We wish you Happy New Year!

tree.pngHappy, Fruitful and Lucky Year!

The Eastern Front wishes to all our friends and partners great 2011 year! Hope it will bring you a lot of luck, happiness, health and creativity and all your dreams and plans will come true this year.

Upcoming releases

The Eastern Front is preparing two releases to come out in the nearest days. The albums are in state of print-press and if there will not be delay from the press-factory side CDs will see the light very very soon.
Seadem is an amazing French project, led by beautiful and multitalented woman Ombeline Duprat–musician, actress, writer. We are honoured to release her debute album “Skhole”. Honestly, the album deserves larger and higher level label rather than our one, however Ombeline has preferred our label for execution of her beautiful album and we are proud of this. The album was mastered by F.Chaplain (Prikosnovenie), recorded and mixed by N.Perego.

talks better than many written words…


The album, as usual, will be packed in jewel case with 8 pages full-cover booklet, featuring stunning art photos of Ombeline done by Warped ( and vintage collages.
For the fourth time The Eastern Front got the opportunity to release an album coming from the acknowledged German project Bleiburg. “Till The Last Night” is the album telling a story of Israeli wars for independence, freedom and honour.  S.Rukavina, the creator of Bleiburg, composed the songs being inspired by the glorious history of our state and offered us to release an album. Definitely, we have been glad to do that. Not only because the theme of the album concerns us as citizens of this country but also because we work with Bleiburg since 2007 and honestly, we love to work with Stefan!
“Till The Last Night” comes also in quantity of 1000 copies, in jewel case with 8 pages full-cover booklet  featuring vintage style artwork with multiple period original photos.


T’an! Kaven!! Ash!!! website re-design

T’an! Kaven!! Ash!!! website has been re-designed and re-coded. Last time the re-design of the website took place in early 2009 but since time passed, new technics have been born and the website has been demanding certain changes. What was done recently. The website is minified, simplified and beautified significantly. Now it is written in newest HTML5, features multiple CSS3 technics and nice JQuery powered enhancements. Welcome to our website! The label is almost frozen due to the lack of good music, it is a pity, so we are looking for good experimental music to be released in small quantities on CD-R format.


News via RSS feed 

The Eastern Front label website ( has aggregated RSS feed for its news and  current updates. All who is interested to get automatically our short updates can simply subscribe to RSS feed. You can choose to get news either via email or your preferred reader. 

Igor and Tanya

The Eastern Front

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