Melinda & Maciek is a project started in February 2018 thanks to an

accidental Instagram connection between 2 musicians. Melinda Ligeti is

a composer/singer/multiinstrumentalist/arranger/producer from Serbia,

living in Italy, while Maciek Cieslak is a drummer from Poland, living

in France. It all started with Melinda's old wish to write music based

on a bare drum track. Maciek happened to have some ready, recorded

drumparts that he sent to her, and she used them to build music upon

it, using piano, synth and bass. It was an experimental approach to

composition Melinda always wanted to try, and it finally happened. The

result is 4 songs, mixing jazz, prog, fusion, chillout,

contemporary… imagined as a mini album, giving the taste of what

this project might become if developed further. 3 of them are

instrumental, and one is also involving Maciek's vocals that got

caught on microphones while recording the drumpart, a selfironic song

that makes fun of the hardship of singing and playing at the same

time, in his native Polish language. Jazz Frit is a symbolic title for

this album, for the fact that musicians involved are living in

(Fr)ance and (It)aly, but also, and so much more, for the meaning of

frit word, which by Oxford dictionary definition is the mixture of

silica and fluxes which is fused at high temperature to make glass,

plus – according to urban dictionary means intoxicating/exciting, as

well as ligthly fried.


Melinda Ligeti – piano, synth, bass

Maciek Cieslak – drums, vocal

Mixed and produced by Melinda Ligeti, 2018

Cover photo and layout by Melinda Ligeti.

BANDCAMP: Download & stream:

YOUTUBE: “The Chase” (Video)

ARCHIVE.ORG (Other download options)


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