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Although this is already the third interview with the well known German Endzeit act :Wumpscut: AKA Rudy Ratzinger, we do respect his work through all the years. Now back out of the cold Bavarian beer gardens, Mr. Ratzinger has concentrated a lot to bring out a new full length called “Cannibal Anthems” which is a surprising one. It is reminiscent of his successful hitters like “Bunkertor 7” or “Embryodead, that stuff that made him that famous. So here is a new interview directly transmitted out of theWump-HQ…


Chain D.L.K.: Another year with a new album named “Cannibal Anthem” released in springtime – I think this has become a routine…
:Wumpscut:: …A POSITIVE one – yes.

Chain D.L.K.: Thanks to the long years, you are able to stay on top in sales in the Electro/Industrial scene, but does the life as a musician lately bore you somehow?
:Wumpscut:: Not at all, this seems to be a matter of talent. Although, I don’t like this term.

Chain D.L.K.: Is there anything which penetrates your nerves about being a full-time musician such that you sometimes wish you would still have a normal day job?
:Wumpscut:: You mean about creating music? No, not at all. FUN anytime I sit down.

Chain D.L.K.: “How does Rudy come to this cannibalism theme?” I’m sure almost all current interviews have this question on board. So please tell it once again, now for us at the Chain D.L.K….
:Wumpscut:: This time, it is kind of a concept album. A PERFECT piece for :W:…

Chain D.L.K.: Has this theme any relationship to the famous German cannibal of Rotenburg?
:Wumpscut:: No.

Chain D.L.K.: Also surprising is the fact that almost all tracks feature again the German language. Why the decision to do all tracks in German?
:Wumpscut:: A close fan of mine came up with this idea – and so I followed his advice/wish.

Chain D.L.K.: And why isn’t there an English version for the North American edition out on Metropolis? Does this maybe cause a recognizable loss in sales?
:Wumpscut:: I think it’s the opposite: US Electro fans regard Germany as the homeland of their music, and therefore, all stuff in German has kind of a cult character.

Chain D.L.K.: Which language is featured in the title track?
:Wumpscut:: The same artificial language as “Churist Churist” was.

Chain D.L.K.: And how did you come to the idea to include a “strange” instrument like this guitar riff?
:Wumpscut:: Just an experiment, guys – but a GOOD one, am I right? Sounds very Pink Floyd-like in my ears…

Chain D.L.K.: Knowing you personally, it seems there is usually a relationship involved when Rudy writes a love song, and I suspect this is true of the track “Die Liebe”. Am I right with this assumption?
:Wumpscut:: Yes.

Chain D.L.K.: The reaction of the fans and mostly also musicians is quite good and almost all positive, as far as what I’ve read in online sources. I also have the impression that the album has a darker, but surely not harder mood than both predecessors. I also don’t believe in the term “chance” in your compositions – most things you do are well calculated. Does your chosen main theme have such a strong influence in your sounds and compositions, or how would you explain the globally good reactions?

:Wumpscut:: This time, I produced thru speakers (and not with headphones like I did on “Bone Peeler” and “Evoke”) – and you can hear the difference: this sounds more like older :W: productions.

Chain D.L.K.: You present in your booklet your list of instruments which you did use to create “Cannibal Anthem”. Is it me or did I notice a stronger dedication to software-based synthesizers?
:Wumpscut:: ONLY software synths.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you finally come to the conclusion that software-based synths could offer a bigger amount of new and interesting sounds?
:Wumpscut:: Creating a song will always be the same, regardless of how it is produced…

Chain D.L.K.: Which kind of production do you prefer now, the hardware or the software-based?
:Wumpscut:: ONLY software – TOO many advantages.

Chain D.L.K.: Considering the fact that you don’t do live performances, how important are the release parties for your new CD for you?
:Wumpscut:: VERY important – and not playing live is the reason why you get new :W: studio works every year.

Chain D.L.K.: I am wondering about your plans to visit a few of these events, especially the one far away from your area in Hamburg. How is it with your aversion for doing journeys out of LA (Landshut)?
:Wumpscut:: Well, the fans changed my mind: the release parties are a perfect occasion for getting in touch.

Chain D.L.K.: You seem to have reactivated other bands on your own Betonkopf Media label like Yendri or Recently Deceased, which both are up to release an album soon. Why did you stop to work with different acts like Infact some years before?
:Wumpscut:: Infact doesn’t create music anymore (as far as I know), and putting out 3 albums aside from :W: was just natural: all of them were finished and MUCH better than the average scene stuff.

Chain D.L.K.: What about the reactions of the “greedy-for-a-sensation” press “friends” of the Bild and related newspapers — since you had your issues with them, you are watched carefully I think. Any new funny happenings you would like to throw in here?
:Wumpscut:: NO new happenings – maybe fewer sensations in here, huh?

Chain D.L.K.: Your alter ego Claus Larsen lately started a comeback with his two projects. How do you see and review his return to the scene?
:Wumpscut:: Will have a listen very soon, of course…

Chain D.L.K.: Anything you would like to share with him?
:Wumpscut:: We did an interview with the German Orkus – and maybe we will do a collaboration in the future.

Chain D.L.K.: Rudy Ratzinger’s current “Top Ten” does not normally feature any scene-related music. So please give us an insight into your current favorites in your home entertainment…
:Wumpscut:: 01 Natacha Atlas: Forever
02 Isoleé: Logiciel
03 Yendri: The Only Thing That’s Left
04 Felix Laband: Dirty Nightgown
05 Visit Venus: Space Nazis Must Die (Rae & Christian Remix)
06 St. Germain: Montego Bay Spleen
07 Yendri: Shinas
08 Cerebral Apoplexy: Just Like Waves (:Tactoor: Remix)
09 Anthony Rother: 65 Millionen Jahre
10 Generation Aldi: Bratislover
11 Snoop Dogg: Ups & Downs

Chain D.L.K.: A fine mix in between different styles. Many thanks, Rudy.

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Brandon L. Clark]


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