With “Come With Me” a new Vision Talk single is released. It’s the last song the band recorded during the lifetime of their keyboard player Krister Petersson. Besides many different and really interesting and innovative remixes by remixers like People Theatre, Oren Amram or uach Real Dreamers, “Lifeline” is also an unreleased Vision Talk title to enjoy.

01. come with me
02nd Lifeline (Unreleased Track from 2012)
03. Come With Me (Real Dreamers Remix)
04. Come With Me Restriction 9 Remix)
05. Come With Me (Outsized Rmx)
06. Come With Me (Cyborgdrive Remix)
07. Come With Me (People Theatre´s Moonwalk Mix)
08. Come With Me (Oren Amram Club Remix)
09. Come With Me (Electro Potato Remix)
10th Come With Me (Real Dreamers Ambient Version)




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