Zoharum proudly announces the three new releases:

Z’EV & HATI ‘Heart of a Wolf’,

IN SCISSORS –‘Mnemosyne & The Structure Of Time’


These albums out on 21st September 2011

Pre-order start now. You can buy these CDs in special lower price and special limited edition.

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Z’EV & HATI ‘Heart of a Wolf’ (ZOHAR 023-2)
It’s one of the most interesting and promising albums this year. You cannot be indifferent towards this record. Ritual sounds and mystical atmosphere, which infected those present on their Gdańsk and Toruń gigs, were captured and transferred perfectly on ‘Heart of a Wolf’.

The album will be available in 3 different versions:

Basic CD, only with the gig from Torun

Limited edition  (423 pcs). including 2CD (‘Live in Torun’ and ‘Live in Gdansk’)

Exclusive edition (strictly limited to 23copies) including 2CD (‘Live in Torun’ and ‘Live in Gdansk’) and T-shirt Z’EV & HATI – ‘Heart of a Wolf’

More about bands:
Z’EV (Stefan Joel Weisser) – Conceptual artist, dancer, musician, scholar and poet, Stefan Weisser began playing the drums at age 4. Moving to New York City from San Francisco in 1979, and adopting the name Z’EV, his work with performance/noise percussion broke new ground and drew the attention of rock symphonist Glenn Branca, dancer Simone Forti, guitarist Rudolph Grey and just about everybody related to the downtown scene. These recordings from the early nineties were created in New York with the assistance of long-time friends and collaborators Wharton Tiers and Glenn Branca.


HATI is an audiovisual project based on sound of ethnic instruments as well as hand-made instruments or found objects. HATI forms a link between a personal interest in modern improvised and acoustic music with ritual and meditation. Since 2003 HATI have performed many times in Poland, USA, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, France and Denmark and on festivals, e.g.: Unsound Festival New York Labs (2011), Linien Festival (Gottingen, 2010), Fano Free Folk Festival (2010), Equinox Festival (London, 2009), Bleisound Festival (Monachium, 2009), Wroclaw Industrial Festival (2005 & 2007), Audio Art (Krakow, 2006), Ambient Festival (Gorlice, 2008), Temple of Silence Festival (2007 & 2008). In 2006 and in 2011 HATI performed 3 tours with Z’EV, one of the founders of ‘industrial’ – the cultural movement. HATI albums received very good reviews, their unusual magic sound and power was emphasized. The band was founded in 2001 by Rafal Iwanski and Dariusz Wojtas. Since 2007 HATI have performed as a duo: Rafal Iwanski and Rafal Kolacki and ocasionally with other musicians. Cooperation with: Z’EV (+ full lenght album HATI vs. Z’EV # 1), PAS (+ full lenght album PAS/HATI present P.H.A.S.T.I.), John Zorn (live), PURE (live & studio), Steven Buchanan & Heike Fiedler (studio), Robert Curgenven (live & studio), WEREJU (live), Phil Maggi (live), Patrick Mcginley & Maksims Shentelevs (live) and many others. R. Iwanski and R. Kolacki are also the organizers of CoCArt Music Festival in cooperation with Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun.

Both artists are active in other projects. Rafał Kołacki is responsible of album and website Tonopolis (2010) – where he presents field recordings from Toruń, remixed by him and other sound artists as well and also project: Orient Potockiego. Soundnotes (2011) – with several other artists from Toruń. Rafał Iwański performs solo as X-NAVI:ET, he presents electroacoustic music, combination of analog electronic sound generators and filter machines with acoustic instruments and field/found recordings. Two new releases by Rafał Iwański are published in 2011: 12” vinyl Soundtracks for the Dying Moments (Instant Classic/Alrealon Music) and split cd with Wojciech Zięba a.k.a. Infamis: ELECTRIC URANUS / X-NAVI:ET Voices of the Cosmos. www.myspace.com/hatiath

IN SCISSORS – ‘Mnemosyne & The Structure Of Time’ (ZOHAR 021-2)

“Mnemosyne & The Structure Of Time” is a translation of the scenes that preceded the Earth’s decline in “Orbis Terrarum Requiem” into the sounds of iNsCissorS’ “Cinematic Ambient” where Mnemosyne, the ancient Hellenic Titan goddess of memory and remembrance and the inventress of language and words orchestrates the sequence of events and guides you throughout the complex cluster of the structure of time downwards to her lake in Hades where initiates used to drink in order to remember and bear memories along their journey through life.

iNsCissorS’ third full-length album is a new journey through places beyond the Earth’s surface composed and performed by Vincent Andelmoth but with the also greatly important feature and additional composing and arrangements of Jason Andelmoth.
Angel W. Black features giving her own enchanting touch with her astonishing voice either when lamenting as a queen that passed to silence or when invoking Hecate from Hades!
Finally, as in every album the artwork is an inseparable part of the concept of iNsCissorS. This time the images cloaking the music are designed by the well known photographer/image maker John Santerineross (www.santerineross.com) who gave life to the image of Mnemosyne in his own unique way capturing the atmosphere of the album through his camera and translating it to another work of art!

About the band:

Vincent Andelmoth  about IN sCissorS:
…The iN sCissorS’ philosophy about music is to create every time a different realm or dimension in which it’s taking place…”
I started to learn playing the piano when i was about 6 years old and afterwards, in 1999, i began giving form to my own compositions and experimenting with them…the reason i formed iN sCissorS was the need to express myself and also create a world i had in my mind, a world different from the one i was and from the one i am living in. It was my need to create not only music but images also, whether they were/are through music/soundscapes, graphics or video and to experiment with sound. For me creating music or soundscapes is a ritual that will bring me to the appropriate state and mood to create what iN sCissorS is both musically and visually. From the very beginning iN sCissorS was in my mind as an image depicting a lurid underground world and that’s how the project’s first name (Aes Sidhe) derived.
Meanwhile i have been playing in various bands as a keyboardist, vocalist or guitarist/bassist. Bands that their musical genres were varying from Blues to Hard Rock,Jazz, Gothic, Doom Metal etc.


Zoharum present the 4th installment in the IYHHH series. This time it’s an archival material from Inner Vision Laboratory which was created more than 4 years ago and has not been released in any form whatsoever. The material was recorded between 2006 and 2007.

It still sounds fresh and interesting despite the fact that IVLab music has evolved into a different direction. ‘Future Chaos’ is a more dynamic and harsh face of Karol Skrzypiec. This is a dark ambient passage in the world of tribal and postindustrial elements. Various contemporary, post-modern and futuristic forms of art, such as sci-fi literature, movies, minimalist music with industrial feel, etc. has served as primary influence here. The main impulse for creating this extraordinary record was our ever-changing world. In the head of the artist appeared a reflection: a sudden catastrophy may lead the humankind straight from the technological development into the brutal world of dark future and the chaos therein. A few years after that critical moment people may start leaving their isolated and scattered enclaves to colonise destroyed, post-apocalyptic places again. The world where old rituals and neoprimitivism spread among the ruins of unsettled past. My album is the sound illustration of the world after a sudden collapse of the humankind and the 21st century civilisation.

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