Dec 162011
  Hello and welcome to one of your final mail outs of the year. I’m sure you are all knee deep in Christmas shopping at the moment but there is always space for music especially in the festive season. Much like last week, the big news is the vinyl release of the Drexciya compilation on Clone Classic Cuts and ‘Standing Still’ from cv313 on Echospace. Chicago legends Virgo get remixed by fellow Glasgwegian Scott Fraser and his accomplice Capracara and we’ve got some mighty fine Disco and Funk re-issues from the likes of Connie Case that will brighten up your Christmas parties.

We’ve also compiled a list of vinyl themed Xmas gifts on the site- a mixture of special re-releases and some of years most acclaimed albums – Click here to see it.

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Drexciya – Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller I
Techno / £15.99

This is the first part (of four) of the much anticipated reissue series of Drexciya’s early catalogue, marking 20 years since the release of their first EP Deep Sea Dweller, and 10 years since their final album Grava 4. One of the most influential techno acts ever, and part of the heritage of Detroit’s Underground Resistance, Drexciya explored techno like no-one else before; raw and uncompromising music that reflected the harsh environment of the city where Drexciya was conceived, with a mythical approach that only added to their cult appeal.

cv313 – Standing Still
Techno / £8.99

Echospace back on lovely loud vinyl again! It’s been a while since their last twelve inch release and it’s good to see them gearing up again for what looks set to be an amazing run of releases from the label.

Boing (Hieroglyphic Being’s Pongo Remix)’ title=’Virgo – Lites Go Out (Capracara & Scott Fraser’s Amped-Up Remix) / Boing (Hieroglyphic Being’s Pongo Remix)’ height=’206px’ width=’206px’ BORDER=’0′ style=’outline:none;border:7px solid #CFCFCF;width:206px;height:206px;’ /> Virgo – Lites Go Out (Capracara & Scott Fraser’s Amped-Up Remix) / Boing (Hieroglyphic Being’s Pongo Remix)
House / £8.99

Alternative mixes taking Virgo Four into darker / more experimental territory… serious stuff from some serious Virgo fans! Very Limited.. TIP Capracara and his studio pal, Scott Fraser, turn in a 100% replayed version of the much sort after Lites Go Out it was recorded in no other than Mr Andrew Weatheralls studio on all vintage gear.

Various – Nation presents: The Modern Electronic Element EP (Serie 2)
Techno / £16.99

Nation returns to the forefront – compiling a SERIOUS arsenal of exclusives. Ammunition. Their motto: RWTHO = Rollin With True Heads Only. Traxx unleashes an array different styles that make up the elements of the Jakbeat sound. A line-up that’s not for the faint of heart!

Tevo Howard – The Drapes In The Living Room
House / £8.99

This ep written some year and one half ago at Beautiful Granville studio features 3 dance selections, which includes the title track, The Drapes in the Livingroom. Also presented in dance form is the very long awaited Shaquanda, which is often played in my live sets.

Redshape – On The Floor
Techno / £8.99

The man with the mask shouldnt need an introduction: Delsin, Styrax Leaves and his own Present outfit have shown the mans ability to maneuver between true school techno, malicious house, break beat bombs and Motor City romanticism – all ornamented with Redshapes very own mark.

New Releases
Morphosis – Too Far (Dettmanns Definitions)
Techno / £8.99

Two Marcel Dettmann remixes of the Morphosis track ‘Too Far’ that was on the album ‘What Have We Learned’ released earlier this year called. Original also included. After Newworldaquarium and Just For One Day already reworked some choice cuts from Morphosis’ ‘What Have We Learned’ album, there will be a second remix sampler released at the end this year.

Function – Ember
Techno / £6.99

Finally we have a solo return e.p. from Sandwell mainstay Silent Servant and it doesn’t disappoint. Juan sticks to his trademark sheering sound-scapes and clattering lo-fi drums to take us away once again, superb

Pinch – Retribution
Dubstep / Garage / Funky / £7.99

180g vinyl badness from Pinch on Swamp 81 and a more than perfect follow up to that stunning collaboration with Shackleton on Honest Jons. Retribution is a bruiser of a track, a nightmarish fusion of Pinch’s darker tendencies and Swamp’s love for all things 808.

Oasis(Omar-S and Shadow Ray) – Oasis Collaborating – REMASTERED EDITION
House / £15.99

The first Oasis aka (Omar-S and Shadow Ray) Album on CD Remastered by Omar-S plus three new mixes.

ABACUS pres Idrum – Bang This Djembe
House / £8.99

NDATL continues with its latest release ABACUS pres IDrum Bang This Djembe Austin Bascom is no stranger to this scene having released gems on classic labels Prescription & Guidance returns to the musical forefront with this 15min + remix of percussion/conceptualist Davidson aka IDrum.

Big Strick – Timeless
House / £8.99

Raw House cuts from Omar-S’s cousin Big Strick on his own label 7 Day Ent. All killer no filler here from the big man and fans of Detroit House and Techno will lap this up. Check ‘Spontaneous Combustion’ out for some fast paced Motor City vibes whilst the other two go deeper and rawer like a pissed off Theo Parrish.

Synkro – Presence, Questions, Memory
Dubstep / Garage / Funky / £8.99

**Clear Vinyl** Hot on the heels of his lovely 12_ for MOM, Synkro serves three tracks of lush ambient Techno electronics for Styrax. Presence suffuses the A-side with a blissed-out 4/4 roller buoyed by convective Reese bass and kissed by convective, effervescent atmospheres to sooth yer bonce.

Pub / Ryo Murakami / Mono Junk / CBC – Styrax Special 5
Techno / £8.99

The fifth in the series of Styrax Special see’s the German crew compiling some choice moments from House and Techno’s recent history. This one features East Kilbride’s finest Pub, Japan’s Ryo Murakami and one of our favourites Finnish producer Mono Junk aka Kim Rapatti.

Ross 154 /Damon Lamar / Claro Intellecto / Lowtec – Styrax Special 4
Techno / £8.99

Styrax balance Ross 154 and Claro Intellecto’s classic House and Techno with up-to-date offerings from Damon Lamar and Lowtec. Classic is definitely an over-used phrase these days but there’s no better word to describe Ross 154’s heart-melting ‘Daze’, which last appeared on the CD of his ‘Strike’ album, and equally Claro Intellecto’s magical ‘Signifier’ taken from the legendary ‘Peace Of Mind EP’.

Pacific Blue ft Rrose & Silent Servent – Industry Remixes
Techno / £6.99

Terrific new mixes as promised from the Pacific Blue / Avian camp – Rrose and Silent Servant pull no punches with these insistent takes on the brilliant original. As before this title features a limited 1st run on blue wax backed by a full colour printed insert lovingly designed Mr.

STL – When The Time Has Come
House / £8.99

Music is about passion, not competition. In this spirit the Something vinyl series continues again with another STL record in his diy do-what-you-wanna-do style, including 3 house tracks aswell as a astro-science thrilling farspace interlude and loop introductions. The ascetic elements on this ep are the result of an isolated one man musical universe, where the love and passion for sound research is perhaps the strongest driving force behind the machines output.

O/V/R – O/V/R Live In London
Techno / £6.99

A one-off release from James and Karl here showcasing chunks of their killer live set from a recent London gig. The A-side is basically a brilliantly executed and bass heavy mashup of Ruskin’s classic track ‘Work’ alongside the much loved blunted rhythms of Kalon’s ‘Man Is The Superior Animal’…

Marcel Dettmann – Deluge
Techno / £8.99

Marcel Dettmann let’s loose his wilder instincts on Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons label. His MDR releases always had a feel of controlled aggression to them but these two tracks sound like what would happen if the Berghain had decamped to Southside Chicago for a night.

Traversable Wormhole – Traversable Wormhole 9
Techno / £9.99

Continuing on his intergalactic journey Traversable Wormhole now enters into the portal entitled Volume #9 World Line is a hypnotic dark tonal 4/4 deep bass driven affair thatm intensifies in relative velocity as it travels through four dimenisional spacetime. Switching back momentarily into the third dimension we enter into Present Hypersurface A punchy percussive broken beat affair layered spacial droning string tones & melodious thick analgous white noise.

Dasha Rush – Relativismi
Techno / £8.99

Relativismi is the latest three track release from Sonic Groove artist Dasha Rush. Side Ways is a percussive industrial tribalesque groover that grinds it way through the airiness of droning soundscapes. Relative Perspective is a beautifully crafted deep hypnotic journey which will surely conjure up many a thought about space and time.

Kim Taylor / African Rock – Stump Your Feet & Dance / Licky
Disco / Italo / Cosmic / Balearic / £7.99

Fantastic Queen Constance double A-sided special featuring two of the best tracks ever released on this cult disco label, an offshoot of NYCs renowned P&P Records. Staying faithful to the translucent red vinyl of the 1979 original releases, this features on side A Kim Taylors amazing lost disco funk gem Stump Your Feet & Dance.

Connie Case – Get Down
Techno / £7.99

Reissue of the original Konduko Records release of early 80s Miami producer Noel Williams’ sleazy disco funk classic ‘Get Down’ with its awesome post disco/proto-house sound. This in-demand track, which was the standout on the hugely successful Disco Not Disco series, literally has it all – a compulsive hypnotic combination of killer electronic bassline, catchy funk vocals and dirty in-ya-face synth stabs that positively wreck the dancefloor!

Harry Mosco – Step On / Sexy Dancer
Disco / Italo / Cosmic / Balearic / £7.99

Reissue of the original Samba records 12 release of two superb and hugely in-demand funky Afro disco monsters Sexy Dancer and Step On by Nigerian funkster Harry Mosco. Originally released in very limited numbers back in 1980 on the tiny Samba record label, both tracks are amazing with super funky B-lines creating a wicked afro party vibe.

Lee Jones – The Mossen Mingles (George Fitzgerald & Midland Remixes)
House / £8.99

Whether on his own or with Nick Hoppner as My My Lee Jones has been DJing and making music for more than a decade. In 2008 Jones released his debut full-length LP Electronic Frank on Aus Music. His solo releases and remixes have appeared on labels such as Aus Music, Ostgut Ton, Liebe*Detail and Cityfox and last year, he did his first ever mix CD for the world famous Watergate Club.

Various – Voices Of Other Times
Disco / Italo / Cosmic / Balearic / £9.99

Wonderful remastered reissue of Nancy Martins Cant Believe, a deep Italo/proto house cut from back in 1982 recorded by Canadian producer Domenic Sciullo. Featuring an awesome phat analogue Italo-style bassline, great sexy vocals and an irresistible chugging groove that gets the floor bouncing, it became an anthem in the underground clubs of Chicago, championed by the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy.

Nancy Martin – Can’t Believe
Disco / Italo / Cosmic / Balearic / £7.99

Wonderful remastered reissue of Nancy Martins Cant Believe, a deep Italo/proto house cut from back in 1982 recorded by Canadian producer Domenic Sciullo. Featuring an awesome phat analogue Italo-style bassline, great sexy vocals and an irresistible chugging groove that gets the floor bouncing, it became an anthem in the underground clubs of Chicago, championed by the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy.

Shenoda – Mines of Minolta EP
House / £6.99

To round off 2011 Fear of Flying enlist the talents of Shenoda, a name that may be familiar to a few of you who follow the UK based ‘Hypercolour’ label. The ‘Mines of Minolta EP’ kicks off with ‘Phone Call’ – harnessing the essence of Steve O’Sullivan’s Bluetrain project the track runs deep with a dubbed out bassline and moody stylings a plenty.

Shifted – Telic
Techno / £6.99

The third release on Sighas Our Circula Sound imprint finally drops in the shape of three outstanding tracks from Shifted. The EP sees a continuation of the sound forged on his recent Mote-Evolver and Avian outings; hypnotic and textural, leaning heavily on his influences outside electronic music.

Kaspar – Ode To the Ancients EP
House / £6.99

You’re about to feel (again) why every record Kapar does for Groovement takes a while to be released. Simply because special things need time to emerge. After Whatchadoo’s underground buzz he’s been intensely working in the studio, readying his most mature record yet.

Oktored – Future Sound Of 8 Mile EP
Dubstep / Garage / Funky / £8.99

Killer release from this new Detroit artist and label that blurs the line between Detroit house and the current sound coming from the UK. Fans of Shake and forward thinking UK dance music will lap this up. Marcellus Pittman -“some next shit out of Detroit!

Various Artists – RKS Allstars Vol. 2
Dubstep / Garage / Funky / £5.99

The next release coming out of the Roska camp is this smart vinyl-only followup to the Roska Allstars release. This second instalment brings more of the same versatile movements from some fantastic producers currently leading the way for upfront danceable material.

Various – WPH / Lany Summer Special 2011
House / £8.99

The WPH crew play some sort of sick joke on us be releasing their summer special in December. Bawbags. Good record though.

The Monitors – Control / Protection
Techno / £6.99

A fine and mysterious production here as two high-ranking Los Angeles based producers get to grips with the sounds and imagery from the cult 1960’s Sci-Fi invasion film ‘The Monitors’. Think of an American version of ‘The Prisoner’ with a black-comedy twist and you’re somewhere close…

Subhead / Boner M – That Track!
Techno / £6.99

Techno as it was in the 90’s and early 2000’s is hard to come across these days.. gone are the killer intense riffs and hard beats that did the damage on dance floors the world over… Well as usual, sidestepping the current fashions and delivering nothing but great quality off the wall techno music, DON’T RECORDINGS returns to smack the ball right out of the park with a brand new heavy techno 2 tracker cut extra loud for your pleasure.

Jaymz Bedford – Just Keep My Boogie
Disco / Italo / Cosmic / Balearic / £7.99

Great-sounding reissue of this mega-rare Roy Ayers production from 1981. One of only two releases on highly collectable Goldmink Records, this promo 12 features two monstrously good boogie classics, both written and performed by Jaymz Bedford, who regularly worked with Roy Ayers including penning the legendary Sylvia Striplin track Give Me Your Love.

Young Hunting – The Night Of Burning
Electronica / £7.99

A new and troubled addition to the Blackest Ever Black family. The Night Of The Burning is the debut vinyl offering from Young Hunting – Edinburgh’s Marc Dall and Alex Ander. A masterful melding of lavish orchestration, arcane lyricism, sewer electronics and militaristic drumming.

Raudive – Levels EP
Disco / Italo / Cosmic / Balearic / £6.99

Another critical release, following the deadly DJs Pareja single of last month. Perfectly timed and cued after the recent Raudive long-player on Stefan Goldmann’s Macro label. Raudive is Oliver Ho’s darker, more ‘new-wave’ operative, and these latest productions have caught the attention of the folks at History Clock – and it’s a perfect alliance.

John Cohen – Tar River
Electronica / £5.99

Exceptional DVD from Dead Faders John Cohen of experimental drones and visuals from Glasgow’s fast rising Broken 20 label. Well crafted and well limited.

Oppenheimer Analysis – Science/Washington
Disco / Italo / Cosmic / Balearic / £9.99

Grab your white laboratory coat; pull out the RadioShack science kit, stick on that vhs copy of Dr Strangelove and enjoy these two beautiful, quintessentially english minimal wave tracks from synth pop duo Oppenheimer Analysis. Science & Washington are two marvellous and catchy treats that you would only expect from the rediscovered talent of Andy Oppenheimer and Martin Lloyd.