Edward Ka-Spel & Philippe Petit: Are You Receiving Us, Planet Earth ?!
(ltd. Vinyl + Metal Box CD) (Rustblade)



Under my Sonic Seducer DJ alias I have just uploaded a new mix, only consisting of Soundtracks, where everything is super groovy and a lot of the tracks have a London in the swinging 60’s vibe to them, but most of it all it sounds like a breathtaking cinematic experience, close your eyes and let the images run while your feet dance around… John Barry, Henry Mancini, Quincy Jones, Jimmy Smith, Geoff Love, Elmer Bernstein, Ennio Morricone, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Roy Ayers, Lalo Schiffrin, Les Baxter, Johnny Pate, Bar-Kays, Roy Budd, etc…


    I’ll be doing a couple of DJ sets over the WE part of Contemporary Art celebration happening in town, then embark for the States, stop in Belgium on my way back and then some more DJing to start the Summer atthe end of the month… Gotta be a busy one playing 16 shows in a month:

May 30 – Printemps De l’Art Contemporain
DJs Andy Votel + Doug Shipton + Waaterproof + The Sonic Seducer
Montévidéo – Marseille

May 31 – Printemps De l’Art Contemporain
DJs Waaterproof + The Sonic Seducer
Le Jetée / Cinéma Les Variétés – Marseille

June 3 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @  Auxiliary
Richmond, VA

June 4 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ Eyedrum
Atlanta, GA

June 5 –  Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ C4’s FUSE Arts Center @ Dreamland
Louisville, KY

June 6 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ Fuse Factory
Columbus, OH

June 7 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ Betty’s Grill
Nashville, TN

June 8 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ Rake’s End
Cincinatti, OH

June 9 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ The Burlington
Chicago, IL

June 10 – Xambuca + Philippe Petit @ Center Free Space
Milwaukee, WI

June 11 – The Nova Mix: An hommage to William Burroughs
Montévidéo – Marseille

June 12 – Asphalte Event @ Rockerill
Charleroi, Belgium

June 13 – Sonic Seductions # 15 @ Café Central
Brussels – Belgium

June 20 – Sonic Seductions # 16@ Les Demoiselles Du Cinq, Marseille
DJ OIL + The Sonic Seducer

June 25 – Cinema Night @ Sport Beach Café: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

June 26 – DJ Eye Scream vs. Sonic Seducer
Mundart / Marseille

HAVE A NICE DAY – Philippe


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