Das IchChain D.L.K.: I understand you come from Bavaria. Tell us a little about the area and how it has shaped your music.
Bruno Kramm: Well it is not easy to explain how your daily enviroment faces your music. But simply, it is beautiful, we live deep into a forest called the Franconia Woods – it is a wild life forest – and the part of Germany we live in is Upperfranconia and a part of Bavaria. But to be honest, we stuck more with our computer in the studio instead roaring with the wolves. 😉
Chain D.L.K.: In the sense of crossover, was the original intent to blend classical and electronic, or to keep each one by itself but still in the same song?
Bruno Kramm: It is for me a real natural thing to mix classic and electronics. Since I was a kid I always have been in contact with classical music, though piano and composition classes with my father. Later I got fascinated with synthesizers, so I was just one step away from mixing both worlds, to create something new for myself.
Das IchChain D.L.K.: How would you compare the gothic scene in America and the scene in, say, Germany?
Bruno Kramm: Individually there is no difference but when it comes to the stream it is even different from state to state and even more from country to country. The Americans are more party people than the Europeans. In America everybody’s got to work so hard just simply for basic living, so everybody gets really ecstatic when it comes to partying, while here in Europe there is so many shows in a week, so everybody gets a little bored.
Das IchChain D.L.K.: In an interview a while back, I read that you claimed Project Pitchfork to be repetitious. How is the relationship between the two groups?
Bruno Kramm: We both exist…
Chain D.L.K.: Can you see a full revival of either classical or industrial music either in Europe or America?
Bruno Kramm: I think it will come but I am not the right one to ask this questions. Today everything depends on big marketing plans and if it is the industries’ will, it will happen. Sounds a little sarcastic, but that’s the world of today. And that is our motor to do music, to create our better perspective.
Chain D.L.K.: What is your opinion of the Westernisation of Germany? And the transition of many Germans from German to English language?
Bruno Kramm: It is really sad, that many young Europeans forget their roots and culture and trade to commercialism and senseless paroles of hip-trend-whatever stuff. Sometimes I get really angry about all this stupidity. And I can understand some Muslims which say that we are digging our own graves on fields of plastic and surfaced missing sense.
Das IchChain D.L.K.: Can we expect a new Kraum CD in the near future?
Bruno Kramm: I already started to record some tracks, so it should be done in between the next few months. I also worked with one of my earlier projects Alva Novalsi and fahrenheit451. I think 2003 will be a year with many releases from Das Ich and others of our projects.
Chain D.L.K.: With the end of Danse Macabre as a record label, is there danger of titles like STAUB going out of print?
Bruno Kramm: Danse Macabre still exists and will release the new Kramm CD next year. You can check out the web shop at with tons of Danse Macabre stuff , and of course Staub.
Chain D.L.K.: What is the overall view/story of ANTICHRIST, and how did the idea come about?
Bruno Kramm: It is no real concept album, but it is determined by religious aspects and the common loss of sense and feeling for others. It is actually our complete status quo of society. Explaining each song is just to much. Actually the antichrist is no one and everybody, it is a symbol, it could be also Christ or good or evil. It reflects the new growth of dangerous dualism between these since Einstein relative being two in one. There is always a ­ for a + equals 0. And the minus and the plus is relative depending on the point of view as the evil and good (the Antichrist). And today polarity is used again for political goals on the one side and for control of the public.
Chain D.L.K.: Any words of wisdom and/or interesting German phrases to close the interview with?
Bruno Kramm: Zehn zahme Ziegen ziehen zehn Zentner Zucker zum Zaun….;-)
Danke Schon! Habjet Sprichen Mit dir bald! Haha, das klingt ausgezeichnet, weiter so!!!! Das Ich
Danse Macabre Records, Schloss Cottenau, 95339 Wirsberg, Germany;
Ph: +49 9227 940000; Fax: +49 9227 9400010

Das Ich[interviewed by Shaun Hamilton]


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