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Seldom before could a new act with its first release attain as muchpositive recognition as the German Electro/Synthpop duo Edge Of Dawn. This band has been making music for some years and a few of you have maybe seen them active on the defunct MP3.com. Picked up by the German labelDependent, their material is now also available through Metropolis Records. This following interview with both, Mario Schumacher and Frank M. Spinath, introduces the band and the people behind…

Chain D.L.K.: Hi Mario, you formed your band project Edge Of Dawn back in 1998, but it took about 7 years to come out under the flag of your label, Dependent. What are the reasons that you and your project didn’t come out earlier?
Edge Of Dawn: Mario: Between 1999 and 2001, I have released two web albums and various songs on MP3.com, furthermore I’ve worked with Gabor Andrae on some Plastic Assault songs. Edge Of Dawn also appeared on several compilations – the original version of “Find A Way Out” for example was included on the “Infacted Vol.2” sampler. Moreover, I’ve remixed some songs by friends of mine. The Edge Of Dawn remix of “Neon Dream” can be found on the recent Diskonnekted EP “After Einstein”. But in the first instance, I tried to improve my skills as a songwriter, arranger andprogrammer to be able to produce an official debut which lives up to my own ideals. Apart from that, there were times when my apprenticeship and my job didn’t allow me to devote as much time to my music as I wanted to. Fortunately I can spend much more time working on our music now.

Chain D.L.K.: Things regarding your anonymity seem to be changed after you got Frank M. Spinath of Seabound to take care of the vocal component of Edge Of Dawn. How and when did you guys meet? Please give us also an overview about how fast your direction with Edge Of Dawn changed through this…
Edge Of Dawn: Mario: Frank and I met after a great Seabound gig in Frankfurt last year. Since then we stayed in e-mail contact. I asked him if he and Martin were interested in an Edge Of Dawn remix of a Seabound track. Although Seabound had no need for remixes at that time, Frank requested me to send him an MP3 if I had already done other remixes. So I sent him my unreleased, about two years old remix of Steril’s “Disposable” which he quite liked. Since I was looking for a guest singer for my debut, I asked Frank right away if he would be interested in contributing some guest vocals on an Edge Of Dawn track. At first, he was a little hesitant, because he already worked with Alaska Highway, The Azoic and Stromkern and didn’t want to overdo things. Nevertheless he encouraged me to send him an MP3 if I had something for him. In the next weeks, I wrote the song “Losing Ground“ especially for Frank’s voice and sent him the song via e-mail. He immediately answered that he really liked thesong and instantly started working on the lyrics as well as a clear idea of the vocal line and suggested to meet and work on the song together. That was the beginning of our collaboration. We revised the arrangement of “Losing Ground” later, Frank came up with new chorus harmonies for example.The musical direction of Edge Of Dawn hasn’t changed much since teaming up with Frank – a couple of the songs which can be heard on “The Flight [Lux]” were already written before we met. Frank’s popularity as the singer of Seabound and guest singer in projects like Stromkern and The Azoic has of course made things easier for Edge Of Dawn, but a couple of labels were already interested in this project before. I wouldn’t speak of anonymity by the way,  because Edge Of Dawn already enjoyed success on MP3.com some years ago. But I can definitely say that working together with Frank really boosted my motivation. Working with the producer Olaf Wollschlaeger on the songs “The Flight [Lux]” and “Losing Ground” as well as the constant feedback of Frank and two friends of mine really helped me to improve our production standard, too.

Chain D.L.K.: To get signed on the Dependent label is still to be on one of the finest label addresses around. But some people might think that wouldn’t happen without Frank and his involvement in Seabound…How did it happen finally?
Edge Of Dawn: Mario: Stefan Herwig of Dependent already told that it was not the fact that Frank of Seabound was involved in Edge Of Dawn that made him sign this project. He just liked the entire music. Frank and I started contacting labels after being in the studio with Olaf Wollschlaeger and received positive reactions from several labels. Frank’s positive experiences being a part of the Dependent family and the fact that Dependent has been my favorite Electro label since it started five years ago made our choice very easy to sign the contract which Stefan Herwig had offered us.

Chain D.L.K.: Your first official release is now the EP “The Flight [Lux]”, but you and your label decided to start with the German Infrarot mail order service a special promotional offensive with the creation ofa 2-track edition. Please give us some background information about this special and I think limited item. Which two tracks were included?
Edge Of Dawn: Mario: The club promo CD of “The Flight [Lux]” contains “The Flight [Lux]” (produced by Olaf Wollschläger), which can also be found on “The Flight [Lux]” EP. Furthermore, an Edge Of Dawn remix of the same track is featured on the club promo. The club promo was mastered by Krischan Wesenberg of Rotersand which results in a more club-friendly sound in contrast to the EP that was intended to sound more well-balanced on a hi-fi system.

Chain D.L.K.: “The Flight [Lux]” also received a license deal to Metropolis to service the market in North America.  What were the reactions of the listeners from there?
Edge Of Dawn: Mario: In North America, “The Flight [Lux]” was released on December 06th on Metropolis Records. The overall reactions were remarkably good so far – we have received a lot of positive and enthusiastic feedback from all around the globe. It’s quite exciting to release a CD on thesame label as bands like Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Covenant and Cevin Key!

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Chain D.L.K.: There are out a lot of horrible tragedies in this world, but your lyrics of the track “The Flight [Lux]” deal with the human tragedy of the Russian Witali Kalojew. What was so inspiring that you have chosen this one to be featured?
Edge Of Dawn: Frank: Kalojew’s story is hard to top on the “tragedy-meter”. It seems that he was madly in love with his family and to lose them all at once in a single plane crash was too much to handle. If you consider the almost surreal events around the crash and the following days, thesituation becomes so close to absurdity that from a psychological point of view, the story cannot be neglected. Kalojew was one of the first relatives to arrive at the crash site, was granted access, andsupposedly discovered his dead little daughter dangling from a tree. What else can you think of if you are looking for psychological drama? How does a person feel at this very moment? If you are looking for psychological intensity, Kalojew’s case is a prototype.

Chain D.L.K.: With “Find A Way Out” you are presenting us also a piece which was completely created by you, Mario, also for the vocal part, too. Do you have any further tracks completely composed by you for your upcoming full length CD?
Edge Of Dawn: Mario: I have collected several rough demos including my vocals ranging from melodic synth pop to driving tracks like “Find A Way Out”. If one of those songs or a new track with my vocals will fit into the concept of our upcoming album, we’ll certainly include it.

Chain D.L.K.: You are working now to prepare your full length CD. Can you give us already some more details, release dates, etc.?
Edge Of Dawn: Mario: Up to now, there is no definite release date. We can’t tell exactly when it will be finished, but spring 2006 would be nice. We’re already working on it at full-throttle.  😉  It will contain a couple of surprises.

Chain D.L.K.: With the coming success people will for sure be looking for some live performances or a tour. So how is it? Will Edge Of Dawn also storm the stages of the world?
Edge Of Dawn: Mario: We’ll see.  😉  First of all, we’d like to concentrate on producing a great full-length debut.

Chain D.L.K.: Comes finally the question about your future plans, musically and also for your private life…?
Edge Of Dawn: Mario: Musically, our most important future plan is to produce a great first album and to conquer the international Electro scene. I would also like to remix a couple of bands. Concerning my private life, my plan is to spend a good time with my girlfriend, my family and my friends. A relaxing holiday at sea would be great, too.  😉

Chain D.L.K.: Anything else you would like to tell our readership?
Edge Of Dawn: Mario: Thanks so much to everybody who has supported us so far!

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Brandon L. Clark]


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