Style: Berlin School Electronic
« Catvaratempo » is the new album from Frédéric Gerchambeau and Bertrand Loreau. It is a new combination of Fréderic’s experimental sequences with Bertrand Loreau’s sensitive universe. Because of their differences the two composers create an unique landscape of sounds and sequences. They built a bridge between berlin school and more experimental, or even avant-garde music.

« Catvara » means the number “four” in a very old language, the Sanskri. The four tracks are like four different spiritual ways on four different mountains, to get closer to the common world of peace and love.

The two musicians want to go back to the spirtit of the seventies, when Berlin School was like a door opened to new sounds and atmospheres and could be heard as a search for cosmic connections.

This CD will be a great experience for all fans of old analog sequences and pads that will catch the winks to Klaus Schulze’s Timewind or Tangerine Dream’s Rubycon, for example. Feel invited to explore this innovative blend of electronic impulses.

Mastered by Michel Geiss (known for his cooperation with Jean-Michel Jarre)

Artists: Bertrand Loreau & Frédéric Gerchambeau

CD-Titel: Catvaratempo

Catalog-number: SMCD 6306

EAN-Code: 4260107470830

Release Date: 26. Oktober 2018

Duration/Laufzeit: 62:24 min

The tracks:

Eka 15:32

Dvi 15:01

Tri 15:35

Chatur 16:12

Similar to: Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze


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