A mix of Opera style vocals, ambient, drone and
electronica – released at the end of March 2018 – CD (limited
edition) & digital

"6X0” is an album built on contrasts,
between lights and shadows, sacred and profane, good and evil. Alberto
Nemo (‘) seems to come from this world and his music is as intense
as ever. The 6 tracks of the album were thought and written to be
played backwards, in a palindrome way. The result is a minimalist
experiment with strong and rigorous foundations. The listener's memory
can go to the “Eyes Wide Shut” soundtrack, written by Jocelyn Pook
for Stanley Kubrick and experimental artists like Coil.His music is
living in balance between classical and sacred music, gothic and
gloomy atmospheres, a world in wich we walk through darkness, and the
only light is the mystic and extatic voice of Alberto Nemo. All the
songs were composed using 432 HZ tuning.
Tracklist: 1. Avon Repus /
2. Risveglio / 3. Iamaes / 4. Otium /5. 31 /6.


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