SIEBEN – “Lietuva EP'

Redroom Records 014 –

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On the 2 June 2015, Sieben releases “Lietuva”, the old name for Lithuania. The first two tracks of this Digital EP have both taken inspiration from there. The first, Black Moon Rise Again, was written to celebrate the lovely Menuo Juodaragis Festival. The second, Užupis, a district of Vilnius, draws inspiration from the constitution, motto, flag, and mainly the aesthetic of this self-proclaimed (Art) State.

Both tracks are lengthy, at ten minutes each, but I’ve dispensed with the restriction of 'pop song' length. Why tie myself to that? I wanted to give time for the 'top lines', the melodies and layered vocals to wash over each other, each new wave looping and dissolving the previous. What I do aims to draw you into a world. I figure that if you enjoy that world, you'll enjoy the extended journey through these songs' landscapes. Two, new, bonus tracks are included. I always try to give good measure, with what I do. I've re-worked the tracks Ogham The Blood, and Knudlustysummer, as snapshots of how they now are, ten years on from their original releases and respective albums. They're quite, quite different. Matt Howden, May 2015

1 Black Moon Rise Again – 9 mins 31 seconds

2 Užupis – 10 mins 18 seconds

3 Cult Of The Fallen 2015 – 4 mins 4 seconds

4 Knudlustysummer 2015 – 4 mins 12 seconds


CATALOGUE NUMBER: Redroom Records 014D

CREDITS: Written, performed and produced by Matt Howden, Redroom Studio, Sheffield, England, 2015. mastered by Dan Worrall. Artwork by Martin F Bedford.

RELEASE DATE: 2 June 2015 (Full Moon at 16.19 BST)



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