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There is an unconscious side of our life that will never left us: fear of the darkness, desire for the unknown, love to be lost into our emotions and to share them with other human beings. The Italian based artist Federico Leocata has always tried to transform this hidden side of ourselves into sonic landscapes mixed with electro experiments. His love for the music from Kraftwerk emerges strongly in his musical patterns and structures and it’s deeply connected with the use of synthesizers and drum machines. 
Federico Leocata debuts Gigolo with a 8 track EP called “Gamma” that reflects his definition of electronic music. From the club oriented tracks like „No Time,No Space“ and „Nymane“ to the melancholic title-track and to ethereal „Tabula Rasa“ or “Herr Klein”. The music of Federico Leocata is like an awaken dream where everything can be real or fake at the same time. A hypnagogic state of the mind that only music can express so get ready to be lost into “Gamma”!

The new album by Federico Leocata, is now available on Gigolo Music as digital download/streaming, at the moment.


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