Oct 262007
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To get a stronger reputation in the world-wide Electro/Industrial scene is nowadays a hard cake to take, everthing depends on hard work. Diverje, one of the leading acts out of the DSBP roster, have decided to walk this path by doing uncountable live gigs and have opened for some better known names of the scene. Tommy T. could successfully built a capable line-up with four additional musicians, and besides all this a new Diverje studio album entitled “Stitched” has been created too. Enough activities of this multi-talented musician, DJ and label owner to get discovered in this new interview…

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Chain D.L.K.: Hello Tommy, you’ve recently released a new album entitled “Stitched”, which offerssome surprises for your listeners. There’s your collaboration with the Argentinean-based act Alien Produkt for example. Since they are signed to BLC Productions, how did it come that you “allowed” a foreign-label-act to offer sounds and arrangements to compose the title track “Stitched”?
Diverje: Hello! Thanks for your support and doing this interview, Marc! Alien Produkt and I have been in touch for many years and I really like how they progressed through the years. We talked about a collaboration and I sent them a song, and they did some amazing things to it, and we decided to make it in a new song, and collaboration for Diverje. I then added the lyrics, vocals after a few hundred listens, and it really fit and sounded great together! I am very happy for this result. This album has a harder, dancey edge to it and this song ended up being the perfect title track for sure!

Chain D.L.K.: “Stitched” was announced a longer time before through MySpace and other communities and you have been watched out for female models to pose for your cover art. I’m quitedisappointed to see that cutie Adria only on a very small photo in your cover art. What has happened to her, that you included the additional “banned from Myspace” words to her? Has this happening taken influence on the creation of your art?
Diverje: It’s unbelievable that they took down all my banners and pics of Adria all over MySpace, as she was our first “banner girl”…it was an ex-g/f reporting these hot pics to Tom at MySpace so she could get me kicked off, or maybe she is all sad that I found a hotter girl to put on the site instead of her. Although this picture was never meant for the album cover, but only for MySpace promotion and banners. It really pissed me off, so I decided to put in a pic of Adria in this album…so the ex-bitch can’t get that removed, can she? Now, you are right… the pic is too small… this is a problem… we need to have human-sized pics of Adria everywhere and make them come to life so we can interact with them and enjoy her lovely body to the fullest extent. 😀 I’ll get to work on that, bro!

Chain D.L.K.: Talking on “Smell The Blood”, the second so-called main track of “Stitched”. Byreading the lyrics I once again would interpret a relation to “I Walk Alone”, but surely more drastically formulated. It seems you mistrusting people more and more…
Diverje: These songs are actually similar in the fact that they deal with being betrayed and fucked over, whether it be a girlfriend or a buddy. “I walk alone” is more about a relationship with a woman gone wrong and realizing in the end that you are better off alone anyway. There’s so much of an advantage of being alone and not letting yourself get taken advantage of and doing things you don’t want to do all the time just to make that woman happy when most of the time they won’t try to make you happy either. I wrote this after a long time g/f really showed her true colors and I felt stupid for all I did for her and with her…what a waste. “Smell The Blood” is referring more to fake friends who just use you and deceive you just to bring you down or to leech of you and then do their best to get what you have. I have dealt with such people and backstabbers and liars and bastards that I am always ready on defense for them so when they come to fucking stab me, I am already waiting with my own knife to stick in their heart instead. I have gotten good at reading people and what their real motives are in messing with me.

Chain D.L.K.: And how is it with “Run Like Hell”? Do you suffer from persecution mania?
Diverje: Yes… this is a paranoia song…its about how things are becoming here in America. It’s becoming a police state and so many stupid things people get shit for, and get told they “cannot do”. They spy into our lives, and need to know everything we do, and want to track us with barcodes and all their other shit… The government is so fucking corrupt and so many people just don’t care and go along with it all. I don’t…I resist and shout out loud at the bullshit, injustices, and stupid laws, and wrong wars that are going on in this world. So we are talking about high tailing it out of this stupid place… time to run like hell!!! Did you like the song, bro? Everyone asks me if its a Pink Floyd cover… LOL…

Chain D.L.K.: Yes, man, to me one of the outstanding tracks. Talking about the way you like to perform your vocals on “Stitched”. I’ve seldom heard you that enraged and full of anger and I’m sure that this happened not only because it shall accomplish your powerful live performances. So how does come?
Diverje: The vocals have a “ferocious sound” on this album is what everyone is saying and it IS because of the live experience over the last couple years, and really coming up with “my own way” of doing the harsh EBM/Industrial style without cloning others… I am influenced by lots of bands in this scene doing the harsh Industrial of course, and then the metal bands, old school hard rock, and punk as well…I think I am just evolving more with each album and the vocals definitely sound better than ever on this one. I also have to credit Vince and Josh for doing lots of mixing on this album and doing cool things with my vocals as well… they made them thicker and more effected but not hard to understand.

Chain D.L.K.: It may makes sense to produce a cover, in your case on the track “Come Back” of the J.Geils Band. But how could you persuade Josh of The Mercy Cage to provide the music for this track? And how does it work on your audience if you perform this track live on stage?
Diverje: I have loved that song since I was a kid and my parents would have their radio on at the beach. It was a song that stuck out to me as a youngster. Years later I heard it and loved it again. In 2002 I went through a lot of personal stuff and re-discovered much of the rock music of my youth and this song just made me want to do a cover version of it. Josh and I are both into that kind of “Rock and Roll” from back in the 80’s and it had so much cool synths in it that we both thought it would be great for us to do. He was totally into programming it and I knew he would do a kick ass job on it…he really blew the shit apart on this one!! Totally killer sound and doing vocals for it was a lot of fun. It goes over REALLY WELL in the live setl… it’s our “last song” for the set usually and people sing along with me and it’s just a rocking song.I think when people see us LIVE they really connect to us and we have a mixture of Industrial/Rock/Metal/Dance-band all in one and that does go over well in clubs/bars for the most part. We have played with Metal & Rock bands, Industrial, Experimental bands, and Trance as well. The gigs are always growing but we have played some places that say “we’re too heavy” forthem, and that’s hilarious and I love it…wussies!!! We do have more energy on stage than most bands do, so I can see where we scare them a bit…some clubs just want boring cover bands with statues playing instruments…we don’t do that… we go nuts, and engage the crowd and violate the stage!!!

Chain D.L.K.: Talking on your live performances, it seems at least that Diverje has grown and canmore and more impress the audience. Tell us a bit about your last gigs, it seems you could match some of the so-called headliner acts. So when is Diverje ready to do a coast-to-coast tour?
Diverje: I would love to, as would the rest of the band…but… being a 5 piece, we do have our issues. Everyone has its day jobs, they can’t lose or walk away from. We do not have a vehicle that can do a tour coast to coast either. We do have some offers and interest though and maybe that will come to reality in the next years. We do put on a real good live show, lots of energy and the sound isawesome!! We sound a bit heavier live because we do use guitar and bass as well as live percussion…I think it’s cooler that way though, I have seen too many boring electronic bands that just stand there, singing to a backing track and that’s it. We do play “live” and we do use some backing track too, but with the full band arsenal it all blends well and sounds more real than many “headliner acts” that we have seen come through the years. There’re some LIVE bands that totally inspire me though like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Pigface and Combichrist! Of course, to name a few!

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Chain D.L.K.: No interview with Tommy T. without asking about the current happening around the DSBP label. I guess the signing of Vertigo Venus is quite surprising and drifts away immense from your normal Industrial roster. How and why the decision to try out a musically different kind? How are the reactions so far?
Diverje: Vertigo Venus are definitely different but I think it’s fine to do some different things on the label. They are a really FUN LIVE Band with diverse styles and sounds that kicks ass in the clubs as well. Very talented guys with the music and the way they are very silly and “tongue in cheek” in their songs, which is fresh and cool to hear. They are also playing in the Diverje live-band and we have built a strong bond through the last couple years. I wanted to give them a shot to be heard on a larger platform than they have been before, and their songs are lots of fun and have some great variety as well as some good programming and synth parts… The vocals are more like “The B-52’s” or something, but its still real heavy. They appeal to a wide audience and may be able to bring new ears to the label as well to check out the other bands. We are definitely interested in working with bands who work for themselves as well. Anyone can make music now, but we are looking for the bands who do it with conviction and a passion, and play live and promote immense and do all they can to makethe band known! DSBP will be releasing more Electro/Industrial and the bands we have worked with before as well soon… We have some new stuff in the works for 2008..we’ll keep it secret till it happens…so this was just “something different” as we have done with some other bands as well. So far the results are good. People are checking them out and some are really digging them, too.

Chain D.L.K.: The German distributor Icare Media has at least stopped all business activities andthis unfortunately takes effect on your label releases. Any other plans in the pipeline to get a better distro in Europe?
Diverje: No, I am really frustrated with the distro scene and not many honest players anymore to tell you the truth… we have lost thousands dealing with European distributors…I have to give major props to INDIETECTIVE RECORDS though as they are the only reliable distributor we have come across over there.

Chain D.L.K.: At least I heard about some problems with your Cyberage radio show. What’s going onthere and how can these problems solved?
Diverje: The problems are mainly on the Freeform show I do after the Cyberage Radio…for some reason KUNM is being all difficult and telling all late night DJ’s to mix up the styles so eclectically that we will lose most of the audiences… I prefer to do my “freeform” shows with a flow and exploring lots of styles, but mostly within the electronic sounds…I get the best response too of all those DJ’s with calls all night long, e-mails non stop… and its just unbelievable how much support I get for this show…so… it’s crazy to have to deal with bureaucratic bullshit, which is all that it is when the “higher ups” have to try to ruin a good thing. I will fight for my show till the end if that’s what it takes or I will have all my listeners write in and flood KUNMs servers with e-mails, if they try to get rid of me forplaying “too much electronic music”… Hehehehe, they are so lost in the past!! Electronic music is NOW!! It’s what people want, and it’s what they shall get… the listeners and audience matter more than the suits in offices pushing pens trying to tell us what to do better when they have no fucking clue on what it takes to make a successful show.

Chain D.L.K.: Plans, hopes and wishes for the future for all of your uncountable projects? Can wehope for a new Bio-Mechanical Degeneration release?
Diverje: We will definitely be doing a new one soon…whenever myself and Vince have some time we will be writing more and collaborating for that one… we had a great response for it for a first CD and will keep on going cause we love the sounds and our style on that one. I am very happy that people enjoyed the BMD album so much. I will also be doing other projects because music is all I really care about these days:-). New DIVERJE songs are also in the works as we speak…No rest for the Wicked!!

Chain D.L.K.: Besides your last words to conclude this interview I would also like to ask a question which recently came in a very prominent forum: what’s the meaning of the “T” letter in Tommy T. Rapisardi? 😀
Diverje: Ahhh, the famous $10,000 question….Is it Titties? Tank? Tutone? Toke? or Timmah ?Shit if I know…my parents don’t tell me these things…Thanks for your support and this interesting conversation… Hope you all check out the new”Stitched” album out on DSBP Records. We’re at… http://www.dsbp.cx , http://www.myspace.com/diverje – get in touch, and lets make some noise!! tear it down!

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]

Sep 022005
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DIVERJE, IN-FUSED, the underground Electro/Industrial label and mailorder service DSBP, or the highly acclaimed radio show Cyberage – these are all projects lead by Tommy T Rapisardi. Tommy has just released his 6th CD release under the DIVERJE moniker. So next, we present a new and complete interview which deals with all activities of this workalholic…

Chain D.L.K.: I think you will agree that we can already call DIVERJE a veteran act. But I think that your musical roots are not only based on Electronic. Please tell us a bit about the force which drove you to this style of music, the creation of DIVERJE, and all other things important to know.
Diverje: I have always been a fan of Rock, Metal and hard music in general. Classic Rock bands knew how to write GREAT songs, with lots of elements of style and mixtures of instruments…I like the way they wrote back then…it’s hard to find as “memorable and intelligent” songs in the mainstream anymore, or from any modern Rock bands. I like to use todays technology and mix that with a New Wave and Rock/Metal influence along with todays innovative Electro-Industrial/Noise, EBM and interesting bands.The more influences and open mind you have, the better the music usually sounds to the more experienced music lovers.. I think each song should have identity…One thing I find lacking in a lot of new bands and the latest trendy bands in the scene..they are lacking diversity or anything different…when one song = 12 songs…that’s not too fun after a few listens. It seems too calculated and “for the money and clubs” at times and not enough good writing and changes and diversity within albums. I like to hear passion and to be convinced that the band is really feeling what they say or play. Originality of some kind is so important if the band is to make a permanent mark, and that’s what we are about.

Chain D.L.K.: DIVERJE has in all the years always polished a strong contact with different acts to exchange remix works for example, but you mostly created and composed alone. With your new CD “The Distortion Chamber” there seems to be a conceptual change because you could integrate musicians and friends like Vince of ESR or Matt of TYPE001 who helped a lot. Will DIVERJE now become a collection of different artists who bring in refreshing ideas for your musical output?
Diverje: DIVERJE has always been a collaborative band though… I was never the sole writer for the music, except the first album and most of “Existence/Program Remix” as well. The last 3 albums are all more collaborative. I have always been writing with others and that’s part of the originality I think… I choose different people for each album or so that I am working or connecting with instead of saying to them “yeah..maybe some day we should work together” and then never doing anything about it, I jump at the oppurtunity when it arises.This new album we have a very steady core and team and I’ve been working with Vince of E.S.R. on 2 albums of DIVERJE and one of our side project BIO-MECHANICAL-DEGENERATION and we work really well together for sure.. I also see myself and Trevor of BOUNDLESS/SYMBIONT working together more and same with Len from IMPLANT, and Matt of TYPE001!Its all about working and writing with fellow musicians that I admire and can connect with… a lot of music is sent back and forth and we arrange the songs as we go along..its a nice process, and alot of fun…keeps the sound and songs fresh and energetic too.

Chain D.L.K.: Let’s talk now about “The Distortion Chamber”. This is the first time that you have decided to let Da5id Din do the mastering at his famous Corossive-Audio studio. Why this decision, and how has the result been for you?
Diverje: This was just a decision to bring in an outside Pro who does this stuff for a living…I enjoy the sounds of INFORMÄTIK and din_fiv a lot, as well as the bands he has mastered, so I wanted to try it out. Sounds really good, he did well. I am always up to try new things I guess.

Chain D.L.K.: I guess that several tracks on your new CD have slight hints to the happenings that are taken out of your life as a musician while others seem to deal with some very private experiences. Let’s take for this “I Walk Alone”. Would you be mad with me if I was to ask it the lyrical content refers to a woman named Kindel?
Diverje: Hehe yeah…this song was written about my life after I lost my girl of 3 years.I was very much in love and then things just changed for her I guess, and she wanted to move away. It hurts to lose someone you are in love with of course, when you lose your best friend and trust for people in general after you have been betrayed can be devastating, and lonely, but theres some benefits too once you get beyond the pain and frustration. I feel like the only way I have really ever accomplished most of my best work and music is when “I Walk Alone”….when I have that pain and anger to work from and inspire me to write songs and lyrics.Also when I have the time to do these things, and relationships can, lets face it, take up so much time. I guess I’m not cut out to be the married man with kids or anything…”somehow I always knew that this was gonna be my path”…hehehhe

Chain D.L.K.: Besides the track “Overpopulation”, I have also found some statements against overpopulation and the intricate after-effects of this. What makes you feel so strongly about this? When will Mr. Rapisardi build a family and throw kids into this cold world?
Diverje: I doubt I will ever do that bro…sorry to say…some just don’t have it in them..but I am aware of that, and I don’t have to fool myself into thinking otherwise as so many others do in this world.I think too many people have kids and get married to early in life only to find it’s not what they wanted, they are now bored and they regret it and it reflects upon their children they already created…Too many kids are homeless, abandoned and left out, and that sucks!!They didn’t ask to be born, did they? When they are not getting taken care of or loved the way they should, they turn to the dark side of crime and violence, and that it is a big part of why the world is so fucked up, I believe.I am not against “having kids” or marriage….I am against stupid people overdoing it and not realizing the seriousness and responsibility and how it will affect others,..the decisions they make affect us all.I live in New Mexico as well, and you see so much of this here, its just bleeding in front of your eyes..how can you not see it if you are me?…so I write about it, cause this is real, and powerful stuff.I see it when I see a woman with 4 kids and they are all running all over the place, screaming and freaking out, and the mom cannot handle it or stop them or control. They just sit there defeated and let the rest of us deal with their kids out of control behaviour and annoyances…they have no clue and really have no business having too many kids than they can handle.

Chain D.L.K.: Another fine example is the lyrical content of “No Time for Compromise”. It describes the loss of a job with some social after-effects for sure. Is it again a very personal and private experience of yours?
Diverje: Yes…throughout my life I can never get a good job that pays well because I chose to “look” my own way. If I didn’t have DSBP and all this music work going on, I would be fucked and work a bottom of the barrel job, as I have most of my life. It seems that if you don’t look all corporate and clean cut and reformed, it’s hard to get any kind of good job with longevity…and be treated equally…it’s not right, just like racial inequality is not right!The song is about how life is too short to compromise your integrity and life for everyone else to accept you…if they don’t like you as you are..then …fuck them!!! Do it your own way, do it alone if it makes you feel better inside about yourself.

Chain D.L.K.: “Time is the Enemy” – you couldn’t find any better slogan to describe your situation. How long (short?) can a normal day in life of Tommy T finally go?
Diverje: Honestly, I work all the time…from the time I get up till the time I go to sleep…I’d say at least 18 hours a day…I work till I drop…and of course I do have some drinks and smokies in the work day to make it funner..hehehe hell yeah!

Chain D.L.K.: With IN-FUSED you have also a side project and I think it could be interesting to ask the artist how and where he sees the differences between both, DIVERJE and IN-FUSED?
Diverje: The difference is really evident…DIVERJE is more of a harder edged and angry electro-industrial sound with Club songs and with crossover and melodic songs, and harsh electro in there as well.. DIVERJE is also a collaborative team of musicians, and IN-FUSED is solo…IN-FUSED is more instrumental, and more experimental, with Powernoise, Dark Electro, Trance, IDM and D’n’B, and Ambient sounds… The “Misplaced” album was fun to do as well and also opened me up to writing more styles in my electronic music..I am versed in all styles now I think.

Chain D.L.K.: Lets talk about your label DSBP in times of bad sales and ignorance by the audience. Hard times currently for you, I think… How is the situation?
Diverje: Well, hard times for all doing this properly.If you are doing it the “real way”, and releasing lots of 500-1000 cd’s of each release and getting them professionally done, you have a lot more to lose. I respect anyone who is trying it that way and not “half-assing it” with CD-R releases, which don’t last as long in the long run as their quality deteriorates way before a pro-duplicated CD ever will…Besides they just seem like demo’s to me and always will be…customers don’t want to buy CD-R’s cause they equate that with the bootlegs they get for free on CD-R…besides the artwork/printout, and layout is inferior to the film and color separation process that you get from a real CD pressing. With the new kids in the scene and trendy types wanting more downloads and less CD it has made the problem harder for us to sell. Lots of bootlegging of CD-R’s and spreading of downloaded files are killing us all, sale by sale…there’s no denying it.It is amazing how much intrest and spins and support we get for our bands overall, and it should totally relate to more sales than it does…Since we all work harder and longer hours, we should get paid more…isn’t that how the system is supposed to work, or how it does for others? I have more people in touch with me than ever before..So the sales should be greater than ever before…right? That’s the way business works… but, CD sales in general have dropped for all items in my DSBP catalog (600 titles we have from all kinds of artists/labels) by about 50% since 2001… the last few years have been tough, with the shitty world economy and wars playing a role in the overall loss I would guess as well.

Chain D.L.K.: No interview with Tommy T of DIVERJE and his very own label without the provoking question to our „Download generation“, Ipod’s and the MP3 debate. So when will we find DIVERJE tracks legally on a P2P server?
Diverje: I think we will find them “legally” up there soon.Illegally you can find any of our albums up there, and people sharing them freely daily…it annoys me that people have no conscience at times and they don’t mind stealing music from bands, even bands like us who struggle to survive in an overloaded scene of too many bands and downloaders and not enough REAL FANS buying the music…I don’t think that alot of people who do download and CD-R bootlegging care about anything other than themselves and what they can get for free.We are signed up with CD BABY so we will get this new album up for the digital download people. I can’t see how anyone would want to pay more for a downloaded album than the real thing.That is what they are doing more and more though.

Chain D.L.K.: You have made now a live show after a long time of stage absence. How did it run for you? Please tell us something about the globally stage concept.
Diverje: The “Live show” is just coming together now as we go…our first show went really well..I think we sounded good for a first time on stage…we have alot of work to do though and to get more of a larger set going and start playing more regularly in the area and surrounding states..I don’t think DIVERJE can do a tour yet…I am way too busy and have a lot of responsibility with my work, business and life here to go away from more than a couple days…but I am definately into doing more shows and the 2 bro’s I work with are really into doing this as well. The one thing our shows will have is ENERGY!!!

Chain D.L.K.: Tell us a bit about you future plans for DIVERJE, IN-FUSED, your Cyberage radio show and of course for DSBP.
Diverje: I hope to continue all the projects and keep them all in perspective with each other, and balance them out to maximize the potential in all. I seriously enjoy it all, even as stressed as I seem at times…I think I thrive off the pressure and workload, like many do. For right now, we are working on new releases upcoming of LEXINCRYPT, BIO-MECHANICAL DEGENERATION(my new sci-fi EBM project with Vince of ESR)and TAMTRUM. Lots of tasty goods on the way from the DSBP!http://www.dsbp.cxWorking the promotions is really hard and well on the new DIVERJE and THE MERCY CAGE! Both are doing great with spins, and radio and clubs and the reviews have been outstanding for both albums…I think both releases stand out in the scene right now, where a lot of stuff sounds like VNV or SUICIDE COMMANDO clones, we are doing our own thing with originality and integrity. Keeping diversity and intresting sounds a part of the music is essential for us.Cyberage Radio is always going strong, and I urge all readers to check us out for the most variety and kick ass Electronic-Industrial-EBM-Experimental music on the web…http://www.cyberage.cx, and it’s free!!

Chain D.L.K.: Any final words you like to add here…?
Diverje: Thanks for all of your support personally…you are awesome to us here, and I really appreciate it… we’ve been friends for like 8 years or so now? Keep up your good work and stay in touch with DSBP!Here are some links for our new music and our cool websites…

main sites….

thanks for conducting the interview with me…

Chain D.L.K.: We thank you for the huge amounts of information and insight, Tommy! Keep up with your awesome work!

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Matt Ossen]