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Chain D.L.K.: Hi folks! First of all, how are you?
Husky Rescue: We’ve been feeling so happy and excited since the new album was released! We are very tired in a beautiful way, since we are finishing our tour in Finland today.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you miss Finland yet after experiencing the chaotic city of London?
Husky Rescue: We’ve just driven 300 miles across some very beautiful, snowy Finnish landscapes. We have as much snow as we had in the 40’s! Can you imagine? I enjoy the space and airiness of Finland. I deeply love contrasts, so every now and the hectic feel of London’s buzz offers a good source of energy. The isolation and loneliness that one experiences in a big city feels just like what you find in the depth of a forest. Contrasts inspire.

Chain D.L.K.: My sincere compliments for your album Ship of Light! What are the main features of this vessel in your own words? Where’s its direction?
Husky Rescue: It’s smooth, gentle, and furious all at the same time. It gives a very dreamy ride. The engine needs constant care but we have a great crew taking care of the all things possible. We are traveling towards the intergalactic light.

Chain D.L.K.: I always got enchanted by the fading tones of your style… light vs., dark, rural vs. contemporary, glamorous vs. genuine, weepy vs. euphoric… what are the worst compliments you received for your style? and what’s the best reproach?
Husky Rescue: Not everyone understands the world which we are communicating.

Chain D.L.K.: Have you finally bought a summer cottage in Lapland? If so, let me know something about the rent in March… I’d like to take some photos of the Northern Lights while listening to your music taking turns with some traditional Saami music and storytellers and good company!!!
Husky Rescue: Unfortunately not yet! But that would be really great! When I started the production of this album, I spent 10 days in Northern Norway. It’s a place full of inspiring stories. There is one tale about giants that came over the mountains with bags full of gold, but they turned into stone at the break of dawn because they could not bear the sunlight. During the trip I also bought a magical drum from some Saami people.  When I play that drum, everything turns for the better.

Chain D.L.K.: What about the cover artwork?
Husky Rescue: Since the beginning of Husky Rescue, I’ve had an opportunity to work with one of the finest illustrators around, Kustaa Saksi. During the process of making this album we have been exchanging ideas and I’ve received a lot of inspirational energy from him.

Chain D.L.K.: If you could associate A Ship Of Light with a landscape, a book, a colour and a painting… what would they be?
Husky Rescue: A forest of old birch trees, Esko Valtaoja’s “At Home in the Cosmos,” aquamarine, and Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”.

Chain D.L.K.: The music press still labels your music as pop (even if we think it’s not so appropriate as a definition) and pop bands normally perceive a sense of rivalry between one another… do you feel you have any rivals? If so, who’s the most fearful one?
Husky Rescue: I’m afraid of Swedes in general. They know style!

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Chain D.L.K.: Is “Man Of Stone” inspired by the eponymous fairytale by Ispirescu or not?
Husky Rescue: Not really. It’s actually based on a story overheard in a Helsinki cafe, where a person fell in love with a statue. So respecting the folk tradition and inspiration from an urban story, we have created a new one.

Chain D.L.K.: What’s your favorite fairy-tale?
Husky Rescue: Tove Jansson, Moominvalley in November (

Chain D.L.K.: There’s an unrestrained sense of decadence and nostalgia in your music (and we hear it in some episodes of Ship Of Light as well…for instance I noticed this aspect particularly in tracks such as “Sound Of Love”). It seems there’s a sort of striving “battle” between a multicolored interior world and the strong consciousness of the transience of earthly things surrounding you… it seems you constantly repeat to yourself: “the world is worsening, the apocalypse seems imminent, but I keep on working on the beauty of my soul”… could it be the reason your music is so fascinating?
Husky Rescue: Oh Yes! You got it right!

Chain D.L.K.: What was your mood when writing “We Shall Burn Bright”?
Husky Rescue: I was hoping that the present moment would not end. Happy and sad feelings mixed together beautifully.

Chain D.L.K.: A certain sense of uncertainty may be related to the consequences of the economical instability that induces a lot of people to rediscover spirituality…what’s the role of music in this process in your own words?
Husky Rescue: I’ve never stopped being amazed by the magic of music. It surrounds us everyday but really we are dealing with magic. If bad economical times help people find their way to music that speaks to them, that’s great.

Chain D.L.K.: What are you listening to these days?
Husky Rescue: I just received a relaxation c-cassette tape from my friend. Lately I have often gone into the woods to listen to the sounds of the forest. After a several years break, I have also been listening to Radiohead again. and Neil Young never fails!

Chain D.L.K.: Do you anticipate a tour any time soon? Is there any truth to rumors on some gigs in Italy?
Husky Rescue: At the moment it feels great to get to share our world to people. I wish we were coming over to Italy, we’d love it – I hope it will happen soon!

Chain D.L.K.: Anything to add before clicking on the “Send” button?
Husky Rescue: I love life!

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