lawsuit has been filed in Orange County, Florida seeking injunctions
and damages and alleging misappropriation, conspiracy, fraudulent
inducement and breach of contract concerning the promotion and sale of
“A Very British Coup” on the Cadiz Music/Youth Sounds Label.

Bonczyk vs. Levene et al, Case No. 2018-CA-010631-O includes
as exhibits approximately five months of correspondence initiated by
the defendant Richard England the owner and director of Cadiz Music on
behalf of his London-based company, defendants Wardle and Glover both
of whom perform on “A Very British Coup” along with defendant
Levene. England and his company has had a long-standing relationship
with Wardle and Glover and has previously released music and/or
music-related merchandise for both.

Although England on behalf
of Cadiz, Wardle and Glover agreed in writing to credit Plaintiff and
pay her royalties on the release, England later reneged on the deal
without notice to Plaintiff and released the music for sale without
crediting her.

Wardle and Levene are both founder members of
PiL also known as Public Image Ltd., which was John Lydon’s post Sex
Pistols project, and all three worked on the seminal “Metal Box”
release together. Wardle left PiL in 1980 and Levene followed suit
three years later.

Glover’s Killing Joke band is considered
along with PiL to be a leading force in the first wave of British
post-punk genre.

Bonczyk worked with Levene from approximately
2011 through early 2016 and was first contacted by England via email
on April 16, 2019 in order to obtain her permission to use her
property in the “A Very British Coup” release. Although not named
in the lawsuit, Mark Stewart of the PoP Group sings on the release,
and Richard Dudanski a former PiL band member is the drummer on “A
Very British Coup” which has been marketed as a supergroup in the
post-punk style of alternative music.

Thus far Amazon US,
Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Spotify, Napster, Juno Records Pandora,
You Tube, BBC, Google Play, Rough Trade Music, Music Glue, Vimeo, and
other organizations have refused to promote and/or sell “A Very
British Coup” until the lawsuit is resolved. However, England,
Cadiz, Wardle, Glover and Levene continue to engage in activities
involved in the sale and promotion of “A Very British Coup”
notwithstanding the filing of the action.


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