On February 14, 2011 – Valentine’s Day – dark electro artist Miss FD will release Love Never Dies, the emotionally intense follow-up to her debut release Monsters in the Industry. Where the first album captured a personal journey through darkness and into light, FD’s latest creation sets out in the opposite direction, venturing through the mirror into a shadow world of anguish and despair, of riddles with no answers.


With Love Never Dies, Miss FD’s music and lyrics take a much darker turn – even the title itself is an ironic stab at the heart of the romantic ideal. Far from a collection of love songs, instead these seven tracks spin a tale of emotional devastation, using unconventional melodies, haunted vocals and disturbing beats unlike anything you’ve heard from FD before.


Love Never Dies will be available in CD and digital format and can be pre-ordered from MissFD.com [www.MissFD.com].

Promo video:

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