in the following you can find our new HANDS releases for April.

All releases will be available at FORMS OF HANDS 18:

V.A. . FORMS OF HANDS 18 . limited cd

MONOLITH . Falling Dreams . cd

ONTAL . Afflux 2014-2016 . cd


BLAC KOLOR . Awakening . limited 2lp /w download code, cd


CACOPHONEUSES     . Chaos Theory . cd

And still very fresh from October:


GEISTFORM . Fisión . limited 12“, 12“

ONTAL . Amass . limited 2lp /w download code, cd

GREYHOUND . Ground . cd

GATTO NERO . A_Drum . cd

PHASENMENSCH+ICD-10 . Divinity/Unity/Nothingness . cd


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postage germany: 0 € for orders over 60 €.

1.45 euro for 1-2 cds by letter. 5.90 € for a dhl parcel.

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3.70 € for 500g letter (e.g. 1-5 cds or t-shirt and 2 cds)

+ 2.50 € for registration-letter/ + 0 € for registration-letter if order over 50 €.


And as last reminder for this weekend – see you there!

FORMS OF HANDS 18 . 27th – 28th April 2018


More info at: www.formsofhands.de

FB-event: www.facebook.com/events/425566987801475




V.A.        FORMS OF HANDS 18                    cd limited numbered 1000 copies

HANDS D260         Hands Paper Pack                13 €

A singular phenomenon in the electronic underground, a red-letter day (or rather two of them) for the family, time to take stock and peek into the future: FORMS OF HANDS goes into its 18th edition, and as it is tradition, accompanied by a festival CD with all 14 stage acts in chronological order, presenting exclusive tracks only. An astonishing diversity, and at the same time a manifesto of the shared mind set of 14 remarkable artists!

The outline is obvious – electronic and sophisticated in production, unconventional and distinct in style: HANDS says noise, sometimes even screams it – and it’s up to Maschinenkrieger Kr52 Vs . Disraptor and DIRTY K to take that to extremes. CACOPHONEUSES operate in the no-mans-land of rhythm noise and techno, the latter featuring more prominently in the tracks of CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, MONOLITH and ONTAL. FORMS OF HANDS compilations are also an opportunity to present artist’s who haven’t released an album recently, like the uniquely atmospheric HYDRONE and label veteran SHORAI with their indescribable electro noise. Indulge in the atmospheric techno of Phasenmensch + ICD10 and the warm electro shuffle of BLAC KOLOR and NULLVEKTOR, twitch to the amens and breaks of END.USER and the brittle IDM of Sylvgheist Maëlström – and fade out with the exciting glow of AH CAMA SOTZ and his flamboyant ethnic, tribal piece. FORMS OF HANDS has a simple goal which is so hard to achieve: Generate excitement and bring people together – And this is perfectly mirrored in this selection.



MONOLITH            Falling Dreams                cd

HANDS D261         Hands Paper Pack                13 €

Original industrialist Eric van Wonterghem celebrates the 10th album under his Monolith moniker, and “Falling Dreams” caters a wide range of preferences. Since its inception in the mid-90s, Monolith has gathered an avid crossover following of rhythm noise devotees and progressive techno heads alike, especially since his more recent involvement with the burgeoning scene of Berlin. On this offering, he (of course) provides rhythmic bangers to either tastes, but also makes best use of the album format in creating an intriguing, anxious mood through atmospheric tracks and cinematic interludes. A good hour of prime quality electronic music that speaks to body and mind!

The average human will dream about falling to his death more than five times in their life, as a result of a perceived loss of control. Thus, the occurrence can be directly linked to a need for change.Change is surely something that Eric van Wonterghem has been pushing since getting involved with music some 35 years ago. Scores of musicians have been following suit with the sound he has created or helped create, and “Falling Dreams” has Monolith up in dare-devil position once again: Soundtrackish digression (“Soul Travel, “Outer Space”) is the framework for resonating techno bangers like “Driving Blind” or “Sleeping Sun”, a slight dose of EBM may be tasted in “Too Late” and of course there are moments geared at industrial tastes, like the raw and rough title track. But hey, that’s not all – Monolith also has some moody, almost hallucinatory downbeat tracks (“Suppression of Pain”, “Far Away”) that weave the red thread of this album, which is as listenable as it is palpable.


ONTAL . Afflux 2014-2018 . cd

HANDS D259 . Hands Paper Pack . 13 €

Hot on the heels of the “Amass” album, Ontal grace the crowd again with a special treat: A collection of ten tracks from their infamous vinyl only releases, selected club tunes (that actually appeared between 2014 and 2016), plus all-new remixes by label mates Geistform and New Frames, as well as greek producer Unhuman. By its very nature, this is a display of Ontal’s mastery of rhythmic force, immediate and undiluted industrial techno the way it’s done and why it rules supreme. “Afflux” is a trip through the rather recent history of a style that is more present-day than any.

The “Afflux” is a notably rough collection of tracks with a mission: Physical arousal by means of bulging beats and an unsettling omnipresence of noise. In all its purity, we hear those elements in tracks like “Function”, “Penetration” or ”Critical Path Method”, with the 4/4 kick working its way (successfully) through a wall of feedback and hiss. But surely there are more details to keep the attention level – and perspiration – at maximum: The EBM-ish basslines of “Reverting” and “Mehanizam”, the double bass impact of “Combat Engineering”, the acid sounds in “Taphonomy” and “Lesion” or the punk attitude of “Shock”, a collaboration with genre pioneer 2nd Gen. After “Chaos Theory” closes the retrospective in an experimental fashion, we get the remix encore: Abrasive analogue trickery by Spanish producer Geistform, peak time perfection by New Frames aka Mathis Mootz/The Panacea and David Frisch, and an anarchic electro clash attitude by Unhuman. For the audience, “Afflux 2014-2018” may serve as a rougher twin to “Amass”, as well as a treasury of highly potential club tunes, with the diversion provided by the exclusive remixes putting the icing on the cake proper!




HANDS D258 . Hands Paper Pack . 13 €

We predict a riot! Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor have taken almost five years since their last HANDS album, and they have used that time to distil their ruthless rhythm’n’noise sound to its purest essence. „Riot“ presents 12 repetitive sound structures around the 4-minute mark, instantly reaching full steam and keeping the pressure up throughout. Arguably their most radical output yet, the sound of “Riot” is produced for physical appeal, and demands high volumes.

Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor have always been known for forging an orthodox approach at rhythm’n’noise, for kicking it without much embellishment, and this time they take it to a further extreme: No discernible kicks, snares or samples, no atmospheric sounds – this album is just noise as rhythm, raw and forceful. This degree of abstraction leaves it much to the listener how to appreciate what he hears, and feels, and yet there’s of course a distinct character to the single tracks: Slow and probing like the opener “Exploitation”, intoxicating rhythmic like the title track, bass heavy (“Recdrum”) – a most suitable collaboration with label mate Yura Yura – or upfront noisy like “Harsh Damp” and the grand finale “Commercial Break Down”.

The rhythm’n’noise aficionado will appreciate how Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor have refined their art of reduction, the result being timeless in its purity, and highly enjoyable to those with the acquired taste.



BLAC KOLOR . Awakening . 2lp

limited numbered 500 copies / w download code

HANDS B045 . Gatefold Sleeve . 25 €


BLAC KOLOR . Awakening . cd

HANDS D256 . Hands Paper Pack . 13 €

Buckle up for an album that combines a wide range of IDM-style facets with the physical impact of EBM and the elegance of techno: “Awakening” is a 14-track exploration of this spectrum, an invitation to immerse yourself in that strangely warm electronic sound oscillating between just vaguely and intensely rhythmic, between spacious and dense, between black and colourful. And when the vocals of Jean-Luc De Meyer of Front 242 fame hover above the title track, you know you’re in for something timeless, don’t you?

It’s been revealed with the appetizer EP “We are the darkness”: For his third album, Leipzig-based producer Hendrick Grothe joins HANDS after having made himself quite a name over the past five years already. Active as a producer and DJ, Blac Kolor culls from the rich history and tradition of post-industrial music from when it embraced a plethora of predominantly rhythmic styles. Far exceeding the dark techno which has been going strong for years now, this album is a whole bouquet of styles: Menacing industrial drones (“In Blac”, “Worlds Collapse”, “No Answers”), shuffling downbeats (“Tears”) and upfront club tunes (“Loneliness”, “Fire God”, “All of us”) meet the halfstep beats and atmospheric pads of the single track “We are the darkness” or “Fall into Oblivion”, EBM-ish sequences surface in the “Awakening” and “Nano Creator”.

Awakening is a multifaceted experience: Uneasy memories, uncertainty, listlessness – but at the same time new hope and light, the blank canvas of another day waiting for you to apply the colours and shades of your choice. Blac Kolor lets you have that choice!




HANDS D257 . Hands Paper Pack . 13 €

For the third time, Sylvgheist Maëlström takes us on a tour of the world, way off the beaten tourist track, but to a location that bears witness to man’s propensity for self-destruction like no other: Norillag, a former Soviet gulag and nowadays the (arguably) most polluted city in the world, where people work in conditions that are inhumane beyond comprehension. Sylvgheist Maëlström orchestrates his exploration with his unique brand of electronica, oscillating between the deceptively catchy and beautiful on the one hand, the outright bulky and experimental on the other. The immersive flow of “Norillag” is topped off with two collaborations, featuring German producers Moogulator and Philipp Münch respectively.

Acid rain and smog – by some estimates, one per cent of global sulphur dioxide emission comes from Norilsk’s nickel mines. And yet, local authorities and the Norilsk Nickel complex directions attract people with large sums of money – to suffer the most horrendous work conditions. The workers accept the pollution and the severe health hazards as a condition for profit, effectively turning todays Norilsk into a revenant of the Soviet gulag and its dark history of forced labour – and death. How do you translate this evil mass-manipulation and force into a musical language? Off-beats, glitches and noise, in their most condensed form on the portrayal of a “Volcanic Storm”, in rapid succession with moments of celestial beauty and rhythmic catchiness, just like in the opener “Svalbard”. Generally, Sylvgheist Maëlström appears in an adventurous mood, defying categorization, creating a rather timeless sound with references to 90s IDM and bleep, albeit in a totally contemporary fashion and production value. Far from headstrong, he always has a spine-tingling element available, a mesmerizing bassline (“Transition 2”), a swelling build-up (“Sanchi”), a head-nodding shuffle rhythm, or an earworm almost-melody “Mariana”). “Alienation”, featuring Moogulator, brings in a heavy electro sound, and veteran producer Philipp Münch provides arcane, mysterious – and rather graphic – sounds for the closing track “Insanity”. “Norillag”: Alienation by labour, dehumanization by accepting the inacceptable, a bleak subject matter, an inspiring 70 minutes of music.



CACOPHONEUSES . Chaos Theory . cd

HANDS D256 . Hands Paper Pack . 13 €

Interdisciplinary theory, what could be a better background for the sophomore Cacophoneuses release on HANDS? Sandra & Joséphine have taken some time to refine their techno vs. rhythm’n’noise, and the result is a heavy and dense, yet (still) ultimately club-friendly signature sound. “Chaos Theory” is ten focused and intense tracks that also provide listening enjoyment as an album as they have a delicate thread running through them, linking them to a common, very tangible mood.

Of course the storm starts with the flapping of butterflies’ wings – the album opener establishing the rhythmic framework of “Chaos Theory” proper. With one eye on the floor, Cacophoneuses provide spinal stimulation through captivating bass lines (“Damage Control”), ripples of feedback noise and hiss (“No Boundaries”) and the dominating force of the mighty kick drum. What sets these tracks apart from the generic is the attention to detail that went into the production of “Chaos Theory”, the amount of little cracks, noises, melodies that are stacked upon the basic compositions, thus holding the tension easily. In addition, the Cacophoneuses allow for some moments of introspection among the rhythmic maelstrom: “Battle with myself”, “Blue Moon” and the closing title “X marks the spot” cloak the listener in a sonic veil of hazy sounds, urban dubscapes and brittle half step rhythms. Club sound and thoughtful depth, the physical and the cerebral, the Cacophoneuses manage to operate in seemingly different dimensions and present a very attractive synthesis, enjoyable and thought-provoking at the same time.


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