Liquid Empires is a sonic
exploration of the centrality of water to life on Earth. As Mehr
explains, “We are water. Water is everything. It is life-giving and
deadly, it is progress and comfort, it is central to our economy,
energy, transport, food, warmth, cooling and manufacturing. At the
same time, water means purity, beauty and mysticism. We spend the
first nine months in it. We waste it and we contaminate
Over the course of more than two years, Mehr recorded the
sound of rivers, lakes and oceans, then set about transforming these
sonic source materials in the digital domain using spectral analysis
and time manipulation software. The result is some of Mehr’s most
mesmerising compositions to date, teasing out harmonic patterns and
microscopic textures that are beautiful as they are

Cam Merton, Hidden Shoal


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