ArtStars*, Freudian Slit Records and Pale Music are thrilled to announce the official release of the debut album from Berlin-based producer, musician and post-apocalyptic doomsday cult avenger TUSK with 10 new tracks, ‘Sacrifice’, on December 6th 2012. “It’s about sacrificing oneself for a greater good,” says TUSK.

Armed with haunting vocals and synth melodies,
TUSK is a dance floor renegade with beats fit for the runway and an escapist sci-fi fantasy with no limits. Best described as synth-wave meets sci-fi, TUSK is hailed as a visionary by fans and for his upcoming release TUSK awakens the fantasy of polygendered superhero fighting a space-age doomsday cult to save an unworthy human race. In “Sacrifice”, TUSK threads this epic bittersweet space opera through the rising drones and beats of 1980s and 90s synthdance. Fusing together a disco rave swagger with the dark arts of a black magician, TUSK inhabits the nexus point between Xiu Xiu, John Foxx and Kate Bush.
The hooks are indelible; the dislocated melodies and beats blast across the spectrum from acid house to future pop, new-wave to rave. TUSK is danceable music for an age staring into the apocalypse, synths married with science fiction; lipstick shine under blacklights.



Label : Freudian Slit
Format : CD Album, Jewel Case
Physical Release: 06.12.12
Physical Release UK/US: 07.01.12
Digital Release: 06.12.12
Style: Synthwave

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01 Goddess Save Us
02 The Rain Keeps Falling Down
03 I Want To Die
04 Heart Stop Racing
05 Thought Of You
06 Walking Disaster
07 Certain Things
08 Less Is More
09 Desire
10 Coming For You

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