Venus Fly Trap have just released on red vinyl their 2007 compilation “Methamorphosis”, which contains eleven songs taken from their albums.

The band was formed by Alex (vocals) and John Novak (guitar, vocals), and Tony Booker on bass guitar prior to their debut twelve-inch single “Morphine” in March 1988. They had a mini-album ‘Mars, in 1989 on the French label Danceteria. They made 2 more albums for Danceteria, ‘Totem’ in 1990 and ‘Pandoras box’ in ’92.

Alex reformed the band with Andy Denton (drums), Gary Lennon (guitar), and Neil Ridley (bass) releasing the album Luna Tide in 1995. They toured Europe extensively, building up a large fanbase, but by 2004 the permanent members were down to ALEX AND Andy, bringing out the album ‘Zenith’ in 2004.

At the moment the band is back in the studio working on new material but in the meantime these classic tracks are released on great sounding vinyl in a collectors package.

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