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Chain D.L.K.: Thank you for making this interview with Chain D.L.K.Please introduce yourself and your main projects. Are there any newprojects that you have coming down the line that you’d like tomention?
Musterion: My music projects right now are Musterion (soloproject), Za Frûmi (with Simon Heath) and Abnocto (with Simon Heath).No new projects right now. I see Musterion as a new project (almostat least) with every release.I am a writer, director, composer, musician, actor, fencinginstructor, Go player and seek deep into imagination as often as Ican. I have many jobs, study and try to stay active all the time.It´s so easy to be lazy.

Chain D.L.K.: What drew you towards making music?
Musterion: Well. For me it is a natural way to express some of my ideas.Music can be a tool or a way to dive into other worlds. I likethat. When music really works something happens and BOOM you are inan other state then you were before.Many bands and projects want to dwell on the surface or near thebeach. I want to go out on deep water and dive deep down. SometimesI drown and need to be resurrected. When I am dreaming I hearmusic. I have also since I was a kid been interested in the soundand the music in films.

Chain D.L.K.: Your work with Musterion doesn´t really specificallyremind me of anyone. I have a hard time even thinking about anycomparison to Musterion. Maybe you can help out?
Musterion: I dunno. I am not doing it only to be unique, special orexperimental. That approach is bordering to fake. Some parts of themusic might sound a little like that artist or that or them or himor her or that project. I honestly do not care. All people havetheir own personal references anyway.

Chain D.L.K.: Sometimes it seems the crummy sound quality adds tothe mystery of Musterion.
Musterion: You call it crummy. Some call it crisp. It´s like being in a”room” at some kind of human sacrifice. You don´t see exactlywhat´s going on, but you know something is going on. The amount ofsounds sometimes can make you have a hard time hearing exactly”what happens”. That´s were the bell goes dong and you are about totravel away yourself. I can guide you a bit on the way but if youare not open to the journey you will just be a passive audience.

Chain D.L.K.: You have a background in theatre. Are you stillworking with theatre other than the radio play parts in the ZaFrûmi saga?
Musterion: Yes I have a background in theatre. I started theatre 1993 andwas working with it to 2000. After that I have written some playsand written more than 1000 stories (I just counted) to interactivetheatre events. I have some ideas and plans to get back toarranging workshops but we will see. I also have plans to be atheatre teacher and teach people about leadership.

Chain D.L.K.: People sometimes have a hard time connectingemotionally with avant-garde music, yet they seem to perceivefeelings of loneliness or sadness listening to it. Any commentabout that?
Musterion: Avant-garde, a term that follows me and always tries to killme. I cannot speak for everything that is so called avant garde. Mygoal is not be unique or avant-garde. That is for others to say andthink if they wish. Many people are narrow minded you know. Theywant to “understand”. I think they do understand more than theythink. If you start asking and keep on asking those questions youget answers and BOOM. They know. Truth is but an illusion when itcomes to art.

Chain D.L.K.: Collaborations with other musicians…
Musterion: Simon Heath is a true genius that I enjoy working with verymuch. He is odd in a very good way. I remember hearing about himfor the first time. Donald Persson (ex member of Za Frûmi) told mehe had a friend that also was named Simon. I knew I would like thisguy or dislike him a lot. We have been making music for seven yearsnow.I also like to work with female vocalist and take in people fromtime to time. I have some friends that I might collaborate with inthe future. Vicotnic from DHG being one as he his one of my oldestand best friends. He living in Norway and I here could be aproblem. Right now we are both to busy with our other projects though.

Chain D.L.K.: Tell us about your manifesto (Holyism).
Musterion: It would be stupid. It is better to read it. I have it on myMusterion webpage.

Chain D.L.K.: The music of Za Frûmi combines elements of folk,classical instrumentation and martial drums and samples. Whatoriginally inspired the sound of Za Frûmi?
Musterion: From the beginning it was locations and what was happening inthe saga. We now have to branches so it depends really. It is trueas you say that we combine those elements.

Chain D.L.K.: What are you doing currently? Have you started tocompose any new material? When do you plan to record any new album?
Musterion: Right now I am working slowly with my second Musterion release.I have so far gathered sounds, tried to put something together andthought about the concept. I have also been in a lot of talks withMartin Mrskos on skype.I am also writing a book that is 90% auto biography. In the summerI and Simon Heath will create music. I cannot wait to work on a newZa Frûmi release.I have also been involved in creating a compilation called theradio Rivendell compilation. Fantasy music.Soon will the long awaited debut of Abnocto be released. Music wemostly made back in 2002 60 meters under the ground.That is true underground music!I can also hint about another unexpected release.

Chain D.L.K.: Could you tell me about other people who took part inrecording the latest Za Frûmi album?
Musterion: Some 20 people helped us out so I will only tell you about afew of them. Antonia Simonovich helped made the female vocals onImmra. She also made some vocal work on Simon Heath´s latest AtriumCarceri album. Rasmus Fleischer played some flutes and othersimilar medieval instruments on one song. Rasmus is one of theleading persons in issues about copyright. Also one of the foundersof The Bureau of Piracy.Erik Bolin was the actor that played the part of Tarlyn Luen. Erikwork is a Swedish actor and one of the founder of Theatre 418 whichI was the artistic leader of. Erik is super talented and a verygood friend.My younger brother Love (yes that is his name) played a big parttoo. Love writes sci-fi books and explore the realms of luciddreaming.Donald Person is not to forget either. Donald always carriessomething in his bags.

Chain D.L.K.: Where were you born?

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Musterion: Stockholm, Sweden.

Chain D.L.K.: What were you like as a kid?
Musterion: It depends on when. I have had very distinct periods. Someyears I liked to hang out of buildings, climb on buildings andworking a lot with my balance very high up.I had no respect for heights. As a kid one time I was about to jumpfrom the third floor down to some friends that yelled “jump jump”.For me it would have been a nice flight but my elder brothersneaked up from behind and grabbed me.

Chain D.L.K.: Has music always been a really important part of yourlife?
Musterion: Yup. I made songs and melodies when I was very young. Also sangin choirs, played some flute for a while, had my own drums and synth.Some of my childhood friends are now famous in their genres. Why somany musicians and producers came out of the same small circle offriends I dunno. I laugh at it sometimes. Some of my friends wenton to create death and black metal. Others got into techno, othersinto producing some of the most famous pop artists (such asBrittney Spears), and others into hip hop and me into my projects.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you feel that there is a polarization occurringbetween the dark ambient music and the more “accepted” style ofrock based music?
Musterion: Rock based music is the way of the old. Some cling to it veryhard. I think it can work but it is really only about repeating andrepeating without going so much forward. I would love to say darkambient music is the way of the future but I cannot do that. Someare good and some are bad. Rock is starting (slowly) to expand.Some bands try to push the envelope but the real mainstream isprobably satisfied with just bubbling on the surface of thing. Wakeup in the morning, go to work or school, eat lunch, and listen toradio music or MTV and all that. It´s so lazy and retarded to onlylisten to one thing.

Chain D.L.K.: You seem to really like working with guest musiciansand obviously Simon Heath.
Musterion: Yes I do. But I also like working solo. In the solitude I cantravel. Mostly at night.

Chain D.L.K.: Many of your albums cross over into dark ambientterritory, but even your work with Musterion retains some melodicstructure that is missing in most dark ambient music. What are youropinions on this?
Musterion: I agree. Melodies are something I love to create and love tohear. Even in the darkest hour.

Chain D.L.K.: What are your quick opinions on these projects/artists: Erdenstern, Atrium Carceri, Shinjuku Theif, The SoilBleeds black, Unto ashes, Ulver, Satyricon, Hans Zimmer, AngeloBadalamenti, Stravinsky, Raison Detré, K.Meitzer.
Musterion: Erdenstern is German fantasy music which actually will appearon the compilation I mentioned above called the “Radio Rivendellcompilation”. Erdenstern try to sound like music for a fantasy filmnot yet released. At times they find something. At times it gets alittle to much like background music. I think that´s what they wanttoo but I am not 100% sure.Atrium Carceri. Well Simon Heath is doing very good things withAtrium Carceri. Gnarly and great atmosphere!One of the darkwave/dark ambient top dogs in my book.Shinjuku Thief. Oh, sometime since I heard someone mentioning them.I listened to them in the 90s. I often conducted physical theatreimprovisations using Shinjuku thief.The Soil Bleeds black. Was on the tribute compilation of Za Frûmi´smain character Uglakh. TSBB are sometimes a little to minimalistfor my taste, but suddenly they surprise you.Unto Ashes. Also on the tribute compilation. Unto Ashes have evenmore ups and downs than TSBB got and that says a lot!Ulver. I first met those guys in Norway and I like some of their socalled experimentation incorporating electronics into rock. Theyhave traveled a bit from their early stuff. Ulvers influences arevery similar to mine with Musterion but when they go rock I gosound and ambient.Satyricon. Never really cared for Satyricon. In the black metalscene I like to mention DHG. Not only as Vicotnic is a great friendbut because they try to do evolve and push the boarders.Hans Zimmer. A god to many. Of course I think he done some verygood composing. I remember listening to Zimmer in the 90s a lot.Now we have 100000 or more Zimmer kids. People trying to sound likehim. It´s so stupid!Angelo Badalamenti. I understand why you ask me about him as he didthe music for Twin Peaks. I think Angelo can sound a bit too muchsynth sometimes but his melodies and building of atmosphere isreally great. Stravinsky. Interesting and pretty varied composer.Also interesting to read his and Alexis Roland-Manuel´s “Poetics ofMusic”.Raison Detré. Peter Anderson was great inspiration to me during the90s. He had him do music for my film called Tulpa. In the end thefilms never was completed due to some problems with some of thecrew. I think Peter could be more varied. At times his music isdreamy.K. Meizter. Tobbe is a stable mate (or something like that) onHorus CyclicDaemon and Old Europa Café. I have only heard hisrelease on Horus CyclicDaemon and I think it breath something fresh.

Chain D.L.K.: Is it anything you want to add?
Musterion: The last point in the Holyism manifesto goes like this: “Thereis no inside or outside. There is no with or without. We just usewhat we got. The body is our temple but it has thick armor (husk,shell, scale). We try to penetrate that armor and dive into theunknown. Not with the goal of making the unknown known.”

[interviewed by Ivan Racheck] [proofreading by Edward Wilkinson]


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