Remixes & Beyond


What we have been up to, you ask? We do not sleep here at BIINDS HQ, that is for certain.

While we're slowly working on our new EP, a few remixes by us/for us have been released.

First, we released "It is I (KvK Devil's Night RMX)", an earth shattering remix crafted by BIINDS' and ReVerse Bullets' own Klaas Von Karlos. A nifty little VHS style music video put together by Nicolo Sommer for the track is also available for your viewing pleasure here. You can grab the track for free if you wish to do so

Second, a remix made by us was released for the alternative/post industrial band X-Vivo. It features vocals by X-Vivo's talented singer Alina who, in our opinion, sounds very close to Amy Lee of Evanescence. You can listen to the track via YouTube and download it for free on X-Vivo's Bandcamp.  

Last, but certainly not least, we gathered an entire band consisting of Heloise Levebvre on violin, Klaas Von Karlos on electronics and synths, Nicolo Sommer on programming, synths, sound design, mandolin, Jordi Kuragari on guitar and Gidon Carmel on live drums to rework Collide's track "Pale Blue" which will be released May 22nd on Collide's double album "Mind & Matter"

As always, thanks for the interest in our music. 

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