I hope all is going well with you. Here we are & it’s already December.  I’ve had a pretty rough year, but they are all what I refer to as “first world” problems; you know, there’s food around even if I’m eating less of it & there’s clean water to drink & I have both eyes & all my fingers & toes.  So who am I to complain if some dude wrecks my car or a loved one dies or my computer blows up?  It makes me sound like an American or something.

It’s December, so we have a new Christmas compilation.  It’s called “Six Feet Below the Snow” & I’m pretty stoked about it.  Goes all over the map genre wise & some stuff is serious with other stuff being dumb fun.  Go to www.silbermedia.com/comps/sixfeet to listen or download it for free.  The artist roster is Charles DeMar, Jon DeRosa, Thorn1, Landerim, Miss Massive Snowflake, Goddakk, Origami Boe, Moodring, Remora, Pacific 231, Sibyll Kalff, Yellow6, Lullabier, Feel No Other, Tony Whitlock, Les Marquises, Løzninger, Electric Bird Noise, Parties, & Drekka with Michael Demery Toran.  Also, if you need some of our older Christmas comps (which now somehow is 8.5 hours of music) go to www.silbermedia.com/christmas

Remora got the remix treatment for the single “My Brother’s Guns & Knives” off of “Scars Bring Hope.”  13 covers all fairly different from the original & you can listen or get a free download at www.silbermedia.com/remora/guns.shtml  There’s also a video for the album version of the song that was recently featured on Foxy Digitalis that you can check out here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o67dr8oR-Ek – it’s stop motion of a paper doll fighting bugs & it took me a few weeks to get it done (though a big part was learning the process) so I hope you get a kick out of it.

Rllrbll (formerly Rollerball) has a free EP called “Murwa Mbwa” that is a preview of what they are working on for their album in 2012.  I’m never sure how to explain what Rllrbll sounds like, but lately I’ve been calling them “doom jazz rock” which seems as sensible as anything.  The big news is that the producer is Spit Stix of Fear who has previously been a producer for the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers & Nina Hagen.  Anyway, listen or download it – www.silbermedia.com/rollerball/murwambwa.shtml

& then the last in our free releases for this time out is the debut of doomgazers Magi.  One guitarist & one drummer making music somewhere between Tribes of Neurot & Neil Young’s Dead Man Soundtrack.  It’s a new project from Brandon Helms of From Oceans to Autumn.  Here it is – www.silbermedia.com/magi/december.shtml

Since the last newsletter I put up a couple new issues of QRD, one interviewing mini-comic creators & another continuing our guitarist interview series.  Hopefully I’ll get worked up my exhaustive drummer survey soon & I’ll be getting some new content to keep QRD going as I’m running low on guitarists to interview that will actually answer 70 questions! – www.silbermedia.com/qrd

This month’s feature release is mwvm’s “Rotations” from back in 2007 as we’re going to have a new album from mwvm pretty soon.  Listen to it on the free stream & of course buy it for $2 off while it’s the feature. www.silbermedia.com/feature

New music coming soon from mwvm, Remora, Brian John Mitchell/Andrew Weathers, Electric Bird Noise, & more.  New comics soon too!  We’ll let you know more next month.

Brian John Mitchell

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