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Dreamtime Collectors.
1980 – 2010
A 16 track CD Featuring some of ATTRITION’s finest moments…

chosen by Martin it includes many rare mixes and unpublished photographs.

The definitive collection



Wrapped in the guise of my friend
3 decades of the music of ATTRITION re-interpreted by Murder Happens and En Esch/ Stromkern/Imprint/Machine in the Garden/Stoa/ High Blue Star/Chiasm/My Silent Wake/ Remora/Protea/Unwoman/Sharks/Audra and more…
includes the bonus “Wrapped…” downloadable EP with 8 more covers by Sharks/Beati Mortui/Audra/Mortal Clay/Iammy Newt and more…2010



5 instrumental tracks of atmospheric dark ambience…
“This is a seriously listenable, cutting-edge industrial masterpiece.” The Wire magazine. 1994



This Death House
Two long pieces of unsettling analog electronic soundscapes…
“The drones and tape manipulations released as This Death House prefigured dark ambient “isolationism” by almost 10 years…” 1982



Kill the Buddha!
Live on the 25 year anniversary tour of Europe, Mexico and the USA.
From the opening radio advert to the closing surprise song to Martin, the album catches Attrition at their rawest and most vulnerable…
“a layered, haunting, hypnotic collection of genre-defying soundscapes that alternately seduce and frighten”  2009



Keepsakes and reflections
The essential collection of rarities…
Tracks culled from various compilations and B-sides over the last 10 years. Includes the covers of John Foxx’s “Underpass”, The Dead Kennedy’s “Kill the poor”, Ministry’s “Cannibal song” and more…
This editon includes 2 BONUS tracks in “Scenario 2 ” and The Cage – refrain. 2001



The Hidden Agenda

V.2….remastered, re-edited and includes “Mercy machine”, “the Cage” and 3 tracks from the “Lip Sync” maxi
“A huge album and a great progression” Atmomic magazine. 1993



Across the Divide
Live in Holland 1984.
Recorded direct from the mixing desk on Attrition’s first ever tour outside of the UK with the Legendary Pink Dots in 1984.
live versions of tracks from the bands debut album, “The attrition of reason” and “Voice of God” EP…



Heretic Angels
Live in the USA. 1999.
live versions of tracks from Attrition’s 90’s album period recorded on the infamous “Jeopardy Maze” tour across the USA in 1999.
Recorded raw and direct from mixing desk to digital stereo master… 2000.



The Hand that Feeds
The remix album with remixes from Chris n Cosey, In the Nursery, Regenerator, New Mind, Stromkern, Morbus Kitahara and techno/drum n bass/ambient DJ’s. 2000. US version.
This edition with BONUS TRACK…One of these mornings remix by Flip Shriner!  2000



A Tricky Business
A sparse and technical affair,….from industrial dance to gothic ambience. .includes the darkwave classic “A girl called harmony”
with bonus track – the long lost 12″ club remix of “Something in my eye”.1991.



Smiling, at the Hypogonder club
Between electronic, goth and horror-show dance…includes Mind Drop and the Shrinkwrap single…1985.
Lush electronic orchestrations for their own fictious club….” MFTEQ. 1985


Past works interpreted in classical form in collaboration with Franck Dematteis of the Paris opera….includes the classical version of I am eternity
“Elegant music of a baroque and even medieval cast …1997


3 Arms And A Dead Cert

Explorations of sound… introduction of viola …industrial rock to techno-goth to operatic soundtracks …with Acid Tongue and Cosmetic Citizen. 1996
Attrition lead us into a new world…Competently accomplished and perfectly mastered from the first second to the last…” Sideline. 1995



In The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts
Rare tracks from 82-86. includes “Dreamsleep” from the Elephant Table album, “In your hand” from the Bullshit detector 3 comp on Crass records, “Into the waves”, “A’dam & eva” and more…
early atmospherics…a document of foundation and roots.” 1986


Action and Reaction
a collaboration between Attrition and US experimental group Audio Leter.
The missing link between the analogue soundscapes of “Death house” and the experimental song structures of the debut album “Attrition of reason”….1983.