Feb 212013

Nikos Costantinou is a guy coming from Greece.
He did a page on Facebook “Swedish Electro Scene” back in March 2011 in order to support Swedish bands he was friend with. As time passed more bands contacted him to join the page and to see their news posted there.
On April 2012 he had the idea to release a compilation to celebrate the first thousand page fans, so he started to propose the idea to his contacts. The thing started to grow the last September and the bands started to send their songs. He gathered 27 bands/tracks and since on December the page reached 1000 members, the compilation has been released on the 5th of January and now it’s available for you all!



1.Moist feat.Smith &Thell – Me And You 04:27

2.Optic – Devil & I (Control Mix) 04:37

3.Rezonance – Obscurity 05:43

4.Arachnophobias – Saudade (Swedish Electro Scene Remix) 08:31

5.Avantgarde – Memories 04:16

6.Liebe – Quiet As A Knife 03:10

7.International – European Lover 04:26

8.Cold Connection – Bright 03:58

9.Dpoint – Be Silent (Currency Of Joy Remix) 04:23

10.Social Ambitions – Do You Want To Go 03:04

11.Radiant – Lifeline 04:29

12.Emmon – Secrets & Lies 04:07

13.Endless Shame – Twilight Zone (Swedish Electro Remix) 06:00

14.Vanguard – In Your Arms 03:58

15.Neurobash – Providence 04:50

16.Additive Nil – Unknown 06:01

17.Unitary – Miscreation (Version) 04:59

18.Chaos All Stars – The Iron Sky 04:04

19.Steelberry Clones – Victims Of Fashion 04:18

20.The Pain Machinery – Kick 03:54

21.#366: A life lived – Bible:The Devil’s Just A Man 05:26

22.Atari Cowboy – Never Follow Anything 03:19

23.Spark! – Hela Din Varld 03:32

24.Code 64 – Progenitor 03:44

25.Cryo – Zero G 05:06

26.Libra – A Day Worth Time 04:50

27.Fatal Casualties – Glas 05:48

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