The Making of Tempelhof Broadcast, a documentary by Fred Plassman
The Making of Tempelhof Broadcast, a short documentary by Fred Plassmann
Crissy Broadcast is just over a month away, and the excitement is palpable as we head into a packed period of workshops with all of the professional, amateur, and student groups which are combining forces to make this piece a reality. I am both energized and humbled by everyone's commitment to the project, and cannot wait to bring Crissy Broadcast to San Francisco's Crissy Field, outdoors in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, on October 26 (10am and 4pm) and October 27 (12noon). 
Earlier this summer, we put out a call for amateur musicians to be part of Crissy Broadcast through the San Francisco Community of Music Makers. We received a fantastic response from players from all over the Bay Area, and could not be happier to welcome them to the project!
As many of you know, I recently began my tenure as Artistic Director of the San Francisco Girls Chorus. Not only is SFGC participating in Crissy Broadcast, they were also there with me for the first Airfield Broadcasts project — Tempelhof Broadcast on Berlin's Tempelhof Airfield in May 2013. Singing with the Girls Chorus when I was a "girl" was formative; it has literally been a dream come true to have them along for this entire ride, and to be working with them on an ongoing basis. 
I am now busily at work preparing the parts for all of our 800+ musicians and speeding from one workshop to the next over the next several weeks, so updates from me may become more scarce. Please follow Crissy Broadcast on TumblrTwitter, and Facebook for all of the latest news, including "spotlight" features about our musicians and crew. And if you are in San Francisco, we very much hope you will join us for a performance (or two!) of Crissy Broadcast. They are all free and open to the public.

Our videographer extraordinaire Fred Plassmann has created a short documentary about the making of Tempelhof Broadcast in Berlin. I am delighted to share it with you (link above). Fred has captured the spirit of the piece more vividly than I could have imagined he would. Please enjoy.

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