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PURE 070EP KAISERDISCO: Silfides & Ondinas 12″ (PURE 070EP) 12.00
Since Kaiserdisco aka Frederic Berger & Patrick Buck met up, they have been ruling the Beatport charts. Since their first record in 2008, they’ve racked up records for Terminal M, MBF, Drumcode, Kling Klong, Micro.fon, etc., turning out tunes which are heavy on the bounce and filled with trippy good vibes. “Silfide” is an edgy, party people mover, meshing big room bounce with prickly scrapes, vocal urgency and electric jolts that all build up with dizzying tension.
PURE 071EP LUMEN, JAY: The Groovy Stuff 12″ (PURE 071EP) 12.00
100% Pure welcomes back Jay Lumen. Credited by Beatport as one to watch and drawing from his love of house, techno and tech house, Jay is a versatile producer that fuses different genres to create his own unique sound. “The Groovy Stuff” is a peak-time power tool that will fuel the dancefloor. High energy crescendos keep packing the punches while the analog-feel edits offer some respite from the heat — but not for long. Guaranteed to scorch sound systems.
PURE 072EP NOFERINI, STEFANO: In-Fact 12″ (PURE 072EP) 12.00
Stefano Noferini’s tracks can be found in the record boxes of Paul Van Dyk, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Fat Boy Slim, and many more. In 2010, “Push ‘n’ Pull” (a collaboration with Matteo Marini and Sylvia Tosun) soared to #1 on the U.S. Billboard Dance Chart. In 2010, Beatport named him “Breakout Artist of 2010” and he’s been nominated as 2011 Artist Of The Year at Beatport’s Music Awards. High-pressure, rolling beats and distorted vocals give you a sound-rush for the BIG room.
200 016EP PAZUL: Soundgarden 12″ (200 016EP) 12.00
200 Records presents another fresh new artist, Pazul, bringing us the perfect track, “Soundgarden.” The record comes with a brilliant Alex Q. remix plus the beautiful B2 groover, “Sun In My Pocket.”
ACKER 024EP PUPKULIES & REBECCA: Krickow 12″ (ACKER 024EP) 12.00
This release by Pupkulies & Rebecca distinguishes itself by a refreshing otherness. Light and easy piano as well as the lascivious French voice of singer Rebecca dominate the atmosphere, while its minimal electronic groove discreetly remains in the background. A tropical feeling evolves in the long version of this track when playful synthesizer chords give rise to a steel drum. In his remix, Mollono.Bass manages to combine the very song-oriented approach of the original with a bouncy electronic arrangement.
AG 003EP JOSH: Violent Storm/Coming 12″ (AG 003EP) 12.50
On the third Amuse Gueule, Josh brings you two delicious tidbits, proving that he has a keen sense of exclusive cuisine, creating a very special EP with a lot of style and intense flavors. The resources used for his tunes are arranged with sensitivity and tactfulness which merge into a unique experience on this EP.
AREA 032EP DUBB, DANIEL: No Holding Back 12″ (AREA 032EP) 12.00
With releases and remixes already featured on VIVa, 8Bit, Rejected, Supernature, Saved and Plastic City, Daniel Dubb joins Area Remote with 3 tech-house tunes. “Your Own” features belching bass and distant vocal echoes that thread through a deep, groovy riff to build you up before smashing you back down. “Touch Of Soul” is a funky, booty-shaking tune with a kick-ass bass and piano jabs to ignite the dancefloor. “No Holding Back” is a solid, no-nonsense tune for the dancefloor.
ATCO 33362LP DR. JOHN: The Sun, Moon & Herbs LP (ATCO 33362LP) 12.00
Dr. John’s fourth album, originally released in 1971, following Remedies. Dark Cajun-infected swamp-rock, featuring the songs “Black John The Conqueror,” “Where Ya At Mule,” “Craney Crow,” and “Zu Zu Mamou.” Gatefold exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.
BEU 289EP TOLIVER, MARQUES: Butterflies Are Not Free 12″ (BEU 289EP) 10.00
“This four-song EP by Marques Toliver has been 24 years in the making, drawing on a South Daytona childhood soundtracked by Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, and teenage years divided as much between classical music as Destiny’s Child. Marques arrived in London via New York in 2009, the latest stop on a road lined with collaborations, recommendations and friendships forged with Adele, TV on the Radio, Grizzly Bear, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Bat For Lashes and Holly Miranda.”
BEU 294CD WILSON, JONATHAN: Gentle Spirit CD (BEU 294CD) 13.50
“Jonathan Wilson’s music is steeped equally in the woodsy contours of his Blue Ridge origins and the atmospheric guitar reveries of Neil Young and Quicksilver Messenger Service. Gentle Spirit, an expansive double set conceived specifically for vinyl, was recorded to analog tape and is remarkably evocative of that golden late ’60s, early ’70s period when rural and urban sensibilities colluded to produce some of rock’s most imperishable recordings. Gentle Spirit was recorded at his former studio in Laurel Canyon, the location of the very scene Wilson is credited with revitalizing through his personal studio and well-known jam sessions.” Includes download code for bonus material.
BEU 294LP WILSON, JONATHAN: Gentle Spirit 2LP (BEU 294LP) 25.50
Deluxe gatefold 2LP version with download code for the full album, plus bonus material.
BOXCL 008EP SYNKRO: Tribe/Here’s Your 10″ (BOXCL 008EP) 11.00
Synkro has become an increasingly familiar name in underground circles, with notable appearances on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood and Exit Recordings. Having helped to launch Box Clever on 001, he’s back for another installment in the 10″ series. “Tribe” is built around a tight rhythmic framework — stuttering drums and digitized glitches form a mesh upon which Synkro hangs expansive pads, yearning male chants and heavy layers of sub bass, while “Here’s Your” taps into Synkro’s deep understanding of the UKG groove.
BF 023CD THUNDERCAT: The Golden Age Of Apocalypse CD (BF 023CD) 15.50
“If indeed ‘you blows who you is,’ as Louis Armstrong once famously said, then Stephen Bruner’s bass is a mainline to the soul of a man whose DNA was transcribed from the stars onto staff paper. His Flying Lotus-produced debut, The Golden Age of Apocalypse, offers both stone-cold skill and uncanny astrality, picking up where the pair left off on 2010’s Cosmogramma and further distilling the jazz current running through that landmark Lotus release.”
BNS 023EP VA: Breaking New Soil 03 12″ (BNS 023EP) 12.00
What started as a single release by various artists became a series for the Break New Soil label, and so they are happy to present to you Breaking New Soil 03, featuring four stunning tracks to kickstart the summer by Gregor Tresher & Karotte, Romano Alfieri & Luca Bear, Jewel Kid and Yvel & Tristan.
BNS 024EP EFFE, MARCO: Dosha’s Adventure EP 12″ (BNS 024EP) 12.00
With an impressive string of releases over a quite short period of time, young Italian Marco Effe has cemented his standing as one of the most promising newcomers in modern techno. His tracks on Sci+Tec, Cecille, Tronic and Break New Soil have found their way into the sets of pretty much every big player in the circuits of electronic music.
CT 010LP STONE COAL WHITE: Stone Coal White LP (CT 010LP) 17.00
“The first offering from DJ Shadow’s Cali-Tex imprint in over three and a half years features Dayton, Ohio’s Stone Coal White. Perhaps the most underground act in a scene that was already vastly subterranean, bassist Melvin Payne, guitarist Tommy Mundy, and drummer Joey ‘Lobo’ Rodrick released their sound from the deepest chasm of the black experience. Channeling Vietnam nightmares, grass, LSD, unhinged sexuality, poverty, and violence, Stone Coal White created a spiritual sound that was uniquely their own. Some will recognize ‘You Know’ from the black-psych mix bible Chains & Black Exhaust, but as the group’s two 45s exist in single digit quantities, only a handful have heard the rest of this Ho Chi Min City-damaged oeuvre. Their two 45s have been bolstered with four previously unissued tracks found in the basement of a now-condemned motorcycle gang hideout. Along with never before seen photos, this vastly unheard slice of gritty, hazed-out Ohio psych rock finally gets it’s due beyond the cranked out bikers it was originally intended for.”
CANDID 9005LP MINGUS, CHARLES: Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus LP (CANDID 9005LP) 11.50
Exact repro of this 1960 release. “Charles Mingus has a fascinating way of offering music that is grounded in tradition while remaining startlingly original… The band is small for Mingus, and includes Eric Dolphy on alto saxophone and bass clarinet, Ted Curson on trumpet, and Dannie Richmond on drums. It would be one of Dolphy and Curson’s last recording dates with the artist, and they seem determined to go all out for it. The album accomplishes what the best of Mingus accomplishes: the perfect tension between jazz played as an ensemble and jazz played as totally free.” –All Music Guide
CT 117EP SILK FLOWERS: Days Of Arrest 12″ (CT 117EP) 12.00
“Like any band worth paying attention to, New York trio Silk Flowers has been constantly shifting since they started. Beginning with a raw, punk-informed foundation to their damaged synth-pop leanings, each subsequent release saw the band shedding skin, bounding from reverb-heavy four-track hiss to disjointed murky instrumental sprawl, and most recently upping production to almost club-worthy standards. Days Of Arrest strays from the glossy veneer of their last full length and finds a much colder, hyper-focused territory than all previous work. The raw jaggedness that has been consistent throughout the band’s history is refined into brittle columns, the sound of repetition and confinement. Instead of the rawness one could associate with the needle dropping on a scuffed punk 7″, instead we’re hearing the dull ache of raw nerves.” Includes mp3 download card.
CU 5001HLP MAYFIELD, CURTIS: There’s No Place Like America Today LP (CU 5001HLP) 14.00
180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. Originally released in 1975 on Curtom. “The title is intended in an ironic way, as illustrated not only by the cover — a grim parody of late-’40s/early-’50s advertising imagery depicting white versus black social reality — but the grim yet utterly catchy and haunting opening number, ‘Billy Jack.’ A song about gun violence that was years ahead of its time, it’s scored to an incisive horn arrangement by Richard Tufo. ‘When Seasons Change’ is a beautifully wrought account of the miseries of urban life that contains elements of both gospel and contemporary soul. The album’s one big song, ‘So in Love,’ which made number 67 on the pop charts but was a Top Ten soul hit, is only the prettiest of a string of exquisite tracks on the album, including ‘Blue Monday People’ and ‘Jesus’ and the soaring finale, ‘Love to the People,’ broken up by the harder-edged ‘Hard Times.'” — All Music Guide
“Holly and Lawyer Dave are back with a limited edition live album, originally available on CD as a ‘tour only’ release until we persuaded them that it needed to be on vinyl, too. This album features 10 tracks including Holly & The Brokeoffs standards like ‘Devil Do’, ‘Medicine Water’ plus a cover of the Lee Hazlewood classic ‘Dark In My Heart.'”
“Duo John Olson and Nate Young, names commonly associated with the underworld regime’s electronic noise kings Wolf Eyes, are runaways, yet their direction toward the primitive and battered blues has been somewhat inevitable. At first, it appears accidental that the same players who have produced countless screeching aural onslaughts are creating the subtly sensitive and focused meanderings of fleshy and intricate scales. On second thought, Olson and Young love to push the envelope, as well as themselves, and Lose Today shows traces of their ever-present and contorting thumbprint: raw elegance. Though perhaps the mere consideration of the majestic noise kings performing by note seems both perplexing and cumbersome, think again. Their methods are cunning and their outpour is monstrously elegiac. Lose Today wields the ethereal meditative power leftover from The Velvet Underground’s Sweet Sister Ray epic bootleg. The result: a melodious somnolent grievance that leaves the listener to feast on a curiously endless and internal banquet. Young snarls and writhes in irritated spiraling pronouncements that trail off in regretful, pained fashion, producing the same eventual something-isn’t-right that The Velvet Underground secured, but set aside to allow the Michigan basement bluesmen to borrow. Also, here is Young’s virgin performance on bass, a venture that proves suiting as his sparse yet stable meanderings are the backbone to a jam lost in the arcane. At times the bass lines seem to be counting off the seconds until an eventual meltdown. Meanwhile, Olson wanders off on woodwinds, seemingly tangled in wavelengths, letting his own sounds guide him through a brassy chilling darkness. He follows scales–Indian scales, blues scales–though the subtlety of Olson’s discipline fosters to an expansive intimacy, a nuance so massive his quips on flute and saxophone are the secret architects of Lose Today’s meditation. Olson takes the spiraling mania inspired by the likes of The VU’s Sweet Sister Ray lose-all jam and lets it blossom into a soundtrack for a secret think tank whose sole purpose is to maintain a shadowed fire.”
DIGI 034LP MULLER, JURGEN: Science Of The Sea LP (DIGI 034LP) 18.00
Limited repress, all copies on colored vinyl (turquoise) repress! Jürgen Müller was a self-taught amateur musician who, while studying oceanic science at the University of Kiel, purchased some electronic instruments and set up a mobile studio on his house boat, docked along the town of Heikendorf, on the North Sea. He held a life-long fascination with the ocean, the expansive and endless inner-space of the deep, where he felt many ecological miracles had yet to be discovered, and which kindled a love for the unknown. This love of all things nautical started early in his youth and eventually led him to study the oceanic sciences. For one week in 1979, Jürgen took up with a film crew on a mission to document some sea-water toxicity testing that was being performed by a couple of notable biologists, only a few kilometers offshore. At the end of the expedition, he decided that he would make music to capture the strange feeling conjured by these experiences. Utilizing only a handful of barely-remembered childhood piano lessons, Jürgen set about creating his marine-influenced vignettes with some electronic instruments he had gathered through friends, as well as borrowing some new equipment from a local school’s music department. As a general music lover, earlier in the ’70s he had taken note of several avant-garde electronic composers who he felt simultaneously captured a purity of sound and sense of wonder that was lacking in other music. He dreamt of fusing this ideal with the synthetic recreations of nature. In a sense, one could say he stumbled onto an early “new age” aesthetic through pure ignorance and coincidence. Mixing relaxing ambient tones and spooky, otherworldly sounds, he came up with a unique approach. After filling several reels of home recordings, he held ambitions of becoming a film composer. He decided to start his own publishing company, Neue Wissenschaft, and hoped to compose albums to sell as production music to various film companies for use in documentaries and television programs. As he was simultaneously hard at work on his studies to finish school, he had to work on his music in short intervals, and often had to put it aside altogether. As a result, it took several years for him to actually realize his sole full-length recording, Science Of The Sea, the sessions for which began in late 1981, before finishing a year later. Less than 100 copies were pressed, and few of them were even sent out to potential clients. Most copies were eventually given to friends and family. Jürgen’s musical gamble never quite paid off as he had hoped, and without any outside interest or connections in the music world, he soon abandoned any dreams of a musical existence and instead chose to further his oceanographic career. Remastered from the original tapes by Brad Rose. Cut to vinyl at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin and pressed in Germany.
RDLGI 007EP SALAS, DC: A Positive Shade EP 12″ (RDLGI 007EP) 12.00
DC Salas presents a positive tune — a counterweight to all the darkness and dullness that invades our day-to-day life, backed by “I’ll Win The World For You,” an epic, trancey, dubby track. youANDme deliver their best remix yet, turning the original into a rhythmic, overloaded banger ready to take on Gadhafi, or maybe just the last dancefloor survivors.
DS 009EP KURTEL, GUTI, GADI MIZRAHI, DENIZ: The Way I Feel EP 10″ (DS 009EP) 12.00
Double Standard presents the sonic love-child of Deniz Kurtel, Guti and Gadi Mizrahi. Floating on a lazy groove, the title track sounds like the haze of being in love. Intimate, sexy and deep, the sultry voice of a lover caresses layers of spaced-out beats drifting through low-key piano notes, distorted and interlaced with the woozy bassline. “3am” is muddier and full of eerie, echoing keys and disembodied vocals — a late-night counterpart to the early morning bliss of the A-side.
ECHO 052EP XDB: Apari EP 12″ (ECHO 052EP) 12.00
DJ/producer XDB aka Kosta Athanassiadis has been Djing since the early ’90s but it’s in the last few years that his abilities as a producer have come to fore both through his recordings for labels such as Detroit’s Sistrum and François K’s Wave Music, remixes for Norm Talley, Conforce and Patrice Scott, to name a few, along with the releases on his own Metrolux label which he founded in 2006. Two powerful, dubby tracks and a fantastic remix by Sven Weisemann.
EMEGO 128LP ORCUTT, BILL: How The Thing Sings LP (EMEGO 128LP) 18.00
Gatefold LP version. Yet another essential, cracking new set of songs from Bill Orcutt, showcasing a further development of his unique, visceral acoustic style. The language that Orcutt uses looks familiar at first glance, but cuts deeper and it’s a myriad of twisted audio that’s both full-on and drenched in melancholy, usually in the same gasping breath. While a lot of it is the classic face-melting style, some quieter segments counter balance on the title track as well the epic closer “A Line From Ol’Man River” and “Heaven Is Closed To Me Now.” Recorded Spring 2011 in the Living Room, San Francisco.
EF 037EP RHYTHM ODYSSEY & DR DUNKS, THE: Zoo-Ma-City 12″ (EF 037EP) 15.50
Endless Flight is happy to announce a fantastic artist collaboration between Dean Meredith (aka Chiken Lips) & Eric Duncan (Rub ‘N Tug). The main version of “Zoo-Ma-City” is a jackin’ Chicago house style track with a female voice sample. It’s good all-around for house-heads. The B-side contains a DJ tool beat version with some unique acid a cappella.
GELT 006EP IBATAN/MATLA MUTE: Deepholz Is Geregelt 12″ (GELT 006EP) 12.00
Split release from two artists from Solingen, Germany, Ibatan and Matla Mute. Supported by Tube & Berger, Basti Grub and more.
HEY 017EP DE HEY VS M.I.R.K.O., MICHEL: Give Me A Light 12″ (HEY 017EP) 12.00
Michel de Hey and M.I.R.K.O. are back on HEY! Joining the forces are none less than Rodriguez Jr. and Juan Sanchez. These tracks are typical for Michel; tough but funky and made for the dancefloor. All tracks have proven their value at numerous nights, with “Give Me A Light” as an anthem for (the now-closed) Catwalk in Rotterdam, while the original version of “Waiting And Waiting” has proven to be a great closer to his festival sets.
HJP 057EP ERNESTUS, MARK: Meets BBC/Version 12″ (HJP 057EP) 11.00
The first installment in Honest Jon’s Shangaan Electro (HJR 052CD/LP) homages. A metronomic, clicking beat to drive you crazy; a kind of Motorik lash — dubwise, midrange; moody strings. Wry, driving, one-of-a-kind genius from the Berliner.
HJP 058EP AYHUN & ANTHONY SHAKE SHAKIR, ONI: Meet Shangaan Electro And BBC 12″ (HJP 058EP) 11.00
Fiercely brilliant, slashing, whooping dance music from the former Raelette — all original, no samples — and a stonking Detroit thumper from the master.
“With Laura Arkana met Peter Broderick (the word ‘met’ here fulfills an international double entendre which translates to ‘with’ in Dutch) listeners are delighted to discover song-scapes like so many sprouting vines and stems intertwining with the relentlessness of Springtime in Paris, in Berlin, in where you are now.”
LP version.
IF 1009LP ARANDEL: In D LP (IF 1009LP) 32.00
A nod to Terry Riley’s seminal In C and to the American avant-garde scene, from France’s mysterious Arandel. Special vinyl edition with two original/exclusive tracks, “Overture” and “In D#4,” that were not on the CD album. 180 gram vinyl. 300 copies worldwide, no repress.
IF 1015CD SOLER & GASPAR CLAUS, PEDRO: Barlande CD (IF 1015CD) 17.00
Who would have thought that InFiné would release a “flamenco” record? Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus (father & son) are respectively guitarist and cellist on this unique album Barlande. Pedro Soler is one of the most celebrated flamenco guitarists in the world today. Gaspar has already collaborated with the likes of Yoshihide Otomo, Nosfell, Joakim and Rone, just to name a few. Barlande was recorded in Brooklyn, NY and produced by Bryce Dessner (guitarist of The National) and features Sufjan Stevens on harmonium (“Encuentro En Brooklyn”). Over the course of its 8 chapters, Barlande blurs the frontiers between traditional and contemporary music.
IF 2010EP TRISTANO, FRANCESCO: The Melody 12″ (IF 2010EP) 12.00
2008 release. Vinyl re-issue of The Melody, including remixes by Balil (aka Plaid) and Carl Craig.
IF 2027EP AGORIA (FEAT. CARL CRAIG): Speechless 12″ (IF 2027EP) 12.00
Vinyl reissue of “Speechless” featuring the voice of Carl Craig and La Scalars. One-sided release.
IF 2035EP AGORIA: Panta Rei (Remixes) 12″ (IF 2035EP) 12.00
Agoria’s “Panta Rei” has been high on the setlists of the world’s most cutting-edge DJs, and a sun-drenched hit. Includes a Balearic mix and a remix by Danton Eeprom that confounds expectations. Mysterious Spanish producers Analog Solutions also hand over a version exclusive to vinyl, dealing in a very vintage brand of aesthetics, as their name suggests.
IF 2036EP CUBENX: Wait & See 12″ (IF 2036EP) 12.00
Cubenx is back with a 2-track EP that gives a sneak peak into his album. “Wait & See” is a secret weapon already triggered by Agoria, opening with a steady but slightly dizzying rhythm pattern that makes way for an androgynous chorus that lifts your hands in the air with them. “Love Birds” is minimal and graceful, waving its wings of synth arrangements and nocturnal chants. Single already supported by Michael Mayer, Ellen Allien, Seth Troxler, Jimpster and Laurent Garnier.
INTAC 033EP CHAPTAL, JULIEN: Garden Secrets 12″ (INTAC 033EP) 12.00
Julien Chaptal has seen a massive international breakthrough. Adding a little French flavor to the Dutch sound, he has become a key member of the current Amsterdam techno/house generation. “Garden Secrets” begins with a distant disco pulse and evolves into a tech-house roller as it takes a twist down the sound garden path with high octane industrial wallops that are sliced with heavy-fisted chords on what we can only guess is a steel electric organ.
GIGOLO 280EP MAKOSSA & MEGABLAST: Soy Como Soy Remixes 12″ (GIGOLO 280EP) 12.00
“Soy Como Soy” was one of the standout tracks from International Deejay Gigolos CD Twelve (GIGOLO 268CD) compilation, with Makossa & Megablast representing what DJ Hell calls “the new sound of Austria.” Now Hell has invited two influential DJ/producers to bring M&M’s hypnotic workout (and the voice of featured singer Cleydys Villalon) into new contexts. On the flip, Cadenza label owner Luciano offers more synthetic sounds in contrast to the acoustic timbres of the original (and Koze’s rework).
KB 003BK TOSCHES, NICK: Save The Last Dance For Satan Book (KB 003BK) 14.00
“This long anticipated new Nick Tosches scorcher to fans of the inveterate scribe, who is correctly described as ‘the story-teller from Hell’ by French magazine L’Officiel Homme. Save The Last Dance for Satan delivers Tosches at his storytelling best, tackling the squirming roots of rock ‘n’ roll history with a finesse previously reserved for night workers at a rendering plant. One hundred twenty-eight pages are packed into the ‘hip pocket paperback’ format created by Kicks Books.”
KRS 553CD MILAGRES: Glowing Mouth CD (KRS 553CD) 10.00
“The musical scope of the album is big and due to the piano-based melodies and soaring falsettos, early press has compared the band to artists as diverse as Grizzly Bear and Prince, demonstrating the wide breadth of Milagres’ material. The first single, ‘Glowing Mouth’, is a slow-burner made for dancing close on a hot summer night, whereas ‘Here To Stay’ has a keyboard hook that won’t let you sleep. Kyle Wilson has a knack for writing dreamy story songs that also pack a punch in both chorus and melody. Songs like ‘Gentle Beast’ and ‘Gone’ suck you in and then haunt you for days afterwards. Glowing Mouth is an album that stays with you.”
KRS 553LP MILAGRES: Glowing Mouth LP (KRS 553LP) 15.50
LP version.
KITSUNE 129EP GUARDS: Resolution Of One 7″ (KITSUNE 129EP) 12.00
Guards was formed in NYC when Richie James Follin returned from tour to a recording studio with nothing in it but a broken electric 12-string guitar and an omnichord. He wrote and recorded a few songs there with the help of his friends (Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, James Richardson of MGMT, Loren Shane Humphrey of Baby Fangs) and little sister (Madeline Follin of Cults) and spread them on the Internet, rapidly gaining the blogosphere’s endorsement. Limited edition 7″ with two exclusive new tracks!
KITSUNE 131EP HEY TODAY!: Minor 12″ (KITSUNE 131EP) 12.00
Hamburg-based duo Hey Today! are two of the most talented electro producers around. Aside from their original works including releases on Kitsuné, Turbo Recordings or Bang Gang, Raik Krause and Robert Nickel are also gifted remixers. For this release, they have produced a deeply energetic sound, drawing strong influences from artists such as Digitalism or Boris Dlugosch and have surrounded themselves with some of the most prolific producers: Black Strobe, Para One and Abstraxion.
KITSUNE 140EP RONSON & THE BUSINESS INTL., MARK: Record Collection 2012 12″ (KITSUNE 140EP) 12.00
After making three successful albums and producing three of the biggest stars in the world (Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and Adele), Mark Ronson releases Record Collection 2012 for Kitsuné. Featuring Pharrell Williams, MNDR, Wiley and Wretch 32, this new version of the song “Record Collection” brings more style and energy to the original version with its catchy tune and lyrics. The single is backed by remixes from some of the hottest acts around, namely CSS, LOGO, Moonlight Matters and Plastic Plates.
KOM 240LP VA: Kompakt Total 12 2LP (KOM 240LP) 21.00
2LP version. Featuring 7 out of 12 of the tracks on the CD (artists: Wolfgang Voigt, Reinhard Voigt, Michael Mayer, Jürgen Paape, Superpitcher, The Modernist, Mohn).
KOMP 092CD VA: Kompakt Total 12 CD (KOMP 092CD) 15.50
Twelve… the omnipresent mystique number. There’s 12 stars on Europe’s banner, 12 apostles, 12 titans, 12 Knights of the Round Table, Schoenberg’s twelve-tone music and yes, Kompakt’s beloved compilation series is entering its 12th round. After a jolly and colorful first semester of 2011, the label has decided to focus mainly on the core members of the family. For the first time in ages, all five founding members of Kompakt are on board this single CD and double vinyl. But first things first. The opening slot belongs to Belgium’s Kolombo. His brilliant Howard Jones-sampled slow-motion disco hit “Waiting For” is already a staple on advanced late-night floors. Same goes for Michael Mayer’s remix of WhoMadeWho’s tearjerking “Every Minute Alone.” Italy’s whiz kids Tale Of Us are currently causing a stir with their mighty remix for GusGus’ summer anthem “Over.” Superpitcher presents his first new material since his full-length Kilimanjaro and yes, it’s as wonderful as the title suggests. Michael Mayer increases the energy level and freak factor with his slightly psychotic “That’s What I Told Sanchez.” Gui Boratto’s monstrous “The Drill” brings schaffel techno back to its cradle. We want to take this opportunity to clarify that Matias Aguayo actually still has a nicotine habit whereas — according to the song — Rebolledo is the non-smoker. “I Don’t Smoke” is bonafide summer hit and definitely too good to miss out on this comp. Jörg Burger reactivated his dancefloor alter ego as The Modernist and delivers one of his trademark, streamlined groovers that perfectly catches the energy of his current live shows. Coma throw in their much-lauded brand of “fine trance” and prepare the grounds for Total 12’s deeper finale. Like with his Kafkatrax efforts, Wolfgang Voigt continues his research of the human voice, this time in the shape of an opera singer that dives into an enchanted ambient techno track. “Frieden” (trans. “Peace”) couldn’t be more aptly-titled. Reinhard Voigt ends his self-imposed recording hiatus and returns with a deep piece of urban techno that leaves you hungry for more. Last but not least, Burger/Voigt introduce their new drone-heavy live project Mohn that works somewhere between shoegaze and trippy downtempo techno. “Tiefental” is equally designed for dancing purposes or opium dens.
LL 053EP SOUND OF STEREO: Mineral 12″ (LL 053EP) 12.00
Contains three original tracks (“Diamond,” “Opal” & “Quartz”) and a dub version for the hot & sweaty after-hours.
PLAYRJC 014EP PAGLIARA, MASSIMILIANO: Focus For Infinity (The Remixes Part 1) 12″ (PLAYRJC 014EP) 12.00
Hot on the heels of Massimiliano Pagliara’s album debut Focus For Infinity (PLAYRJC 008CD/013LP) you’ll find a neat 12″ of top-quality remix action. First up, Phillip Lauer and Gerd Janson team up as Tuff City Kids. Offering two takes, Pagliara’s “A Wrong Chance” gets split into a sweet layer cake of bass, synths, strings and an additional riddim version of hidden acid fantasies. Includes a remix of “In Order Of More Depth” by B.H.F.V..
PLAYRJCLTD 003 DIXON: Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 8 CD BOX (PLAYRJCLTD 003) 37.50
This is the eighth — and final — volume in the Live At Robert Johnson CD series, available in a limited edition collector’s box (strictly limited to 500 copies only), with three placeholders for Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 5, 6 & 7. From here on in will only be compilations unchained and free of the rules that tempo, blending and arrangements dictate. Furthermore, it is Dixon’s guaranteed last effort on the subject matter. The Innervisions’ partner and one of the finest DJs Berlin has ever had to offer, simply outgrew the underlying system: the time restriction (70+ minutes are just not enough), the time gaps (due to the licensing and manufacturing nature of the game, it is almost impossible to be really current or represent the “flavor of the month,” if you wish) and last but not least, the interest it can generate nowadays. But as with all things Dixon one thing is for sure: attention. Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 8 is different. Not only does it highlight Dixon’s relationship with the club (a resident DJ there from day one), but also his special abilities to build a night. As with all true-born DJs, he has little difficulty in playing from dusk till dawn and through all the highs and lows on his own. Blessed with such stamina, he also knows that haste makes waste and the complete impossibility of condensing all of that to fit it onto one compact disc. So what you will experience here is the very starting point of such an excursion. Postponing the appearance of something like a kick drum for almost 30 minutes, one is led through songs that draw their inspirations from kosmische musik, ambient, and Kraut pop from various sources (Hauschka, P.Eladan, Dominique, Barnt) that slowly fade into Agoria and the likes of Axel Boman and the fascinating Cologne Tape before picking up speed with Mark E, Roman Flügel and the climax that is Âme’s Osunlade remix with Todd Terje’s spellbinding “Snooze 4 Love” on its heels. Peppered with the notorious Dixon edits and his surgery here and there, Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 8 might sadly not be the mix CD’s lonely savior, but it is definitely a testament to the fact that sometimes a little bit more effort makes all the difference. Other artists include: Ursula Bogner, Hatikvah, Kenton Slash Daemon, Magazine, Scalde and Bruno Gauthier.
PLUS 8119EP LAYO & BUSHWACKA!: Storm & Stress 12″ (PLUS 8119EP) 11.00
London production and DJ duo Layo & Bushwacka! have continued to champion the finest techno talents and return to Plus 8 for a second offering.”Storm & Stress” is a steely tech cut that fuses the detail of a dystopian, darkened landscape with the power of a marauding beat structure. “Artillery” pumps its way through frantic blips and sandy snares with all the intent a prime-time techno cut needs. These are well-designed sounds that have gotten Layo & Bushwacka! where they are today.
MONKEY 014EP ELAN: Alligator Snaps 12″ (MONKEY 014EP) 14.50
eLan is Elan Stouffer, a mysterious but prolific beatmaker currently residing in San Diego. eLan is a member of the highly-praised and super eclectic WEDIDIT Collective, part of the Indigo Pyramid crew, resident of Critical Beatdown in San Diego and is currently in the middle of releasing a trilogy of EPs through Monkeytown Records. His second EP, Alligator Snaps comes in a limited quantity color vinyl pressing, featuring 4 brand-new original tracks and a stunning remix by Cosmin TRG.
ZEN 12291EP EMIKA: Pretend/Professional Loving 12″ (ZEN 12291EP) 10.00
“One of the most hotly-tipped female artists around right now, Emika returns with the last warm up single for her forthcoming, self-titled debut album.”
ZEN 12296EP RAFFERTIE: Visual Acuity 12″ (ZEN 12296EP) 10.00
“A young music producer of exceptional confidence and rigour, Raffertie instead makes electronic music to explore the boundaries of the possible.”
ZEN 172CD TODDLA T: Watch Me Dance CD+DVD (ZEN 172CD) 15.50
“In Watch Me Dance Toddla T has created a dubwise, street-soul masterpiece, and to ensure it was everything Toddla envisaged it could be he’s carefully selected an impressive lineup of friends, peers and musical icons to guest vocal, co-produce, remix, co-write with him on the album. Names including previous collaborator Roots Manuva, fellow DJ, producer and remixer Skream, Ms Dynamite, Ross Orton, Wayne Marshall, Timberlee, Roisin Murphy and Shola Ama.”
NA 5082EP YAGHMAEI, KOUROSH: Back From The Brink 4×7″ BOX (NA 5082EP) 29.00
Subtitled: Pre-Revolution Psychedelic Rock From Iran: 1973-1979. “Box set containing exact reproductions of Kourosh’s only vinyl releases. Includes 40-page full-color booklet with an extensive interview, photos and ephemera never before seen outside of Iran. Now-Again Records is proud to present Back from the Brink, the only legitimately licensed collection of the godfather of Iranian psychedelic rock, Kourosh Yaghmaei. Known within the Iranian diaspora simply by his first name, Kourosh’s recordings were thought lost after Islamic fundamentalists took control of Iran. They weren’t: Kourosh had protected them — along with key ephemera from the ’70s. Their collection here bolstered by Kourosh’s first person recollections of Iran’s ’70s rock scene and its death after the Revolution, tells the story of an immensely talented artist’s desire to persevere in the face of terrible adversity. Kourosh Yaghmaei and his brothers Kamran and Kambiz were amongst the few inspired Iranian musicians determined to change Tehran’s musical landscape in the late ’60s and early ’70s. The trio, armed with rented, second-hand instruments and records by The Ventures, The Kinks, The Doors, merged Western garage rock, psychedelia and Iranian folkloric music to create a sound unlike anything that came before them. Later, inspired by the unlikely duo of Elton John and James Taylor, Kourosh’s music took a sophisticated turn, and he churned out funky, progressive rock that is as imminently enjoyable as it is impossible to categorize. His star on the rise was knocked off course by the Revolution, and its backdrop of Islamic fundamentalists burning record companies and harassing musicians. But while most Pre-Revolution musicians — including his brothers — fled Iran in 1979, Kourosh stayed, loyal to the country of his birth. He has suffered a performance and recording ban for twenty-two out of the last thirty-two years. Yet he remains stoic and resolved to continue bolstering Iranian musical tradition.”
PERMVAC 084-3EP VA: If This Is House I Want My Money Back 2 12″ (PERMVAC 084-3EP) 12.00
Second 12″ EP in this series with new and exclusive tracks taken from Permanent Vacation’s stunning compilation If This Is House I Want My Money Back 2 (PERMVAC 084CD). Featured are Trickski & Soul Clap with a unique collabo, Switzerland’s Contra Communem Opinionem, Washington D.C. duo Beautiful Swimmers and Berlin’s Hunee.
ASH 3046LP FAR EAST FAMILY BAND: Tenkujin LP (ASH 3046LP) 22.00
LP version. The fifth and final release by Far East Family Band (if you include 1973’s Nihonjin, released under the Far Out banner), 1977’s Tenkujin was the first of the band’s albums to be released in the U.S. on the small and short-lived California-based All Ears label. Without Kitaro, who by this time had departed to pursue a solo career, the band reverted to its earlier ballad-based sound, this time supported on drums by former Samurai alumnus, Yujin Harada. The expected Pink Floyd influences appear in abundance, although this time the songs are sung partly in English and in Japanese. Another solid album from what many consider to be Japan’s finest new age/psychedelic group. On 180 gram vinyl.
PING 028EP ISO68: Summer Of Seven 6/7 7″ (PING 028EP) 12.00
For their Summer Of Seven tracks, Iso68 have, as usual, recorded many live instruments. We hear drums, guitar, keys, and brass, mixed into two tight tracks which unfold their addiction. After several plays, the two pieces by Florian Zimmer (who also plays with the bands Saroos and Jersey) and Thomas Leboeg (member of Hamburg’s pop band Kante) become essential beauties. Limited, numbered edition of 200 copies.
RAMP 044EP NOCHEXXX: Savage Herald/Charro 12″ (RAMP 044EP) 11.00
Having junked his computer in favor an MPC and an 8-track tape and a rougher, more technoid sound, Nochexxx steps back into the Ramp fold with his unique, lopsided, turf-footed, beat-smithing, post-everything beats.
REMOTE 034EP LABEIJ, DAVID: Berries 12″ (REMOTE 034EP) 12.00
A producer since 2006, David Labeij has been credited as one of the most promising artists in Amsterdam’s new school scene. With his hypnotic house and techno, David continues to captivate with his distinct and futuristic take on dance music. On “Berries,” staccato vocal edits are injected over a warm groove, making you want to twitch and twist. “First Of Ten” is bounce time, as you leap over the bass beats, dodge the noise riffs, then jump under the electric high balls.
SS 059EP LENZ: Leaving (The 21st Century)/Feeling 7″ (SS 059EP) 7.00
“S.S. Records was tossing about for good San Francisco Bay Area bands to check out so we reached out to Budget Rock/Terminal Boredom/MRR music freak Mitch Cardwell. Mitch had one word: LENZ. He wrote that LENZ is a new band with Andy Jordan (The Cuts, Time Flys, Andy Human) and Ray Seraphin (Nobunny, Epic Sessions, The Impediment) and that they were the best unknown band going. He wrote that in LENZ you could hear ‘Roxy Music, UK post-punk/DIY, and glam-infused Kraut-Rock a la Neu’s ‘Heros.’ Finding a live shot on the internet and wrote Andy for some tracks. He sent ‘Leaving’ and ‘Feeling’ which in my mind translated to ‘A side’ and ‘B side.’ I booked them on SS10, the label’s tenth anniversary fest and offered to put out their debut single. They said yes and this is what you get — two great songs which harken back to the glory days of UK glam and the spacey days of Seventies Sci Fi punk without falling victim to copycat-ism or nostalgia. Here’s two great rock & roll songs from the here & now. 330 pressed.”
SS 061EP HANK IV: Bellyfull Of Slugs 7″ (SS 061EP) 7.00
“What I heard was hints of Crime, Chain Gang, Viletones, Styrenes, punk rock that hearkens back to the dark grunt of late ’70s Frisco punk but brought to the now. I tracked them down and asked if I could put out a single by them, but Hook or Crook already hit them up for an album and Plastic Idol had snagged a 7″. After those records they slid over to Siltbreeze, where Hank IV released two critically acclaimed LPs. While I was organizing SS10, the label’s tenth anniversary festival, the Hanks and I got to talking about doing a single. ‘Sure thing!’ When they sent me their heavy, urban street swamp version of Kim Salmon & the Surrealists’s Bellyfull of Slugs, I replied with ‘A side!’ Soon after ‘Cold Equation’ came my way and I knew that this punk ripper would be a great B side. And here we have Hank IV’s first record on S.S., five years later than I wanted but well well worth the wait. 330 pressed.”
SHIN Q03 SHINDIG: Shindig! Quarterly No. 3 MAG (SHIN Q03) 11.00
“The Left Banke: Goin Bach: the exclusive inside story of New York’s baroque pop legends; The Paisley Underground: A Scene In Between: The Rain Parade, Long Ryders, Three OClock, Dream Syndicate, Bangles and more; The Beau Brummels: From Triangle to Bradleys Barn: folk-rock grows up; Roy Harper: The folk troublemaker’s early years; The Twilights: Australia’s greatest 60s pop band comes clean; Dug Dugs: Psychedelic madness from Mexico; Plus: Don Johnson, Paul Brett Sage, New York Dolls, Annette Peacock, Landslide, Wilderness Road, Georgie Rizzo and so much more!”
STS 2041LP FLOYD, EDDIE: Down To Earth LP (STS 2041LP) 12.00
Cut-out/promo gatefold copies of this 1971 album from soul legend Eddie Floyd. Tracks include “People Get Ready,” “Linda Sue Dixon,” “My Mind Was Messed Around At The Time,” “When The Sun Goes Down” and “Salvation.” Produced by Steve Cropper.
TRAPEZ 124EP TEJADA & JUSTIN MAXWELL, JOHN: Not That, But This EP 12″ (TRAPEZ 124EP) 12.00
John Tejada and Justin Maxwell have been floating on top now for more than 10 years. Starting with “Domerocker,” Tejada and Maxwell show us the world of warm-sounding basslines, cool chords and grainy percussion in a soulful rocker. “Our Aimless Dance” is an electronic treat with some extra funk. “The Friction Of Today” feels like Morse code at first, but opens up towards melodic synth pads that bring back memories of super-cool vintage Detroit techno.
TRAUM 141EP COOPER, MAX: Empirisch EP 12″ (TRAUM 141EP) 12.00
Max Cooper returns to Traum with his Empirisch EP. “Echoes Reality” moves from wonderful, lush sounds to a sequence of screeching tones and back, showing all the signs of a metamorphosis, realized on the highest possible level of production. For the first time on vinyl, there’s an ambient rework of the highly in-demand “The End Of Reason.” “Darkroom” has an amazing post-Detroit feeling to it as well as a Chicago jack one. Includes a remix by John Tejada.
TURBO 105EP FIXMER, TERENCE: The Night 12″ (TURBO 105EP) 13.00
“Terence Fixmer on a roll with an absolutely massive, stripped-down techno bomb. Remixed by the ever-amazing Marc Houle. The b-side goes deep and dark, closer to his stuff on Prologue. Recommended!”
UP 005LP FERRARO, JAMES: On Air 2LP (UP 005LP) 27.00
“Electrocuted Moon Hair, Cone Headed Space Punks in Fast Forward Neo Tokyo’s Virtual Flat Screen Pop Stars, Jetset Tabloids Zebra Print Moon Boats Splattering Ketchup Packets are just some of the themes that pour out of the Musical Imaginarium of James Ferraro’s highly anticipated, fully restored and remastered version of the 2009 limited edition CD-R classic On Air, featuring the online hit singles ‘Cinderella,’ ‘On Air,’ ‘Flashy Kamikaze’ and more! Take an electric bite out of the Space Age Glam Sound of Metal Spaz Punks combing their 30 ft Tall Green Mohawks under Saturn’s Post-American Desert Skies and find out what happened after MTV lasered their logo into the moon. Made available by Underwater Peoples Records, two LPs fully loaded with Pop Art Mania guaranteed to give all the 21st Century Digital Children a fresh breath of glam rock magic!”
UP 007CD LYNCH, JULIAN: Terra CD (UP 007CD) 14.00
“Julian Lynch grew up in Ridgewood, NJ, where, as a youth, he learned to play clarinet and guitar. In high school, he performed in bands alongside future members of Real Estate, Titus Andronicus, and Family Portrait. During a year spent studying in Scotland, Julian collaborated with Gary Caruth of Sad City. While working for Smithsonian Folkways Recordings in Washington, D.C., he played drums with the band Hairizona. Julian moved to Madison, WI, in Fall 2008 to begin a Master’s program in Ethnomusicology. In Madison, he recorded and released three CD-R’s under his given name: Born2Run, Birthday and Garden is Adventure. In 2009 and 2010, Olde English Spelling Bee released two LPs by Julian Lynch, Orange You Glad and Mare, respectively. Julian continues to live and record in Madison, where he is currently enrolled in a joint PhD program in Ethnomusicology and Anthropology.”
UP 009LP SPECULATOR: Nice LP (UP 009LP) 16.00
“While Nice was recorded using exactly the same equipment as previous releases, Nick Ray’s debut LP was created with a much different intent. Only two songs on this record use samples. With two exceptions, songs begin and end without editing. His first vinyl LP — with the exception of a 7″ b-side remix of Weekend’s ‘Coma Summer’, this has been a dream of his since he was a little brat listening to punk records and combing the bins at Exile on Main St. in Mt. Kisco, NY. The record is called Nice because it has a more concise articulation of the kinds of songs Ray is interested in writing. Still though, it is not an entirely ‘easy’ record. There are pop songs as well as more abstract moments. Just like past releases, we feel Nice requires a certain degree of ‘active listening’, both UP and Nick are proud to bring you this release. Hope you enjoy it.”
UY 050EP VA: Squaring The Circle 12″ (UY 050EP) 12.00
Upon You celebrates their 50th release with a 12″ of massive proportions. Gunnar Stiller and Marcus Meinhardt are tag-teaming on A1 with their little winner “Feinherb.” Then, Nico Stojan and The Cheapers mash buttons and levers for “Railroad” on A2. Flipping the side over, Dutch-Danish buddies Onno and Mathias Mesteno let the puppets dance to sweet house beats, and Marco Resmann and Ruede Hagelstein prove how tender they can be, blowing out the last candles with a touch of saxophone.
WE 004CD RAINCOATS, THE: Odyshape CD (WE 004CD) 18.50
The Raincoat’s own label, We ThRee, reissues Odyshape, originally released on Rough Trade in 1981. “Re-mastered from original masters. CD special edition. Liner notes by Kim Gordon.”
WLTD 016EP ESHU: Naturally Divine 12″ (WLTD 016EP) 12.00
This is the debut release from Nijmegen’s underground house & techno collective, ESHU (Roger Gerressen, Jocelyn Abell, Ivano Tetelepta and Daan Anders), who have gained quite the following on SoundCloud for their relentless output. It’s deep, it’s slow, it’s really dirty and it’s to put your finger on. “Naturally Divine” is a 14-minute electronic monster-trip with curious, offbeat rhythms and detailed sound design. “Monrovia” is a nice contrast, standing out through its unique choice of sounds, synths and layers.
WOLF 021EP RACHMAD, STEVE: Fruit Of The Room 12″ (WOLF 021EP) 12.00
Dutch legend Steve Rachmad helped shape the international techno scene with groundbreaking and classic releases on M-Plant, Music Man and his own Scorp and Ion imprints under at least a dozen different pseudonyms. The Fruit Of The Room 12″ features old school, Detroit-inspired, acidic flavors, which are the central theme on both tunes, but the production technique Steve uses to create this vibe is very “now.” Modern and forward-looking music with elements from the past, present and future.
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