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Out now!!!!!
LISFRANK “Elevator” digi-CD (cat nr. FMLK101)

For the first time on CD, the reissue of Lisfrank’s “Elevator” album is now available on CD. “Elevator” is one of Final Muzik’s best sellers and it was originally printed on vinyl in December 2014. LISFRANK is the solo project by Fulvio Guidarelli, Italian synth-wave musician whose influential “Man Mask” 12” vinyl EP and the legendary “First Relation” compilation LP produced on his own label, Mask Productions, were released respectively in 1982 and 1983. Then, for some reason, Lisfrank disappeared but his unique sound made of electronic synth music, new wave and dark atmospheres remains fresh, original and innovative 30 years on. Fulvio Guidarelli started to record new songs in 2008, working on them until 2012: the fabulous result is “Elevator”, Lisfrank’s comeback album after more than 30 years! It is a must have for any new wave, electronic and minimal-synth fan. Ten new songs with a warm variety of sounds that are quite far from the standard of the minimal-synth trend: anthemic synth-wave tracks (“Resurrection”, “Anna O”, “War”), melancholic dark electro ‘ballads’ (“Those Nights”), thrilling instrumental pieces (“Elevator”) and much more, all of them recorded using analogue instruments from the 80’s. The CD reissue includes FIVE bonus tracks: “Frozen Presence (2012 Version)” and four new fantastic remixes. Artwork by renowned graphic artist Steve Lippert are taken up on the CD reissue. Remastered for CD reissue by Andrea Bellucci (Nerva/Red Sector A): the result is amazing, Lisfrank’s sound is even more evocative and powerful. Digi-CD, limited edition of 300 copies. Price € 14,00 + postage.
You can listen to some songs from “Elevator” LP on Final Muzik Youtube streaming channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK22Y0N9LxEkQ8UNWZ79TlQ
Still available on Final Muzik: LISFRANK “Elevator” vinyl LP (FMLK100) Limited to 500 copies, red vinyl. All copies ordered via e-mail or through our mail order catalogue on Discogs will include the two track CDr “Dream-H/War’s Cuts” (limited to 70 copies only!!!!! These songs are not included in the new CD reissue!). € 15.00 + postage.

Orders/info via pm Final Muzik or finalmuzik@libero.it only (we’re updating our website, while copies on Discogs will follow soon)

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