Jan 092012

The world of *Embryonik* is full of analog synths, sci-fi themes, infectious grooves and pure electrodisco vibes! In this *4th EP* on *Binalog>>>Productions*, one of the most exciting greek electronic artists, delivers *3* original tracks and enjoys remixes by the likes of *Jordan F*, *Camille R*, *Thomas Barrandon*, *Binalog* and *Black Electronics*. The result is an *8-tracker* of unique variety, sound ranging from electro/italo-disco, dreamwave and 80s soundtracks, to techno, electrohouse and industrial-dub-electrofunk!

*Skyscraper* is now available also as a limited to *50* copies *180g clear vinyl* 4-tracker, featuring the *3* original tracks plus *Binalog* remix on “*Watergun*”!!! Purchase your copy here: *http://binalogproductions.weebly.com/shop.html*

*# 1 *at* Juno Electro Chart*,* Electro Single Of The Month* on the December issue (#504) of *DJ Magazine*, rated *9/10*!