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We are excited to announce a brand new release on Narrominded:


FORMAT: LP (200 copies) / digital

Oh, Katadreuffe, what are the faint hearted to make of you? A band that’s more talked about than listened to, maybe? Well, maybe. It’s fair to say that they’re there, alright, skulking around the margins of the Dutch underground, Holland’s very own Savonarola Club; looking on with disdain at the antics of the butterflies at court. Katadreuffe are a band with things on their mind; they seem more intent on mapping out their own internal journey, and working out a sound and their worldview; one that seems at once to be incredibly detailed (like some old Morris wallpaper) and at the same time able to defy any description. It’s weird. But good. Really good. You ken?


And there’s news for you cats to take in. Katadreuffe are back, with MALCONFORT; an album that is one big shiny beast, something that crashes through your sensibilities in a manner that is at turns ludicrously powerful, aggressive and incredibly suggestive. It’s a record with a definite rock sensibility, and one powered by a juddering bat chain pulling groove. The band has a progressive side too; progressive in the best sense of the word. Rock for the Righteous Ironsides, music for the Diggers, Provos and the Lilliputians amongst you, and those space cadets who still think they can fire up the silver machine one last time. This is a record that will enlighten and entertain; but we’ll say now it’s not strictly entertainment, or looking for anyone “influential” to love it. No chance that the cover of this record will be bleached of its colour by the reflection from Giel Beelen’s teeth, that’s for sure. No; for this you need to unlock those human qualities you’ve been storing away for later use (once you’ve updated your phone’s software); things like patience, dreaminess, adventure, your gut feeling. All the things that stop you becoming a unit of production. Good luck.


Also available digitally on BandcampiTunesSpotifyDeezer
Or listen on VPRO Luisterpaal


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