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“Dreamlike nostalgic synth-pop sentimentalism”
– Igloo Magazine

Title: Glory of Romance
Format: LP
Cat No: VOX 21 LP
Genre: Synthpop, Minimal Synth, New Wave
Reference: Visage, The Human League, Ultravox


A1. Au Fond De Mon Coeur – 04:24
A2. Secret – 04:01
A3. Cruel Game – 04:59
A4. All Away – 04:24
B1. Glory Of Romance – 04:33
B2. Caresse – 04:48
B3. Hello Michel – 05:05
B4. Stay With Me – 04:19

After critically and public acclaimed CD version we are thrilled to offer you extra limited vinyl version of this synth-pop masterpiece!

Please check out CD review from Chain-DLK rated 4,5 out of 5 stars:
After the single released on the last summer, Nouvelle Phenomene are releasing, always through Other Voices Records, their debut album “Glory Of Romance”. As I wrote on my previous review, they are from Budapest, Hungary, and the line-up is formed by Santa Angela, Santa Fanni, Dziba Zsolt and Peter Buza. With their music they pay tribute to the glorious days when Steve Strange and Visage partner Rusty Egan began to make a name for themselves as a nightclub host and DJ respectively at “Blitz” in London. The opening “Au Fond De Mon Coeur”, even if it’s personal and catchy, because of its atmospheres will make you remember “The Damned Don’t Cry”. Human League, Visage, Ultravox are all in the band’s dna and helped crafting eight great songs that sound sensual, Mixing danceable songs like “Cruel Game” (that would be ready to be used on a fashion commercial, looking at today’s attitude) to melancholic mid tempos sung in French and English (check the beautiful “All Away” which is another instant hit), Nouvelle Phenomene did a perfect album for the lovers of these sounds… like I am. Pop melodies, great synth sounds, lushy pads and atmospheres make you will hang a disco ball on your room and let yourself loose to the music.

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