The two newest additions of the Medical Records Family  will be in stores in the next two weeks, preorders are up now on our Bandcamp.

Medical Records returns to France (by way of Berlin) to present the first full length vinyl LP from Synthwavers, Peine Perdue. Their sound is flawless. A simply sublime analog/digital hybrid of thoughtful synthesis, carefully crafted songs, beautiful sequences, and beautiful vocals. Trust me, if you are the first of your friends to hear Peine Perdue, then you will have the “avant-ammunition” sure to impress at any dinner party among grad/art school friends. But Seriously, we are thrilled to be the ones to bring  Peine Perdue to the States.

MR-047  Peine Perdue “Disparitions” LP

Among the artists and personalities that emulate their creativity are, among others, Delphine Seyrig, ESG, Elli & Jacno, Anna Akhmatova, William Onyeabor, Luisa Casati, André Cadere, Rainer Fassbinder or Robert Bresson.  Construction, vertigo and symmetry with sensitivity but without sentimentality. Euro Coldwave at its finest.

PEINE PERDUE – “Cerceaux” (Official video)


MR-048  Kitty “S/T” LP

Medical Records presents a very special release and selection of works  the most obscure corners of 1990s Austin Texas, comes a band called “Kitty” that has more in common with Seefeel, Flying Saucer Attack and Cocteau Twins than Stevie Ray Vaughn or  than another Texan 13th Floor Elevators style Austin psych band.  The band’s unique sound morphs from 90s Bristol style noise pop like Movietone and FSA into dreamy 4AD influenced bliss like His Name is Alive or Lush, into a sometimes jungle/breakbeat analog arpeggiated and sample based shoegaze techno hybrid. Medical is excited to share this musical time capsule with you.

We would love for you to cover these releases in your excellent publication or hear it played on your radio station. Please let me know if you need any additional information or would like to get in touch with one of our artists…. we love to get links to your reviews and articles.  We will have limited physical promos available by limited request.
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