Catalogue Number: CSR264CD
Style: Experimental / Industrial / Noise / Avant-Garde
Format: CD in digipak
Out: 5th November

30th anniversary reissue of the sought-after LP from 1988, on CD for the first time. Mastered by Denis Blackham (Skye Mastering).

Since 1983, Bow Gamelan Ensemble have inspired generations of artists with their radical practices and explosive performances. Charged with their individual virtuosity in performance art, avant-garde music and kinetic sculpture, their sound installations and performances are immersed in an orchestra of instruments made from scrap metal, electric motors, river barges and domestic objects including glass sheets, light bulbs and fireworks. A dissonance between ‘noise’ and ‘meaningful utterance’ that will astonish the ears and ravish the imagination with unearthly magic. Digipak.

Guests: Z’EV, Nicola Kate Heys, Thames Steam Launch Co., Eel Pie Marine.

Embodying an urgently creative and discursive space resonating with improvisation, camaraderie, provocation and antagonism, the East London performers are driven by the uniquely subversive and collective sensibilities of Anne Bean, the late Paul Burwell and renowned sculptor Richard Wilson.

The ‘instruments’ used in their performances are specially constructed, mostly from scrap metal, electric motors and glass, and produce a wide variety of sounds; from the deep, organ like sounds of the Pyrophones and the tumultuous din of The Thundersheet, through a gamut of percussive timbres and dynamic ranges.

Weirdest band in the world.

Soundcloud: ‘Black Betty Pyrotechnics (feat. Z’EV)

Customer Purchase Link: Cold Spring Store / Bandcamp


Great Noises That Fill The Air‘, the first retrospective of Bow Gamelan Ensemble, runs 27th October – 15th December 2018 at Cooper Gallery Dundee, with two FREE special performances:

26th October: Preview & Performance

24th November: Scoring Noise – speakers: Sam Ainsley & David Harding, Anne Bean & Richard Wilson (Bow Gamelan Ensemble), Graham Fagan, Rob La Frenais and David Toop.

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