD with
booklet – Release date 20th of



(Kimmo Karjalainen) was a member of industrial / synth band [Active]
Media Disease 1993-1998 and electropop duo Neuroactive
Huminoida was founded 2007.


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