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Hot on the heels of their new album Door Puin + Hoop present a full-length recording of a live-collaboration with Herman Wilken and Coen Oscar Polack entitled De Objectieve Lach. The occasion for the performance was the opening on February 26 2010 of the yearlong, evolving exhibition The Object Lag in De Nieuwe Vide gallery in Haarlem, The Netherlands. The trio of Puin + Hoop – Roald van Dillewijn, Remco Verhoef, Erik Uittenbogaard – collaborated with Wilken and Polack in a structured improvisation.

Puin + Hoop assembled their huge collection of electronic sound makers, guitars, Korg MS-20 and electric piano for this performance, Herman Wilken played laptop computer, iPhone and effects, Coen Oscar Polack played laptop computer, saxophone and effects. The result was a very concentrated performance, lasting 105 minutes. For De Objectieve Lach these recordings have been edited down to an hour of stunning, slowly blossoming music. This release is out now on cd.


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friday, december 10 2010: katadreuffe, bronstibock, tom schivez, wooden constructions – overtone, ot301, amsterdam

saturday, december 11 2010: spoelstra, monodeer, sololust – gifgrond, tilburg

sunday, december 12 2010: spoelstra, le single blanc – de onderbroek, nijmegen

monday, december 20 2010: hunter complex, the don’t touch my croque monsieurs – skg stad kunst guerilla ’78 – ’81 book presentation, paradiso, amsterdam

thursday, december 23 2010: hunter complex, spoelstra, cloudmachine, we cook with fire, dj oscar – christmas cover up presentation, storing, haarlem

friday, december 24 2010: hunter complex, cloudmachine, jaap boots & de natte honden, roald van oosten & band, specs hildebrand, we cook with fire, dj santajan – christmas cover up presentation, paradiso, amsterdam

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