Beläten »A Somatic Response« A mixtape curated by Soma Sema

Format: Audio Cassette + download Release Date: 2012-06-04 Genres: Synth pop, minimal wave, industrial, post avant garde pop Edition: First edition of 200 copies.

Beläten are proud to present »A Somatic Response«. A 50 minute mixtape of cold synthetic pop, troubled industrial funk and dada rants selected by Swedish/American synth pop duo Soma Sema. The tape features exclusive songs from Blitzkrieg Baby, Television Set, Vita Noctis, Club Amour, Nimam Spregleda, Makina Girgir, Kord, Estroboscorpio, Lust For Youth, Goz Mongo Alliance, Xiu & Soma Sema.

»A Somatic Response« is the first in a series of artist curated compilations on Beläten. The idea behind this series is twofold: on the one hand, to see what inspires artists who inspire us, and on the other, to avoid becoming predictable, challenging our own preconceptions of what constitutes great music.

A public teaser video for the release is available on YouTube: SoundCloud preview of the entire release will start on Friday, the 1st of June. Sales of the tape will start on Monday, the 4th of June.

About Beläten Beläten is a new Swedish label dealing in synthetic and acoustic musick, transgressive and retrogarde Art and the search for the inner sun. We feed on contradiction, but strive towards perfect balance. We have no interest in genres or movements. We are post avantgarde pop for a pre-apocalyptic world.

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