Ikue Mori and Christian Rønn are
twin masters of unrule, radically attuned to time and sound, invoking
the personhood of space and object, chordis et machina, as you'll soon
discover once their music gets loose in your own
“Endless probing that hooks into your neurons, this
album leaves sonic organisms floating around you. Even if that's
merely an illusion, the alchemy of Mori and Rønn’s hyperactive stew
is very real.” -Marc Masters

Laid down at Elektron Musik
Studion (EMS) in Stockholm, this is no meandering muddiness, the
precision and responsiveness of their heady collaboration steps
swiftly from fine grit distortions to leaky sinewaves, sweeping from
the playfully melodic to the seriously xenomorphic. As prepared-piano
hammers against braiding electronics, each possibility unfurls the
next. Tossed out from the final groove, you'll hike up your needle and
want to plunge right back in.

fusion of ecstatic electro-acoustic and other worldly sensibilities
draw some resemblance to Cecil Taylor’s out-of-body playing, but
here in the hands of Mori, accompanied by Rønn’s steady electronic
manipulations it’s in a brand-new tongue. It’s as though the
Phantom of the Opera’s afterlife has risen."[…] It’s so exciting
to hear this coming from the Bay Area’s exciting underground
‘anti-profit‘ label. This record leaves your senses tense,
salivating, wanting…." -TJ Norris

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