Dear friends and customers,

we moved to our new shop now and finally since today our internet works again too!
still a lot of work left, but we are facing something like “normality” in near future.
our new address is:

Steinklang Industries
Kolomaniplatz 27
5423 St.Koloman
Tel. 0043-6241-21555

actually all stayed the same, only the street-name changed – our new shop is just on the opposite side of St.Koloman Church, than the old shop was 😉

a few interesting things:

1. this sunday we have a nice concert in the Alps with ÀRNICA and LASHER KEEN!
for details please watch our last newsletter again, or just ask us by email and we send You all infos once again.

2. in late september we will have a great OPENING PARTY of our new shop, with a fantastic concert and some special online-action! – BEWARE OF DETAILS SOON!!!

3. from 25th August til 5th September we are on holiday.

4. we have some more fine news online under:
and this one we recommend You especially, under primary Steinklang Distribution:

CADAVEROUS CONDITION - Burn Brightly Alone CD CADAVEROUS CONDITION – Burn Brightly Alone CD – 12,90 euroNew studioalbum after 5 years with 12 new songs and a wide variety of extreme music – featuring guest appearances from:
Mark Breyer (Skooshny, Son Of Skooshny)
Tobias Nathaniel (The Black Heart Procession)
Andrew Liles (Current 93, Nurse With Wound)
Paul Beauchamp (Blind Cave Salamander, Nurse With Wound)


check also our amazing

Produktion, Vertrieb und Verkauf von analogen und digitalen Tonträgern.
Markus Presch
Kolomaniplatz 27
5423 St.Koloman
Landesgericht Salzburg / Österreich
ATU 56938416
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