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news ant-zen:

ULTRA MILKMAIDS. medecine. 12" lp. ant-zen act238
ultra milkmaids (or the milkies, as they are fondly called by some of
their fans) celebrate their 15th sound carrier anniversary on white
vinyl (and in digital format to those who have made it successfully
into the digital age). always unpredictable and surprising, the french
project strikes forward with a brand new path here - or possibly a path
that leads like a circle back to their long deleted 'borray' release?
with 'medecine' the milkies return to their roots and their first
musical affection: abstract and ambient music, and this album marks a
perfect bridging between both of these electronic subgenres. starting
with elixir's beautiful melancholic string arrangements, the listener's
journey continues with clicks and cuts blending with slow, majestic
piano tunes and post-psychedelic sound walls (this is time). let
yourself flow with a little help of a little injection (n 1) of
soothing guitar drones, dive deeply into dc hammond's keyboard layers -
discrete and melodic at the same time. follow the path of the
reverberated guitar pads on cotton energy, and before getting lost, the
drones reappear, surrounded with ruminant synth lines. this second
injection provides the opportunity to end this journey, or to flip the
record and start again. this record can be used as an analeptic and
sedative at the same time. open up, let yourself go, and - as the
artists advise: 'disconnect your mind and fall into the world of the
price: euro 12,80. available: 02september2k10

TZOLK'IN. tonatiuh. cd. ant-zen act240
tzolk'ins third album's concept is the aural implementation of aztec
mythology's deities. besides tonatiuh as the title, the gods chosen by
the flint glass / empusae collaboration are: quetzalcoatl (the god of
arts, crafts and knowledge, mictlantecuhtli (god of the dead and the
king of the lowest and northernmost section of the underworld),
tezcatlipoca (a central deity, associated with a wide range of concepts
including the night sky, hurricanes, obsidian, enmity, discord,
governance, divination, temptation, sorcery, beauty, war and strife),
tlazolteotl (a goddess of filth, sin, vice, and sexual misdeeds), xipe
totec ('our lord the flayed one', a life-death-rebirth deity),
nanahuatzin ('the sun god', represented as a man emerging from a fire,
originally interpreted as an illustration of cannibalism). the idea
that people were servants of the gods was a theme that ran through
aztec mythology. humans had the responsibility of keeping the gods
fed - otherwise, disaster could strike at any time. the food of the
gods was a precious substance found in human blood. the need to satisfy
the gods, especially the sun god, gave rise to a related theme: human
sacrifice. from the onset, the listener is immersed into an inner
vision of beauty, atrocity. darkness, emotional soundscapes, ambient
spheres and pounding rhythmic patterns. overall the effect is that of
fusing meditative tribal atmospheres with dark voids. ceremonial deep
tones merge with dark ambient industrial music - which is all kept
together by tribalistic electronic grooves and acoustic percussion.
once again tzolk'in achieves musical, technical and spiritual success
without sacrificing critical artistic engagement with apocalyptic
motifs. tonatiuh is an idiosyncratic, ritualistic vision of
post-industrial divination. translating the atmosphere of an ancient
mythic age for the listener of today - while perfectly using today's
price: euro 12,80. available: 08september2k10

TZOLK'IN. double headed snake. girlie-shirt. ant-zen ikon93g
black shirt w/ frontprint in silver & black ink.
one-sized girlie-shirt.
price: euro 14,80. available: 08september2k10

TZOLK'IN. double headed snake. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon93s
black shirt w/ frontprint in silver & black ink. size small.
price: euro 14,80. available: 08september2k10

TZOLK'IN. double headed snake. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon93m
black shirt w/ frontprint in silver & black ink. size medium.
price: euro 14,80. available: 08september2k10

TZOLK'IN. double headed snake. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon93l
black shirt w/ frontprint in silver & black ink. size large.
price: euro 14,80. available: 08september2k10

TZOLK'IN. double headed snake. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon93xl
black shirt w/ frontprint in silver & black ink. size extra large.
price: euro 14,80. available: 08september2k10

MONO-AMINE. do not bend. cd. ant-zen act247
mono-amines, as they appear in neurochemistry, are crucial in bringing
the brain to a state of adrenaline and euphoric rush. musically,
mono-amine is joost gransjean's intense and adventurous music project
and live-act which is based in the hague (nl). joost started performing
live in 1997 and since 2004 has released 12 inch singles/eps and albums
on various labels. as mono-amine he has created his own style of music;
dark, distorted, layered, straight in your face and with a sick fresh
groove. all inspired by his critical view of society.. joost's keeps
things suspenseful though his disparate musical experience. experience
that includes (but not limited to) acid techno, hardcore and
industrial. this is coupled with his prolific club experience that
brings out an even more varied sound. the end result is relentless
rhythm and escalating walls of sound. complex and fast paced drum work
lead into barrages of rhythmic noise - heavily textured synth waves and
vicious samples intertwine into the layers of a constantly evolving,
shifting percussive aural world. this is a skillfully made album that
is very suitable for fans of raw technoid industrial or even drum 'n
noise focussed sound. do not bend - do not miss!
price: euro 12,80. available: 31august2k10

100BLUMEN. i love violence. 7". ant-zen act253
four years after the first self released 7" 'against the snails',
100blumen return with a new consolidated 2 track dose on vinyl format.
'i love violence' transforms this outstanding band's treatment of
(apparently) antithetic style into a unique statement of anger,
corrosiveness and power. 'world of grief' is a hazardous blast of
technoid industrial and kicks your ass with the repulsive force of a
solid fuel rocket! vibrant synths carried by pulsing breakbeats erect
the foundation for the memorable lyrics, which are adapted from the
hymn of the spanish anarcho-syndical union cnt. you might be vexed
while listening to the mellow string introduction on the flip side but
then you will be caught short by an abrupt heavy guitar and a fast rock
drum kit. tempo variations will only offer you a little reprieve from
this track's merciless speed. influenced by bands like tragedy and from
ashes rise, 'i love violence' is a perfect combination of punk and
electronics. this 7" is available on black vinyl with poster cover and
sticker - including mp3-download-code. stay vigilant in a world of
price: euro 7,00. available: 04september2k10

ANT-ZEN. we are your friends. girlie-shirt. ant-zen ikon66g
black shirt w/ a glowing cluster of ants and silver logo imprint.
one-sized girlie-shirt
price: euro 14,80. available: again !!!

ANT-ZEN. we are your friends. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon66s
black shirt w/ a glowing cluster of ants and silver logo imprint.
size small.
price: euro 14,80. available: again !!!

ANT-ZEN. we are your friends. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon66m
black shirt w/ a glowing cluster of ants and silver logo imprint.
size medium.
price: euro 14,80. available: again !!!

ANT-ZEN. we are your friends. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon66l
black shirt w/ a glowing cluster of ants and silver logo imprint.
size large.
price: euro 14,80. available: again !!!

ANT-ZEN. we are your friends. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon66xl
black shirt w/ a glowing cluster of ants and silver logo imprint.
size extra large.
price: euro 14,80. available: again !!!

news hymen records:

NEBULO. artefact. cd. hymen ¥787
nebulo's third release concerns transforming the pros and cons of our
urban society into aural moods in a very subtle way. field recordings
taken in bordeaux, paris and berlin, original and artificial voices,
the integration of samples from stock exchange reports, shopping
centres and alienated fireworks' recordings turned into imaginary bomb
impacts were chosen by thomas pujols as a basis for an acoustic
visualization of western civilization - both disturbing and beautiful.
nebulo proves his excellence and unparalleled skill to carry deep moods
within abstract sound structures - a beauty embedded within roughness.
intoxicating ambient soundscapes, intelligent polyrhythmic structures
and microscopic snippets result in an artists impression of an
imaginary city, complemented with environmental samples, radio signals,
stunning sub basses and crunching drones, performed on a wide dynamic
range. the noun 'artefact' has diverse meanings - concerning this
release it stands for things made or used by mankind, as urban
environments are. an artefact can also be an undesired alteration in
data, introduced by a technique and/or technology. while listening
carefully to this outstanding blend of idm and electronica, secreted
cracks and disruptions will be visible - artefacts within an artefact.
price: euro 12,80. available: 10september2k10

news various labels:

KRAKEN. strop. cd. raubbau raub-010
the new album 'strop' by kraken will haunt you like an army of a
thousand ghosts through a modern nightmare from which there is no
escape. two years after the highly impressive 'nachtschade' kraken
continue what they initiated eleven years ago. this is the tenth
chapter on the record for raubbau and for this kraken not just created
music, they built a new and independent audible dimension. from the
very first beginning, 'strop' is a breathtaking experience and it
tightens its stranglehold over the course of the next hour. ice cold
atmospheres are exchanged by frequencies erupting from the depths of
the kraken’s mind. they force you into a state of loneliness, scare the
sh*t out of you and at the same time make you curious and crave for
more. the nine tracks on 'strop' range from soothingly calm to almost
physically intrusive. perfectly orchestrated sonic explorations with
all kinds of different elements: winds blowing and whistling,
transmitters bleeping and sirens howling in the dark. sounds
accompanied by distant voices, very possibly just the echo someone's
famous last words and singers with whom you have the choice to either
sing along... or sink along. using all of its many arms and dirty
tricks, the kraken will pull you into the depths of its underwater
imperium; a voyage through their own 'aural asphyxiation'. close your
eyes... hold your breath... and enjoy!
price: euro 13,40. available: 01september2k10

GEOMATIC. 64 light years away. cd. tympanik audio ta040
the second-coming of this dutch project after their well-received cd
‘blue beam‘. here, geomatic continues to evolve their sound into a
slow-burn, beat-driven, and atmospheric display of futuristic
complexity and epic sound architectures. ‘64 light years away‘ presents
a vast aural journey through a cerebral universe, melding
industrial-like rhythms with enormous atmospheres and tribal beatwork.
one for the headphones, ‘64 light years away‘ is a truly awesome jaunt
into the fantastic realm of post-industrial soundscapes. a filthy,
complex, and gripping listen all around to say the least. for fans of
flint glass, zentriert ins antlitz, ex_tension, totakeke, and  mlada
fronta. digipak packaging.
price: euro 13,40. available: now !!!

ZELLER. turbulences. cd. tympanik audio ta041
with his excellent debut release ‘audio vandalism‘ in 2008 on hymen
records, the french industrialist zeller now turns to tympanik audio to
offer our listeners his most abrasive and uncompromising work to date.
at once a whirlwind of tight industrial rhythms precisely punctuated by
shuddering basslines, crafty breakbeats, and chaotic soundscapes,
zeller’s ‘turbulences‘ accentuates unrelenting brutality and
captivating aural serendipity. an eclectic mixture of hard industrial
beatworks, menacing synthlines, glitchy intricacies, and a solid
showcase of dirty and complex sound arrangements, ‘turbulences‘ is full
of never ending revelations that expose themselves around every corner.
apocalyptic and ominous, zeller’s maniacal new conceptions embrace a
rare and forward-thinking approach to the rhythmic noise genre with an
uncanny proficiency in control, density, and undeniable intensity. a
shivering and addictive plunge into the dying art of modern rhythmic
industrial. packaging: 6-panel digipak
price: euro 13,40. available: now !!!

LUCIDSTATIC. symbiont underground. 2cd. tympanik audio ta042
as one of tympanik’s most prolific artists, lucidstatic  consistently
strives to develop and refine his sound. in 2008, lucidstatic  came to
tympanik audio to present his official debut album ‘gravedigger‘,
demonstrating a powerful blend of breakcore and industrial elements
that made critics and listeners perk their ears to this noisy alaskan
newcomer. never one to remain dormant, lucidstatic has created and
released countless new tracks through various labels and outlets, as
well as remixed and collaborated with a never-ending list of musicians
from around the world. in the spirit of accord within our beloved
underground music community, his passion to meld and share his ideas
with like-minded artists is as clear as vodka. now, lucidstatic offers
a new collection of work spanning a multitude of genres and music
styles, demonstrating his astonishing capability to craft diverse,
unique, and memorable songs within a considerable scope. initially
working from a vast collection of unfinished material, lucidstatic
approached and was approached by a talented cast of both up-and-coming
and well-established artists. piece by piece, track by track, each
selection for ‘symbiont underground‘ was poured over, polished, and
perfected until the collective results swelled beyond the expectations
of its creators. lucidstatic‘s ‘symbiont underground‘ consists of 23
solid new tracks spanning a 2-cd collection featuring collaborations
with such artists as angel of violence, mothboy, iammynewt, mono
penguin, esa, human error, mangadrive, experiment haywire, servo
hatred, pig fat, manufactura, and many more, with artwork by kostas k.
(subheim) and mastering by justin brink (pneumatic detach). with so
many diverse minds and capable hands at work here, it’s almost
unimaginable that such a strong, compelling, and astoundingly cohesive
album such as ‘symbiont underground‘ could be achieved. yet here it is…
. packaging: 4-panel eco-wallet
price: euro 15,90. available: now !!!

TOTAKEKE. on the first of november. cd. tympanik audio ta043
one of tympanik audio‘s most revered and iconic artists returns for his
fourth full-length album titled ‘on the first of november‘. here
totakeke elevates his signature brand of infectious beatworks
accentuated by complex rhythms, dark melodies, and massive atmospheres
to create another addictive beat-driven masterpiece. totakeke steps up
the tautness with a resounding sense of ferocity pounding out 10
powerful new tracks of immense proportions. from beginning to end, ‘on
the first of november‘ gushes with caressing tension and head-nodding
beats amidst a swirling torrent of sputtering glitch, ominous pads,
punching beat drops, mind-bending breaks, and looming basslines. quite
possibly totakeke‘s most focused work to date.
packaging: 4-panel digipak
price: euro 13,40. available: now !!!

ANKLEBITER. i will wait. cd. tympanik audio ta044
hailing from portland, oregon, tanner volz began cultivating his
talents for creating electronic music in the early 1990s with the
post-industrial band thine eyes. from there, the eclectic project ml
was realized and went on to release prolific works on such labels as
toast and jam, n5md, en:peg, and piehead recordings. while recovering
from an illness in 2008, tanner seeded his new project anklebiter on a
laptop from the comfort of his easy chair. during this time, a deeply
personal, idiosyncratic, and emotionally rich instrumental electronic
work emerged that fully indulged tanner’s love for contemporary
shoegaze and synthpop styles, as well as his deep roots in early
industrial and dark new wave. now, anklebiter joins the tympanik audio
family with his debut full-length album titled ‘i will wait‘. with a
vast array of seemingly straightforward analog patterns converging
together to generate deeply emotional, beat-driven dark idm
soundscapes, ‘i will wait‘ manages to embrace a refreshing simplicity
with unique effectiveness that is rarely heard these days. staggering
beats meet nostalgic synthlines to create a haunting aural utopia that
is at once beautiful and all together strangely alluring.
packaging: 4-panel digipak.
price: euro 13,40. available: now !!!

ACCESS TO ARASAKA. void(). cd. tympanik audio ta045
a year after breaking into the scene with his critically acclaimed
debut cd 'oppidan', access to arasaka is back to present his latest
masterpiece titled 'void();'. sixteen fantastic new tracks of dark
sonic futurism inspired by the history and future of system hacking. an
open invitation for the listener to imagine what a computer might
attempt to comprehend when it’s system is under attack. a perfect blend
of dark ambient and glitch.
price: euro 13,40. available: 21september2k10

DIRK GEIGER. autumn fields. cd. tympanik audio ta046
with an introduction from klangstabil's maurizio blanco, german
composer dirk geiger arrives on tympanik's doorstep with a
serendipitous collection of work titled 'autumn fields'. utilizing
field recordings and washes of warm ambience mixed with glitchy idm
elements and subtle experimentation, 'autumn fields' is an album that
burns slowly and grows stronger with each listen. perfect for
headphones or late-night drives. cd includes remixes by svart1 and
access to arasaka.
price: euro 13,40. available: 21september2k10

HYDRONE. material. cd-r. fich-art fich80
one more debut-release on fich-art : hydrone - material - was produced
by panos k from athens, greece in 2009. a mix of drones & ambiences
carefully crafted blended with rhythmic noises & industrial sounds.
feat. remixes by imminent, last days of s.e.x. and xsoz. approximate
length: 58:00 minutes.
price: euro 8,20. available: now !!!

HEIMSTATT YIPOTASH / ARX KAELI. x. 7" boxset. sealt s1
limited hand numbered 110 copies, black 7 inch vinyl,
wooden folder painted black color, metal letter X in center on front
in back side laser engraved letters. very few copies available.
price: euro 12,80. available: now !!!

PROMETHEUS BURNING. displacement disorder. 2cd.
augmented records aug002
nearly two years after their well received crunch pod release 'plague
called humanity', the female fronted electro- industrial duo prometheus
burning returns to the spotlight with their latest double disk opus
'displacement disorder'. displacement disorder is a powerfully diverse
and versatile album, blurring the line between electronic genres and
pumping fresh blood into the industrial scene. while sonically unique,
displacement disorder will be easily accessible to any fan of dark
electronic and industrial music. from distorted dancefloor killing
beats to complex chaotic noise, blasting female vocals to grinding
synth leads, this album is prometheus burnings most ambitious work yet
and sure to please the ears of intimate listeners and club stompers
alike. limited (500 copies worldwide) 2cd box version which includes 2
stickers, a postcard and a button all packaged in a deluxe dvd style
price: euro 15,90. available: now !!!

SCORN. refuse; start fires. cd. ohm resistance 16m ohm
scorn's fourteenth full length release remains in the vibe and tempo of
modern dubstep while adding a brand new element to the scorn sound: a
live drummer, ian 'yan' treacy. the vibrant sounds of the kit are run
thru the filters and dub wizardry of mick harris, former drummer of
napalm death and guinness world record holder for composer of the
world's shortest song. scorn is an entity – for over 15 years mick
harris has not relented with the project's dubbed out beats, film noir
atmospheres, and over the top bass compulsions. 'refuse; start fires'
is perhaps the angriest and most well articulated of his projects in
the last decade.
price: euro 13,40. available: now !!!

VENETIAN SNARES. my so-called life. cd. time signal timesig001cd
in the words of mr. funk himself: 'my so-called life' is the first
release on my brand new record label timesig. the majority of these
tracks were made quite quickly, in a day or 2 each. these are the ones
i feel closest to, i can listen to one of these 10 tracks and remember
that day exactly, all that i was feeling, just where my head was at,
whether it was a good memory, a laugh, something that was bugging me or
something bumming me out. listening brings me back to that day, whereas
hearing some of my other albums brings me back to some period in my
life in general. i was explaining to a friend the other day, it was
more like a collection of short stories than a novel for me. diary
entries he said, and they really are, pockets of inspiration realized
within a day. for me it is remote viewing my own memories with clearer
and clearer mind binoculars. all important pieces in my puzzle, this
kind of filing system i have that sits outside my cognitive filing yet
is clear in this system. of course all of this probably means nothing
to you but you have to write something in these things so when you send
out promos nobody has to think of anything thoughtful to say about it
themselves. usually i write a bunch of preposterous shit to poke fun at
that whole process but i didn't feel like that today. maybe tomorrow i
price: euro 13,90. available: 31august2k10

VENETIAN SNARES. my so-called life. 2x12" lp. time signal timesig001lp
2x12" vinyl version of timesig001cd - same tracklisting.
price: euro 15,90. available: 31august2k10

LIGHTS OUT ASIA. in the days of jupiter. cd. n5md md177
'in the days of jupiter' is the 4th album from tri-state post-rock trio
lights out asia. just as jupiter eclipses the other planets in our
solar systems, lights out asia have eclipsed expectations by delivering
their most expansive album to date. not only in relative scope and
emotional depth but also in proper use of something they have used
sparingly on previous albums - open space. their previous use of
guitars in a more deliberate melodic role is somewhat subdued on 'in
the days of jupiter'. the guitars here are utilized more just to drive
a point home with the strings, field recordings and electronics being
more of a prominent, and key, ingredient. hidden below these expanses
is a new sense of urgency within the band's songwriting which may shed
a bit more light into their collective personal persona. is it unrest?
anxiety? loss? are they at some personal crossroads? or have they
cultivated their collective emotions into one of their finest works to
price: euro 13,40. available: 14september2k10

BITCRUSH. from arcs to embers. cd. n5md md178
this latest release from mike cadoo's bitcrush project is a specially
curated remix album comprised of re-workings of songs taken from all 5
of his albums as bitcrush. bersarin quartett, funckarma, jatun, near
the parenthesis, port-royal, stripmall architecture (halou),
subtractivelad, vanessa van basten, winterlight, and worm is green all
re-imagine songs from the bitcrush catalog. from arcs to embers is a
remarkably fresh re-envisioning of the bitcrush sound making it great
for fans of his or any of the remixers' work.
price: euro 13,40. available: 14september2k10

PROEM. enough conflict. cd. n5md md179
for those keeping track of richard bailey's (a.k.a. proem) output,
enough conflict is album number eight from the north american idm
veteran. the album finds bailey in top form utilizing his technical bag
of tricks to render an album for die-hard fans and new-comers alike.
those concerned with bailey's dark ambient album 'til there's no
breath' on nonresponse in 2009 can rest assured that enough conflict is
just what they have been craving since 'a permanent solution' (n5md).
enough conflict is bailey's most diverse album mixing catchier melodic
passages with some of his roughest beatwork since his debut album 'burn
plate no1'. this diversity of mood and style makes 'enough conflict'
engaging on repeated listens and a possible contender for one of the
best idm albums of 2010.
price: euro 13,40. available: 14september2k10

DALOT. loop over latitudes. cd. n5md md180
dalot is the creative alias of grecian-born musician maria
papadomanolaki and 'loop over latitudes' is her debut release for the
n5md imprint. the new album arrives on the heels of her recent ep
'flight sessions' (coorecords) as well as her appearance on cloudcub's
'friendly warning' album. the product of years of formal music
education and a natural yen for field recordings, 'loop over latitudes'
showcases maria's remarkable skill at creating moments of lush
ambience, emotion and texture by blending elements of phonography,
electro-acoustic composition and minimal electronica with more
traditional musical elements such as voice, guitar, glockenspiel and
tablas. once these sources are crafted into a cohesive sum, contrary
moods often become complimentary to their polar opposites and songs
often end in a completely different headspace than which they began.
price: euro 13,40. available: 14september2k10

DRYFT. ventricle. cd. n5md md181
ventricle is the latest album from mike cadoo's long dormant dryft
side-project. the album deviates from cadoo's current main project
bitcrush just as previous dryft efforts strayed from his previous group
gridlock. this time, however, it’s fair to describe dryft as bearing
more resemblance to cadoo’s past than to any passing flirtation with
fringe genres. moreover, like a message in a bottle, it is as though
all that cadoo had failed to completely express through gridlock had
been stored away subconsciously and now, as ventricle, that bottle has
finally washed ashore. while cadoo is the first to acknowledge the
stylistic similarities between ventricle and his contributions to
gridlock, he warns against making specific comparisons. this is new
music. caveats aside, the massive, enveloping drones and rusty clatter
that anchored his former band are omnipresent. powered by overdriven,
symphonic walls of slowly evolving melodies matched with rhythms that
recall the drum-n-bass of cell (2000), the industrial battery of
gridlock and the jammed funk of his mytotyc exyt ep (2002), ventricle
is a true opus that offers revolution and retrospective in one. no
matter the degree of hyperbole applied, the term 'side-project' has
never felt more out of place.
price: euro 13,40. available: 14september2k10

KINETIX VS. PYLONE. sonology. cd. sound on probation sop014
gianluca becuzzi aka kinetix is an electronic / electroacoustic
composer and sound artist active since the first half of the 1980’s.
during the last two decades, he released many albums and performed live
around europe under various names. since 1999, the artistic production
of gianluca becuzzi is characterised by a strong experimental imprint,
a marked interest for the expressive possibilities offered by the
digital technologies and a clear aesthetic inclination towards abstract
forms and micro / macro noises / sounds. gianluca becuzzi deals with
electronic / electroacoustic composition, sound art, audio
installations, ambient post-scorings and sound design. the
relationships between art and science, audio and visual / spatial
forms, as well as between composition and self-generative processes are
the main themes gianluca becuzzi has decided to explore for sonology.
with this third album, pylône creates a work made of cracking,
spattering, crepitating sounds and proposes a new dive in his clinical,
yet always strangely poetic, musical universe. producing bizarre
soundscapes of oddly distorted, twisted noises, pylône proposes to
guide us through a labyrinthic inner world that is both extremely
powerful and deeply delicate. for the first time together on the same
album, each artist addresses the theme of sonology according to his own
sensibility, kinetix's work being rather on the side of break while
pylône's rests on the notion of flux. thus, they create an
extraordinarily interesting record, dense, subtle and inventive, the
depth of which will reveal more and more with each new listening.
price: euro 12,80. available: 27august2k10

IGORRR. moisissure + poisson soluble. 2x12" lp. impulsive art ima004
is it possible for an artist to fuse such diverse elements as baroque
and grind-core, to progress from a hyperfast deadly drum-mayhem to a
groovie swing rhythm and all in-between to emerge the passion of a
flamenco dance, followed by the rapid fire of clapping audience sounds
in uneven measures, when an operatic voice announces the growling of a
brutal monster? it is indeed! and the name of this monster? igorrr, a
crazy scientists' creation from the junction of musical- body parts.
and to the satisfaction of the voracious expectations of a demanding
audience, this monster is a succesfull one ,not just a chaotic medley
of dismembered parts, but a creature, that can walk and breath on its
own sake and purpose, a fusion of styles that merges so well that one
forgets the diversity and seemingly disagreeability of stylisic
expressions. igorrr is a monster that resembles human genuinity and
diversion in the most balanced ways, and though it is wild and brutal
it is also romantic and gentle too, in the image of its creator.
price: euro 14,90. available: 24august2k10

V.A.. KRACHCOM.PILATION 3. cd. krachcom krach003
krachcom.pilation 3 is a collection of exclusive tracks from members of
the krachcom internet forum - feat. zero degree, tonal y
nagual, tardive dyskinesia, simon schall, mordex psi, 13th monkey, and
more. limited 300 copies.
price: euro 11,00. available: now !!!

V.A.. SCHLAGSTROM! VOL. 5. cd. sleepless records berlin srb awake002
since 7 years Schlagstrom! stands for the Industrial Noise Party in
Berlin, this CD is made for Industrial people. play it loud! exclusive
and unreleased tracks feat. morgenstern, twinkle, sonar, winterkälte,
portion control, rasputeen, sudden infant, incite/, nullvektor, and
many more!
price: euro 12,80. available: 17september2k10

KUNST ALS STRAFE. movement across a barren surface. cd.
sleepless records berlin srb awake003
kunst als strafe was originally formed in berlin in late 1998 by gerrit
hhaasler, rocio rocha and goetz kleinhaus and put in hiatus after first
initial test recordings until early 2008 when nikolai arnold joined in.
johanna blackstone is the most recent member of kunst als strafe.
drawing inspiration from lustmord, neurosis,throbbing gristle, coil or
brian eno, kunst als strafe is a continuous movement in which they
inspire, deconstruct, invent, and flow with their surroundings. they
create in the moment. every sound influences the next. there is no
beginning and there is no end. the project is an open door for people
to come together and experience noise as it comes naturally from the
universe, through them and to them. they become the audience, shaping
as much as being whitness to what is  taking shape on its own. kunst
als strafe  is an ever changing array of people. kunst als strafe is
not a band but rather an ongoing exploration with many contributing to
a creative process of quasi-subconscious output. kunst als strafe are
pleased to have had steven stapleton (nurse with wound) contribute to a
few tracks on this album.
price: euro 12,80. available: 17september2k10

HYBRYDS. urban rituals. cd. sleepless records berlin srb awake004
from the beginning of the 80s, hybryds were an eclectic band. they
mixed ethnical music with electronic sounds, nowadays very normal, but
in those times, not so evident. its was not only music: hybryds was a
concept of mixing ancient esoteric knowledge, magic, religion and
modern technology. trance and meditation were keywords in their musical
journey. more than 40 music releases, from ritual, to cyberpunk noise,
to soft meditation music, all came out of the brain of sandy viktor
nys. in all those years he worked with many other musicians but always
created the unique sound, which made hybryds so different from all the
others. after 2000, madeline arndt became the new vocalist of hybryds.
on the latest release on sleepless: urban rituals, the new sound became
an impressive statement. born out of jam sessions from sandy nys
(beats, samples & noise) with traumasutra (percussion) and shaped to
new dimensions by the vocal input of madeline arndt. the dark power of
the breath of a city takes over, urban rhythms, urban magic. music and
magic never dies, it just looks different. it surrounds us wherever we
are. it takes us to other worlds.
price: euro 12,80. available: 17september2k10

(back) in stock - only a few copies left!:

SQUAREMETER. kopyright liberation. 12" lp. ant-zen act109
the limited human is just a surreal drop somewhere between infinity and
nonentity. warm ambient tunes with delighted clicks. special cover in
nacreous cardboard. sampled, de- and reconstructed by panacea. limited
680 copies. a mix of klf’s ambient album ‘space’ and ryoji ikeda
price: euro 10,50.

V.A.. WASTED. cd. mirex c8
this is the official festival compilation: wasted, 2 nights of
breakcore in berlin/germany, feb 4th and 5th, 2005. the festival was
organised & compiled by pure & jason forrest. illustrations by kim
hiorthoy. layout by salt. this compilation is brought to you by cock
rock disco & mirex records. incl. mostly exclusive tracks by slepcy,
terminal11, drop the lime, rotator, jason forrest, duran duran duran,
droon, sickboy, repeater, base force one, curtis chip, pure, noize
creator, geryoche vs society suckers and shitmat.
price: euro 12,80.

BONG-RA. soldaat van oranje. girlie-shirt. mirex t3g
blue shirt w/ silver front- and backprint. one-sized girlie-shirt.
price: euro 14,80.

MAD EP. when i'm 6. 12". ad noiseam adn42
mad e.p. comes up with an incredibly well crafted 12" of idm,
breakbeats, abstract hip hop and tasty electronics. something which
will definitely settle mad e.p. as an act to watch closely. featuring
remixes and appearances by jason forrest (donna summer), end, mothboy,
chaonaut and mc equivalant.
price: euro 8,20.

MOTHBOY. exonian. 12". ad noiseam adn52
almost a year has passed since the release of mothboy’s critically
acclaimed album 'the fears'. since then, mothboy has been busy fillung
up dancfloors and cooking bass heavy mixes for akira the don,
65daysofstatic, enduser, mad e.p. and other artists. to fill the gap
between this debut and his follow up 'deviance' (due in 2006), mothboy
comes back with a 6 track ep, 'exonian'. but 'exonian' is more than a
small bridge between two albums. mothboy has enlisted the talented mc
equivalant (last heard on mad e.p.’s album 'eating movies') on the
opening radio hit 'too close'. the track itself is an acid bass electro
stomper , with more than enough hooks to pull you off your chair and
onto the dancefloor. another new track, 'c.s.r.' sees mothboy taking a
lo-fi trip-hop route with an odd to the old mo wax beats, the whole
thing enriched with the participation of dj a la fu (ninja tune, vava
records), known for his cuts for roots manuva and mike ladd. finally,
'slowraider', on the b side, is a jam in the vein of mothboy’s popular
live sets; a track that will turn heads, a relentless electro, hard
micro-house number with a sure place in dj bags and sets for a long
time. the 'exonian' also features some heavy remixed and reworked
versions of standards from 'the fears'. mad e.p. (also working here
with equivalent on the mic) takes the beats and the shape of 'stuck in
a moment' and mutates it into a threatening mix of hectic breaks and
sub harmonic mayhem. jeff mills' favourite monrella (a.k.a. mick
harris) turns 'becoming solar' into a chest thumping piece of 4/4
detroit noir. finally, 'exonian' closes with mothboy’s own remake of
'a303', faster, more neurotic and richer in bass than ever. 'exonian'
is yet another showcase in mothboy’s ever evolving, ever changing sound
and is yet more evidence in his skill and ability as one of the leading
lights in the current crop of new uk producers. a record suitable for
home playing and for p.a shaking.
price: euro 8,20.

ENDUSER / SUBMERGED. appropriate and deface. 12". ad noiseam adn54
appropriate and deface' is a meeting of these two icons of the hard
drum’n’bass scene, bringing a new face to a massive sound, new clothes
to an energetic genre. enduser is on everybody’s lips for his efficient
combination of d’n’b and breaks and submerged is known for unleashing
monstrous basses through his ohm resistance label, the two had never
worked together; it had to be corrected, here comes their encounter.
hide the subwoofers. recently relocated to nyc after having produced in
berlin, lynn standafer (enduser) has generated more than a stir with
his chopping up of noisy beats and his take-over on the drum’n’bass
scene, in which he marries dark 90’s noise hooks with just the right
amount of breaks to fill in the dance floors. probably the highest
profile producer for this sound at the moment, enduser is on everybody’
s lips and speakers, from london’s crowded party halls to berlin’s hip
locations and new york’s dark venues. an confessed fan of the
efficiency of drum’n’bass, enduser brings his own touch by infusing
large amounts of unexpected breaks in the usual drum’n’bass formula,
and supporting the beats with enough drive to submit the head-nodding,
low-ends aficionados into movement. kurt gluck (submerged), is no
newcomer to the hardest side of drum’n’bass. may it be with his own
productions or with his label (ohm resistance), submerged has been
known as the ultimate combination of all things low and loud. a regular
collaborator of bill laswell, mick harris and john zorn and a
relentless dj, submerged is as much at home in the experimental scene
as on the floors. on 'appropriate and deface', the opening 'second
mission' pushes the envelope of how powerful and addictive a sweeping
bass can be. building a wall to tear it down later, submerged’s
following 'oppressor' keeps the low-ends in the red while persecuting a
syncopated beats with tortured high frequencies. 'appropriate and
deface', gives the opportunity to two confirmed artists to stress once
again their take at this genre. a club-filler and an instant dj-hit,
this record however never forgets to present something new and
price: euro 8,20.

BONG-RA. sick sick sick. 12". ad noiseam adn75
he had summoned the 'grindkrusher', but you still had no idea how
'sick' this all was. bong-ra's second homage to his metal roots, 'sick
sick sick' is the perfect sequel to 'grindkrusher'. faster, harder,
improved and super-sized, bong-ra mixture of concrete-hard breakcore
and anthemic metal gets a new incarnation in the form of this twisted
and insolently infectious record. you'd better make some room, as
there's going to be some heaving headbanging and mashing going on. did
we say 'sick'?
price: euro 8,20.

AARON SPECTRE. lost tracks. cd. ad noiseam adn80
here finally comes aaron spectre (aka drumcorps)'s first full length
album, on which he explores very melodic, downtempo and beautiful
territories, supporting his laid back, flowing electronica with the
sound of the dulcimer.
price: euro 13,40.

ATROX. empire-state. cd. atacama ar26
the new fulltime-album from the german industrial legend -
stylistically between rhythmic old-school industrial and bizarre walls
of sound, intended to nail you to the wall. jewelcase-edition, limited
500 copies.
price: euro 12,80.

BELIO. issue 11 - urban issue. magazine. belio belio11
the deleted urban issue - last copies available! 210x200mm, 124 pages
printed in full colour, mat coated cover. texts in english and spanish.
price: euro 8,00.

DROP THE LIME. 1 for the team. 12". broklyn beeats bb016
while dtl has had releases on a lot of great labels, broklyn beats are
happy to be the first new york label to be releasing his nyc breakcore.
contained within are 5 tracks of splattercore breaks with ravey
anthemic touches of keys, twisted vocal snippets, drunken slowdowns and
a wicked dub version for playing on the subway real loud.
price: euro 8,50.

DIVE. true lies. cd. cop international cop cd1004
many of the tracks on this album combine the very best elements of
sonar, with the classic vocal stylings of 'concrete jungle' era dive
and the dirty, brain-flogging percussion of 'snakedressed'. right from
the start, true lies' kicks it in gear with grinding, rhythmic noise of
the title track with dirk ivens' all-too-familiar vocal play offering
dive fans the proficiency they have come to know and love after all
these years. throughout this release, dirk ivens and ivan iusco pelt
the listener with harsh noise rhythms and sonic charisma that is known
only in the world dive can create.
price: euro 13,40.

S.CORE. crime. cd. daft records d1026cd
ambient noise from this japanese cult project.
price: euro 10,30.

SLEEP CHAMBER. sirkus. cd. daft records d1024cd
as the sub title says ‘designer drug musick’. this album is
predominately analogue synth instrumentals.
price: euro 10,30.

MONSTER ZOKU ONSOMB / NAM SHUB OF ENKI. europe tour 2006 white label.
12". deathsucker records dsr17
monster zoku onsomb blew the scene up with their debut 12" on
death$ucker records (dsr9) back in 2004, now they are touring europe in
2006! to celebrate this joyous occation, they have released a split
white label especially for the tour featuring three tracks by the
monsters and 2 tracks by nam shub of enki (aka kiki/ill). this is a
rollercoaster ride of electro so fat you'd think it would break your
turntable and breaks so fresh, they're still moist with dew. comes
hand-stamped in plastic cover with mzo sticker on. limited to only 500
copies! cut in the uk for maximum dance floor pressure!
price: euro 7,70.

ORPHX / MARK SPYBEY. sealey / oddie / spybey (sos). cd. hushush hsh12
mentioned several times in interviews, this collaboration between
christina sealey, richard oddie and mark spybey was recorded at the end
of the 1990's. sos had never seen the daylight before this release.
oddie and sealey active under their project orphx met dead voices on
air's mark spybey and the three decided to work together. the release
of the recorded project was aborted when mark spybey returned to his
native england after having spent almost a decade in canada. thanks to
a long time friendship with the artists we were able to secure a
release for this document in the history of electronic music. after so
much time spent since the recording, they all decided to return to the
tapes, the best moments chosen; a state of the art mastering has
enhanced them. full of very fine ambiences and drones, sos is old
school organic and abrasive ambient music with trance inducing pulses.
sealey and oddie are giving this release the signature of their more
minimal and experimental incarnation, antiform. spybey's contribution
to this release consists in his trademarked treated voices and eclectic
modified instruments.
price: euro 12,80.

R|A|A|N. the nacrasti. cd. malignant - antibody treatment 02
the remarkable debut from r|a|a|n (stig berg) and the second release on
malignant records' sister-label malignant antibody. r|a|a|n delivers
dark-ambient in it's classic pure-form, at times, conjuring the spirit
of heresy-era lustmord or vintage raison d'etre. heavy ritualistic
drones, sporadic rhythmic accents, and deep subsonics that will vibrate
your very core. an ideal blend of thick warm analog and sharp digital
sound that bridges the gap between old and new technology.
thematically, the nacrasti explores an ancient desert culture that was
advanced beyond its time and yet long forgotten by history. your dark
evolving journey into this lost 'nacrastan' landscape is streaked with
the warm hue of sun-bleached rock, sand, gold, and fire. a serenely
brooding work with a myriad of nocturnal sub-textures. at times a
subtle, almost alien combination of sounds. proof-positive that
dark-drones can intone an element of beauty and power. a very promising
debut from an equally promising new talent. an album that will leave
you excited for what comes next and a critical new addition to every
dark-ambient collection..
price: euro 10,30.

VESNA. snow sences. cd. n5md ma122
vesna, which means spring in their native tongue, is an apt name for
this russian duo. 'snow sences' their us full-length debut cd has the
feeling that spring is just around the corner. it is not as much a
concept album but rather a stylistic approach to their song writing
that vesna utilizes on snow sences. warm rolling beats that would not
be out of place in the k7 stable are mixed with icy glitch-ridden
textures that still remind you that spring has not yet arrived. if the
chill-out room at your next warehouse party is in a freezer... ask for
snow sences by name... and feel the warmth of spring.
price: euro 13,40.

PROEM. live. cd. n5md md116
by popular demand of almost everyone who has seen richard bailey
(a.k.a. proem) play live... n5md and proem have teamed up yet again to
bring you his first live disc. recorded at a live show in his homebase
of austin tx , this seamless reworking of original mixes and remixes
shows why proem is one of the current shining stars of the genre. a
highly recommended release if you’re a fan lush glitched-up
price: euro 13,40.

V.A.. MD108. cd. n5md md118
n5md continues it’s 'md' series of compilations on a slightly
'friendlier' format. as with the md1, md2 and tim koch compilations
n5md has aurally conjoined new artists with veterans of the
experimental electronica genre. md8 features rare and unreleased tracks
from quench, gimmik, gridlock (remixed by loess), spark, vesna,
headphone science, vcam (remixed by proem), among others. all of which
are decompressed for your listening leisure.
price: euro 13,40.

SUBTRACTIVELAD. giving up the ghost. cd. n5md md129
stephen hummel's subtractivelad moniker encapsulates the sounds he
strived at producing at an early age with roots firmly planted in the
jazz-improvisation scene. the relatively recent progress of computer
technology, however, has allowed hummel to design most of his own
instruments, creating a sound that is both extremely personal and
unique. giving up the ghost (his debut release) is about hope and the
ability to keep moving forward. loss and sadness are balanced with
feelings of transcendence and fragility. threaded emotions and evolving
rhythms seemingly transmit an aura of pure sonic ambience. warm
analogue frequencies cycle around reflective moods while skittering
beats continue to expand throughout the inherent mangling of electrical
wires. distress signals of loosely tied, emotionally driven electronics
allow hummel to creatively blend the surreal ambiences of boards of
canada with the pulsating rhythms of label-mates proem and vesna. the
title track delivers swirling atmospheres cemented with dense,
dribbling beats and sweet ambient fluttering while the epic track,
'remain removed,' is a cascading, melodious entity that charges itself
with flowing percussion. elsewhere on this debut release you'll find
plateaus of enriched rhythms tugging at the heartstrings, drifting into
oblivion. as an emotional snapshot of the heart, giving up the ghost
fuels the mind with magnetic electricity and a sense of optimism in a
world full of chaos.
price: euro 13,40.

NOIZE CREATOR. shut up and dance. 12". nasdia nasdia003
leipzigs nasdia recordings much better known for their electronica
influenced drum'n'bass releases is ready to unleash a fresh new beast
...  this time the monster comes from the very depths of an unspeakable
breakcore hell! the idea for this blood rockin' mess was born in late
2004. a few months later noize creator delivered his broken material
which resulted in this lunatic ep and the only words he said were: 'i
won't describe here anything, just shut up and dance!'  mission
accomplished? 4 smashing pieces of terrific kicks, lethal noises, heavy
metal and a big portion of darkness. 'rok da house' reanimates a lost
classic in a way no one who heard it lives to describe it. its sort of
awkward mangled drum'n'bass injected by a secret acidforce who likes to
control every bit, every cut, every move. now you wish that would be
over? now you wish he'd go way?  on the flip you will find 'berzerk'. a
mad driving 2step bastard touched by the hand of satan. evil drums,
shaking kicks, a pool of insane noises - yet precisely arranged rhythm
patterns. 'ocean of darkness' is smashing and tearing up the wellknown
amen break again and again covered in shadows. weird shadows of
distorted synths and growing darkness. 'and you will face the sea of
darkness, and all therein that may be explored' thank god you didnt go
any further ... think we're joking?
price: euro 8,70.

V.A.. Q_F_G. 3cd. parametric ref0.12q
a 3-cd compilation. 4-part digipak + 20 page booklet featuring 45
french artists between industrial, electronica, experimental and
powernoise. incl. flint glass, ab ovo, gom, pilonaa, morthem vlade art,
oil 10, nkl, von magnet, nimp, mimetic, ha.ku, mlada fronta, rabbits i
sorrow, shizuka, dj enthrall, we are gentlemen, moon, apophasis,
tin.rp, zonk't, frždžric nogray, celluloid mata, mid&ric, finalcut,
ultra milkmaids, audioside, margrave ruediger, such:, de mange machine,
trombone, milligramme, lith, rudra vena, morphoex, komplex, zerogoki,
remain silent, punish yourself vs the cult movie memorial, vassalfada,
macrocoma, sensory mindfields aka hiv+, j213, le son de convergence,
stelladrine, mourmansk150.
price: euro 16,40.

SNOG. planet of shit. cd. psy-harmonics psy-061
after over 30 dates across the u.s.a, europe and russia snog eturn home
in one piece (we hope) to launch their new remix album planet of shit’.
as the title suggests it’s an album over-brimming ith the tenderness
and subtly we’ve come to expect from melbourne’s favourite dark electro
anarchists. the album features 18 tracks including remixes by killing
joke’s kris kylven, u.k dirtytrance utfit manmademan, russian
electro-rockers recently deceased, back lung, zen paradox, (new
psy-harmonics signing) white noise carousel and many others (twelve
remixes in all!) with five brand new songs rounding out the set.
price: euro 12,80.

BELLADONNAKILLZ. as if. cd. sublight records slr1701
belladonnakillz is one of the most unique artists to grace the
electronic music scene in what seems like forever producing an almost
unheard-of sound in the current u.s. dance market and with surprising
results. a mix of gabber, drum and bass, and hard rock vocals, given
the production sense of a pop god, and then over-tweaked with a
monstrous equalization that will send your speakers straight to the
repair shop.
price: euro 9,90.

202 PROJECT. urban shaman. 12". toolbox monkey tool 01
a trip like sikasso, bastard & vromb: breathing organic music. tribal
electronika that spreads a hypnotic poison in the underground of a
deflected factory. sound goes straight to the brain and swallow
consciousness out of time... listen, and listen again and get addicted.
lullaby for far out people... 52 minutes / 7 track lp.
price: euro 9,80.

DONNA SUMMER. this needs to be your style. 12". toolbox monkey tool 03
donna summer, allias jason forrest plays the 70's and the 80's as a
serial killer plays the knife. his breakcore is a real party-time one ;
nowadays he reprensent the most poppular side of the breakcore scene.
his moulinex breaks stuff as different as ac/dc & supertramp. after a
very sucessful album on sonig, a 7" on mirex mirex and a release on
omeko, here comes the vinyl version from his album on irritant (cat nr
: irritant 30). the lp comes in a b&b serygraphy sleeve, ltd & numbered
edition of 500.
 price: euro 10,20.

JEALOUS JESTER / SHIFT / A:POD. s/t. 12". toolbox toolbox ltd02
breakcore industriual hip hop from the u.s.. jealous jester is just the
man and the machines, no samples there. the sound crush you up into the
violence of unumployement shyzophrenia. the serial killers are not so
far... 4 track 12", 18 minutes. part two of a strictly limited series.
the sleeve is serygraphied and part of a 7 records puzzle (3mx4m when
completed). lim. 250 copies.
price: euro 8,70.

LE SON DU MOIS. best of 2001-2004. 12". toolbox toolbox ltd06
since y2k, le son du mois produce a new cd every month. this toolbox
ltd 06 is a kind of 'best of' from this audio fanzine. this will sound
like a radiophonic program. so, in first place first you have the news
: 'info genetically modified'. these are remixes from the  ofiicial
french radio (a governement organisationcalled 'france info').  after
that you'll have some adevertisement remixes... then you have some
street sounds (french police sirens, people singing in the street...).
on b-side you'll have a more musical program, featuring 'the song of
the month'. these are songs taken out from interviews remixes, street
demonstrations, or boys bands remixes, or an old guy singing with his
rough old voice a song from anothertime about 'menilmontant'. as the
end of the record is near, some more advertisement remixes will come,
something about the woman condition.... le son du mois is a french
collective (marseille paris), most of the people particpating are doing
it for free and just for fun. the concept is very  engaged politically.
altermondialist state of mind. 45 minutes - lp 33 rpm - part 6 of a
strictly limited series.
price: euro 8,70.

FRAMIX / BOULEZ REPUBLIC. s/t. 12". toolbox toolbox ltd07
framix side might sounds very dead hollywood stars. the stuff sound
like movie songs, a bit like an david lynch hawaïan-counrty dub while
driving an old buick on da way to the last show of a crooner's on a
cafe by the sea... strong ambience and rare music ! notice that framix
is the solo procect from fred of kazamix. boulez republic influences
are more 'party time'. it reminds me trisomie 21 (million years
period). the 3 tunes we got there are very different from each other.
first one sounds japanese new-hard-disco, second one is the story of a
'gran cabaliero' and features a counrty electro feeling, latst one
already issued on the samboat cd 02: a song about travelling, rock'n
roll ! ep 6 tracks, 45 rpm - part 7 of a strictly limited series.
price: euro 8,70.

LUSTMORD. the dark places of the earth. cd. vaultworks vaultworks-e7
extended ambient remixes from the lustmord album [ o t h e r ].
packaging: four panel digipak. limited 1000 copies.
price: euro 14,90.

DJ RUPTURE. special gunpowder. cd. very friendly vf013cd
after countless compilation appearances and remixes, after numerous dj
mix cds, it¹s startling to consider that dj /rupture has arrived at his
debut album only now. to many he is the new face of urban music--the
potent sound of genre bending and overcrowded city life, a
post-cultural broken mirror that mashes hiphop, techno, reggae,
afro-cuban, spoken word, bohemian rhapsodies, folk music, the
chanteuse, breakbeats,  avant-garde noise, and jazz through the
strainer of a dj¹s mentality and emerges with one of the most
concentrated and exhilarating debuts this year.  special gunpowder
refuses to be anything less than a declaration of musical independence,
an intimate and complex work where pop sensibility leaves the comfort
zone to explore new directions. in short, rupture has traveled a world
of sound to create one of the most soulful albums by an electronic
producer in years.mature yet energetic and full of surprises, special
gunpowder proves that rupture is as confident with studio gear as he is
behind the turntables. not one to shy away from multi-culturalism, the
album contains lyrics in three languages (english, spanish, and french)
and numerous forms of delivery.  rupture sessioned with western and
arabic musicians in his barcelona studio, augmenting his production
with the warm dynamism of live players. there isn¹t a turntable in
sight. with guest appearances by ghislain poirier and kit clayton,
vocals by sister nancy, maxtturner (puppetmastaz), arnaud michniak (of
french cult experimental rock band programme), ragga heavyweights
junior cat, wayne  lonesome, eugene robinson (of bay areas oxbow), and
poet elizabethaalexander, rupture has brought together the  connections
only he could have foreseen and woven them onto an aural  tapestry that
can be listened to over and over again, ad infinitum. special gunpowder
is major statement from one of the most forward-looking producers and
djs around.
price: euro 11,50.

DROP THE LIME. this means forever. cd. very friendly vf022cd
this means forever' is as playful as it is serious. dtl's hardcore
italo-killy sound nods to breaks from the days of rave, with timeless
time stretches, freestyle squirts, and vocal sweeps sung by himself and
guest ghetto-tech mc, minty. spending the majority of his childhood
spinning classic jungle artists like the house crew, congo, and dj
hype, and lead singing in punk bands, it was inevitable that he would
one day combine the two hyper styles of music. dtl's snares freeze in
empty spaces while growling basslines, trumpets, cellos and guitars
swoon through epic cut and paste archives of sound. with elements of
your older brother's hardcore punk, vocals shout like fugazi and flirt
like frank sinatra.  dtl continues to rise in the underground
electronic music scene. with a slew of eps and tracks already released
on labels like tb6, ambush, peace off, broklyn beats out before this
long awaited debut, he has already blown the minds of crowds worldwide
alongside pioneer artists like, dj scud, aphasic, doormouse, kid606,
and even dizzee rascal's us debut performance in nyc. 'this means
forever' is only the beginning for this young talent, but it will
definitely set a path out.
price: euro 8,90.

VENETIAN SNARES. salt ep. 12". zhark international zhark-12006
already a classic this 'early' snares 12” has been repressed with new
artwork. features the original 'intense demonic attacks' and the dead
can dance homage 'salt'.
price: euro 7,00.

special offer - lower prices!:

MENDELAYEV. acid mind. cd. acidsamovar acsa006
a fantastic good surprise for a good dry breakcore minimalism...
good one!!
price: euro 5,90.

BIG JOAN. the flood ep. cd. blood red sounds red007
the flood' is a collaboration between bristol-based diy rhythm fiends
big joan and a bunch of lunatics who were invited to abuse their master
tapes. the e.p includes the first two new studio tracks from big joan
since 2004. title track 'here comes the flood' is a relentless,
pounding, dancehall-inspired groove which builds towards a climax of
apocalyptic noise and rampant dustbin percussion. 'the sucker's bug',
meanwhile, is a fast, furious, twisted punk rock belter that's been a
crowd-pleaser at the band's live shows for nearly two years. in both
cases, the band sound noisier, more urgent and yet more strangely
danceable than ever. originally planned as a 7" single between albums,
'the flood' got completely out of hand when the band asked a few of
their favourite artists to have a go at remixing it. the resulting
shitstorm is the work of at least thirteen different people. while
maiof, shitmat, twocsinak and sax legend terry edwards take turns to
pound the two original tracks into new and disorientating shapes,
others take on the big joan back catalogue with equal disrespect.
bronnt industries kapital reinvent 'waiting for nine' as a hypnotic
trance-rock gem while the mighty parasite gives 'tiger' a new set of
teeth and the filthy rave remix it always secretly wanted. with nods to
dubstep, breakcore, riot-pop, ambient dub, tony hancock and the velvet
underground, the resulting ep is eccentric, screwed up, good old
fashioned extreme fun throughout. vinyl version of red7 comprising the
maiof, shitmat and parasite mixes alongside the original version of
'here comes the flood'.
price: euro 4,90.

ORDINATEUR. magnetronic turbulence. cd. brainchaos bc-1-cd
ordinateur is a japanese artist musically based on industrial, noise
and techno. on his' label brainchaos he presents his first album. his'
influences range from sonar and converter to hypnoskull, but his'
unique style makes it different fom these artists. this album is a
mixture of minimal, ebm, hard tech, grinding, dance music and he also
includes power electronics, dub and ambient (f.e. at track 10). check
it out!
price: euro 5,90.

V.A.. WHITE COCK 1-4 COMPILATION. cd. cock rock disco crock012
all four white cock vinyls on one single cd! featuring: jason forrest ,
bong ra, duran duran duran, xanopticon, knifehandchop, dev/null,
sickboy, warst, deacon boombastardizer, terminal 11, society suckers,
the assdroids, and dj rainbow ejaculation.
price: euro 5,05.

DEV/NULL. LAZER THRASH. cd. cock rock disco crock014
it took three years to record this album and an additional year to be
released - but to make a long story short: it's the worth the wait.
dev/null, aka pete cassin, presents his first full-length release
"lazer thrash": a million beats, notes and moods are compressed into a
few seconds which pounds the defenseless listener to the wall. cassin
throws in references to everything from grindcore to classic rave; chip
tunes, space-jazz and doom metal; a continuous data overflow and a
merciless attack on all the senses. if you are into the real heavy
stuff you can't miss this one! this uniqueness in dev/null's sound has
already won him a huge number of underground fans. he's probably one of
the best-known breakcore producers even though he has a limited release
history. he holds a new special place as being one of the most
downloaded new producers via p2p networks the world over. we're proud
to finally release this amazing, dare we say ground-breaking, first
debut release from our friend dev/null.
price: euro 5,05.

DONNA SUMMER. panther tracks. cd. cock rock disco crock018
he’s back! it’s been 2 years since jason forrest released his last
full-length album, and 5 years since he’s released as donna summer. so
now he’s back, this time with the slightly different moniker (dj donna
summer) and his first release for his own cock rock disco label. just
as 'shamelessly exciting' was a record that mixed different genres into
a new mash of sampled sounds, 'panther tracks' is a record comprised of
different styles of dance music made solely with the intention to get
people moving!  from booty to breakcore, happy hardcore to hardstyle,
techno to b’more club music, forrest has it in there! initially begun
as a sort of remix record, 'panther tracks' builds  heavily on a
variety of sampled heroes. one can hear dj chip and dj technics form
the skeleton of more booty oriented tracks like 'peepers' and
'boomshakalaka'. while some live recordings (on cassette) of old-school
uk breakbeat rave festivals by dj slipmat, ratpack, and ellis d are
reconstructed to make new breakcore styled dance tracks. traces of
hardstyle, techno and a whole lot of breakcore yield such gems as
'party people', 'get down' and 'rock rock rock'.  no style too hard or
too cheesy to learn from, 'panther tracks' is like the ultimate rave;
it’s fun, slightly crazy, and will keep you dancing all night long.
price: euro 5,55.

cock rock disco maddestcock1
a small 12"-only series of tracks from osaka based maddest chik’ndom
records. crazy gabber/rave techno to the maxxx. featuring: 2 terror
crew, dj technorch, dj chucky, and warst.
price: euro 4,40.

DOORMOUSE. xylophone jism. 12" lp. cock rock disco vrock003
vinyl version of crock003 cd. full-colour cover.
price: euro 4,40.

SLEPCY. we are the newest battle models. 12". cock rock disco vrock005
vinyl version of cock rock disco crock010.
price: euro 4,40.

THE ASSDROIDS. daddy's gone. 12". cock rock disco vrock006
completely over the top thrash-rock that’s been fucked up by computers,
the assdroids make their debut with this golden ep of drum and guitar
noise insanity.
price: euro 4,40.

STUNT ROCK. this is stunt rock volume three. 12".
cock rock disco vrock007
vinyl version of cock rock disco crock007 - in association with addict
records (addict017).
price: euro 4,40.

V.A.. WHITE COCK 3. 12". cock rock disco whitecock03
if you have ever tasted one white cock, you will yell for more - well,
here's some more! play loud!! white label 12" + a2 poster + sticker.
price: euro 4,40.

GYS. art d'echo. cd. component com-113
todd gys remains one of the progressive sonic minds of the next
generation of electronic producers, spearheading a new movement based
on the groundwork laid by early detroit techno and the pioneering dub
of the 60’s. art d’echo is a solid musical statement featuring nine
original tracks plus three remixes from phil western
(download/nettwerk), substance (scion/chain reaction), and twine (bip
hop/hefty). styles range from tech-house, electro dub, glitch, ambient,
and minimal techno.for fans of artists on record labels such as basic
channel/chain reaction, mille plateaux, plus 8, & force inc.
price: euro 4,90.

MOCHIPET. uzumaki. cd-ep. component com-115
mochipet drops his first cd on component. full of frantic breaks and
'happy darkness'. complete with remixes by otto von schirach and xyn.
this ep will establish mochipet as the new king of the breakbeat!
price: euro 3,90.

PORTLAND. my daily routine. cd-ep. component com-116
on my daily routine, portland (spencer lytle) presents his
interpretation of classic idm. this 8 track ep is based on portland’s
three point approach to song writing (1.emotional, 2.cruchy,
3.melodic). while the intent may be simple, the songs themselves are
more than a sum of their parts and add up to an introspective and
melancholic masterwork. life itself was perhaps the biggest influence
on my daily routine- 'all of my songs are written with a thought or
feeling that was generated by those around me.'-portland.features a
collaboration with dryft on 'the last ever' and a remix of van houten
by somatic responses.
price: euro 3,90.

JVOX. address unknown. cd. component com-117
on jvox's second full length album(and first on component), brooklyn's
joel tallent presents varied selection of jazzy hip-hop riffs, spacey
idm, odd samples and mechanical beats. the overall tone of the album is
one that is quite dreamlike where mutedvoices shuffle between the down
tempo beats. hip hop plays a large roll in this release(most likely
taken from joel's experience as an mc in the late 80's) interjected
with a healthy dose of idm sensabilities(that seduced him in the
90's ).address unknown shows a warm and more human side to the usually
cold and antiseptic world of electronic music with its subtle melodies,
deep basslines and funky beats.
price: euro 4,90.

MOCHIPET. feel my china. cd. component com-121
feel my china is the brand new remix collection from mochipet with
fourteen of the most amazing break-metal-polka-idm reworkings of mr.
mochi’s tracks to date. this disc features remix/reconstructions of
uzumaki and mochipet’s earlier works by the likes of devnull, donna
summer, drop the lime, exillon, duran duran duran and a host of other
talented mixers. this collection takes mochipet’s vision of the absurd
to the next level!
price: euro 4,90.

VENETIAN SNARES. infolepsy ep. cd-ep. coredump core_007.2
same tracklisting as the vinyl version.
price: euro 9,90.

HIS DIVINE GRACE. eurydice. cd. dark vinyl dv48
this is the third release by his divine grace. eurydice features 5
relaxing pure ambient tracks, which are ranging from ritual, meditative
to dark ambient. special overstock sale - limited quantities!
price: euro 6,95.

MELEK-THA. war is coming. cd. dark vinyl dv49
symphonic industrial doom at its best from the undiscussed master of
this genre! i don’t think there is any need for a more in-deep
introduction: melek-tha still stands for bombastic and apocalyptic
black industrial, enriched by symphonic chants. the only difference to
his earlier albums are the much more aggressive & rhythmic beats and
the more doomy guitars, which will blow you away this time! armaggedon
is near and the fusion/melting between death industrial and doom has
reached a new zenith under the melek-tha  leadership! special overstock
sale - limited quantities!
price: euro 6,95.

GRUNTSPLATTER. the aberrant laboratory. cd. dark vinyl dv52
the aberrant laboratory' finds gruntsplatter exploring more ambient and
disorienting planes in an effort to contextualize the ramifications of
renegade science and deviant medicine. framed against a somewhat
literary backdrop, it is one of the more concrete conceptual works from
the project and creates a different kind of listen than past releases.
the familiar components of the sound that has sustained gruntsplatter
for the last 10 plus years are intact, and are perhaps at their most
effective in allowing the listeners thoughts to wander with this
outing. brooding ambience, and cutting frequencies combine with odd
melody and an enveloping, fluid mix that lead you through the dirty
laboratories and hovels of taboo science where genius and atrocity meet
on level ground. special overstock sale - limited quantities!
price: euro 6,95.

MELEK-THA. the decimation world. cd. dark vinyl dv53
once again  the apocalyptic war machine is back ....with more supreme
symphonic & occult death music .... more memorable destructive rhythmns
and entangled mentally insane orchestrations... but this time  with
more concentration on his industrial roots , means  pure impressing
industrial power in combination with apocalyptic black doom. special
overstock sale - limited quantities!
price: euro 6,95.

MELEK-THA. acclaim hell. cd. dark vinyl dv57
melek-tha are celebrating their 10 years anniversary with a final
release: acclaim hell. we think there is no need for any special
introduction: melek-tha still stands for bombastic black industrial and
apocalyptic death music. after their last more noise / post-industrial
oriented album from 2005 (decimation world)  this time melek-tha will
bury you under a massive wall of sounds with more orchestral elements,
added by symphonic chants and rythmical beats. could be the perfect
soundtrack for movies like sin city 2 or saw iii, welcome from hell -
here is the infernal apocalypse. by far the best album since their evil
is too strong masterpiece! special overstock sale - limited quantities!
price: euro 6,95.

ARCHON SATANI. in shelter. cd. dark vinyl dvlr6
repressing of thelong-time deleted album from 1996. as member of the
cold meat industry family, archon satani is a familiar name to those
following dark electronics. 5 dark ambient structured tracks, with
sometimes bleak and evil monotonous sounds. if you are fascinated by
ritual sacrifice, ethereal atmospheres and excursions through darker
ambience, this trip should be yours. in shelter works through the power
of hypnotism and this release is very minimalistic in function. special
overstock sale - limited quantities!
price: euro 6,95.

BIG JOAN. the flood ep. 12". deathsucker records dsr19
vinyl excerpt of red7 comprising the maiof, shitmat and parasite mixes
alongside the original version of 'here comes the flood'.
price: euro 4,90.

ACRNYM. bone structure. 12". deathsucker records dsr21
acrnym is 21-year-old calum gunn from glasgow in scotland. he's been
making noises with computers since about 1995 or something, but finally
took it seriously in 2004. he's had 2 cdr releases on bad boxr and 2
digital download ep's on the northamericanhardcore net label: nahc087
and nahc066, and has just signed a deal with sublight records of canada
to release a full-length cd album due out in april 2007, and a 12" on
bong-ra's kriss records later this year! this is his first vinyl
price: euro 4,90.

CRUNCH. 10 inch. 10". delikatessen records plate 2
"i prefer crunchy bits in my ice-cream really! my earliest memory ...i
am trying to remember, there is a cone, maybe some drips, no
nothing…it's gone."  --crunch. but now it's back! delikatessen records
is proud to serve up a tasty 10-inch bowl of delicious electronics
that's cool to the touch and sweet to the ears!  it's by crunch,
mysterious masterminds of krank'und'jack beats and harmonious treats
sure to tickle your every sense-and slap the soda jerk if it ain't the
most satisfying thing you've ever tasted.  first up is a luscious scoop
of "boy rek," a concoction of clickety hip-hop rhythms swirled with
chunks of super fatty bass that together produce a rich flavor you
won't soon forget. and then it's on to the cool sorbet textures of
"karot," a delicate number full of slipped beats that melt in your
mouth as crisp synth sprinkles and wicky-wacky scratching tricks pitter
patter all over the back of your tongue.  then there's the topper
"lektropelar," a light, creamy ribbon of whipped glitches and found
sounds with hints of steve rodin and morton subotnick in the mix.  it's
the experimental cherry that tops this release, but be careful, 'cos
eating it too fast could cause brainfreeze!  instead, delikatessen
suggests you savor your time with the crunch ep, and come back for
seconds and thirds as often as you like (but supplies are limited so
you might want to stock up your stereo freezer right now).
price: euro 4,04.

METAMATICS. remixes. 10". delikatessen records plate 3
“too much curry encourages ringburn, which does not come recommended;
stay away from vindaloo unless you intend on a morning of anal
sting.” – xela  “it has replaced fish and chips…everyone is eating
curry…our slang for curry is ruby murry!” – metamatics.  it is with
immense pleasure and much local celebration that delikatessen, your
source for delicious electronics, announces a true globe-spanning dish:
spicy metamatics in a lush remix sauce!  round up a six of kingfisher
and settle in for a 10-inch vinyl meal sure to set your senses racing
faster than a mumbai bowel movement. at the heart of this fiery release
is the track “byeway” from the metamatics album from death to passwords
where you’re a paper aeroplane, and three previously-unreleased
metamatics tracks—an extremely rare treat for westerner and easterners
alike!  but delikatessen doesn’t serve its metamatics plain; we
delicately balance strong hints of xela, lbg, setzer and sense into the
sauce to create four new cuts of unparalleled depth and zest! you’ll
need a rickshaw full of naan to get through this meal!  sense sautes
“byeway”’s milky tones together with b12-inspired punchy rhythm
programming until it bubbles over as “byeway rewired.” lgb and setzer
take on “the pod” like iron chefs, with the former crafting the silken
ambient “el major de la nova” as his dish against the latter’s heavily
hip-hop textured “parallactic” main course. it’s a three-way draw,
though, as xela’s “shit hot dirt—hotwired in walsall” rounds out the
meal with a tangy broken beat idm flavor sure to satisfy even the most
exquisite palette.
price: euro 4,04.

LILIENTHAL. anti-matter. 10". delikatessen records plate 5
'perhaps it was the claustrophobic restaurant, the foreign environment,
the caffeine, but my stomach gave way and i threw up the entire
contents of my belly, completely severing the place in half with a
puddle of regurgitated chinese tea…we couldn't get to our table, the
staff couldn't get past us to clean it up and the poor patrons near me
all had to lift their feet in the air to avoid the
lood!'  --lilienthal  ooof!  we guarantee there will be no barfing when
you check out delikatessen’s fifth installment of delicious
electronics!  and that’s lilienthal’s special blend of warm melodies
brewed up just for you in anti-matter, a four-track cup of loveliness
on a 10-inch vinyl saucer that’ll snap you out of the afternoon
doldrums.  the first sip, titled 'infinity,' goes down smooth and
sneaks up on you like chamomile, where a soft drum kit rides light in
the distance and moves in closer as it’s enveloped by a double lump of
rich bass.  'kitty hawk' follows up next, its strong electro percussion
swelling in your mouth like a crumpet before gliding down your throat.
for the real caffeine kick, 'shadows' takes 'kitty hawk"s electro beats
and builds a complex ten-minute interplay between a zesty warbling
leitmotif and roasted low synth notes bearing the aroma of early
autechre.  rounding out delikatessen’s teatime is the palette-cleansing
'compactor,' a crunchy drum affair with flaky fresh breakbeats and
sprinkles of sugary ambience.  anti-matter is sure to make your tea pot
whistle when you put it on for a spin!   about the chef:  lilienthal’s
arrow kleeman has been producing his special downtempo idm blends since
his 1999 debut, castor & pollux,' on emanate, but he’s been messing
around with musical brews since he was 15 and collaborated with
sybarite’s xian hawkins as mobius strip for a couple years.
additionally, kleeman’s keen on painting like both his parents before
him, and places importance on his artistic impulses.  i tend to be
impatient, i don't labor…if something doesn't come out in a night or
two it usually won't become anything.  approximately 99% of my tracks
are recorded live in one take immediately after it is sequenced. that
way they may be imperfect but the emotional connection comes through.
in fact the imperfections are for me what reminds me that there is a
person behind it.'  right, fine, we’ll have another cup!
price: euro 4,04.

MYRZA. all you can eat. 10". delikatessen records plate 6
"regular cookies out-of-the-box are nice, of course, but it can get so
much better. cookies dipped in hot chocolate, milk or soya vanilla-milk
for instance. just a little bit, so they don't get too soft and fall to
pieces." –myrza. toss out those stale old animal crackers and forget
about the smell of your grandma’s kitchen, because delikatessen’s got a
hot and gooey batch of new tunes from myrza! all you can eat is a
10-inch cookie with three glorious flavors baked in. the first bite,
“lylt,” is a rich mixture of bubbling hip-hop vocal samples and sweet
uptempo bass bumps that tastes a little bit like prefuse 73 and the
rest of the schematic label, but sonorous and chewy instead of digital
and crumbly. after whetting your appetite on “lylt” you’ll undoubtedly
want a second helping, and that’s where the goodness of “taksi” comes
in with a scintillating chime melody that runs like a reverberating
ribbon of pure milk chocolate through your ears. we ain’t talkin’ about
no hershey’s or nestle crap, either - “taksi”’s broken beat rhythms are
so good it’ll make your toes curl up. if your belly’s not full yet, it
certainly will be when you get to the last sumptuous cut, “lescal,” a
veritable explosion of clickpop confectionary with warm long-toned
melodies, complete with colorful autechre-like glitch sprinkles on top.
everyone at delikatessen agreed that if we didn’t start selling all you
can eat right this minute, we’d eat up all the myrza by ourselves. get
yours now while they’re hot! about the chefs: myrza’s two members hail
from luxembourg, where they’ve been making piping hot electronic music
since they were barely out of the oven themselves. from what we can
tell, they love to talk about their motherland, but because they’ve got
this bizarre continental accent, all we can make out is some mumbling:
“it's a nice little country, far from the usual agitation. nobody's
bothering us there!” they’re kinda funny in that they won’t tell us
their names, as they’d rather be known for cranking out these and other
fine releases. plus, they both wear those poofy white chef’s hats when
they’re baking up fresh tunes at the deli, so we can’t really tell them
apart anyway. and who cares when their little electro-baked gems sound
this good? delikatessen sure doesn’t - we just eat ‘em up as fast as we
can, and so should you!
price: euro 4,04.

EU. mandarines. 10". delikatessen records plate 7
'mandarins are a most popular food for christmas time in russia - our
grandparents even had this tradition. of course there are lot of other
dishes but somehow mandarins and their fragrance is a kind of symbol of
the new year holidays…such a bright colored fruit full of vitamins.' -
eu. is it june already? not here it ain’t! it’s new year’s eve at the
deli and eu is in the house, so put your melons in the air and shake
‘em like you just don’t care! ooops, wrong fruit group. it don’t matter
though, ‘cos everyone at delikatessen is partying like it’s 1999 after
learning the next 10-inch plate is none other than those citrus-lovin’
fools eu! ripe with vintage synth juice that’s sticky-sweet and healthy
to boot, eu’s mandarines unloads four zesty tracks that’ll jack your
body and your immune system at the same time. just check the mysterioso
synth vibe of 'blizzard' on the a1, a blend of frigid atmospheric
treatments and funky bass groove that’s strikingly warm despite its
chilly name. 'ruw' peels off that synth skin into beat rinds that
positively pop with digital energy, while charming theremin sounds buzz
around overhead like happy fireflies on a summer’s eve. flip eu’s plate
over and things get a little crisp with 'snowstorm,' a gentle, cool
digital beat wrapped up in a mist of long tone strokes that will surely
appeal to fans of early autechre and the black dog, not to mention fans
of another delikatessen artist, funckarma, and their brilliant plate
bourbon sounds. last but certainly not least is 'frost,' a meditative,
somber track that reaches through a smooth ambient landscape,
organically extending minimal sonic effects into a lush electro melody
with lots of dramatic tang. so join in the celebration with everyone at
delikatessen - grab eu’s mandarines and get your fruit on! about the
chefs: eu’s alexander zaitsev and ilya baramiya hail from st.
petersburg, russia - meaning they don’t see a lot of fruit trees in the
flesh, but rest assured they’ve both downed enough mandarins in their
day to be citrus experts. the duo began recording in 1997 as eu, which
according to the boys is 'just the first letters of our russian name…in
russian it sounds like ‘yolochnye igrooshki,’ which means ‘christmas
decoration,’ like bubbles of colored glass on christmas trees.' first
were a few cassette releases in russia then their compilation
appearance with fellow russian electronic artists solar x, novel 23,
and fizzarum on artefacts, and their first cd, eu_soft, both on the
famed art-tek label in moscow. soon england’s pause_2 caught wind of
the duo’s fresh synth sound and next thing you know, their wienn/srez
7-inch was nme’s 'single of the week.' of course, that wasn’t a big
enough bowl of fruit for zaitsev and baramiya, who went on to release
two albums on pause_2, 2000’s reframing and 2002’s warm math, as well
as connecting with lo recordings to help assemble the highly respected
ru.electronic compilation. delikatessen is proud to have such a
fruitful connection with the talented eu.
price: euro 4,04.

BEEFCAKE. viande de gâteau. 10". delikatessen records plate 9
'yes!! we're both ace carnivores! vitamin f & b plus proteins, which
means: it's good for your brain!' – beefcake. it’s the start of 2004,
so delikatessen is sharpening its cleavers on a fat new slab of meaty
beats! that’s right, we’ve got four fresh new cuts from none other than
germany’s beefcake, the illustrious duo of gabor schablitzki and volker
kahl, who’ve been slicing and dicing choice electronic and idm
selections since 1997. the first track is a top sirloin cut, cooked
well-done on the outside with crispy fractured beat slivers, but which
opens up to a juicy medium-rare atmospheric melody that delights with
its supple sonic texture. while only a 3-minute portion, the second
track is a veritable filet mignon of a cut, where lightly rhythmatized
ambience melts like butter in your ears, note after succulent note. but
if the second track is the most tender cut on viande de gâteau, then
the third track is a thundering 72-oz t-bone steak, beginning as it
does with a blistering outtake from an old symphony mash-up record
volker found on ebay before sinewy breakbeats tenderize its bullish
flavor. the fourth and final offering on the menu is a tasty little
shish kebab of a track, where a funky-flavored downtempo groove pokes
around firm synth tones that will whet your appetite for more of
beefcake’s choice electronic cuts. you’ll need a stack of napkins and a
bevy of toothpicks to finish delikatessen’s fine plate no. 9! about the
chefs: gabor and volker have been butchering beats as beefcake since
their first 12-inch on hymen in 1997. stylistically, beefcake has been
closely linked to fellow deutschlanders funkstörung, thanks in large
part to beefcake’s unflappable consistency in turning out razor-sharp
music formed from prime cuts of digital glitch artifacts and a healthy
dose of industrial spice. but make no mistake, these two chefs are more
apt to juggle fresh beef ribs back and forth than get on the hunt to
electronic pop stardom. for starters, says gabor and volker, who met
during a flute-playing class, say that their intention for the name
beefcake is actually a compound recipe where the beef is 'rhythm and
mustard' while the cake is 'melody with sugar on top!' and despite the
duo’s deft ability with electronic sound design, they say they’re more
influenced by 'cheesy 70’s pop, traditional folk, and solo trumpet
music.' with side projects such as wighnomy brothers (deep and tech
house) and solo dj work, gabor and volker are constantly plying their
special culinary sound talents to satisfy appetites all over the world.
delikatessen is proud to have beefcake make a stop in the shop with
such a nice pack of new music!
price: euro 4,04.

BELLADONNAKILLZ. perverted & proud. cd. dross:tik dtk03
direct from toronto’s own dross:tik records comes this brash, brazen,
impudent full-length release from belladonnakillz. combining his
technical skills with imagination, original melodies and his own
crooning, come-hither vocals, 'perverted & proud” is sure to be a
neo-pop, underground smash. running the gamut from the massive hit in
the waiting of 'kill bella donna” ( complete with a complementary
panacea remix ), to the grinding industrial-lashed assault of 'gotta
gotta gotta kill,” to the straight-shootin’ jungle / breakcore rinse of
'grrly jungle,” this is music to party and get down to. with previous
releases on tigerbeat6, industrial strength and dross:tik,
belladonnakillz is ready to deliver this full length project, crafting
a style that all labels, and engages broad audiences. when good
girls go bad, they do it to belladonnakillz.
price: euro 6,90.

BLIPVERT. stop:skronk:explode!. cd. d-trash dtrash104
the music of blipvert combines noise, fractured dancefloor rhythms,
robotic vocal chants, and alien soundscapes into a unique collage of
sonic mayhem. blipvert's 2004 debut release, 'triple acid foot,' on
brooklyn, new york's ra sounds was reviewed as 'a clever masterpiece'
by and was one of the nyc downtown music gallery's best of
2004 releases. will also released a blipvert ep on brooklyn's trixy
records in 2007 entitled 'skr(ep).'  blipvert recently appeared on a
vinyl compilation entitled 'new deal' released by the netherlands' eat
concrete records. in a live setting, blipvert takes on a twisted life
of its own as he constantly remixes, accompanies, and alters the music
through the use of air theremins, vocoders, and a host of effects
modules. will delivers blistering high energy performances as he dances
all over the place as though he's possessed.  will might also add in
all kinds of ethnic instruments to the mix - most specifically the
shehnai, will's favorite, to add a unique quality to the already
bizarre sound structures. currently, blipvert conducts most of his
operations from oakland, california.  blipvert is both excited and
honored to be working with d-trash records.  he looks forward to
blowing people's heads open with all kinds of sound for a long time to
price: euro 7,90.

DANIEL MENCHE. rusty ghosts. 2x 7" vinyl. duëbel whol 6
dark, rich, clear sounds from the center of the earth. a dark
smoothering atmosphere produced by quiet intensity and subtle
price: euro 5,90.

ULTRA MILKMAIDS. peps. cd. duëbel whol 8
a hybrid of meditative electronics and ambient soundscapes combined
with subliminal noises and arctic minimalism to frame a multitude of
emotions. the attention to detail is shaped by the confusing mix of
tones and silences
price: euro 4,90.

TELEPHERIQUE. nerv.sys. 2cd. duëbel whol 9
nerv.sys's topic is distress as a result of technical evolution in
industrial civilizations. the collage-based music symbolizes the moods
and parameters appearing under distress and the effects caused on the
human mind and body. on this cd, telepherique try to transform these
effects caused via the nerve system into music - caution: please listen
at your own risk!
price: euro 5,90.

V.A.. THE FLATLINE COMPILATION. 2cd. flatline null01
feat. the galan pixs, snog, biopsy, imminent starvation, netz,
n.e.w.t., lf project, organized noise, it, synapscape, mother
destruction, spahn ranch, ichor, the aggression, rx, beefcake,
generation x-ed, hanzel and gretyl, torsion, dive, pail, pain konsept,
tower ii, equinox, skorbut, vnv nation, das ich.
price: euro 2,90.

NETZ. werk01. cd. flatline null03
an individual mixture of melodious ebm, electro-pop, dark wave together
with influences from the origins of electronic music. netz provides a
break from typical electro and ebm and explores the style a little
further, mixing in elements of other subgenres in the culture. call it
'electronic power pop'.
price: euro 2,90.

NEWT. 37 c. cd. flatline null04
a futuristic contact beyond the barriers, realized by two of
electro-industrial genre's most regarded musicians, daniel myer
(architect, haujobb) & andreas meyer (forma tadre). newt demands your
attention to open a gate to an unknown universe, a confrontation with
delirious hallucinations, emphatic atmospheres and an impressing look
into the future, it will stand the test of time and establish them as
one of the great innovators of the genre. 37 c incl. an infectious
up-tempo mix by convenant. penetrate and expand your consciousness!
price: euro 5,90.

V.A.. THE FLATLINE COMPILATION 2. 2cd. flatline null05
explore the sound of this innovative & unique collection, but be
prepared to be manipulated. mostly unreleased material.
price: euro 2,90.

IMPLANT. kmputor. cd. flatline null08
incorporating hard danceable rhythms, ever evolving bass-lines and
probably the most psychedelic vocals ever heard, in one smashing album.
'kmputor' is the result of hours of cut-troth programming. an ear-gasm
for the digital junkie. those who have seen implant, can only agree,
that implant live is a very trancy, psyched-out dance night. digital
junky food - spiced with remixes by eon project, pierrepoint and
price: euro 2,90.

IMPLANT. unidentified flying frequencies. 2cd. flatline null12
'u.f.f.' is the second outing of implant on flatline records, it
continues where 'kmputor' finished and blends dark-electronics with
dynamic elements of trance, techno, and frenetic synths to be rounded
up with a good portion of science-fiction. this combination of
aggressive rhythms and thrilling trance-passages hammer into your brain
and will certainly gain control over your body! the first 1000 copies
include the bonus album 'remixes of kmputor' with remixes by ammo,
concentrix, fiction 8, mlada fronta, negative format, razed in black,
spies etc. each track is a venture into a different genre – so what do
you wait for? get your implant today!
price: euro 2,90.

KYBERNAUT. the stalker. 12" lp. flyco flyco001
kybernaut is a japan / german based project and produce quite an
aggressive, dark and moody music with exhilarating bass lines and
militaristic bastard-breakbeats. just as a beat seems too overpowering,
a broad melancholy melody will descend like swans landing on a lake. a
gorgeous swell of shifting colors and textures, with nary a beat in
earshot. cartoony breakbeat music - they fed kybernaut with weird
things, we suppose
price: euro 2,90.

AMMO. the age of terminal irony. 12" lp. flyco flyco002
vinyl version of flyco 003, incl. 2 alternative cd-track versions.
price: euro 2,90.

AMMO. the age of terminal irony. cd. flyco flyco003
eclectic hi-tech drum’n bass vs. a lurid mix of gritty soundscapes and
unrelenting heavy beats. abstract beat complexity hyper-edited with
superb apocalyptic harmonics for a cosmic and surrealistic drum n bass
attitude. ammo is produced by john sellekaers (xingu hill, ambre,
torsion...) and mysterious c-drik (crno klank, axiome, ambre...).
exclusive remixes by panacea, imminent & silk saw
price: euro 3,90.

FREEZE ETCH. vessels. cd. force of nature fon11
over four years in the making and clocking in at just over an hour -
vessels, the first proper full-length freeze etch album, is a dynamic
excursion into a world of thick organic rhythms, striking melodic
textures, and surging ambient momentum. by turns sparkling and pristine
and by others ugly and smoldering, vessels explores the brooding
tensions between dynamically opposed auras, employing textures which
are at once terrestrial and alien, as well as melodic structures which
merge skilled composition with the ambiguous flood of drone.
price: euro 5,90.

SYNNACK. v2. cd. force of nature fon12
defying easy categorization, synnack.s v2 is perhaps best described as
experimental electronic music. and fuses elements of ambient, noise,
industrial, and idm musical styles. v2 builds on synnack.s prior
releases by leveraging an increasing amount custom software, field
sampling techniques and live electronics to create an epic combination
of ambient glitchy soundscapes and crunchy rhythmic mayhem. a special
feature of the v2 release is that each cd package includes a card
containing a unique .regcode. which can be used to register on for access to additional songs, unreleased tracks, videos,
discounts on additional merchandise, and more.
price: euro 5,90.

force of nature fon13
mondegreen, 13th release on rhode island.s force of nature productions,
is distinctly a more reflective direction for the duo, as a follow up
to mash up soundsystem.s 'a great escape from lunacy', released on hive
records in 2006. the artwork on this disc, once again beautifully
merges inga dorosz.s photography of surreal landscapes, familiar made
unfamiliar, with marco pinsker.s eye for the serious and the comedic.
it.s also the perfect accompaniment to the content of mondegreen where,
in the opening seconds the door locks behind the listener as one
embarks on a slow descent into madness, entering yet another world.
time slows down as one is enveloped by textures and swells of sound. 'a
year in the life.' of sorts, field recordings layered with digital and
analogue sounds that become progressively unhinged. each successive
listen, opens up new meaning as new structures emerge. sit back, close
your eyes and disassociate yourself from your immediate environment.
price: euro 5,90.

SUSPICION BREEDS CONFIDENCE. nyugodt. cd. frozen empire media femcd1
sbc combine both organic and electronic elements of noise, musique
concrete, glitchy electronics and dark ambience in a very unique and
captivating way. 'nyugodt' sonically drifts between collage and
poly-rhythmic art, taking the listener on a remarkably cerebral aural
price: euro 5,90.

KREPTKREPT. irregular dark beat. cd. frozen empire media femcd3
kreptkrept is one of many projects by mn based electronic musician,
cordell klier. with kreptkrept, cordell takes a more powernoise
approach by combining a relentless mix of crushing rhythmic noise,
metallic percussion and dark, churning atmospheres. while falling
primarily into the powernoise genre, this disc also incorperates many
other interesting elements into the overall sound by integrating
touches of glitch, drum & bass and dark ambient. 'irregular dark beat'
also features remixes by tarmvred, suspicion breeds confidence & needle
price: euro 5,90.

VELAPENE SCREEN. medical breaths. cd. frozen empire media femcd11
'medical breaths' features 13 brand new tracks of schizoid, cut-up,
hip-hop influenced idm rhythms combined with glitchy electronic stabs
atop a bed of lush and often playfully melodic ambient tones. 'medical
breaths' is sure to impress with its original blend of technically
advanced sounds, creatively abstact rhythms and intelligently crafted
song structures. mastering: john sellekaers @ metarc. artwork: ben
didier / chris gherardi.
price: euro 5,90.

N0NPLUS. keep me here. cd-ep. frozen empire media femcd12
following the well received 'still' cdr debut, n0nplus return with a
stellar new ep entitled 'keep me here'. building off the sound and feel
of 'still', n0nplus push the envelope even futher, in both creativity
and production, by meshing heavy layers of melodic, moody ambience,
unsettling noisescapes and crushing, intelligently programmed rhythms.
'keep me here' digs deep and hits hard, bringing forth a fine example
of whats sure to be a promising future for this rising australian
talent. features artwork by eyelyft and mastering by john sellekaers.
price: euro 5,90.

VROMB / SZKIEVE. le pavillon des oiseaux / le monorail. 7".
hushush hsh15
the monorail provided by les enterprises hushush will take you on a
journey to our own world fair, an exhibition for advanced technologies
and oddities. recorded on this seven inch vinyl is a visit to the birds
pavilion, 'le pavillon des oiseaux' as well as an overview of the site.
often remembered for the showing of tomorrow’s technological
advancements, world fairs presented many mechanical, electronic and
magnetic types of equipment. thought to be the way of the future, some
of them remain now very odd pieces of history, yesterday’s tomorrows.
this recording is the first collaboration effort for vromb. the
montreal dark electronica wonder has teamed up with an almost canadian
fellow, hushush’s headhoncho project, szkieve.
price: euro 3,93.

KIRDEC. death to the macho e.p.. 12". independenza n.002
the multiple-facets artists kirdec (cedric fermont, also known as
c-drik) is back with a great 4-track ep. only original samples were
used for this one. sounds ranging from hip-hop to breakcore -
price: euro 7,90.

V.A.. ON002 COMPILATION. 12". onrecords on002
'brilliant follow-up to on's 4-track comp, this time featuring tracks
from adam johnson, mr projectile, autophonic and quench. having just
been made aware of his work via his excellent contribution to musik aus
strom's 'mas confusion' compilation, adam johnson's opening 'boungy' is
a brilliantly crafted slice of warmed-up electronic atmosphere, slight
dub echoes overlacing textured melodies and bass shifts to die for,
less idm, more cinemascope for the soul. toytronic's mr projectile is
up next, 'dextroamphetamine' being yet another masterful display of his
intricate production technique and his feel for scene-setting, luscious
ambient weaves paired with a nifty crunch and tripped up beats, lovely
as you'd expect. autophonic come correct all analogue and retro stylee,
a smiling little electropoppish number, complete with some ace oldskoll
chop ups and key progressions, half paced 80's electroid style, yum.
the funcken brothers end us off with quench's 'clan' - denser and
darker in tone, slowed down squashed beats and industrial interjections
sending us off. very good.' (boomkat)
price: euro 4,80.

NYNACK. pattern errors. 12". onrecords on103
on records presents a 6 track 12" ep by dutch talent nynack. 'venetian
snares fans out there need to check this latest ep from the on label
double fast! the label has previously brought us shining moments from
the likes of eog and l'usine and their latest find, nynack, takes to
the stage with 6 tracks of frenzied idm, a more digital version of
aaron funk's special blend of mental. the first track '6 minus 23'
attests to this aesthetic with its frantic beats and ultra clean dsp
noises, a la autechre, superb melodies and a penchant for construction
make this cut deep, it really eats into your head after a couple of
listens. likewise on '00 returns' with its breaky feel and metallic
acid riding the drums, though very frenzied it retains a sense of
melody throughout the frantic and sometimes exceedingly spannered
construction. 'leaf pitching' starts with tuned music box melodies that
descend into click madness while bass swoops and scattered drums creep
behind, the pitching coming in on the bass as the notes slide and glide
to form a bassline against the mash of drums and melodies. heavily
programmed from the feet up, this debut from nynack will stamp his name
brightly on the cut-up, programmed mentalist scene.' (boomkat)
price: euro 4,80.

FUNCKARMA. demsongzbywe. 12". onrecords on104
demsongzbywe is a 4 track ep with explicit remixes by funckarma of
ontayso, céline, kero and slemper and is claimed to be one of the
better releases of the dutch brothers so far. "the first remix is made
from sounds taken off the 40 minutes release of ontayso's 'score of an
imaginary iceland' and turned out as one of the most exciting remixes
made for ontayso. you could describe this as 'new electronic jazz
sound' and the same idea goes for the celine remix.' –
price: euro 4,80.

AUTOPHONIC. slack. cd. onrecords on205
autophonic was one of the first to come with electronic listening music
on the rotterdam dub label from holland back in 1998. he is an artist
with an incredible pair of ears when it comes to making sound. he also
understands how to handle samples without even having to think about
it. with his tight beat structures and his catching atmospheres he took
his own place in the electronic music scene. besides the dub releases
he delivered tracks for compilations on studio!k7, vpro and on records.
this 'best of' album combines his masterpieces + 5 new tracks on 1 cd.
slack is a full length distinct autophonic sound, tight beats with a
jazzy electro-mechanic-funk flavour. 'bled' is the darkest track of the
bunch, possibly the soundtrack of the last minutes of a dieing german
stowaway on the kursk. gasp lays down a beautiful jazzy atmosphere over
a freaked beat with odd timing. autophonic releases are sparse so make
sure you don’t miss this one.
price: euro 6,00.

CYBERNETIC:FUCKHEADZ. s/t. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht08
the long awaited collaboration project of noisex & hypnoskull.
cybernetic:fuckheadz> was created as an idea in 1998, and grew to this
project throughout the years, resulting in this first album. after
their shared usa tour in 2000, roucka and stevens decided to actually
make work of this project since the rumours were so well spread in the
scene of the newschool industrial techno, and everybody was asking how
 would sound like. hardcore breakbeats
 is also the result of both recording artists to
create a harsh hybrid form of drum’n bass, breakbeats and hardcore
electronica. ever since the first appearance of jungle in 1994, stevens
for example tried to incorporate these bouncing rhythms into his
industrial techno work. throughout the years jungle became softened and
now ‘walks around’ as drum’n bass. however there are many great
examples of dark and harder drum’n bass, both producers decided to
create a harsh version of this sound.  is a harsh urban laboratory
where all kinds of influences from both artists become mixed into a new
form of electronic breakbeat industrial with an edgy touch. from up to
200 bpm to soundscape-like tracks,  breaks any rules set to
industrial, breakbeat or drum’n bass music.
price: euro 6,00.

P.A.L. live at 2:00 a.m.. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht10
this album features a live concert performed by p.a.l in aachen/germany
during maschinenfest 2001. the concert was intended as a special event
and shows the more ambient oriented side of p.a.l.which clearly is set
aside from the well-known power-rhythms he usually employs. limited
1000 copies.
price: euro 6,00.

CONFIG.SYS. ulysses. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht12
config.sys does not care about any rules. on this cd you will find
industrial combined with different musical styles like house and
ebm.therefore this cd is not comparable with others. this debut is a
completely unique piece!
price: euro 6,00.

ARS MORIENDI. live at maschinenfest 2002. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht15
a document of the legendary reunion performance at the maschinenfest,
aachen/germany, october 2002. special photo-book packaging.
price: euro 6,00.

POW(D)ER PUSSY. six ways from sunday. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht18
the second episode for pow[d]er pussy is a fact! after their first
well-received 3" epcd ('one day'), on pflichtkauf, the time was right
to put out their first full length cd 'six ways from sunday' released
on the same label.the combination of exploding rhythms and freshly
squeezed pussy juice music will atomize the brains & feet of the
energetic dancers. think eclectic, think dynamic, think pow[d]er pussy
! pow[d]er to the pussies! - meow!
price: euro 6,00.

DAZZLING MALICIOUS. don't like. boxset. pflichtkauf pflicht19
contains the 'don't like' cd (pflicht20) plus bonus vinyl lp. the seven
untitled lp tracks are less rhythmic but have more noise influences.
special hardcover-packaging with embossing & metallic paper. limited to
210 copies.
price: euro 12,00.

DAZZLING MALICIOUS. don't like. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht20
dark rhythmic industrial stuff from a new german project - enjoy at
home, enjoy on the dancefloor. tinbox packaging
price: euro 6,00.

THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE. drones for drella. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht24
how does a building sound? or a statue? what does one get if paint is
replaced by sound? are canvas and a hard drive in any way related to
each other? what happens if an artist gets his inspiration from an
architect, writer, filmer, or even a painter? some two years ago the
[law-rah] collective started to work on this concept. being a long-time
admirerer of the works of andy warhol, the goal was to translate his
works into an auditory perspective. the result is presented on the new
album ‘drones for drella’, which was named after the tribute lou reed
and john cale wrote for andy warhol after his unfortunate death in
1987. the album contains six tracks and is just under an hour long. the
track titles refer to the work on which they were based. for example
‘electric chair’, ‘oxydation paintings’ and of course ‘campbell’s i’.
obviously most tracks were based on warhol’s graphic works, but also
the three hour movie ‘chelsea girls’ served as inspiration on one of
them. ‘drones for drella’ might well be the collective's most
conceptual album so far, but in no way has the sound changed compared
to their earlier works: expect massive, deep, layered drones with
seemingly eratic notes scattered throughout the frequency spectrum.
price: euro 6,00.

V.A.. MASCHINENFEST 05. 2cd. pflichtkauf pflicht25
exclusive tracks from almost all performing bands of the maschinenfest
2005. feat. az-rotator, empusae, contaminant, edgey, mental
destruction, iszoloscope, architect, punch inc., synapscape, orphx,
loss, lapsed, s.k.e.t., atrox, enduser, pow(d)er pussy, roger rotor,
klangstabil, sonar, elekore, rasputin, kom-intern, kraken, ambassador
21, contagious orgasm, morgenstern, imminent, ah cama-sotz. paper
folder-cover edition.
price: euro 7,00.

POW(D)ER PUSSY. just 2 annoy you. cd-ep. pflichtkauf pflicht26
pow(d)er pussy's third strike! six tracks showing the two pussies'
claws and fangs once more - get up and dance! make 'em purr! meow!
price: euro 5,50.

SUICIDE INSIDE. theory of the arising of desire. cd.
pflichtkauf pflicht27
this very complex and intense sounding cd offers a nucleic mixture of
industrial and power noise music. cold, dark and simultaneously very
emotional atmospheres of complex, restrained fury bring massive beats,
deep bass, unexpected flash backs and mental industrialism, which mixes
perfectly with concentrated agression, hysterical vocals and noisy
broken beats. even if 'theory of the arising of desire' contains a lot
of melody, it always forces you to feel that control of violence can be
lost in one nice moment. yes, it wakes up most of your secret wishes
which you should like to hide deeply inside yourself, but you have no
choice anymore - kill or to be killed. 'theory of the arising of
desire' contains 11 tracks with over 50 minutes total duration,
including an amazing remix by mimetic. artwork based on '13 motives of
the arising of desire' photo-session by marc brousselly, created in
london in may 2005.
price: euro 6,00.

V.A.. MASCHINENFEST 06. 2cd. pflichtkauf pflicht28
exclusive tracks from all performing bands of the maschinenfest 2006.
feat. hysteresis, the law-rah collective, nullvektor, camanecroszcope,
geistform, black lung, asche, squaremeter, winterkälte, moctan, antigen
shift, genevieve pasquier, suicide inside, in slaughter natives, p.a.l,
snog, mono no aware, this morn' omina, institution d.o.l., cdatakill,
shorai, xabec, bong-ra, militia, hypnoskull, mimetic and needle
sharing. paper folder-cover edition.
price: euro 7,00.

SUICIDE INSIDE. learn to swallow. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht29
coming out after suicide inside's debut album, 'theory of the arising
of desire' (pflichtkauf), the new one, 'learn to swallow', is a perfect
continuation of its mental aesthetic. and again, this is an unusual and
aggressive mixture of pounding rhythmic noise, broken beats and
painful, dark melodics. this time suicide inside brings more ambient
synths, explosive  hythms and sharp vocals than ever before. the words
are razors. suicide inside has added new sensations and the perception
of the real opposed to fictious worlds into their sound. massive fat
beats, slightly faster than on 'theory of the arising of desire',
powerful bass-lines and psychedelic melodic structures - this is 'learn
to swallow'. no tragedy - no history. this album has been presented by
suicide inside at maschinenfest'06 as limited to 32 copies edition
(released by invasion wreck chords). new 'learn to swallow' edition
uncludes two brandnew tracks and remixes from flint glass and empusae.
price: euro 6,00.

DAZZLING MALICIOUS. psychoanalyse. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht30
more darkness, more rhythm - the second strike after 'don't like'!
packaging: digipak printed on special silver cardboard
price: euro 6,00.

V.A.. MASCHINENFEST 07. 2cd. pflichtkauf pflicht33
featuring tracks from all performing bands of the maschinenfest 2007
(mostly exclusive). feat. skincage, dazzling malicious, detune x,
scrap.edx, greyhound, this morn' omina, twinkle, catholic boys in heavy
leather, synapscape, ahnst anders, detritus, keef baker, 100blumen,
ordo rosarius equilibrio, wai pi wai, config.sys, 5f-x, sonar, eva | 3,
spherical disrupted, dj hidden, ab ovo, s.k.e.t., ambassador 21,
drumcorps, vromb and ah cama-sotz. gatefold-cover printed in gold on
bordeaux cardboard.
price: euro 7,00.

KYLER. pur cosy tales. cd. planet mu ziq126cd
'kyler is the latest alias of sonic changeling henry collins (aka
shitmat). in his new guise, he creates moods and atmospheres using
samples and found sounds to evoke feelings of childhood, warmth, wonder
and memory. pur cosy tales is a concept album about the norfolk, uk
village where collins grew up. the album features thirty-two tracks of
inventive electronic composition, clever sampling and concise,
effective musical ideas. this is a soundtrack so inventive it doesn't
require a movie.'
price: euro 5,00.

VIRUS SYNDICATE. ready to learn remixes. 12". planet mu ziq132r
remix plate with works provide by virus syndicate and jammer. 'ready to
learn' and 'major list mc's' remixes plus extra instrumental ... mark
one produced grime! categories: grime/dubstep.
price: euro 4,00.

THE GASMAN. this one's for you. cd. planet mu ziq138cd
'this one's for you, the fourth full-length release from portsmouth,
uk's christopher reeves (aka the gasman), is perhaps his most rewarding
work to date. on this follow-up to 2005's multiplex (released by
canada's sublight label), reeves embellishes other-worldly electronica
with clusters of organ-like chords and slabs of murky reverb. in the
cross-fire of wavering grooves and humming tape loops one can imagine
giant insects being poked and prodded by alien machines designed to
extract their unusual sounds. reeves works meticulously to create this
eerie ambience, patching samples together on tinkered pcs and feeding
reel-to-reel tapes through his laptop. this one's for you is genuinely
refreshing audio for the ears.'
price: euro 5,00.

TOM BURBANK. famous first words. cd. planet mu ziq160cd
it's not all dubstep and breakcore on planet mu: l.a. based tom burbank
delivers a crunched up melodic glitch-hop album which would please very
much fans of his label-mate edit. following on from his appearance on
the 'sacred symbols of mu' compilation, 'gnats', tom crunks it up even
further with 'juno rhapsody' and 'blabber mouth' but still has time to
introduce blissful soul melodies on 'riding off' and 'stay one'.
price: euro 5,00.

KAREEM. battlefield. 12". ramadan ramadan01
ramadan recordings was launched in april 2001. this imprint deals
solely with deep, kafkaesque!! hip hop breaks, and minimal loop
science. the inspiration being a mutant dekonstrukkt of themes featured
on zhark (berlin) 06, and the first release comes kowrekt from thee
bid-daddio of da k-man islandz- kareem.. now a re-pressing of this
deleted item is available, limited to 300 copies in white
'disco-sleeve'. complete your collection now!
price: euro 3,00.

V.A.. WE EXIST. 12". reject records rr-001
breakcore from a new u.s. label - their first release features selector
catalogue, aneurysm, deucalion, davincigreen, evil old man and
price: euro 6,70.

VOIDLOSS / VILLAIN. approaching numb. 12". singularity singularity001
a new project from underground producers of the london techno scene.
shedding the more commercial, hypnotic and loop based trappings of
techno for an altogether darker and less predictable sound, the record
begins with strained, metallic scrapings, and an evil spoken vocal, and
eventually crashes into a ritualistic, shamanic combination of dark
sound scapes and tribalistic electronic percussion that continues as a
unifying theme for each track.  the journey through the 4 tracks on
offer is like being dragged through some sinister purgatory from a
lynch movie.  heavy, industrial machine beats, bone shaking bass, epic,
atmospheric melodies, and dark ambience charged with an aura of fear
and despair.  all this is accompanied by a narrative prose spoken by
some tortured and weary half-man, half-devil.  the feel of this concept
release is further enhanced by the inclusion of limited edition art
prints of works by the composers on the record.
price: euro 4,40.

MESSER CHUPS. vamp babes upgrade version 2004. cd.
solnze records scd005
embracing elements of decadent capitalism that even most westerners
would shy away from, zany russian lounge mutants oleg kostrow and oleg
gitarkin (who in one form or another are responsible for all of these
aliases) play twangy sci-fi music for people who know that the future
actually happened over 40 years ago,was scripted by ed wood and
illustrated by eric stanton while criswell and the faltering ghost of
bela lugosi looked on. rediscover the power of the omni analogue
synth,the man from planet x and peppy little pop numbers with titles
like 'the second advent of elvis', 'the pornoman','cannibal twist' and
'go,satan,go!'.above all, marvel at what sounds like sampled dialogue
taken from, say it ain't so, actual soviet b movies. this is the start
of the leatherette revolution.
price: euro 8,00.

MESSER CHUPS. black black magic. cd. solnze records scd025
'messer chups is a side project of one of the members of russia's
messer fur frau muller. each of their releases is slightly different in
tone - they're all loaded with bits of musical and spoken samples,
ranging from 1950s b-movies to cartoon sounds.this one, however,
focuses more on surf-style guitar music and theremin. now there's a
combination you don't hear much of on cd these days! messer chups plays
with these completely diverse sounds to create a wonderful musical
style all their own. aside from 13 excellent songs, there is also a
cd-rom video included on this disc, 'go satan go!,' which comes from
messer chups' previous release, vamp babes (which is every bit as good
as this cd). run, don't walk, to buy this  cd - and all their others,
while you're at it; you won't regret it!' (cheryl shinfield). this
russian masterpiece twists you outta this world. black black magic is
messer chups most musical release… 50’s b-movie soundtracks, the guitar
at times reminiscent of ricky king, sci-fi horror ala ed wood, the
erotique of russ meyer – all in perfect combination with lydia kavina’s
(niece of lev termen, theremin inventor) theremin to mutate a sound so
'retro', that it sounds like the future the video for ‘go satan go’
features russian playmate of the year natalya simakova, guaranteeing
even more kitsch. highly recommended.
price: euro 8,00.

KIM AND BURAN. kosmos for children. cd. solnze records scd030
very nice sci-fi retro-easy listening music from russia - produced by
messer-chups mastermind oleg gitarkin. if you are into ed wood and
raumschiff orion, check this out!
price: euro 8,00.

MESSER CHUPS. crazy price. cd. solnze records scd032
the story: the sixth album of the member of mffm oleg gitarkin, who is
cooking the lounge-surf, like the hot patties. now he is in the company
of three young ladies - one is playing harp, the two others are playing
some strange instrument - theremin. verdict: it's nice, that there is
more live sound and less samples. composition 66,6 fm is particularly
nice - it is an instrumental version of the song gloomy sunday by
magyar composer rezo seres, which was forbidden in hungary after 17
people had killed themselves under the sounds of this song during three
years. listen to: in the gloomy sunday morning' (fhm-russian edition,
translated). 'oleg gitarkin, the king of russian lounge, is changing
his image swiftly - there are much more exotic instruments on his
albums and less samples. the sixth album of gitarkin's project messer
chups - crazy price is recorded by this time with participation of two
theremin performers, - barbara buchholz joined her teacher lydia
kavina, also there joined some harp-player. all these instrumental
rarities and beauties are proudly crowned by remix of cult british
group people like us.' (playboy-russian edition, translated). this
marvellous cd will also be released on ipecac records.
price: euro 8,00.

END. the sounds of disaster. cd. solnze records scd046
european version of ipecac ipc49 cd. jewelcase edition. incl. 3 messer
chups remixes.
price: euro 8,00.

KIM AND BURAN. rock'n'robot. cd. solnze records scd048
second release from russian retro-electro project kim&buran, packed
with 60's-style twist, rock'n'roll, sampledelic collages and tracks
which fit perfectly as sci-fi-adventure movies' soundtracks or at new
year's eve children parties. composed by multi-instrumentalist slava
zavjalov and mostly done on old analogue russian synths - brilliant and
highly recommended!
price: euro 8,00.

PANKOW. s/t. 12" lp. sonic groove sgx 02
sonic grove experiments proudly releases 5 cuts of future ebm from the
legendary band pankow. formed in italy in 1981 pankow released an
impressive onslaught of stripped down hard pounding ebm industrial
music. pankow has released on such seminal labels as contempo, wax
trax, and minus habens. without question pankow has influenced the
sound and feel of ebm industrial music. with often humorous and
political vocals meshed with hard drums and minimal yet funky synth
production pankow not only defined their own sound, but also over and
over again redefined that sound. after a forced break in 1993 they
returned to the scene with a fresh new sound. here pankow has given 5
cuts of dark thought provoking songs that are deeply hypnotic and
powerful with messages of life and situations we have all experienced.
warm textured rhythms over stark minimal melodies to express life alone
in a barren world of stone and cold steel isolation.
price: euro 2,92.

PROJECT ARCTIC. third pole. cd. spectre spectre-na06
this morn' omina/empusae members join forces in project arctic, a dark
glacial and occult sonic entity that casts its spell over the plains
from the rim of the world. they form the inner dark companion on an
auditory journey to the third pole, from blinding aural snow to an
everlasting darkness crushing through the ice of the 88th parallel.
they move in a giant soundscape where long stretched strings of
coldness explore the unknown icy fields, and where frost bites the air
in wide cathedrals of sound. comes in an exquisitely designed oversized
nautilus pack.
price: euro 7,00.

DEF. c. cd. spectre spectre-na07
def debuts with 'c', a release that massages your mind into an altered
state... effective in its worked out construction of noises, thumps,
weird voices and surging interventions over a stereophonic sea of
drones, multidimensional soundscapes and subtle rhythms...coming over
you, seeping into the very inside of your head, oscillating and
twitching under the soil you dwell on, shining its light in all its
absorbing intricacy and evolution... comes in an exquisitely designed
oversized nautilus pack.
price: euro 7,00.

THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE. 1953. cd. spectre spectre-na08
51 years after the flood disaster that killed more than 1800 people in
holland, the dutch [law-rah] collective commemorate this catastrophe
with a long and very intense track: 1953. in this moving interpretation
a story told by unspeakable sounds unfolds, sparsely reinforced by
touching and dramatic spoken word interventions. sophisticated in
sound, evolution and intensity, every chapter of this story will grab
your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat. an honest, sad
and solemn auditory treat... comes in an exquisitely designed oversized
nautilus pack.
price: euro 7,00.

MIMETIC. ultra. cd. spectre spectre-na09
we all know that mimetic is jérôme soudan, but he is so much more then
'just' mimetic. on this new nautilus release 'ultra' he is mimetic
under pressure. as one can expect after the previous releases in the
nautilus series 'ultra' contains cinematographic aquatic ambience. this
time in the form of a radio play without words. an opressive
soundscape, without the ability to pinpoint the source of the opression
or the emotion which causes it. is it the effect of the water outside
of us, or is it the two-thirds of water which forms the base of the
human body ? which one is the pacifier ? and which one is the catalyst
? an intense one hour journey through the mind of a man who is so much
more then mimetic; he's mimetic under pressure !
price: euro 7,00.

EMPUSAE. geesten. 7". spectre spectre-noc8
geesten is an exorcism on vinyl by the belgian artist empusae, who
releases his ghosts by banging the electronic drums.  hypnotic
constructions, deconstructions and reconstructions for the intelligent
dancer. limited 399 copies
price: euro 6,00.

ANTIGEN SHIFT. this moment of cold remembering. cd-ep.
spectre spectre-s12
on this album antigen shift offers you a coherent continuous unity,
varied enough to keep you at the edge of your seat.  sad or even
malignant soundscapes, distant voices, intricate rhythms and constant
tension form an oppressive dream, a moment of cold remembering.
price: euro 6,00.

OKK-ULTH. elisabeth bathory. 2x7". spectre spectre-s13
out of the hidden room of his batcave, dr blood a.k.a. ah cama-sotz
returns with a conceptual work about the blood countess elizabeth
bathory.  this is something different from his other work, only related
to it by its darkness, but never has it been this present as on this
demonic vinyl duo : this is spectre 13.  the new number of the beast.
2x7-inch in box - limited 414 copies.
price: euro 9,20.

STUPOR. bête noire. cd. spectre spectre-s15
stupor's black beast creates a separate universe which encapsules you
into your own world of thought.  a ritual that invites you to take a
look inside yourself aided by repetitive tribal percussive elements, by
invocations, by solemn and hymnic passages.
price: euro 7,00.

MIMETIC / ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA. origamimetic. cd. spectre spectre-s16
mimetic and origami galaktika join talents on this live collaboration
presented under the origamimetic moniker. experimental ambient
carefully threads on a swaying bed of processed field recordings, every
now and then lured into letting shamanic melodies or careful and subtle
rhythms join in. sometimes the rhythms work their way to the surface -
to hypnotizing effect, morphing into clicks that intermittently pull
back in favour of atmospheric cuts. wide, intense, rich, multi-faceted
and very much alive...
price: euro 7,00.

KRAKEN. amore. 2cd. spectre spectre-s17
there is a lovely silence - the swansong - the rustling of the poplars'
leaves. nobody would suspect the treachery of love to be slumbering in
the middle of the flemish polders. kraken are hunting the invisible
enemy for 20 years now and for the last time they take the heavy task
upon them - to take us on the ultimate mission over the borders of the
musically unexplored. amore, the third kraken release on spectre, is
recorded on a paradise island - in the middle of a complete mess. a
cunning terrorist - a quiet intruder. that's what you could say the
final result is. nesting in your blood - staying there forever. until
you get sick, until you catch the disease. some are so desperate they
choose this way. kraken is kraken. a belgian ensemble - perhaps. never
ever out of fashion. always itself. bring a towel.
price: euro 9,20.

V.A.. ANGST. 2cd. spectre spectre-s20
angst is an achievement... in this case it is... spectre's 'big boss'
summoned his demons to work towards a common goal : a sonic exploration
of and into angst. all spectre projects have gathered here to
contribute their audio sculptures, and they do not celebrate this fest
alone. they're given heart by other labels' dearest and a few promising
newcomers. the result : a monolith of diverse industrial atmospheres
united in darkness and anxiety. once you have had a look at the
tracklist, a look at the artwork, and above all a listen to the
all-exclusive pearls contained on this two-and-a-half-hour double cd
compilation, you'll realize you got hooked... grabbed by angst and
enjoying it. angst is : mimetic, hypnoskull, okk-ulth, empusae, kraken,
p.a.l, 5f_55, iszoloscope, this morn' omina, flint glass, def, leiche
rustikal, feindbild.gerauschdichte, hysteresis, hybryds,
templegarden's, m2, codetripper, ah cama-sotz, bad sector, salt, frames
a second, ms gentur, stupor, project arctic, the [law-rah] collective.
price: euro 9,20.

HYPNOSKULL. (g.o.d)-once again. cd. spectre spectre-s21
exactly one year after his last strike titled 'dark skies over planet
e.', hypnoskull is back with a special concept album titled
'(g.o.d.)-once again', this time for belgian antwerp-based independent
label spectre records. after 2 vinyl-releases for this label, an album
had to follow. '(g.o.d.)-once again' is a compact yet strong album that
offers a good view on the last decade of hypnoskull's musical
adventures, bearing 10 tracks chaptered 'the past', including a more
technoid industrial side of the project and a smashing 2 tracks chapter
called 'the future', including a controlled breakcore track and an
adventurous drum'n bass track. enter the battleground and sneak into
the skin of a lost futuristic 'einzelgänger' who lives in this strange
world full of hardcore scientific labs and warehouses, and experience
the non-stop sonic attack he has to deal with. effective, monotone,
hard rhythms with a filmic approach. this is the hypnoskull that
operates inbetween some well defined lines, and who still tries to
incorporate a lightness and a sort of anarchic 'comicbook'-like humour,
full of sonic and nasty, surprise yourself and prepare to
enter this battleground full of beats, samples, loops and angry
futuristic stabs for real hardcore underground! needless to say that
the ideal way to listen to this piece is only by playing it extremely
loud and without any pause.
price: euro 7,00.

KRAKEN. chagrin. cd. spectre spectre-s22
just like on 'amore' all titles on their fourth cd 'chagrin' are in
dutch. strange titles which present an insight in the (obviously) very
sick mind of the kraken. 'floating dogs', 'fear of meat' and 'your
sister and the wrong leg' are just a few examples of the mindsetting of
this album. soundwise 'chagrin' can best be described as isolasionist
music, but with the remark that kraken is a duo. you would expect true
isolationism to be written by a single performer and because of this,
the cd has so much more to offer. deep droning sound layers,
inaudible - or at best incomprehensible - lyrics, noisey ambience,
field- recordings of an unknown origin and even a few rhythms. the
kraken might well be the belgian cthulu in disguise. who knows ? after
all, there are tentacles involved ... double paper sleeve with random
set of 4 cards - collect 'em all 13 !
price: euro 7,00.

LOSS. you are what eats you. 7". spectre spectre-s24
in 2005 the cd 'i kill everything' saw the light of day, and we - the
audience - saw the light, period. loss is like a god; the god of noise,
strings and beats. just as on 'i kill everything' the two tracks on
this 7inch (entitled 'you are what eats you' and 'the waiting') are
abrasive, eroding, mindblowing and emotionally very intense. maybe
they're even more mentally disturbing as his earlier material. behold
the future of music ! worship the dead bird ! hail ! hail ! heavy
transparent yellow vinyl in special carton sleeve.
price: euro 4,30.

spectre spectre-s25
how does one celebrate a decade of musical activities ? right ! by
adding yet another release to the list! spectre records just became 10
and this brand new sampler is our gift to the world. the original
spectre roster covers three continents and almost fourty releases,
divided over three labels. and while this is way too much to choose
from, any sampler would just be that : a sampler (but : a very good
one). the artists on 'decade' are from canada, switzerland, united
states and offcourse belgium and together they are so much more then a
cross-section. iszoloscope, l'enfant terrible of industrial, ah
cama-sotz, who released the first spectre ever, loss, who proves that
there is a lot of harmony to be found in noise and hypnoskull, back
after a year of absense. but there is more: hybryds, this morn' omina,
empusae, antigen shift, mimetic fake and finally kraken, who introduce
their new cd 'chagrin'. spectre is ambience, rhytmic industrial, ritual
and noise : all in the darkest shade of black, hidden from the sunlight
in a very special embossed cover.
price: euro 7,00.

HYSTERESIS. measured chaos. cd. spectre spectre-s26
until shortly, a single track on the 'angst' sampler was all the
belgian project hysteresis had to offer, but that one track had more
then enough quality to be invited for a full release on spectre
records. 'measured chaos' counts ten tracks in just a little under an
hour. an ecletic mixture of elements, ranging from distorted beats,
basslines and industrial to urban influences and layers of noisey
drones as well as symphonic sounds. titles like 'deepthroataches' and
'slutfuckers' reveal their chaotic side, while the almost epic
'breinspoeling' emphasizes the fact that this cd will not be the last
we'll hear from hysteresis. a multitude of samples from all over the
musical spectrum ensures that there is something to be found for
everyone on this disc. therefore it is a true 'measured chaos'. special
paper sleeve.
price: euro 7,00.

KRAKEN. drift. cd. spectre spectre-s27
trilogies always come in three parts, that is why they're called
trilogies. and just like the latest two kraken releases, the new album
'drift' also comes in a minimal designed black and white cardboard
cover. which brings us to the conclusion that together with 'amore' and
'chagrin', the kraken trilogy on spectre has been completed. amongst
the multiple meanings of the dutch 'drift' there is 'temper' and
'impulse' which are the emotional layers on this cd, but it also
reflects to a ship being uncontrolable. as all tracks are related to
oceans and oceanlife (amongst them are 'fighting with cachalot',
'whalebones are not umbrella's' and 'sushi is murder') we can see what
upsets kraken. and the music fits their anger perfectly; a layering of
dark ambience and deep opressive drones, spoken word in various
languages and a pinch of noise. three emotions were kraken's guideline
while writing the trilogy and 'drift' definitly is the most
inhospitable and threatning of them. this third journey through the
deepest caverns of their minds revealed a truth, more gross and
repulsive  than  anyone can imagine. it's a small black hole which
swallows everything, including hope. let us find it and burn it ...
price: euro 7,00.

SKINCAGE. things fall apart. cd. spectre spectre-s28
it took jon ray six years to create his second cd. and after those six
years he took a bit of distance to his works and he saw it was good.
spectre records is proud to present 'things fall apart', that
'difficult' second release by the project skincage. in twelve tracks
you are given a tour through the mind of skincage, a tour among things
that did, will or could fall apart. 'bhopal' and 'chernobyl' already
reached an impressive level of destruction, while 'hungry ghosts' are
still unaware of their new existance. 'things fall apart' is mainly
created with broken or somehow manipulated selfmade instruments, as
broken or manipulated as the thoughts that formed the soil in which
they grew. the story which is told on the darkest lovesong ever -
entitled 'calling home' - is the ultimate proof that 'things fall
apart' is an album made in difficult times. it has a reason that the
creator of this advises solitude and headphones to fully 'enjoy' the
tracks. it took god six days to create the world and a seventh one on
which he laid back and relaxed. then he decided it was good ... are we
the only one seeing the resemblance?
price: euro 7,00.

THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE. it is.... 2x3" cd. spectre spectre-s29
as happy as some people are to give you the uttermost truth on life's
questions, the [law-rah] collective happily tears it right down again.
on their sixth release ' it is...' the [law-rah] collective gives
its dark poetic view on stuff like, you know, the world, leaving the
listener with food for thought and space to fill in the blanks. on two
3" cd's you are guided through soundscapes built from deep ambience,
harsh analogs and haunting narration. just like on the highly acclaimed
'1953', released three years ago on spectre, this album is another true
collective effort, combining the sounds from bauke van der wal with the
words from hiekelien van den herik. ' it is...' is about poles and
opposites: 'heaven' versus 'hell', sound version vision, life versus
afterlife and 'me' versus 'that other me'. vast themes carefully
downsized to fit your skull and keep ringing in your head long after
the last track ended. the beautifully designed 7" artwork in which the
cd's are packed contains three photo's in 7"x7" format by the dutch
photographer mareli huizenga. just the right size to frame and hang on
your wall and give you a headstart on your journey through the darker
parts of your mind.  limited to 323 numbered copies.
price: euro 7,00.

HYSTERESIS. will + representation. cd. spectre spectre-s31
it has been two years since hysteresis surprised friend and foe with
their debut release 'measures chaos', which was also presented by
spectre records. and the dynamic duo hasn't been doing nothing between
then and now ... 'will + representation' is even more eclectic and
chaotic as the first album, resulting in a mixture ranging from
breakbeats and ragga to metal and industrial. tracks where neither the
prodigy, nor - at moments - fear factory would feel any shame for
having written it. and all that on one album, without ever loosing that
specific touch of hysteresis. so what is that specific 'touch of
hysteresis'? well, even though there are kazillion books written on the
scientific meaning, it suffices to summorize them as 'a system that may
be in any number of states, independent of the inputs to the system'.
and yes, that is exactly what hysteresis is all about. you can expect
anything musically possible, but the guys behind it don't give a f*ck
because they are who they are and they do what they do best. it must be
said that hysteresis is one of the best hidden secrets in belgium, but
'will + representation' might very well change that.
price: euro 7,00.

TELEPHERIQUE. telepherique's mail-art orchestra. cd. sssm sssm-101
a telepherique mail-art project: the mail-art orchestra. contributors:
telepherique, roger rotor, vromb, contagious orgasm, ultra milkmaids,
celluloid mata, aube, salt, brume & shingo sogiura.
price: euro 3,90.

V.A.. BEYOND IGNORANCE AND BORDERS. cd. syrphe syrphe-s002
compilation including noise, experimental, electro-acoustic, ambient,
electronic artists from algeria, morocco, egypt, south africa, lebanon,
israel, turkey, united arab emirates, singapore, indonesia, malaysia,
thailand, laos, vietnam, china, south korea, tibet, mongolia, hong kong
and taiwan.
price: euro 6,90.

ELEKORE. volontary human extinction. cd. syrphe syrphe-s004
electro post-punk, doom, industrial from singapore and belgium.
price: euro 6,90.

ONE MAN NATION. rained and it rained.... cd. syrphe syrphe-s005
post-rock electronica from singapore.
price: euro 6,90.

V.A.. CRIMSON. cd. terminal dusk td001cd
crimson introduces your ears to many different styles of eclectic
electronic music ranging from broken gabber hits and ragga drill breaks
to melodic atmospheres and dirty basslines. the journey into crimson
begins with doormouse grabbing your attention with his juxtaposition of
cartoon samples and rugged live drums and twisting them into a hip-hop
reggae mashup. emotionaljoystick follows with a happy techno ditty
filled with intricate melodies and classic techno sounds. jonas the
plugexpert keeps the flow and changes it up a bit with some mild
ragga-jungle. eight frozen modules gives a lesson in electro with some
downtempo madness. chevron brings some mutated atmospheres that
transform into spastic amen breaks and floating synths. mixing it up,
duran duran duran pushes you into the pit with his punishing gabber
stylings. while you’re in the pit soundmurderer crushes you with his
frantic amen breaks and deep bass tones. for the second half of the
disc wisp takes you to the next level with precision drilling snares
and drifting melodies. rusuden follows with eastern influenced deep
groove and haunting soundscapes. exillon creates a somber atmosphere
with scattered rhythm programming and eerie echoed synths. line 47
pushes further into the realms of dark drills and symphonic movements
with his track. next up is shitmat, who delivers some screaming
ragga-breaks filled with distorted gabber hits. ill cosby continues to
bash the sound system with an in your face jungle elimination. enduser
defines dark breaks with a solid jungle track. not breathing brings us
the next track which has an electro feel with some pounding rhythms.
pale finishes off the compilation with mind bending scattered breaks
and sinister atmospheres.
price: euro 4,90.

V.A.. CRIMSON. 12" lp. terminal dusk td001v
crimson introduces your ears to many different styles of eclectic
electronic music ranging from broken gabber hits and ragga drill breaks
to melodic atmospheres and dirty basslines. the vinyl includes 6
excerpts from the cd version - feat. shitmat, line 47, exillon, eight
frozen modules, chevron and soundmurderer.
price: euro 4,50.

TONY WAKEFORD. into the woods. cd. tursa te03
two years after 'the devil`s steed' (one of the best-selling neo-folk
albums in the last 2 years) sol invictus aka tony wakeford are back
with a new folk noir album. loosely influenced by the prog records of
tony wakeford's youth, into the woods describes a weird england of the
60's and 70's where pockets of woodland hold out against the
encroaching suburbs.a dark england of out-of-work hangmen, dubious
priests and woman's institute covens. music direction: traditional folk
/ folk noir  with elements of 70's prog and psychedelia. recorded in
london and mixed by israeli /new york studio  producer m. guest
appearance's by kris force of amber asylum . reeve malka and guy
harries from orchestra noir and caroline jago, andrew king  and renée
rosen of sol invictus. the cd cover artwork is by painter richard
moult. special overstock sale - limited quantities!
price: euro 10,50.

PURE / ULTRA MILKMAIDS. s[E]nd. cd. vacuum v2.0
meditative electronics and ambient soundscapes. a collaboration of pure
(austria) & ultra milkmaids (france)
price: euro 3,90.

THE TRIFID PROJECT. s/t. cd-ep. vacuum v3.0
feat. james plotkin - matthieu maire - yves daubert - marie daubert -
sheila mata. james plotkin & matthieu maire first met in early 1999,
which quickly led to collaborations a few times later. james, matthieu,
& 3 others french fellows, marie and yves daubert (my), sheila mata
(hita corporated) worked together at james' studio in new jersey and
released a surrealistic electronica music, melding dark soundscapes
with fluffy atmospheres and even instrumental surf influences: 'the
trifid project' was on. an incredible complexity of sounds, where
melodic, evilish guitar strings meet dark-heavy rhytmics, blips and
scratches giving an answer to lost hidden female voices. american
artist james plotkin started making records in 1987. he started in
metal, hardcore and went through multiple styles/genres such as rock,
industrial, electronic, improvisation, and other experimental forms of
music. he worked with an important variety of different people and
bands, such as old, mick harris, mark spybey, kk null, dj
speedranch^jansky noise, brent gutzeit and many more. french artist
matthieu maire runs the post-power electronica project celluloïd mata
since 1996. besides that, he has also worked with many different people
and projects, especially in the european electronica avant-garde scene
(ultra mikmaids, oil 10, elektroplasma, roger rotor, imminent, xingu
price: euro 3,90.

THE TRIFID PROJECT. s/t. 10". vacuum v3.1
limited vinyl version of 400 copies
price: euro 3,90.

let you draw !. cd-ep. vacuum v4.0
7 tracks melting slow motion melodies to creepy break beats, an
absolute journey into colourful and soaring soundscapes.
price: euro 3,90.

OIL 10. links. cd. vacuum v5.0
links is the third album from the french project oil 10. technoid forms
deal with upbeat and spacey wavelengths. lost signals and deep bass
sounds are joined by robotic voices which gives to this album an
unusual atmosphere, between space exploration and satellite serenades
steady minimalistic beats and electrostatic movements, deep bass sounds
stretch out to give a spacey feel of modern electrical manipulations.
price: euro 3,90.

ASPIC. an ancient song sung too long. cd. vacuum v6.0
first full length album for the french aspic duo, pop exeriment, mixing
drowned beats with melodic strates of bass, treated guitar and bits. to
be played while the sun is going down, shiny colors and unindentified
vibes floating in the air...
price: euro 3,90.

ARCHIPEL. space casino. cd-ep. vacuum v7.0
space casino is the first lp of the parisian group combines
traces of music from multiple origins, from pop-music, through french
variety to the rarest annals of jazz history and of largely unknown
contemporary composers. sampling is at the heart of this contrasted and
carefully constructed music. it gives each piece its unique identity.
the disk is a collection of archipel's collective research, an
explosion of tendencies, of sarcastic humor with fits of expressive
price: euro 3,90.

through this side project, silk saw members are explorating purified
and abstract compositions. their work is a constant evolution of
infra-basses with sounds of guitar within the framework of a post-rock
'joint venture'. with this act, recorded live in nantes, march 2001,
marc moéda and gabriel séverin are offering a claustrophobic musical
field and a strong physical experience...about 'amplification or
variations of the inner music of our body : the singing tones of bones,
heart and chest...'
price: euro 3,90.

DRAHOMIRA SONG ORCHESTRA. la chambre de styrene. cd. vacuum v9.0
this album is the first release of the drahomira song orchestra, the
musical subsidiary of the multimedia art factory 'institut drahomira'
(drahomira ink.) . 8 obscure ambient tracks : bizarre string loops and
mysterious unidentified speaking voices create a worrying atmosphere of
claustrophobia. so far, their works (about 50 albums) were only
produced on cd-r or tapes and distributed randomly by mail, to people
picked in the phonebook. since the late 80's some live performances
were also organised in secret places and transmitted by phone to the
price: euro 3,90.

LOGATOMISTES. ke-re-kö-kö-kokex. cd. vacuum v10.0
logatomistes is a sideproject of rob[u]rang (silk saw, jardin d'usure,
moonsanto...) john sellekaers (ambre, xingu hill, urawa...) and c drik
(ammo, axiome...), started in 2001, after recording a live
improvisation at radio worm in rotterdam. their music is a construction
of collage soundtracks, evolving from ambient shores to noisy
frameworks. the originality of this masterpiece lays in the
architecture of the album, bringing  many different emotions, colors
and visual perspectives. stay stoked !
price: euro 3,90.

TEXTILE RANCH. bird heart in wool. cd. very friendly vf003cd
'bird heart in wool' is the debut album from textile ranch, the solo
project of glen johnson from piano magic. the album includes 'boys
climbing skull' and 'girl with numbered heart' taken from the double
a-side single (on the french label, lykill), 'huit oiseaux bruns dans
la nuit blanche (modèle reduit)' is taken from the 7" single of the
same name (on the static caravan label), while everything else on here
is new and exclusive. angèle david-guillou, from the french band,
klima, sings on 'nightmares of the deer.', while steph jaggers speaks
on 'the dream of the murderer's ship pulling out.' these tracks were
all recorded at home without the aid of computers. check.
price: euro 8,90.

DROON. hold the west in hand / barndance. 7". wood records wood003
on this record, droon celebrates his' sincere love for america,
(really!) his' love for dance music and parties through the ages. both
tracks lift off from their jungle bass, dark and chaotic, heading for
an air raid on nashville. from the first bass lines onwards, sounds are
grotesque exaggerations, but with one sweet nuance: the floor loves it.
as a part of droon’s liveset, both tracks have been trialed and tested
on crowds all over the world with great success. barndance is the most
requested track ever on donna summer's advanced d&d radio show on new
jersey's wfmu. hold the west is an all-time favorite on the mp3 section. full-colour cover packaging.
price: euro 3,90.

EMOTIONALJOYSTICK. bellicose pacific. cd. zod records zod.12
there is in the musical mood that runs through this recording, a
certain poignant quality all too rarely found in current releases. for
the emotionaljoystick fan in general, this album will be regarded as a
collector's item, since by the standards of tom's releases in recent
years it is an unusual set both in the style of execution and
constitution of the two newest tracks: 'majik johnson' and 'tonight is
a lie'. whatever may have happened in the intervening period, it is
clear from the first note on the lead number that all the elements so
vital to his style--excitement, technical mastery, jazz orientation,
and a superb sense of continuity--are present in full force. dynamic,
indispensable and built around the propulsive sound that only he can
take credit for; and much has changed in that sound since the zod
congregation was formed. well versed in the building of a mood, he can
play very simply, as he reveals from time to time during his tracks
here; but his idols are masters whose control of sound is almost
limitless. tom's own technical command enables him to lead into the
soaring rhodes tangents achieved throughout the work, diving back down
along the cosine until it all adds up...or does it? for, in this
instance, the parts might just outweigh the whole. fingers push hammers
to divide by zero against their will, bending shapes into sounds for
bald naked apes that beat out rhythms in constant accord with a
melodious thunk, subdued then raging. paradigms lie bent, like genders,
as the wanton indulges in beat-gentrification.
price: euro 4,90.

SOPLERFO / HRVATSKI. ep for dogs. 12" lp. zod records zod.15
using organic sounds to create the unspoken melodies of objects found,
soplerfo takes from the palette the sphere provides and cuts up down
and around it like a knife gifted with vision. textures push and 'pull'
as you shrug and scratch your head in awe, warm and reassuring, he
wonders: 'why can't it make sense to you?'. spinning the record, taking
it back. it all starts to become clearer. reassured of his place in
time, this time, a musician takes his tortured leave of it all.
insomnia is contagious, it seems, among the ranks. soplerfo sums up the
thoughts of all those too young to participate in live aid, and too old
to stalk the moonlit streets of gold until dawn with arms of
paisley--'i want cookies in my sleep' he beautifully mutters, making
sense to anyone who bothers to listen. 'ch' brings the wanting ear to a
cumulative gesture, a knowing shrug at the enormity of the task at hand
that breeds hallucinations auditory, waves of emotion lull then provoke
the mind as the needle eases ever closer to the grating sticker hilt.
in the interim, 'held on' closes the first side with tones warm, and
playfully chaotic, melodies capture our attention long enough to hear
the groove lock long enough to get up and flip. 'slow progress' marks
the start of the second side, reminding that with soplerfo more is
indeed more, and we thank him for that. perhaps the album's opus, 'pale
over' follows progress with innovation, bending contemplation with
tones violet, red and umber, if music had prime numbers this might be
one. 'tame nodes' is anything but, tangental thrusts force ones and
zeros like squarewaves into round slots too small to hold their
meaning. in closure, hrvatski takes 'pale over' into overture as he
reorganizes soplerfo's theme to the beat of four men with beards. the
record stops and you flip it over again, pulling it all together, as if
it had at all made sense to you.
price: euro 2,90.

V.A.. DURA MATTERS. cd. zod records zod.20cd
many contributed to make this compilation of ideas into one main idea
that cannot, and should not, be ignored. spawned from the collective
mind of zod into a like ideal, the artists that came together to bring
dura matters to fruition have conceived a song cycle that mirrors a
spring and autumn cycle of beauty and worth that will stand out among
any collection for its craft and direction. from its amazing artwork,
to the sounds within, coupled with the pristine quality of both its
vinyl and silica; there are few words to describe a record that must be
both seen and heard. it is with great confidence and pride that we
present the cumulation of so many years collective work. feat.
yuppster, terminal11, emotionaljoystick, ground chuck, exillon, eight
frozen modules, otto von schirach, com.a, curtis chip, tangible,
vaporizer, soplerfo, gridlock and binray.
price: euro 4,90.

SOLENOID. splendid ep. 12" lp. zod records zod.22
a trancelike and circular synth line discordantly dissipates into claps
and competing keys that are then given emphasis and direction by a
bassline that belies its title; the result is splendidly beyond
adequate, traveling well beyond that standard in the course of a song
that beckons the listener into a scape of ambient to electro and back
in a relaxed and confident style unique to solenoid. reminiscent of
berlin under the influence of coke and eno, the beat staggers along as
though drunk with the power of one too many old styles along the
litter-strewn streets of the american gotham solenoid inhabits.
determination evident, the track dissipates into a refrain, then bridge
that regains its senses at around the halfway point with a staggering
clarity that cumulates in a cathartic end well worth the walk.  latter
side, leading off, begins with a smattering of found objects in a
conversation that accelerates to a distorted finale of what could be
guitar tones, then trailing off into introversion on the next. eastern
rhythms then open into an elegiac ode to time that twists the metaphor
with broad dimensional strokes of melody interspersed with triplets of
rhythm and plucked strings symphonic. appropriately, the theme then is
transferred into sounds like harpsichords that grow into the botanical
theme that concludes the second frame with a satisfying flourish of
melody almost lyrical that serves as a potent realization of the
potential of non-vocal music in the post-symphonic era, in which the
composer commands a litany of instrumentation with absolute command. as
a literal representation of that singular ideal, solenoid achieves a
stunning reflection of uninhibited musical intuition on this, his
seminal entry into the zod catalog.
price: euro 2,90.

BINRAY. hyena ventilator. cd. zod records zod.23
with this, his first foray into the professional production and
distribution of his art, bristol uk's bin ray has found a perfect
partner in his ambitions to further the sound of electronic music. like
twins separated at birth out of some terrible scheme of eugenics, the
two come together as though drawn like rats of the same rhythm toward
the melodic catharsis both had been yearning for so long to express.
free to explore the boundaries of the full length format, zod has given
him formidable room for interpretation within his unique voice; and bin
ray does not disappoint. from the strains of his first chorus to its
final measure, a work of true melodic talent emerges with intricacies
that could only have come from long hours of confinement, absorbing
inhuman amounts of monitor radiation from the cathode ray to produce
the tangible result of an obsessive perfectionism of craft with a
breadth of emotion seldom heard. by toying with, rather than
replicating, the notions of those few notable exceptions within the
genre that have shown an equal aptitude for the manufacture and relay
of emotion through melody, bin ray emerges as a worthy successor and
equal to what has been said before, carving his own niche and proving
his aptitude at once. you'll find this album to be a welcome addition
to any collection of eclectic listening, providing a wealth of unique
sounds and structures that bear discovery well past the first few
listens; with each track embodying a specific concept and variance of
theme that balances the whole vis-a-vis their commonality of unique and
ambitiously original sound creation and design. it is with great
confidence and pleasure that zod presents bin ray, certain in the
knowledge that you will enjoy.
price: euro 4,90.

EMOTIONALJOYSTICK. plays!. cd. zod records zod.30
'congratulations on finding this excellent album by emotionaljoystick!
this record is appropriately named 'plays!' for two reasons. first,
because the blend of electronic programming and live 'playing' is
effectively produced so that both elements not only compliment one
another but interact in a way that gives the record a colorful
personality. somehow, emotionaljoystick has managed to make electronic
music more fluid and spontaneous by using live instrumentation that is
precise and direct. the second (and maybe more important) reason is
that 'plays!' is even more adventurous in its fun combinations of
styles than we have come to expect, and anyone who has heard the
previous releases on the zod label knows that is saying something!
various subgenres of electronic music have loyal audiences dedicated to
them, so it is hard to believe anybody is lured in by 'what's new'
anymore. however the meshes that ej comes up with on this record are as
likely to appeal to new audiences as they are to those familiar with
recent trends in electronic music. this is because even when he is
'playing' with styles, there is an amount of respect that
emotionaljoystick shows to these genres. 'plays!' is music by someone
who loves music!' -travis holder, 2004
price: euro 4,90.

HIMURO. mild fantasy violence. cd. zod records zod.31
we are extremly proud to bring the music of japan’s himuro to you.
funky beats and an intense atmosphere offer something not yet heard in
the zod catalogue
price: euro 4,90.


TELEPHERIQUE. licht und schatten. cd. ant-zen act51. euro 12,80.
IMMINENT STARVATION. human dislocation. cd. ant-zen act59. euro 12,80.
TELEPHERIQUE. v = s / t. cd. ant-zen act71. euro 12,80.
AMBRE. enclave. cd. ant-zen act72. euro 12,80.
SILK SAW. preparing wars. cd. ant-zen act82. euro 12,80.
SYNAPSCAPE. so what. 2cd. ant-zen act87. euro 13,90.
P.A.L. release. cd. ant-zen act93. euro 12,80.
HYPNOSKULL. ffwd > burnout !. cd. ant-zen act94. euro 12,80.
SQUAREMETER. 14id1610s. cd. ant-zen act98. euro 12,80.
AXIOME. rictus. cd. ant-zen act99. euro 12,80.
MONOKROM. monokrom. cd. ant-zen act102. euro 12,80.
IMMINENT / SYNAPSCAPE. screenwalking. cd-ep. ant-zen act103.
euro 10,50.
ASCHE. distorted disco. cd. ant-zen act105. euro 12,80.
SILK SAW. 4th dividers. cd. ant-zen act106. euro 12,80.
CELLULOID MATA. sable. cd. ant-zen act107. euro 12,80.
VROMB. emission pilote. cd. ant-zen act108. euro 12,80.
VROMB. episodes. cd. ant-zen act111. euro 12,80.
CONVERTER. blast furnace. cd. ant-zen act113. euro 12,80.
HYPNOSKULL. electronic music means war to us. cd. ant-zen act114.
euro 12,80.
AZURE SKIES. s/t. cd. ant-zen act115. euro 12,80.
AXIOME. ca ne nous rendra pas le congo. cd. ant-zen act116. euro 12,80.
SYNAPSCAPE. positive pop. cd. ant-zen act117. euro 12,80.
SYNAPSCAPE. positive pop. boxset. ant-zen act117.7. euro 31,10.
BLACK LUNG. profound and sentimental journey. cd-ep. ant-zen act119.
euro 10,50.
BLACK LUNG. profound and sentimental journey. 12" lp. ant-zen act119.1.
euro 10,50.
DAVID THRUSSELL. the voices of reason. cd. ant-zen act120. euro 12,80.
VROMB. le tourne-disque. 10". ant-zen act121.10. euro 7,90.
VROMB. le tourne-disque. 3"cd. ant-zen act121.3. euro 7,90.
MONOKROM. monokrom. 12" lp. ant-zen act122. euro 10,50.
CONVERTER / ASCHE / MORGENSTERN. erode. cd-ep. ant-zen act123.
euro 10,50.
NOOSA HEDZ. hoola hopz. 10". ant-zen act124. euro 10,50.
CELLULOID MATA. spectrum. 2cd. ant-zen act125. euro 13,90.
ROB(U)RANG. & friends. cd-ep. ant-zen act127. euro 10,50.
L'OMBRE. medicine for the meaningless. cd. ant-zen act129. euro 12,80.
TELEROTOR. modern times. cd. ant-zen act130. euro 12,80.
HYPNOSKULL. operation tough guy!. cd. ant-zen act134. euro 12,80.
HYPNOSKULL. operation tough guy!. 2x12" lp. ant-zen act134.1.
euro 13,40.
HYPNOSKULL. operation tough guy!. boxset. ant-zen act134.4. euro 22,60.
KLANGSTABIL. taking nothing seriously. cd. ant-zen act136. euro 12,80.
SYNAPSCAPE. raw. cd. ant-zen act137. euro 12,80.
AMBRE. le mensonge. cd. ant-zen act140. euro 12,80.
THIS MORN' OMINA. 7 years of famine. cd. ant-zen act142. euro 12,80.
CONVERTER. expansion pack 1.10. 2 x 10". ant-zen act143.10. euro 12,80.
SQUAREMETER. war of sound. cd. ant-zen act148. euro 12,80.
L'OMBRE. simulations 1.0. cd. ant-zen act149. euro 12,80.
V.A.. DARUMA. 2cd. ant-zen act150. euro 13,90.
VROMB. rayons. cd. ant-zen act151. euro 12,80.
VROMB. rayons. 12" lp. ant-zen act151.1. euro 10,50.
THIS MORN' OMINA. le serpent blanc - le serpent rouge. 2cd.
ant-zen act152. euro 13,90.
INDIVIDUAL. 180 bullets per man. cd. ant-zen act153. euro 12,80.
ROGER ROTOR. malleus maleficarum. cd. ant-zen act154. euro 12,80.
CELL AUTO MATA. the devil is in the detail. cd. ant-zen act155.
euro 12,80.
AB OVO. le temps suspendu..... 2cd. ant-zen act158. euro 13,90.
BRIAN EVENSON / XINGU HILL / TAMARIN. altmann's tongue. cd.
ant-zen act159. euro 12,80.
ULTRA MILKMAIDS. pop pressing. cd. ant-zen act160. euro 12,80.
VROMB. jeux de terre. 2x12" lp. ant-zen act161.1. euro 13,40.
VROMB. the grand chessboard. 12" lp. ant-zen act164.4. euro 10,50.
GENETIC SELECTION. orbital ground attack. cd. ant-zen act165.
euro 12,80.
SILK SAW. empty rooms. cd. ant-zen act166. euro 12,80.
SYNAPSCAPE. act!. cd. ant-zen act167. euro 12,80.
L'OMBRE. simulations 2.0. cd. ant-zen act169. euro 12,80.
THIS MORN' OMINA. les passages jumeaux: 25 ~33. 2cd. ant-zen act172.
euro 13,90.
SZKIEVE. ékranoplanes. 3" cd. ant-zen act173. euro 7,90.
HYPNOSKULL. dark skies over planet e. cd. ant-zen act174. euro 12,80.
MIMETIC DESIRE. sacred aim. dvd. ant-zen act175. euro 15,90.
GJÖLL. way through zero. cd. ant-zen act177. euro 12,80.
AXIOME. il pleut des cordes. 12". ant-zen act179. euro 7,90.
MOCTAN. suspect. cd. ant-zen act180. euro 12,80.
GENEVIEVE PASQUIER. soap bubble factory. cd. ant-zen act181.
euro 12,80.
MONOKROM. tales of rabbits and hares. cd. ant-zen act182. euro 12,80.
IMMINENT / SYNAPSCAPE. the revenge of the incredible three. 7".
ant-zen act183.2. euro 7,20.
IMMINENT / SYNAPSCAPE. the return of the incredible three. 7".
ant-zen act183.3. euro 7,20.
VROMB. karmageddon. 12". ant-zen act184. euro 7,90.
GENETIC SELECTION. darwin's voyage. cd. ant-zen act185. euro 12,80.
SILK SAW. 8 reports. cd. ant-zen act186. euro 12,80.
HYPNOSKULL. panik mekanik. cd. ant-zen act187. euro 12,80.
MORGENSTERN. two different faces. cd. ant-zen act188. euro 12,80.
ISZOLOSCOPE. the audient void. cd. ant-zen act189. euro 12,80.
ULTRA MILKMAIDS. pocket station. cd. ant-zen act190. euro 12,80.
GENEVIEVE PASQUIER. virgin pulses. cd. ant-zen act191. euro 12,80.
SYNAPSCAPE / ASCHE. scenes from a galton's walk. cd. ant-zen act192.
euro 12,80.
CONVERTER. expansion pack 2.0. 2cd. ant-zen act193. euro 13,90.
BLACK LUNG. the coming dark age. cd. ant-zen act194. euro 12,80.
GENETIC SELECTION. world of tomorrow. cd. ant-zen act195. euro 12,80.
SONAR. alien overdrive. cd. ant-zen act196. euro 12,80.
DAVID THRUSSELL. the fetid fungi. book+cd. ant-zen act199. euro 16,00.
BIPOL. ritual. cd. ant-zen act201. euro 12,80.
P.A.L. modus. cd. ant-zen act203. euro 12,80.
BLACK LUNG. concrete octopus. 12" lp. ant-zen act204. euro 10,50.
HYPNOSKULL. industrial owes us money. cd. ant-zen act205. euro 12,80.
S:CAGE. madness turns to glass. cd. ant-zen act206. euro 12,80.
GJÖLL. not to lead nor to follow. cd. ant-zen act207. euro 12,80.
SQUAREMETER. nyx. cd. ant-zen act208. euro 12,80.
PUNCH INC.. fightclub. cd. ant-zen act209. euro 12,80.
TZOLK'IN. haab'. cd. ant-zen act210. euro 12,80.
CONTAGIOUS ORGASM. ripple. cd. ant-zen act211. euro 12,80.
TWINKLE. le jouet. cd. ant-zen act214. euro 12,80.
PROYECTO MIRAGE. turn it on. cd. ant-zen act215. euro 12,80.
KLANGSTABIL. math & emotion. cd. ant-zen act216. euro 12,80.
SYNAPSCAPE. now. cd. ant-zen act217. euro 12,80.
LINGOUF. area keloza. cd. ant-zen act218. euro 12,80.
EXOCET. violation. cd. ant-zen act219. euro 12,80.
VON MAGNET. ni prédateur ni proie. cd. ant-zen act220. euro 12,80.
MIKA GOEDRIJK. pellicules. cd. ant-zen act221. euro 12,80.
LOWNESS. undertow. cd. ant-zen act223. euro 12,80.
THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE. inspiration. cd. ant-zen act224. euro 12,80.
AHNST ANDERS. many ways. cd. ant-zen act225. euro 12,80.
LINGOUF. ange et gruikk. cd. ant-zen act226. euro 12,80.
SYNAPSCAPE. again. cd. ant-zen act227. euro 12,80.
EXOCET. grotesque consumer. cd. ant-zen act228. euro 12,80.
L'OMBRE. letting go at the steering wheel. cd. ant-zen act229.
euro 12,80.
MOCTAN. come closer. cd. ant-zen act230. euro 12,80.
GENEVIEVE PASQUIER. le cabaret moi. cd. ant-zen act231. euro 12,80.
THIS MORN' OMINA. momentum of singular clarity. cd-ep. ant-zen act232.
euro 10,50.
100BLUMEN. floral annihilation. cd. ant-zen act233. euro 12,80.
BLACK LUNG. full spectrum dominance. cd. ant-zen act234. euro 12,80.
ASCHE. the easter island phenomenon. cd. ant-zen act235. euro 12,80.
GJÖLL. sum of transformations. cd. ant-zen act237. euro 12,80.
IMMINENT. cask strength. cd. ant-zen act239. euro 12,80.
BIPOL. fritter away. cd. ant-zen act241. euro 12,80.
100BLUMEN. down with the system, long live the system!. cd.
ant-zen act243. euro 12,80.
DIAPHANE. samdhya. cd. ant-zen act244. euro 12,80.
GINORMOUS. the sound of love impermanent. cd. ant-zen act245.
euro 12,80.
KLANGSTABIL. vertraut. cd-ep. ant-zen act246. euro 10,50.
SQUAREMETER. heliogabal. cd. ant-zen act248. euro 12,80.
MIKA GOEDRIJK. looking-glass world. cd. ant-zen act251. euro 12,80.
ANT-ZEN. the ant. metal pin. ant-zen ikon25. euro 3,70.
ANT-ZEN. atomic ant. girlie-shirt. ant-zen ikon33g. euro 14,80.
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HYPNOSKULL. p3945. girlie-shirt. ant-zen ikon48g. euro 14,80.
MORGENSTERN. s/t. girlie-shirt. ant-zen ikon49g. euro 14,80.
ANT-ZEN. the silver ant. casual shirt. ant-zen ikon50cm. euro 25,70.
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SYNAPSCAPE. synaptic engine. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon85s. euro 14,80.
SYNAPSCAPE. synaptic engine. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon85xl. euro 14,80.
100BLUMEN. down with the system. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon87m. euro 14,80.
100BLUMEN. down with the system. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon87xl. euro 14,80.
IMMINENT. non chill-filtered. girlie-shirt. ant-zen ikon88g.
euro 14,80.
IMMINENT. non chill-filtered. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon88s. euro 14,80.
IMMINENT. non chill-filtered. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon88m. euro 14,80.
IMMINENT. non chill-filtered. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon88l. euro 14,80.
IMMINENT. non chill-filtered. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon88xl. euro 14,80.
GENEVIEVE PASQUIER. le cabaret moi. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon89m.
euro 14,80.
GENEVIEVE PASQUIER. le cabaret moi. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon89xl.
euro 14,80.
ASCHE. (no) futurdeal. girlie-shirt. ant-zen ikon91g. euro 14,80.
ASCHE. (no) futurdeal. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon91s. euro 14,80.
ASCHE. (no) futurdeal. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon91m. euro 14,80.
ASCHE. (no) futurdeal. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon91l. euro 14,80.
ASCHE. (no) futurdeal. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon91xl. euro 14,80.
KLANGSTABIL. vertraut. girlie-shirt. ant-zen ikon92g. euro 14,80.
KLANGSTABIL. vertraut. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon92s. euro 14,80.
KLANGSTABIL. vertraut. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon92m. euro 14,80.
KLANGSTABIL. vertraut. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon92l. euro 14,80.
KLANGSTABIL. vertraut. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon92xl. euro 14,80.

TORSION. jackson's private zoo. 12" lp. hymen ¥017. euro 7,90.
OIL 10. metastases. 12" lp. hymen ¥019. euro 7,90.
STARFISH POOL. illusions of move - chapter blue. 12" lp. hymen ¥021.
euro 7,90.
VROMB. emission pilote. 12" lp. hymen ¥022. euro 7,90.
IMMINENT / SYNAPSCAPE. screenwalking. 12" lp. hymen ¥023. euro 7,90.
STARFISH POOL. illusions of move - chapter red. 12" lp. hymen ¥029.
euro 7,90.
LUSINE ICL. slipthrough ep. 12" lp. hymen ¥031. euro 7,90.
NEUTRAL. driving backwards. 12" lp. hymen ¥032. euro 7,90.
LUSINE ICL. iron city. 2x12" lp. hymen ¥037. euro 10,50.
GRIDLOCK. formless. 2x12" lp. hymen ¥045. euro 10,50.
ARCHITECT. noise is out of stock. 12" lp. hymen ¥046. euro 7,90.
ORPHX. circuitbreaking. 12" lp. hymen ¥047. euro 7,90.
SOMATIC RESPONSES. pounded mass. 12" lp. hymen ¥048. euro 7,90.
WISP. nrthndr. 12" lp. hymen ¥050. euro 7,90.
HECATE. brew hideous. 12" lp. hymen ¥051. euro 7,90.
SOMATIC RESPONSES. giauzar. 12" lp. hymen ¥053. euro 7,90.
XANOPTICON. psicicite. 12" lp. hymen ¥054. euro 7,90.
END.USER. left. 2x12" lp. hymen ¥055. euro 12,80.
IMMINENT. cask strength. 12". hymen ¥056. euro 7,90.
SNOG. beyond the valley of the proles. 2x12" lp. hymen ¥406.
euro 13,40.
DOORMOUSE. major changes. 12" lp. hymen ¥408. euro 10,50.
OTTO VON SCHIRACH. oozing bass spasms. 2x12". hymen ¥411. euro 13,40.
OVE-NAXX. massive swingin' mpc2000. 10". hymen ¥412. euro 8,40.
V.A.. TEKNOIR. 2cd. hymen ¥701. euro 13,90.
PASSARANI. unspeakable future outbreaks. cd. hymen ¥706. euro 12,80.
SNOG. third mall from the sun. cd. hymen ¥707. euro 12,80.
XINGU HILL. alterity. cd. hymen ¥708. euro 12,80.
SCORN. imaginaria award. cd-ep. hymen ¥710. euro 8,40.
SNOG. relax into the abyss. cd. hymen ¥711. euro 12,80.
SCORN. greetings from birmingham. cd. hymen ¥712. euro 12,80.
SOMATIC RESPONSES. augmented lines. cd. hymen ¥713. euro 12,80.
SUBSTANZ-T. tripped experiences. cd. hymen ¥714. euro 12,80.
STARFISH POOL. illusions of move - the golden cycle. cd. hymen ¥715.
euro 12,80.
XINGU HILL / SQUAREMETER. this anxious space. cd. hymen ¥717.
euro 12,80.
NEUTRAL. motion of. cd. hymen ¥718. euro 12,80.
V.A.. MASONIC. 2cd. hymen ¥719. euro 13,90.
LUSINE ICL. iron city. cd. hymen ¥721. euro 12,80.
SOMATIC RESPONSES. touching the void. cd. hymen ¥723. euro 12,80.
END. science/fiction. cd. hymen ¥725. euro 12,80.
SUBSTANZ-T. electric opium. cd. hymen ¥729. euro 12,80.
SNOG. beyond the valley of the proles. cd. hymen ¥730. euro 12,80.
VENETIAN SNARES / HECATE. nymphomatriarch. cd. hymen ¥731. euro 12,80.
V.A.. BELIO:CD:WAR. magazine + cd. hymen ¥732. euro 14,40.
V.A.. BELIO:CD:WAR. cd. hymen ¥732cd. euro 12,80.
NEUTRAL. caller id. cd. hymen ¥733. euro 12,80.
XANOPTICON. liminal space. cd. hymen ¥735. euro 12,80.
ARCHITECT. i went out shopping to get some noise. cd. hymen ¥737.
euro 12,80.
ORPHX. circuitbreaking. cd. hymen ¥738. euro 12,80.
HECATE. seven veils of silence. cd. hymen ¥739. euro 12,80.
KATTOO. places. cd. hymen ¥740. euro 12,80.
SOMATIC RESPONSES. pounded mass. cd. hymen ¥741. euro 12,80.
HECQ. scatterheart. cd. hymen ¥742. euro 12,80.
SNOG. real estate man plus. cd. hymen ¥743. euro 10,50.
END. the sick generation. cd. hymen ¥744. euro 12,80.
DEAD HOLLYWOOD STARS. smoke and mirrors. cd-ep. hymen ¥745. euro 10,50.
KATTOO. megrim. cd. hymen ¥747. euro 12,80.
HECQ. bad karma. cd. hymen ¥748. euro 12,80.
GINORMOUS. the endless procession. cd. hymen ¥749. euro 12,80.
GINORMOUS. the endless procession + our ancestors’ intense love affair.
cd+cd. hymen ¥749.1. euro 15,40.
ENDUSER. form without function. cd. hymen ¥750. euro 12,80.
MAD EP. not afraid of spiders. cd. hymen ¥751. euro 12,80.
SNOG. vs the faecal juggernaut of mass culture. cd. hymen ¥752.
euro 12,80.
NEBULO. kolia. cd. hymen ¥753. euro 12,80.
TERMINAL11. fractured sunshine. cd. hymen ¥755. euro 12,80.
SUBSTANZ-T. beyond e. cd. hymen ¥756. euro 12,80.
KEEF BAKER. redeye. cd. hymen ¥757. euro 12,80.
LUSINE ICL. language barrier. cd. hymen ¥760. euro 12,80.
TONIKOM. epoch. cd. hymen ¥761. euro 12,80.
MARCHING DYNAMICS. nailsleeper. cd. hymen ¥762. euro 12,80.
SNOG. the last days of rome. cd. hymen ¥763. euro 12,80.
SOMATIC RESPONSES. digital darkness. cd. hymen ¥764. euro 12,80.
GINORMOUS. at night, under artificial light. cd. hymen ¥765.
euro 12,80.
JEROME CHASSAGNARD. (f)light. cd. hymen ¥766. euro 12,80.
NEBULO. avutma. cd. hymen ¥768. euro 12,80.
HPC. halfbreed. cd. hymen ¥769. euro 12,80.
ZELLER. audio vandalism. cd. hymen ¥770. euro 12,80.
KEEF BAKER. pen fifteen. 2cd. hymen ¥771. euro 13,90.
HECQ. steeltongued. 2cd. hymen ¥772. euro 13,90.
MARCHING DYNAMICS. the workers party of haiti. cd. hymen ¥773.
euro 12,80.
TONIKOM. the sniper's veil. cd. hymen ¥774. euro 12,80.
SOMATIC RESPONSES. neon. cd. hymen ¥775. euro 12,80.
MILLIPEDE. all my best intentions. cd. hymen ¥776. euro 12,80.
V.A.. MIWAK TWELVE. 2cd. hymen ¥777. euro 13,90.
END. the dangerous class. cd. hymen ¥778. euro 12,80.
DEFRAG. lament element. cd. hymen ¥779. euro 12,80.
SNOG. last of the great romantics. cd. hymen ¥780. euro 12,80.
ARCHITECT. consume adapt create. cd. hymen ¥781. euro 12,80.
THE PRAYER TREE. the prayer tree. cd. hymen ¥782. euro 12,80.
GRIDLOCK. formless. girlie-shirt. hymen ¥618g. euro 14,80.
ARCHITECT. square. girlie-shirt. hymen ¥626g. euro 14,80.
ARCHITECT. square. t-shirt. hymen ¥626s. euro 14,80.
ARCHITECT. square. t-shirt. hymen ¥626m. euro 14,80.
ARCHITECT. square. t-shirt. hymen ¥626l. euro 14,80.
ARCHITECT. square. t-shirt. hymen ¥626xl. euro 14,80.

BUBBLE GUM. s/t. 7". bazooka joe bubble7inch3. euro 7,90.
JONNI MOGUL. betcha bootz. 7". bazooka joe bubble7inch5. euro 7,90.
THE RORSCHACH GARDEN. our japanese friends. cd. bazooka joe bubble8.
euro 12,80.
THE RORSCHACH GARDEN. the toy factory. cd. bazooka joe bubble9.
euro 12,80.
RASPUTEEN. die segnungen der neuzeit. cd. bazooka joe bubble11.
euro 12,80.
THE RORSCHACH GARDEN. transfer. cd. bazooka joe bubble12. euro 12,80.
RASPUTEEN / CATHOLIC BOYS IN HEAVY LEATHER. rasputeen in heavy leather.
cd-ep. bazooka joe bubble13. euro 10,50.
THE RORSCHACH GARDEN. a place for the lost. cd. bazooka joe bubble14.
euro 12,80.

DEAF MACHINE. found noises. cd. raubbau raub-002. euro 13,40.
STROPS. s/t. cd. raubbau raub-003. euro 13,40.
DEAF MACHINE. transistor. cd. raubbau raub-007. euro 13,40.
THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE. solitaire. cd. raubbau raub-008. euro 13,40.
ATRABILIS SUNRISE. pillgrimage. cd. raubbau raub-009. euro 13,40.

FANNY. fear & loathing for dummies 1. 7". mirex x05. euro 7,90.
RAQUEL DE GRIMSTONE. liber cordis cincti serpente. 7". mirex x06.
euro 7,90.
SONIC DRAGOLGO. sweet pain. 7". mirex x07. euro 7,90.
XANOPTICON. azif. 7". mirex x08. euro 7,90.
PROJET 2501. s/t. 7". mirex x10. euro 7,90.
XINGU HILL. 16-bit golem. 7". mirex x11. euro 7,90.
FANNY. fear & loathing for dummies. cd. mirex c1. euro 12,80.
FANNY. revelry and decadence as the right of slaves. cd. mirex c2.
euro 12,80.
V.A.. CARBON. cd. mirex c3. euro 12,80.
SUBSKAN. repaired. cd. mirex c5. euro 12,80.
DROP THE LIME. step it up. 12". mirex c7. euro 10,50.
SICKBOY. into oblivion. cd. mirex c9. euro 12,80.
SICKBOY. into oblivion. 12". mirex c11. euro 10,50.
BONG-RA. soldaat van oranje. 12". mirex c13. euro 10,50.
ENDUSER. the end. 12". mirex c14. euro 10,50.
V.A.. GULLY GOTHAM GRIT. VOLUME 1. 12". mirex c15. euro 8,90.
DROP THE LIME. step it up. t-shirt. mirex t2xl. euro 14,80.

HEIMSTATT YIPOTASH / TAHKTAHK. prototypes. cd-r. 9t9 records 9t904.
euro 9,00.

PANACEA / NEEDLE SHARING / TARMVRED. panacea shares needles with
tarmvred. cd. ad noiseam adn11. euro 13,40.
XENONICS K-30. automated. cd. ad noiseam adn16. euro 13,40.
MAGWHEELS. evebuildingbomb. cd. ad noiseam adn17. euro 13,40.
WILT. radio 1940. 2cd. ad noiseam adn19. euro 14,40.
CDATAKILL. paradise. 2cd. ad noiseam adn21. euro 14,40.
ANDREY KIRITCHENKO. kniga skazog. cd. ad noiseam adn23. euro 13,40.
UNIFORM. not a word. cd. ad noiseam adn24. euro 13,40.
LARVAE. fashion victim. cd. ad noiseam adn29. euro 13,40.
MAGWHEELS / STONE GLASS STEEL. pane. cd. ad noiseam adn30. euro 13,40.
CORDELL KLIER. winter. cd. ad noiseam adn31. euro 13,40.
TARMVRED. viva 6581. cd-ep. ad noiseam adn32. euro 7,70.
CRNO KLANK. etat des lieux. cd. ad noiseam adn33. euro 13,40.
WILT. as giants watch over us. cd. ad noiseam adn35. euro 13,40.
HORCHATA. basidia. cd. ad noiseam adn36. euro 13,40.
CURTIS CHIP. eating paste. cd. ad noiseam adn38. euro 13,40.
MOTHBOY. the fears. cd. ad noiseam adn39. euro 13,40.
ANDREY KIRITCHENKO. interplays, in between. cd. ad noiseam adn40.
euro 13,40.
ENDUSER. bollywood breaks. cd-ep. ad noiseam adn41cd. euro 9,20.
CDATAKILL. the cursed species. cd. ad noiseam adn43. euro 13,40.
MAD EP. eating movies. cd. ad noiseam adn44. euro 13,40.
LARVAE. empire. 12". ad noiseam adn48. euro 7,90.
AZ-ROTATOR. science of chance. cd. ad noiseam adn50. euro 13,40.
DETRITUS. origin. cd. ad noiseam adn51. euro 13,40.
LAPSED. lapsed. cd. ad noiseam adn53. euro 13,40.
BONG-RA. i am the god of hellfire. 2x12". ad noiseam adn55. euro 14,40.
ANTIGEN SHIFT. the way of the north. cd. ad noiseam adn57. euro 13,40.
KEEF BAKER. pure language. cd-ep. ad noiseam adn59. euro 9,20.
ENDUSER / LARVAE. unraveled ears. 12". ad noiseam adn61. euro 8,20.
LARVAE. dead weight. cd. ad noiseam adn62cd. euro 13,40.
LARVAE. dead weight. 2x12". ad noiseam adn62lp. euro 14,40.
WILT. dark meadows. cd. ad noiseam adn63. euro 13,40.
BONG-RA. stereohype heroin hooker. cd. ad noiseam adn64. euro 13,40.
DETRITUS. thresholds. cd-ep. ad noiseam adn65. euro 8,20.
CDATAKILL. valentine. cd. ad noiseam adn66. euro 13,40.
MAD EP. the madlands trilogy. 3cd. ad noiseam adn68. euro 18,50.
MOTHBOY. deviance. cd. ad noiseam adn69. euro 13,40.
DRUMCORPS. grist. cd. ad noiseam adn70. euro 13,40.
CAKEBUILDER. decks'n'demons. 12". ad noiseam adn71. euro 8,20.
JVOX. qed. cd. ad noiseam adn72. euro 13,40.
DJ HIDDEN. the later after. cd. ad noiseam adn73. euro 13,40.
BONG-RA / ENDUSER. the kill. 12". ad noiseam adn76lp. euro 8,20.
MAD EP / RA. ultrafood. 12". ad noiseam adn77. euro 8,20.
AZ-ROTATOR. freaky vintage disco breaks. 12". ad noiseam adn78.
euro 8,20.
DRUMCORPS. grist. 12". ad noiseam adn79. euro 8,20.
CDATAKILL. bleeding hearts vol. 1. 12". ad noiseam adn82. euro 8,20.
CDATAKILL. bleeding hearts vol. 2. 12". ad noiseam adn83. euro 8,20.
DETRITUS. fractured. cd. ad noiseam adn85. euro 13,40.
EXILLON. it's ok to dance. cd. ad noiseam adn86. euro 13,40.
LAPSED / NONNON. the death of convenience. cd. ad noiseam adn87.
euro 13,40.
SCORN. stealth. cd. ad noiseam adn88cd. euro 13,40.
RAOUL SINIER. huge samurai radish. cd. ad noiseam adn89. euro 13,40.
MAD EP. bass.hed. cd. ad noiseam adn90. euro 13,40.
cd. ad noiseam adn91. euro 13,40.
RAOUL SINIER. brain kitchen. cd. ad noiseam adn92. euro 13,40.
CHEVRON. tuff shite. 12". ad noiseam adn93. euro 8,20.
CAKEBUILDER. feeding the worms. 12". ad noiseam adn95. euro 8,20.
MOTHBOY. beg / movement. 12". ad noiseam adn96. euro 8,20.
MACHINE GIRL. s/t. 12". ad noiseam adn97. euro 8,20.
MATH HEAD. stab city. 12". ad noiseam adn98. euro 8,20.
FUNCKARMA. dubstoned vol.2. 12". ad noiseam adn99. euro 8,20.
LARVAE. loss leader. cd. ad noiseam adn101. euro 13,40.
BROKEN NOTE. crux / zealot. 12". ad noiseam adn102. euro 8,20.
THE TEKNOIST. a hurricane made of zombies. cd.
ad noiseam adn103cd. euro 13,40.
THE TEKNOIST. a hurricane made of zombies. 2x12".
ad noiseam adn103lp. euro 14,40.
ABELCAIN / CDATAKILL. passage. cd. ad noiseam adn104. euro 13,40.
ad noiseam adn105cd. euro 10,50.
SICKBOY. time to play. cd. ad noiseam adn106. euro 13,40.
SICKBOY. time to play vol.1. 12". ad noiseam adn107. euro 8,20.
SICKBOY. time to play vol.2. 12". ad noiseam adn108. euro 8,20.
CARDOPUSHER. unity means power. 2x12". ad noiseam adn109. euro 14,40.
SOMATIC RESPONSES. reformation. cd. ad noiseam adn110. euro 13,40.
THE MOUNT FUJI DOOMJAZZ CORPORATION. succubus. cd. ad noiseam adn112.
euro 13,40.
BROKEN NOTE. let 'em hang / meltdown. 12". ad noiseam adn113.
euro 8,20.
DJ HIDDEN. the words below limited editions vinyl series vol.1. 12".
ad noiseam adn114. euro 8,20.
RAOUL SINIER. tremens industry. cd+dvd. ad noiseam adn115. euro 18,00.
WILT. cemetery road dead electroniks. 2cd. ad noiseam adn116.
euro 14,50.
BROKEN NOTE. terminal static. cd. ad noiseam adn117. euro 13,40.
DJ HIDDEN. the words below. cd. ad noiseam adn118. euro 13,40.
DJ HIDDEN. the words below limited editions vinyl series vol.2. 12".
ad noiseam adn119. euro 8,20.
ad noiseam adn120cd. euro 13,40.
DETRITUS. things gone wrong. cd. ad noiseam adn121. euro 13,40.
ROEL FUNCKEN. vade. cd. ad noiseam adn122. euro 13,40.
MOTHBOY. bunny. cd. ad noiseam adn123. euro 13,40.
DJ HIDDEN. the words below limited editions vinyl series vol.3. 12".
ad noiseam adn124. euro 8,20.
ENDUSER. 1/3. cd-ep. ad noiseam adn125cd. euro 8,20.
ENDUSER. 1/3. 12". ad noiseam adn125ep. euro 8,20.
MATTA. the lost. 12". ad noiseam adn126. euro 8,20.
HECQ. sura. 12". ad noiseam adn128. euro 8,20.
NIVEAU ZERO. in_sect. cd. ad noiseam adn129. euro 13,40.
KARSTEN PFLUM. nemo loon. 12". ad noiseam adn130. euro 8,20.
BONG-RA. monster. cd-ep. ad noiseam adn131cd. euro 8,20.
BONG-RA. monster. 12". ad noiseam adn131ep. euro 8,20.

GRKZGL. esque. 3" cd. angle records a.r.03.01. euro 7,00.
LCEDP. de l'utilite des convoyeurs. cd. angle records a.r.05.03.
euro 12,80.
NOS ROYAUMES. l'antichambre. 7". angle records a.r.07.01. euro 7,50.
15 DEGREES BELOW ZERO. between checks and artillery, between work and
images. 10". angle records a.r.10.03. euro 8,70.
THE MISSING ENSENBLE. hidden doors. cd. angle records e.q.05.01.
euro 12,80.

ATROX. betonmonolith. cd. atacama ar17. euro 12,80.
V.A.. TONWELLEN - ABOUT 40 YEARS. cd. atacama ar23. euro 12,80.
ATROX. voltage controlled. cd-r. atacama ar27. euro 12,80.
V.A.. TONWELLE 2. cd-r. atacama ar28. euro 11,00.

tricot trio. neu optimism. cd. ateliers tentack tk01. euro 12,80.

V.A.. -00 DB. 2cd. audiophob auphcd001. euro 13,40.
SPHERICAL DISRUPTED. null. cd. audiophob auphcd002. euro 12,80.
MANDELBROT. auf tauchfahrt. cd. audiophob auphcd003. euro 12,80.
ZERO DEGREE. s/t. cd. audiophob auphcd004. euro 12,80.
ALARMEN. there's no place like hoan. cd. audiophob auphcd005.
euro 12,80.
SPHERICAL DISRUPTED. barriere. cd. audiophob auphcd006. euro 12,80.
NERTHUS. urban. cd. audiophob auphcd007. euro 12,80.
MANDELBROT. thorns. cd. audiophob auphcd008. euro 12,80.
ZERO DEGREE. the inner realm. cd. audiophob auphcd009. euro 12,80.
V.A.. HYPERAKUSIS. cd. audiophob auphcd010. euro 12,80.
MANDELBROT. evolution. cd. audiophob auphcd011. euro 12,80.
SPHERICAL DISRUPTED. quasar. cd. audiophob auphcd012. euro 12,80.
ALARMEN. next. cd. audiophob auphcd013. euro 12,80.

V.A.. 365 JOURS DE BRUITS. cd. audiotrauma trauma001. euro 13,40.
F.Y.D.. defied. cd. audiotrauma trauma004. euro 13,40.
MIND NECROSIS FACTOR. entropy. cd. audiotrauma trauma005. euro 13,40.
F.Y.D.. attrition (chapter III). cd-r. audiotrauma trauma009.
euro 12,30.
SONIC AREA. explore. cd. audiotrauma trauma010. euro 13,40.
CHRYSALIDE. lost in a lost world. cd. audiotrauma trauma012.
euro 13,40.
TEN DATA KESHIN. neo neon generation. cd. audiotrauma trauma013.
euro 13,40.
MIND NECROSIS FACTOR. morphogenesis. cd. audiotrauma trauma014.
euro 13,40.
BAXTER LILLY. unsichtbare flecken. cd. audiotrauma trauma015.
euro 13,40.
LE DIKTAT. unabomber. cd. audiotrauma trauma016. euro 13,40.
LEWSOR. no error. cd. audiotrauma trauma018. euro 13,40.
PUNISH YOURSELF / SONIC AREA. phenomedia. cd. audiotrauma trauma019.
euro 13,40.

KID606. wickid. 12". bang a rang bag01. euro 7,90.

AH CAMA-SOTZ. dead cities. cd. bats & cats bc05. euro 13,40.

BELIO. issue 26 - party. magazine. belio belio26. euro 10,00.
BELIO. issue 27 - wildlife. magazine. belio belio27. euro 10,00.
BELIO. die young collection - 36. book. belio dy004. euro 19,90.
BELIO. die young collection - nicolas di genova. book. belio dy005.
euro 19,90.

V.A.. BINKCRSH MIXED UP COMPILATION. cd-r. binkcrsh bk022. euro 7,00.
CATS ON EARTH. la fin triste. cd-r. binkcrsh bk024. euro 6,50.
SUCH BROKEN GLASS. the tourist industry / someone became a ghost. cd-r.
binkcrsh bk026. euro 6,50.
ARIES FIKTION. live at netphorce 5.1. cd-r. binkcrsh bk040. euro 7,00.
V.A.. 15 TRACKS FROM BINKCRSH. cd. binkcrsh bk041. euro 10,80.
DISSOLVED. symbiotic colouration. cd-r. binkcrsh bk043. euro 10,80.

V.A.. CROM DE LA CHROM II. cd. black channel records bc007. euro 12,80.

TELEPHERIQUE. musique montage. cd-r. blade records wmda075. euro 12,00.

ROTATOR / CARDOPUSHER. junp the fuck up / fighters unite. 10".
brothers in blood bib001. euro 7,90.

OIL 10. arena. cd. brume records brume08. euro 13,40.
LITH. gaia. cd. brume records brume14. euro 13,40.
EMPUSAE / NICK GREY. simple black lines in a diagram. 3" cd.
brume records brume15. euro 13,40.
TALVEKOIDIK. silent reflections. cd. brume records brume16. euro 13,40.
THERMIDOR. 1929. cd. brume records brume17. euro 13,40.
FRACTIONAL. come mierda. cd. brume records brume18. euro 13,40.
FRACTIONAL. come mierda ep. 12". brume records brume19. euro 7,90.
FLINT GLASS. circumsounds - a flint glass remixcollection. cd.
brume records brume20. euro 13,40.
V.A.. KOD.EX COMPILATION. 2cd. brume records brume21. euro 13,40.
FLINT GLASS. nyarlathotep + from beyond ep. cd+cd-ep.
brume records brume22. euro 14,40.

TONAL Y NAGUAL. la sierra mecanica. cd. confusibombus cf02. euro 12,80.

LE SYNDICAT. maximalist. cd. daft records d1010cd. euro 10,30.
COLLAPSE. section. cd. daft records d1019cd. euro 10,30.
MONOLITH. compressed form. cd. daft records d1021cd. euro 13,40.
SIGILLUM S. abstraction. cd. daft records d1030cd. euro 10,30.
MONOLITH. tribal globe. cd. daft records d1034cd. euro 13,40.
MONOLITH. sub-system. cd. daft records d1043cd. euro 13,40.
PRESSURE CONTROL. vamp. cd. daft records d1044cd. euro 13,40.
GEISTFORM. sequentia 2.0. 2cd. daft records d1046cd. euro 13,40.
ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL. wind[re]wind. cd. daft records d1048cd.
euro 13,40.

KRUMBLE. return of the amen spamer. 12". damage dam12.010. euro 7,90.
BROKEN NOTE. fuelling the fire ep. 12". damage dam12.011. euro 7,90.

MINION. bored in the u.s.a. ep. 12". darkmatter dm12001. euro 7,00.
POXXE. iono. 12". darkmatter dm12003. euro 7,70.

TELEPHERIQUE. zivilisatose. cd. diophantine discs n=14. euro 12,00.

V.A.. BEATS FROM BEYOND 04. 12". dirty needles dirtyneedles004.
euro 7,00.

REUTOFF. reutraum v. 7". divine comedy records dc023. euro 7,20.
TZOLK'IN. s/t. cd. divine comedy records dc033. euro 12,80.
LAMBWOOL. fading landscapes. cd+book. divine comedy records dc035.
euro 15,40.
DAS REUT. arte de ben moire. cd-ep. divine comedy records dc037.
euro 10,30.
LAND. wien. 10". divine comedy records dc038. euro 12,80.
LAND. budapest. 10". divine comedy records dc044. euro 10,80.
V.A.. PERE LACHAISE. cd+book. divine comedy records dc045. euro 14,40.
SIGMA OCTANTIS. invocations. cd. divine comedy records dc046.
euro 12,80.
AQL / H.I.V.+ / MUCKRACKERS. paradise now. cd+book.
divine comedy records dc047. euro 14,40.
URAWA. parable of the driver. cd. divine comedy records dc048.
euro 12,80.
ERETSUA. microcosm. cd. divine comedy records dc049. euro 12,80.
divine comedy records dc050. euro 9,00.
LAMBWOOL. ...and the angel is gone. cd. divine comedy records dc051.
euro 12,80.
V.A.. ELECTRONIC MANIFESTO 2. cd. divine comedy records dc052.
euro 12,80.
HIV+. we are all haunted houses. cd. divine comedy records dc053.
euro 12,80.
ARCAIDE. cyclic sound from the form. cd. divine comedy records dc055.
euro 12,80.
HOROLOGIUM / MOLJEBKA PVLSE. penfield mood organ. cd.
divine comedy records dc056. euro 12,80.
COWARDS BEND THE KNEE. objects in mirror are closer, then they appear.
cd. divine comedy records dc057. euro 12,80.
KULFI / KENJI SIRATORI. s/t. 12" lp. divine comedy records dc058.
euro 13,40.
SIGMA OCTANTIS. dislocations. cd. divine comedy records dc059.
euro 12,80.
KULFI. 5th estate. 12". divine comedy records dc060. euro 14,40.

V.A.. CROSS ROADS EP. 12". dross:tik dtk07. euro 8,20.

ROGER ROTOR. burn down the blues. 7". electric transfusion e-trans013.
euro 7,20.

NETHERWORLD / NADJA. magma to ice. cd. fario fariocd010. euro 13,40.

FASTANDHOT. terrorotic. 12". fastandhot fast01. euro 15,80.

FEAR DROP. charbons ardents. magazine+cd. fear drop fd014. euro 14,00.

ARS MORIENDI. freudentränen. cd-r. fich-art fich49. euro 8,20.
THE RORSCHACH GARDEN. irony of progress. cd-r. fich-art fich51.
euro 8,20.
MONOKROM. s/t. cd-r. fich-art fich52. euro 8,20.
MONOKROM / MORGENSTERN. live at iwtbf berlin 03. cd-r. fich-art fich53.
euro 8,20.
VUOTO. paranoia vienna. cd-r. fich-art fich54. euro 8,20.
MORGENSTERN. hypnoider zustand. cd-r. fich-art fich55. euro 8,20.
MORGENSTERN. yesterdays. cd-r. fich-art fich56. euro 8,20.
ASCHE. the older stuff / cenobites in the ballroom. cd-r.
fich-art fich57. euro 8,20.
ASCHE. non apocalypse. cd-r. fich-art fich58. euro 8,20.
ASCHE. down by loop. cd-r. fich-art fich59. euro 8,20.
MORGENSTERN. zyklen. cd-r. fich-art fich60. euro 8,20.
ARS MORIENDI. schlachtgesänge. cd-r. fich-art fich65. euro 8,20.
ASCHE / THE RORSCHACH GARDEN. times. cd-r. fich-art fich66. euro 8,20.
fich-art fich67. euro 8,20.
EVA | 3. the great divide. cd. fich-art fich72. euro 12,80.
MONOKROM. mummies of noise. cd-r. fich-art fich73. euro 8,20.
OSZILLOTOM. energetika. cd-r. fich-art fich74. euro 8,20.
V.A.. PHONEY M - FIGHTNIGHT ON VENUS. cd-r. fich-art fich75. euro 8,50.
XSOZ. basic topology. cd-r. fich-art fich76. euro 8,20.
EXURBAN. abstieg aufwärts. cd-r. fich-art fich77. euro 8,20.
SABES. machines. cd-r. fich-art fich78. euro 8,20.
SATURNZLIDE. smiling children. cd-r. fich-art fich79. euro 8,20.

KYBERNAUGHTY. obiekt. cd-ep. flyco flyco2k12. euro 12,80.

PLEQ. lucid dream. cd. halbsicht hs001. euro 13,40.
DNN. try to feel. cd. halbsicht hs002. euro 13,40.
MNEMONIC. denkmodell. cd. halbsicht hs003. euro 13,40.
THE LAST GAMBIT. mafiaparty, nice you were there!. cd. halbsicht hs004.
euro 13,40.

ORPHX. teletai - rarities and remixes. 2cd. hands hands-b033.
euro 21,50.
EMPUSAE. mortusae. 2cd. hands hands-b035. euro 21,50.
GREYHOUND. tactical evolution. 2cd. hands hands-b036. euro 21,50.
EMPUSAE. the hatred of trees. cd. hands hands-d117. euro 14,50.
S.K.E.T.. depleted uranium weapons. cd. hands hands-d127. euro 14,50.
XABEC. just a grain of sand. dvd. hands hands-d128. euro 21,50.
SYNTH-ETIK. waiting for the rapture. cd. hands hands-d130. euro 14,50.
ANGINA P. sensitive files. cd. hands hands-d133. euro 14,50.
THE PCP PRINCIPLE. electronic violence phenomena. cd. hands hands-d135.
euro 14,50.
13TH MONKEY. redefining the paradigm of bang. cd. hands hands-d142.
euro 14,50.
HEIMSTATT YIPOTASH. urban night motifs. cd. hands hands-d143.
euro 14,50.
SCRAP.EDX. merciless protraction. cd. hands hands-d144. euro 14,50.
SHORAI. it was listening with mechanical precision. cd. hands
hands-d145. euro 14,50.
16PAD NOISE TERRORIST. utopia. cd. hands hands-d146. euro 14,50.
MASCHINENKRIEGER KR52 VS. DISRAPTOR. meltdown. cd. hands hands-d147.
euro 14,50.
V.A.. FORMS OF HANDS 10. cd. hands hands-d148. euro 14,50.
NULLGRAD. the shepherds satellite. cd. hands hands-d149. euro 14,50.
MORBUS M.. forget the past. cd. hands hands-d150. euro 14,50.

euro 10,30.
V.A.. FOUR WAYS OF SAYING H3O (tribute to the hafler trio). cd.
hushush hsh01. euro 12,80.
KK NULL. peak of nothingness. cd. hushush hsh08. euro 12,80.
MOONSANTO. fraud hell dope. cd. hushush hsh09. euro 12,80.
MARTIENS GO HOME!. une occasion de chute. cd. hushush hsh10.
euro 12,80.
SZKIEVE. des rhythmes de passage. cd. hushush hsh11. euro 12,80.
LILITH. imagined compositions for water. cd. hushush hsh13. euro 12,80.
KAPOTTE MUZIEK / GOEM. kgm. cd. hushush hsh17. euro 12,80.

IP NEVA. symbiosis of contradictions. cd. impulsive art ima001.
euro 12,80.
V.A.. THESIS VOL. I. cd. impulsive art ima002. euro 12,80.
ATMOGAT. trigger event. cd. impulsive art ima003. euro 12,80.

RASPUTIN. das leberwurstbrot. cd-r. invasion wreckchords inv025.
euro 8,20.
FRAGMENT KING. grey album. cd-r. invasion wreckchords inv031.
euro 8,20.
AMBASSADOR 21. weight of death. cd. invasion wreckchords inv033.
euro 12,80.
MONOID. crowd control. cd-r. invasion wreckchords inv035. euro 8,20.
BOOT-SECTOR-VIRUZ. anti-matter. cd-r. invasion wreckchords inv037.
euro 8,20.
AMBASSADOR 21. drunken, crazy, with a gun. cd.
invasion wreckchords inv038. euro 12,80.
invasion wreckchords inv039. euro 15,90.
AMBASSADOR 21. cut&go. cd-r. invasion wreckchords inv040. euro 8,20.
AMBASSADOR 21. fuck all $ystem$. cd. invasion wreckchords inv041.
euro 12,80.
CTRLER. this is hardcore. cd-r. invasion wreckchords inv042. euro 8,20.
invasion wreckchords inv043. euro 12,80.
AMBASSADOR 21. justified thirst for blood (compilation 2002-2007). cd.
invasion wreckchords inv044. euro 12,80.
invasion wreckchords inv045. euro 12,80.
(I). cd. invasion wreckchords inv046. euro 12,80.
cd. invasion wreckchords inv047. euro 12,80.
AMBASSADOR 21. power rage (face your future killers). cd.
invasion inv048. euro 12,80.

END. the sounds of disaster. cd. ipecac ipc49. euro 14,40.

WELTRAUMORGEL. communication. cd. kaleidoskop kal002. euro 12,80.
HECQ. a dried youth. cd. kaleidoskop kal003. euro 12,80.

ARCHITECT / KLIMA. noiseambush. 12". kellermusik km07. euro 7,70.
CONVERTER / KLIMA. divider e.p.. 12". kellermusik km08. euro 7,70.
CONVERTER / KLIMA. divider e.p. - special edition. 12".
kellermusik km08sp. euro 8,90.
RDR. pissing nightmare ep. 12". kellermusik km09. euro 7,70.
V.A.. NO U TURN EP. 7". kellermusik km09 1/9. euro 7,70.
KLIMA / MORBUS M.. past and future ep. 12". kellermusik km010.
euro 7,70.
KLIMA / MORBUS M.. past and future ep - special ed.. 12".
kellermusik km010sp. euro 14,50.
V.A.. CONSIDER:NOISE 01. cd. kellermusik kmcd01. euro 13,40.

KIBUKA. dystopia. cd. kodama miko011. euro 13,40.

CITIZENS OF SHADE. s/t. 12". koolpop koolpop12.005. euro 7,00.

V.A.. KRACHCOM.PILATION 2. cd. krachcom krach002. euro 11,00.

OLOOLO. pavilosta. cd. lagunamuch lmc333. euro 13,40.
MEWARK. little one. cd. lagunamuch lmc500. euro 13,40.
0ID. systems of mercy. cd. lagunamuch lmc700. euro 13,40.
V.A.. DEEP SEA SHIPPING. cd. lagunamuch lmc800. euro 13,40.
NIGHTECH. deviation. cd. lagunamuch lmc900. euro 13,40.
I/DEX. layers. cd. lagunamuch lmc1001. euro 13,40.
V.A.. MAIN CONTROL BOARD. cd. lagunamuch lmc1002. euro 13,40.

TELEPHERIQUE. bionik. cd+lp. laub records laub 007. euro 16,40.

100BLUMEN. against the snails. 7". le petit machiniste lpm002.
euro 7,50.
100BLUMEN. flowers and barricades. 3" cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm004.
euro 6,50.
NIN KUJI. medicine man. cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm007. euro 8,70.
YUKI TENDO. saturnine. 3" cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm008. euro 6,50.
FRL. LINIENTREU. echtzeit. cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm009. euro 8,70.
WARBABY. release. cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm010. euro 8,70.
SAAL5. la bionda. cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm011. euro 8,70.
V.A.. 3 YEARS OF D.I.Y.. cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm012. euro 8,70.
MATTER. technology and planetary power. cd-r.
le petit machiniste lpm013. euro 8,70.
THE MAN. mental.derange.booster. cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm014.
euro 5,80.
GRAPH. discapitalize. cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm015. euro 8,70.
V.A.. 4 YEARS OF D.I.Y.. cd. le petit machiniste lpm016. euro 12,80.
SIMON SCHALL. induktion der ruhe. cd-r. le petit machiniste lpm018.
euro 8,70.
THE MAN. about popmusic and wildthings. cd-r.
le petit machiniste lpm019. euro 8,70.

MIMETIC. one more than nine. book+2x3"cd. les art minis lam002/003.
euro 22,00.

V.A.. SONIC-ARTS INSPIRATION. cd. liquid harsh lh02. euro 13,40.

SENSORY GATE. ianus. cd. mhz mhz-cd06. euro 12,80.

V.A.. SHADOWS IN THE DARK. picture-lp. minimal maximal mm002.
euro 14,40.

PBK / TELEPHERIQUE. noise-ambient connection. cd.
monochrome vision mv22. euro 12,00.

EIGHT FROZEN MODULES. rejected resident ep. 12".
mutant sniper msadv0.04. euro 7,90.
DURAN DURAN DURAN. blow job breaks. 12". mutant sniper msadv0.05.
euro 7,90.
MONSTER X. disco zombie assault. 12". mutant sniper msadv0.06.
euro 7,90.
EBOLA. on a gastro-bass tip. 12". mutant sniper msadv0.07. euro 7,90.
AMPH. mambo mind. 12". mutant sniper msadv0.08. euro 7,90.
MONSTER X. satan iz love. 12". mutant sniper msadv0.09. euro 7,90.

ML. everyone looks like somebody else. cd. n5md md106. euro 12,80.
SPARK. the robotic girl next door. cd. n5md md109. euro 13,40.
SPARK. super robot battle deluxe. cd. n5md md128. euro 13,40.
FUNCKARMA. refurbished one. cd. n5md md130. euro 13,40.
QUENCH. caipruss. cd. n5md md139. euro 13,40.
LAST DAYS. sea. cd. n5md md141. euro 13,40.
SUBTRACTIVELAD. no man's land. cd. n5md md143. euro 13,40.
ARC LAB. no spectre. cd. n5md md144. euro 13,40.
RUN_RETURN. sum of an abstract. cd. n5md md146. euro 13,40.
FUNCKARMA. refurbished two. cd. n5md md149. euro 13,40.
HOLOGRAM. hologram+. cd. n5md md153. euro 13,40.
BITCRUSH. epilogue in waves. cd. n5md md156. euro 13,40.
BITCRUSH. shimmer and fade. cd. n5md md160. euro 13,40.
SUBTRACTIVELAD. where the land meets the sky. 2cd. n5md md165.
euro 14,40.
LAST DAYS. the safety of the north. cd. n5md md166. euro 13,40.
PLASTIK JOY. 3:03. cd. n5md md167. euro 13,40.
PORT-ROYAL. dying in time. cd. n5md md169. euro 13,40.
AEROSOL. airborne. cd. n5md md170. euro 13,40.
ANOTHER ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN. states of space. cd. n5md md171.
euro 13,40.
ENT. welcome stranger. cd. n5md md172. euro 13,40.
SUBTRACTIVELAD. life at the end of the world. cd. n5md md173.
euro 13,40.
BITCRUSH. of embers. cd. n5md md174. euro 13,40.
RUXPIN. where do we float from here?. cd. n5md md175. euro 13,40.
NEAR THE PARENTHESIS. music for the forest concourse. cd. n5md md176.
euro 13,40.

DAVROS / UNIBOMBER. the final amiga 500 battle. 2x12". noizetek ntk008.
euro 12,80.

ANARCHIC HARDRIVE. feeding our paranoia. cd. peace off poffcd01.
euro 12,80.
V.A.. KAMIKAZE CLUB 07. 12". peace off poffkc07. euro 8,70.
EITERHERD / XANOPTICON. novus ordo seculorum. 12". peace off poffltd04.
euro 7,90.
DOORMOUSE. fractured hearts e.p.. 12". peace off poffltd11. euro 7,90.
CARDOPUSHER. hippie killers don't mind jah conversations. cd.
peace off poffltd12cd. euro 12,80.
SICKBOY. times infinity. 2x12". peace off poffltd17. euro 12,80.
ROTATOR. curses on your ghettoblaster. 12". peace off poffltd20.
euro 7,90.
LE JAD. painful epic ep. 12". peace off poffltd21. euro 7,90.
DR. BASTARDO. death to all false rave. 12". peace off poffltd22.
euro 7,90.
REPEATER. ultra violet. 12". peace off poffltd23. euro 7,90.

CAST. are teek l. cd. peace technologies pt002. euro 13,40.
FLEXKIKS. freeland. cd. peace technologies pt004. euro 13,40.
UNIT 21. november. cd. peace technologies pt006. euro 13,40.

DIE NEUE SACHLICHKEIT. s/t. 10". pflichtkauf pflicht11. euro 9,20.
CONFIG.SYS. gravity probe [b]. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht21. euro 13,40.
CONTAMINANT. sanity report. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht23. euro 13,40.
CONFIG.SYS. back and forth. 2cd. pflichtkauf pflicht31. euro 14,40.
AHNST ANDERS. dialog. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht32. euro 13,40.
CATHOLIC BOYS IN HEAVY LEATHER. nobody urged you to get canonised. cd.
pflichtkauf pflicht34. euro 13,40.
SUICIDE INSIDE. dead red. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht37. euro 13,40.
CONFIG.SYS / AHNST ANDERS. boiling the ocean. cd.
pflichtkauf pflicht38. euro 13,40.
V.A.. MASCHINENFEST 2008. 2cd. pflichtkauf pflicht39. euro 15,90.
DAZZLING MALICIOUS. something behind. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht40.
euro 13,40.
CONTAMINANT. rotcast. 2cd. pflichtkauf pflicht41. euro 15,90.
POW(D)ER PUSSY. takenoprisoners. cd. pflichtkauf pflicht42. euro 13,40.
V.A.. MASCHINENFEST 09. 2cd. pflichtkauf pflicht43. euro 15,90.

HINSIDAN. god is in the details. boxset. phisteria phi002/3cd.
euro 14,40.

HECATE. the magick of female ejaculation. cd. praxis praxis35cd.
euro 10,50.
CRISIS THEORY. s/t. 12" lp. praxis praxis37. euro 7,00.
ADC / SOMATIC RESPONSES. teatrodellopera. 12" lp. praxis praxis41.
euro 7,00.
LA PESTE. safety first. 12". praxis praxis43. euro 7,00.
V.A.. ANONYMOUS SERIES VOL.1. 12". praxis praxis44. euro 7,50.

SNOG. city. cd-ep. psy-harmonics psy-066. euro 10,50.

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / TELEPHERIQUE. the house of mourning. cd.
radiotarab rt003. euro 12,80.

SZKIEVE. chants et danses folkoriques des hauts plateaux. cd.
rape art productions rap-cd #031. euro 12,80.

V.A.. FOR WHOM THE BALLS TOLL. 12". rednex rampage records rednex001.
euro 8,20.

V.A.. ELEKTROANSCHLAG 2. cd. r-reger ea7. euro 12,80.
V.A.. ELEKTROANSCHLAG 3. cd. r-reger ea8. euro 12,80.
V.A.. ELEKTROANSCHLAG 4. 2cd. r-reger ea9. euro 14,00.
V.A.. ELEKTROANSCHLAG 5. cd. r-reger ea10. euro 12,80.
V.A.. ELEKTROANSCHLAG 6. cd. r-reger ea11. euro 12,80.

V.A.. RULES OF ANGER. 12". ruff ruff03. euro 7,90.
B-LAM. mongrel. 12". ruff ruff04. euro 7,90.
STARKEY / BONG-RA. split ep. 12". ruff ruff05. euro 7,90.
BROKEN NOTE. dubversion / mortal bass. 12". ruff ruff06. euro 7,90.
BROKEN NOTE / STARKEY. war in the making / no struggle. 12".
ruff ruff08. euro 7,90.
TRILLBASS. trillitary mind ep. 12". ruff ruff09. euro 7,90.

V.A.. SCHLAGSTROM - KRRRBRRRTZTZKRRR 02. 2cd. rustblade rbl011.
euro 14,40.
V.A.. SCHLAGSTROM 3. cd. rustblade rbl016. euro 12,80.

FOBIA. s/t. 12". seven samurai 7s01. euro 7,00.

PYLONE. black grains. cd. sound on probation sop004. euro 12,80.
ZONK'T. purr. cd. sound on probation sop005. euro 12,80.
LAURENT PERRIER. downfall / disperse. 2cd. sound on probation sop006.
euro 14,90.
ZONK'T.. trope. cd. sound on probation sop008. euro 12,80.
ZONK'T.. beat wins you and me. 12" lp. sound on probation sop012.
euro 12,80.
CAPE FEAR. winds of the dead air. 12" lp. sound on probation sop015.
euro 12,80.

V.A.. KONKRETE. cd. spectraliquid slq001. euro 13,20.
EBOLA. mutant dubstep vol.1. cd-ep. spectraliquid slq003. euro 10,50.
CARDOPUSHER. mutant dubstep vol.2. cd-ep. spectraliquid slq004.
euro 10,50.
MOBTHROW. mutant dubstep vol.3. cd-ep. spectraliquid slq005.
euro 10,50.
A WAKE A WEEK. little black cloud. cd. spectraliquid slq006.
euro 13,20.
POORDREAM. immaterial monarch. cd. spectraliquid slq007. euro 13,00.
MAD EP + AREA FILTHY ONE. brimstone bangerz vol.1. 12".
spectraliquid slq009. euro 9,00.

VROMB. le pecheur de noye. cd-boxset. spectre spectre-na10. euro 18,50.
CAMANECROSZCOPE. echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth. cd.
spectre spectre-s14. euro 13,40.
CAMANECROSZCOPE. echoes ov a beckoning arcanum. cd.
spectre spectre-s23. euro 13,40.
KRAKEN. nachtschade. cd+dvd. spectre spectre-s30. euro 18,50.

EXOCET / MORBUS M.. don*t trust your eyes ep. 12".
spunky monkey spmk03. euro 8,70.

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM / FLUTWACHT. inspection of 1 hour. cd. sssm sssm-110.
euro 13,40.

BASE FORCE ONE. expediture of excess energy. 12" lp.
still raven stillraven003. euro 7,00.

HECATE. technical witch / tech bitch. 12". sub/version subversion007.
euro 7,00.
VILE ENGINEZ. cycadelic / tool. 12". sub/version subversion013.
euro 7,00.
AMBOSS. kompressorwahn / avenida paulista. 12".
sub/version subversion014. euro 7,70.

V.A.. SYSTEMIC 02. cd. systemic audio sys 02. euro 7,70.

CARDOPUSHER. down to the wire. 12". terminal dusk td007. euro 8,20.
V.A.. AZURE. 12". terminal dusk td010. euro 8,20.
KOMONAZMUK. for real / love. 12". terminal dusk td012. euro 8,20.

IMPULSANTWORT / TELEPHERIQUE. bewegung der klangmasse. cd.
thesonicabyss cps0507. euro 12,80.

V.A.. EMERGING ORGANISMS. 2cd. tympanik audio ta001. euro 15,90.
TOTAKEKE. the other side of the tracks. cd. tympanik audio ta003.
euro 13,40.
SUBHEIM. approach. cd. tympanik audio ta004. euro 13,40.
DISHARMONY. cloned - other side of evolution. cd. tympanik audio ta005.
euro 13,40.
ADVERSARY. bone music. cd. tympanik audio ta006. euro 13,40.
DISPLACER. the witching hour. cd. tympanik audio ta008. euro 13,40.
LUCIDSTATIC. gravedigger. cd. tympanik audio ta010. euro 13,40.
ENDIF. carbon. cd. tympanik audio ta011. euro 13,40.
AUTOCLAV1.1. love no longer lives here. cd. tympanik audio ta012.
euro 13,40.
INTEGRAL. rise. cd. tympanik audio ta013. euro 13,40.
TAPAGE. the institute of random events. cd. tympanik audio ta014.
euro 13,40.
TOTAKEKE. forgotten on the other side of the tracks. cd.
tympanik audio ta015. euro 13,40.
APHORISM. surge. cd. tympanik audio ta016. euro 13,40.
ZENTRIERT INS ANTLITZ. no. cd. tympanik audio ta017. euro 13,40.
ESA. the sea and the silence. cd. tympanik audio ta018. euro 13,40.
BROKEN FABIOLA. severed. cd. tympanik audio ta019. euro 13,40.
V.A.. EMERGING ORGANISMS 2. 2cd. tympanik audio ta020. euro 15,90.
STENDECK. sonnambula. cd. tympanik audio ta021. euro 13,40.
SE. epiphora. cd. tympanik audio ta022. euro 13,40.
TOTAKEKE. the things that disappear when i close my eyes. 2cd.
tympanik audio ta023. euro 15,50.
TAPAGE. fallen clouds. cd. tympanik audio ta024. euro 13,40.
ADVERSARY. a bright cut across velvet sky. cd. tympanik audio ta025.
euro 13,40.
PANDORA'S BLACK BOOK. black brothel. cd. tympanik audio ta026.
euro 13,40.
AUTOCLAV1.1. where once were exit wounds. cd. tympanik audio ta027.
euro 13,40.
DISHARMONY. evolution. cd. tympanik audio ta029. euro 13,40.
[HAVEN]. plastic. cd. tympanik audio ta030. euro 13,40.
ACCESS TO ARASAKA. oppidan. cd.
tympanik audio / spectraliquid ta031 / slq008. euro 13,00.
DISPLACER. x was never like this.... cd. tympanik audio ta032.
euro 13,40.
UNDERMATHIC. return to childhood. cd. tympanik audio ta033. euro 13,40.
ESA. the immaculate manipulation. cd. tympanik audio ta034. euro 13,40.
OPPOSITE EXHALE. nothing lasts. cd. tympanik audio ta035. euro 13,40.
V.A.. EMERGING ORGANISMS 3. 2cd. tympanik audio ta036. euro 15,90.
CANDLE NINE. the muse in the machine. cd. tympanik audio ta037.
euro 13,40.
FRACTIONAL. blood. cd. tympanik audio ta038. euro 13,40.
SE. l36. cd. tympanik audio ta039. euro 13,40.

JÄGERBLUT. 1896-1906. cd. umb kollektif umb005. euro 14,50.
JÄGERBLUT. tannöd. cd. umb kollektif umb006. euro 13,40.
DOGPOP. jahrmarkt der verlorenen kinder. cd. umb kollektif umb007.
euro 13,40.
KOMMANDO. crimefactory. cd. umb kollektif umb008. euro 13,40.
GENEVIEVE PASQUIER. handle with care. cd-ep. umb kollektif umb009.
euro 10,50.
V.A.. 10 YEARS OF TRANSMISSION. cd. umb kollektif umb010. euro 0,00.

AMBASSADOR 21. monsters, victims & witnesses. dvd.
vendetta music vm0017. euro 12,80.

HENTAI. toy factory. cd. vital vital001. euro 13,40.
V.A.. FOUR STUDIES FOR A HUMAN PORTRAIT. cd. vital vital002.
euro 13,40.
HENTAI / NORDVARGR. semen. cd. vital vital003. euro 13,40.
euro 17,00.
KOTODAMA. captured voices. cd. vital vital005. euro 13,40.
KK NULL. akumu. cd. vital vital006. euro 13,40.
ERALDO BERNOCCHI / BLACKFILM. along the corridors. cd. vital vital007.
euro 13,40.

TELEPHERIQUE. stahl und stein. cd. waystyx wr32. euro 13,40.

FANNY. icantbelieveyouwereamusicianyougotnosoulbaby. 2x12".
widerstand widerstand15. euro 12,50.

THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE. isolation. cd.
darkambientnet1. euro 12,80.

XANOPTICON. the silver key ep. 12". zhark international zhark-12016.
euro 7,00.
BONG-RA. vitus blister. 12". zhark international zhark-12018.
euro 7,00.
TREACHERY. treachery. 12". zhark international zhark-12019. euro 10,90.
RAQUEL DE GRIMSTONE. free mansonic youth. cd.
zhark international zharkcd3. euro 10,50.
RICHARD FOR CEREBELLUM. thoughts that breathe...words that burn. cd.
zhark international zharkcd5. euro 10,50.

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