Anni Hogan new album “Lost In Blue” is ready. Video teaser available


Anni Hogan of Willing Sinners, La Magia and Marc & The Mambas fame, has a new album ready titled “Lost in Blue”.

‘Lost in Blue’ is a musical odyssey, says Anni. Her blueness began with seeing Derek Jarman’s BLUE at IMAX in 2014 that helped ignite a big surge in her creativity plus she was listening to a lot of Miles Davis and Chet Baker. But the big picture painted was the world in an increasing cyclone of turmoil fired her deep sense of feeling lost or stuck in it. She wanted to explore feelings of loss and lost whether emotional, physical, environmental, creative or cultural … and gather a little understanding and hope along the way…
She wrote a collection of songs, piano pieces with some additional arrangements and then guided by her producer Dave Ball (with production partner and sound engineer Rick Mulhall) the album adventure exploded from there. Musically “Lost in Blue” is an organic avant-garde jazz influenced largely acoustic album, piano driven with strings, vibes, glocks, marimbas, melodica, zither, recorder, trumpet, sax, harp, blues harp, bass guitar, double bass and occasional synths as the album’s instruments, Dave Ball and Rick Mulhall providing a jazz infused John Barry-esque production allowing the songs to sit in their own unique individuality whilst being part of a bigger ‘blue milieu’ sonic grounding for the album as a whole. Although many of the songs relay loss, pain and confusion, a feature of the album is the ‘end section’ technique on most of the songs which signifies light out of darkness offering hope to the listener’.
John Fiddler from Medicine Head, Gavin Friday, Wolfgang Flur, Kid Congo Powers, Celine Hispiche, Scarlet West and Richard Strange feature amongst a fascinating talented cast.
New York digital artist David Thorn has designed a series of postcards for each song
News about the release date will follow.

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