This week: Welcome to another edition of our newsletter! This week, WYNARDTAGE is in the driver’s seat with a new release that features the exceptional talents of UNTER NULL and ALIEN PRODUKT. The band caught a lot of people off guard with their brand of industrial dance music in 2009 – now they are back with 15 tracks that will without fail prove that dark pop and dancefloor hits can co-exist on the same record. Get the new Wyntardtage now at Storming the Base for a limited low intro-price! Speaking of low intro-pricing, the new album from Austria’s THE SORROW is in and at $10.99 (for a limited time only), how can you go wrong in selecting what is probably the coolest metal band to come out of Europe in a while. Slam 9/10; Rock Hard 8/10; Stormbringer 4.5/5; The Pit 9/10 — how can you go wrong? Cyclic Law returns with the next release for the ever-growing Montreal label. This time, SOPHIA (aka Peter Bjärgö of ARCANA) deliver a beautiful 4CD boxset collecting all the material from 2000 to 2003 on one release. This will be seriously hard to find by next year, so get your copy today! Limited to 1,000 worldwide. Deadmau5 keeps popping up on industrial-goth DJ playlists the world over, so with a new album slated for a December release, and a cannot-resist Canadian connection, we decided to add 4×4=12 to our store. Pick it up now for some of the catchiest electronic music around! Depeche Mode’s monster tour last year made a huge impact on fans of the band as they rocked nearly 3 million people. Now you can catch the live gods in their glory in Barcelona on 2CDs and 2DVDs (or Blu-ray), all of which ships next week. Shiv-R is back with a new EP for Infacted Recordings. The new maxi from Edge of Dawn (with remixes from Steril, Cryo, Rotersand, and others!) is out on Metropolis in the new year. Einsturzende Neubauten is back with Strategies Against Architecture IV, a collection of the band’s work during the last decade. Shriekback returns with a new album of highly original post-punk, post-goth, post-pop material. Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine – Remastered. You should own it! There’s more, too, more T-shirts, the new Hocico at a domestic price is in the store, and loads of other goodies. Thank you for listening to GREAT music!!

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Comparing Wynardtage’s latest work “A Flicker Of Hope“ with the two preceding albums “The Grey Line“ and “Walk With The Shadows“ you quickly get the impression the band has been following a concept concerning both music and lyrics. The same central theme can be found in all three releases reaching its impressive climax on “A Flicker Of Hope“ so that this CD obviously is a logical consequence of the two predecessors. The underlying concept is the life of Wynardtage – the life of mastermind Kai A. With “Walk With The Shadows“ from 2009 he had actually intended to close the Wynardtage chapter in his life. However, he soon realized that this album was just an intermediate phase of the band’s creative output but could never represent the end of an eight-year band history. “A Flicker Of Hope“ began to take shape. With this album at last Wynardtage impressively say goodbye to the black stage. The 15 songs prove once again why they belong to the spearhead of the dark electro-scene. Catchy tunes, emotional songwriting and Wynardtage’s distinctive style push to the fore. Apart from tracks suitable for clubs like “Deep Red“, “Solitude“ or “A Flicker Of Hope“ especially “White Frost“ and “Blindfold“ verify the guys have a knack for “dark“ pop songs. On top of that with “Closer“ Wynardtage deliver the ultimate farewell song; an extremely sad ballad fitting into the concept even more than anything else. The spirit of the entire album is summarized by the title of the final track “Who wants to live forever“ (a cover of the Queen cult hit known from the movie Highlander). A chapter is closed – may the future begin. There is always a flicker of hope. Released on E-Noxe and available December 10th, 2010.

01 Taste This Rush
02 A Flicker Of Hope
03 White Frost
04 The Fall (feat. Unter Null)
05 Slow The Tide
06 Hurricane Age
07 Alive
08 Solitude
09 Deep Red (feat. Damian Dior)
10 Blindfold (feat. Mel)
11 Closer
12 We Can Carry A Lot
13 The Next Chapter (feat. Alien Produkt)
14 Departure
15 Who Wants To Live Forever (feat. Caro)


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Anything that doesn’t sound dramatic won’t get on this album. With this clear vision in mind, THE SORROW, together with producer Toni Meloni (Caliban, Die Toten Hosen), ensconced themselves at the Principal Studios near Münster, Germany, in May 2010. Here, in these familiar and secluded surroundings, Austria’s most successful metal act had already recorded their first two albums (both re-released by Artoffact Records in 2010), also under Meloni’s direction. In other words, ideal conditions. THE SORROW have redefined themselves, remaining faithful to themselves at the same time. Their classic recipes have given way to an irrepressible urge to explore new terrain. The product of their labours consists of 13 unique songs which combine everything that makes metal great. The new album by THE SORROW not only sees the band break new ground – it also takes its listeners onto musical virgin soil. Released on Artoffact and available December 7th, 2010.

1. Afflictions
2. Crossing Jordan
3. The Weight Of The World
4. Suffering Quotes
5. Heart Of A Lion
6. Farewells
7. You Are My Nemesis
8. Paragon In Charity
9. Draped In Misery
10. Grief Machine
11. Engraved In Our Hearts
12. Facing The End
13. Reach For The Skies


We are pleased to present and make available once again some of the most seminial and marking Industrial albums of the last decade. Formed in 2000 by Peter Bjärgö of ARCANA fame as a need to explore a Harsher sonic terrain, SOPHIA was to become a very singular mix of pounding Martial like drum paterns mixed with orchestral arrangements and deep atmospheric passages, which later revelaed to be part of the foundation and inspiration to many of todays contemporary industrial artists. We’ve compiled SOPHIA’s earlier work from the years 2000 till 2003 which saw 3 full lenght albums and 3 eps released over a 3 year period. Included in this unique 4CD set is the albums Sigillum Militum, Herbstwerk, Spite as well as the Aus Der Welt, The Seduction Of Madness and Death Dumb And Blind eps, the whole is housed in a 6 panel A5 fold out cover with an 8 page booklet. This is the chance to be introduced to this very unique act or to rediscover these long out of print classics. Limited edtion of 1000 copies. Released on Cyclic Law and available December 10th, 2010.

DEADMAU5 “4X4=12”
“4 x 4 = 12” is the debut artist album from dance music A-lister deadmau5. It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s the most exciting name in clubland right now, with a GRAMMY nomination, JUNO awards for Dance Recording of the Year for his CD collections “For Lack of a Better Name” and “Random Album Title”, a performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics and MTV booked him as the house act for their 2010 Video Music Awards. Over the last four years he’s released a string of club and radio friendly hits, such as chart-toppers “Faxing Berlin”, “Strobe”, “Not Exactly”, “Ghosts N Stuff” and “I Remember”. This album promises to produce an equal plethora of hits, and his scheduled tour dates are sure to hype up the buzz around this artist and his first artist album even further. Released on EMI and available December 7th, 2010.

Some Chords
Sofi Needs A Ladder
Sleeping Beauty Pills
Cthulhu Sleeps
Animal Rights
One Trick Pony
Bad Selection
I Said (Michael Woods Remix)
Raise Your Weapon
A City In Florida

Playing 102 shows in 40 countries, Depeche Mode’s acclaimed Tour Of The Universe saw Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andrew ‘Fletch’ Fletcher performing to over 2.7 million people. Their epic trip across the globe was one of the most successful tours of recent history and saw them playing a host of stunning material spanning their impressive 30 year history. “Tour Of The Universe – Live In Barcelona” contains 21 tracks recorded over two sold out nights at the Palau St Jordi in Barcelona on November 20th and 21st 2009, both shows being highlights of the celebrated tour. Released on EMI and available November 16th, 2010.

Disc: 1
1. In Chains
2. Wrong
3. Hole to Feed
4. Walking in My Shoes
5. It’s No Good
6. A Question of Time
7. Precious
8. Fly on the Windscreen
9. Jezebel
10. Home

Disc: 2
1. Come Back
2. Policy of Truth
3. In Your Room
4. I Feel You
5. Enjoy the Silence
6. Never Let Me Down Again
7. Dressed in Black
8. Stripped
9. Behind the Wheel
10. Personal Jesus
11. Waiting for the Night

1. In Chains
2. Wrong
3. Hole To Feed
4. Walking In My Shoes
5. It’s No Good
6. A Question Of Time
7. Precious
8. Fly On The Windscreen
9. Jezebel
10. Home
11. Come Back
12. Policy Of Truth
13. In Your Room
14. I Feel You
15. Enjoy The Silence
16. Never Let Me Down Again
17. Dressed In Black
18. Stripped
19. Behind The Wheel
20. Personal Jesus
21. Waiting For The Night

-Bonus tracks
World In My Eyes
Sister Of Night
Miles Away / The Truth Is
One Caress
-Inside The Universe
Tour documentary with subtitles: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Hungarian and Czech.

-Tour Of The Universe / Screens
In Chains
Walking In My Shoes
Come Back
Policy Of Truth
Enjoy The Silence
Personal Jesus

-Tour Of The Universe / Rehearsals
Walking In My Shoes

-Bonus tracks
Hole To Feed
Behind The Wheel
Never Let Me Down Again
-Sounds Of The Universe – Videos
Hole To Feed
Fragile Tension

2DVD+1CD edition:
BLU-RAY edition:

The teaser have been out there for a little over a week, but now it is official. The collaboration between Australian/UK duo SHIV-R and labelmates PreEmptive Strike 0.1 will be released in a form of an EP. It will be released on December 10th to coincide with the Australian leg of Combichrist’s “Monsters On Tour” – for which SHIV-R is the official tour support act! More details to follow! Released on Infacted and available December 10th, 2010.

Edge Of Dawn, a collaboration between the creative forces of Mario Schumacher and Seabound vocalist/psychology professor Frank M. Spinath, returns with Stage Fright. A stunning follow-up to the recent album Anything That Gets You Through The Night, the EP holds 8 tracks, including remixes by Rotersand, Steril, Cryo, Acretongue, and Daniel Myer (Haujobb / Destroid) as well as exclusive new songs. Released on Metropolis and available February 8, 2011.

01. Stage Fright (Steril Remix)
02. Valid World (Acretongue Remix)
03. Up [A Cold Case]
04. Enchanted
05. In Your Sleep (Renegade Of Noise Remix)
06. Capsized (Cryo Remix)
07. Up [A Cold Case] (Rotersand Remix)
08. Stage Fright (Splitter Remix)

Einstürzende Neubauten celebrate their 30th anniversary with a world tour and the release of the fourth album in their archival compilation series – Strategies Against Architecture IV is a double disc release that collates the band’s output from 2002-2010. Available from Mute, December 7th, 2010.

The sign of a great band is that it can manage to create, then expand on, it’s own own inimitable world using a trademark sound which, although recognisable, never ceases to grow and develop. Now approaching their 30th anniversary, Shriekback can be counted as one of those rare bands; at ease in their own skins with nothing to prove but everything to explore and still shout about, as documented so rapturously on their towering new album, ‘Life In The Loading Bay’.
Shriekback’s long and convoluted journey has developed its own outstanding quirks and qualities since being formed in 1981 by Dave Allen and Barry Andrews (who’d been spending some time with Robert Fripp’s League of Gentlemen after departing from XTC in 1979). Now he’s back with original member, guitarist-singer Carl Marsh, and they find themselves producing the twelfth album to bear the Shriekback name [their third on Malicious Damage] and sitting most comfortably, if restlessly, at the cutting edge of song-based music in 2010, carrying a similar devilish, panoramic world-view to, perhaps, Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds.
The Shriekback sound and the way it’s delivered has matured and developed like a fine, potent wine, accentuating Barry and Carl’s personal but sometimes surreal lyrics, which are another story in themselves; their own brand of narrative, crafted so that every syllable packs a wallop, whether humorous, poignant or biting, recalling anyone from Julian Cope to the Alabama 3. If 2007’s Glory Bumps harked back to the noisy anthems, brass and guitars of 1985’s Oil & Gold, the new album’s is awash with luscious, often lascivious, wry, widescreen slowies; sometimes reaching back to folk music forms or film noir soundtracks.. Despite the increased quotient of subtle textures and atmospheric embellishments, Barry still knows how to deliver a knockout hook, as on the glorious ‘Loving Up The Thing’, which could wreak similar havoc on more discerning modern dance floors as their ‘My Spine is The Bassline’ did in the early 80s.
‘Nowhere, Nothing, Never’, Carl’s ‘Flowers Of Angst’ and ribald sea-shanty style ‘Now I Wanna Go Home’ continue in the upbeat fashion but, if anything, it’s on those slower outings where the surprises and most gripping moments occur; the lustrous widescreen backdrop of ‘Another Day Above The Ground’, dreamy soft-focus orchestrations of ‘In The Dreamlife Of Dogs’, bells-twinkling lullaby of ‘Simpler Machines’ and harmonium beauty of ‘Pointless Rivers’ [further bolstered by Kat Evans’ violin) and the chunky swamp-like ‘Semi-delicious’ which maybe boasts the album’s best lyric in lines like, ”you just can’t look away when the dirty doggers do it in the car park lights’. As on every Shriekback album since 1986, Wendy Partridge provides extra-dimensional harmony vocals.
Shriekback retain a controlled power which is doubly effective when they let fly, as on the swaggering ‘Running With The Mothmen’, which rides a drunken groove, splattered with co-producer Stuart Rowe’s slashing guitar shards and Barry’s decidedly misbehaving keyboards. ‘Flowers Of Angst’ throws big guitar shapes and industrial clanks against its slinky groove. Then there are the typically Shriekbackian hybrid mashups, which can present tracks such as ‘Make it Mauve’ as a kind of Caribbean gospel shuffle with mass chorus [yet somehow manage to sound quite demented].
Life in this particular loading bay sounds like a riot of incoming originality, incisive observations and mass musical mischief, sounding like Shriekback have another new trajectory to explore; more like living on a launch-pad. Released on Malicious Damage and available December 14th, 2010.

Pissing you off. It’s something Ben Arp has strived to achieve since starting his project, C/A/T, in the late 1990s. After numerous EPs and three studio albums, Arp brings his C/A/T project back to Crunch Pod to release a definitive “Best Of” album that spans the most productive period of the band, 2005 – 2010. Voted on by fans of the band via a poll on Arp’s website, “Music To Piss YOU Off”, features tracks like “Smashed (v2)” and “(We Make) Music To Piss You Off” which got C/A/T noticed in the dark underground club circuit. Fan voting also led to some of the more abstract work that Arp is known for, such as the endcap to 2008’s concept album “The Great Crisis” and the downtempo “The Brink Of Self-Destruction” from 2009’s “We Are Still Alive” EP. Released on Crunchpod and available December 3rd, 2010.

1. (We Make) Music To Piss You Off
2. Smashed (v2)
3. Enhancer
4. Malice
5. Shoot To Kill (Reloaded)
6. Enemy Within
7. Parasite
8. Dead To Me
9. The Prisoner
10. The Brink Of Self-Destruction
11. We Are Still Alive
12. Left For Dead
13. Live With Myself
14. Theme From The Great Crisis
15. Bunnyman

Originally released in 1989, “PRETTY HATE MACHINE” features three breakthrough lead singles “Sin”, “Down In It” and “Head Like A Hole”. The album initially gained popularity through word-of-mouth and developed an underground following to become a critical and commercial success classic. Released on The Null Corporation and available November 30th, 2010.

1. Head Like A Hole
2. Terrible Lie
3. Down In It
4. Sanctified
5. Something I Can Never Have
6. Kinda I Want To
7. Sin
8. That’s What I Get
9. The Only Time
10. Ringfinger
11. Get Down Make Love (Bonus Track)


Men’s Shirt, black, organic high quality premium shirt, 2 colours print on front and back, motto for all real fans, front print “Industrial – because noise matters”, back print “more than just frequencies”, designed by Bauchzuender.

Men’s or Girly Shirt, black, new motif “Maschinenstaat (= machine state)” by one of the best bands of the recently Electro scene, noble 6-colour printing, designed by David Deinert.

LIFE CRIED “I was already saved before I was born – TSHIRT”
Men’s or Girl’s Shirt, black, white printed on front and back side, front print “Life Cried”, back pint “I was already saved before I was born (nails)”, finally the first European shirt of this hot Harsh Electro band from the US.

Men’s or Girl’s Shirt – black, white printed on front and back side, front print “Need a Killer?”, back pint “Black Rain logo”. Finally a Black Rain fan shirt again! Show your fave!

***** new from ARTOFFACT RECORDS!


What do you get when you mix the world’s biggest social networking site for gothic industrial culture (VampireFreaks) with America’s biggest gothic industrial festival? Triton Festival 2010! Artoffact Records presents the Triton Festival 2010 official compilation featuring contributions from Celldweller, Icon of Coil, Apoptygma Berzerk, Clan of Xymox, Ayria, Terrorfakt, and 10 others. Includes several rare or previously unreleased tracks as well as remixes from scene favourites Combichrist and Grendel !

Hi-lights includes Celldweller’s new single Louder Than Words from the upcoming album. Synthpop greats Icon of Coil and Apoptygma Berzerk contribute classic tracks. Clan Of Xymox appears with one of the best gothic singles in years. Interface drops a track remixed by Combichrist. Reaper delivers a dancefloor monster on X-Junkie with remix work from Grendel. Other tracks of note are the rare Left Side Neighbour remix of Terrorfakt and a brand new (!!) track from Panic Lift. As if that wasn’t enough, up and coming artists like Ayria, Life Cried, and Syrian deliver solid material. 16 tracks in all representing both the big names and newcomers at this year’s Triton Festival!!

1. Celldweller – Louder Than Words
2. Icon of Coil – Android
3. Apoptygma Berzerk – Friendly Fire
4. Clan of Xymox – Emily
5. Interface – Faith In Nothing (No Faith Mix By Combichrist)
6. Reaper – X-Junkie (Grendel Remix)
7. Syrian – Musika Atomika
8. State of the Union – Radioman
9. The Gothsicles – Mix This Song Into A23’s Maps of Reality
10. Ayria – Insect Calm
11. Life Cried – Bound In Hate
12. FGFC820 – Hello, Baghdad
13. Deadstar Assembly – The Darkest Star
14. Komor Kommando – Love Your Neighbor
15. Terrorfakt – Skullfucker (Left Side Neighbour Remix)
16. Panic Lift – When Euphoria Ends

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AOF085 – Haggard – Awaking the Centuries – CD
AOF086 – Haggard – Eppur Si Muove – CD
AOF087 – Omega Lithium – Dreams In Formaline – CD
AOF088 – Dead When I Found Her – Harm’s Way – CD
AOF089 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 3 – 3CD
AOF090 – Ascii.Disko – Stay Gold Forever Gold – CD
AOF091 – Absurd Minds – Serve Or Suffer – CD
AOF092 – Memmaker – How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising: Deluxe Edition – 2CD
AOF093 – Memmaker – How To Remix A Robot Uprising – DD
AOF094 – Mona Mur & En Esch – 120 Tage – CD
AOF095 – Jesus on Extasy – Holy Beauty + Bonus – CD
AOF096 – Jesus on Extasy – Beloved Enemy + Bonus – CD
AOF097 – Psyche – Remembering Dwayne – CD
AOF098 – The Sorrow – Blessings From A Blackened Sky – CD
AOF099 – The Sorrow – Origin of the Storm – CD
AOF100 – Jesus on Extasy – No Gods – CD
AOF101 – Various – Triton Festival 2010 – CD
AOF102 – Massiv in Mensch – Niemand weiss, was die Zukunft bringt – CD
AOF103 – The Sorrow – The Sorrow – CD


AOF068 – Massiv in Mensch – Hands on Massiv: The Remixes – DD
AOF069 – Kobold – Blowback – DD
AOF070 – Xandria – Ravenheart [Bonus Tracks] – CD
AOF071 – Interlace – Nemesis – CD
AOF072 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 2 – DCD
AOF073 – S.V.D – No Ordinary Man – DD
AOF074 – Haujobb – Homes & Gardens 2.0 Special Edition – DCD
AOF075 – Urceus Exit – The Worst That We’ve Become – DD
AOF076 – Urceus Exit – Compensation For the Sound of Silence – DCD
AOF077 – Haggard – Tales Of Ithiria – CD
AOF078 – Xandria – India – CD
AOF079 – Xandria – Kill the Sun – CD
AOF080 – v01d – Weakener (EP featuring Ayria) – DD
AOF081 – v01d – This Is Not A False Alarm Anymore – DCD
AOF082 – v01d – Burnt Upon Re-Entry – DD
AOF083 – Individual Totem – Mumia Vera – DCD
AOF084 – Individual Totem – Collectotem – DD

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