Mar 262013

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PHUTURA demands the limits of defining electro to be surpassed, as well as the struggle between the analog and the digital sound; PHUTURA presents a genuine fusion of electro, new wave techno, new wave industrial and modern UK bass genres, and new and old technology are being merged! The average listener might find it dark and jagged, but it actually has a true positive vibes. As science fiction is the visionary of technology advancement, this electro sound is aiming to stimulate human conscience to create a better future…
tracklist :
3.Hood Sector
4.Extended Mind Feat Anja Alavux
5.Time Mode C
6.Steam Object
8.Uncharted Therytory
9.Skit Featuring Dave Calculator
10.Phutura 04:44
13.In Between
14.Jack The Groove
15.Shuregon Dance
+ hidden bonus megamix