May 232012

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A little reminder for our label night at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam on Saturday May 26 2012.



Rooie Waas – coming soon!
We’re stoked to announce the debut release of Nederpop doomers Rooie Waas. Het is maar een constatering will be released on September 1. Meanwhile, you can preview two tracks on the Narrominded Bandcamp page where you can also pre-order the album. But first things first, check out the video of Elke dag.

Reviews of our winter collection: Katadreuffe, Peal and Boutros Bubba
This winter we released three pieces of work by Katadreuffe, Peal and Boutros Bubba. Reviews from all over the world came in. We’d like to share some recent highlights with you.

Still fresh: China by Matto Frank (cd / download)
In February 2009, Matto Frank traveled around China where he recorded sounds with a malfunctioning microphone. What struck him was the huge presence of pop music and other synthetic sounds in public spaces. ‘It seems like in China they enjoy turning up everything as loud as possible, even if it results in . heavy distortion from the speakers. Sales people use microphones to advertise their goods and in combination with the loud music, sometimes huge feedback erupts, but nobody seems to be bothered by that.’ He decided to capture the noise around him ‘as raw and blunt as possible’.

On China he mixes these recordings with his own work, ambient tracks that allow the listener some breathing room in between the hectic Chinese soundscapes. China is a quirky trip through China just after the 2008 Olympics. The fragments reveal something of the new hospitality of the once closed communist country: conversations with curious passersby, exuberant welcome hymns and pop music made by Western standards.


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