"17 Encores" follows the previous
work by Daniele Bogon (published exclusively in digital format and
with the name Alley), enriching the 10 tracks contained in "17" with 5
other tracks.
Through an imaginary landscape made of soft lights
and shadows, between moments of total abstraction in the Absolute to
more evocative moments of cinematic inspiration, the intimate and
personal soundtrack that develops in the first 10 tracks of this album
lead the listener in his inner journey, directed to the center of his
own private and hidden universe.
The surrounding sound space is
created with the fusion of piano notes, strings and synthesizers in
balance with elements of field recording and studio
"Encores", the second part of the album, presents five new
tracks of a more electronic and experimental matrix, including two
reworks; the first, "Batman is Bruce Wayne" is the version of the song
as proposed in the audio/video live set; the second "Airport" sees the
participation of Push Against New Fakes who has decomposed the song by
reconstructing it in a completely new form.
The front cover and the
design of "17 Encores" and the single "Batman is Bruce Wayne" are
designed and made by Valeria



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