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AUBE Ambera Planera Wawar CD   10,00 eur
The exclusive record by the Japanese genius is based on excellent psychedelic
ambient and the collages of extreme, structural noise music. The release is sold
 in an elegant digipack, which is probably the first in AUBE history.

AUN Black Pyramid CD   13,00 eur
Continuing on the foundations laid with the acclaimed 2009 album Motorsleep,

AUN are further blurring the line where earth and space  intersect with the ominous
floating monolith “Black Pyramid”. Casting a new shadow, the seven tracks that make
up Black Pyramid are loosely inspired by the worlds created by visionary french artist
Enki Bilal. While still dealing in dark matter, the twisted guitar and electronics mutations
find the duo at their most melodic, luminous and accessible yet, but in the world of
AUN there is always a very fine line between light and darkness. AUN’s singular
psychedelic ambient drones laid on Black Pyramid definitely marks this release as
some of their best work yet, and this says a lot about the sheer power of this
 new album given their prolific and highly praised discography.
Edition of 1000 copies in 4 Panel Digipack. CYCLIC LAW

BIONULOR Sacred Mjushroom Cloud CD  12,00 eur
Inspired by the work of such artists as Aube and William Basinski, Bionulor

is raking the past once more, like an alchemist searching for the most appropriate
 material for his work. “Sacred Mushroom Chant” is a record created solely on the
basis of treatment of the human voice without additional sounds or instruments.  Each of
 the five tracks is based on a separate part of the sound source. The foundation consists
of: an archival record of shamanic chant associated with the ceremony of taking
hallucinogenic mushrooms, a Japanese traditional song extracted from a collection
of old vinyl records, the famous phrase by Neil Armstrong’ walking on the surface of
the moon, a fragment of an interview with Marcel Duchamp telling about his first ready-made,
and finally the voice of the artist himself denouncing the sentence attributed to Hassan
 ibn-Sabbah (“Nothing is true”). Over 50 minutes of pure experimental music created
on the basis of author’s creative method called the “100% sound recycling.”
 Cover art by Monika Machnik, mastered by Peter Andersson. Comes in 4-panel digipack.

BIOSPHERE Dropsonde LP  15,00 eur
The vinyl version of the last studio album back in stock!

BOCKSHOLM Rhinna Leather Cluster CD  10,00 eur
Lina Baby Doll [Deutsch Nepal] and Peter Andersson [Raison D’etre], two famous

punks of the industrial scene, played the havoc again. In the beginning therewas a
very drunken gig that resulted in a very drunken album. Nevertheless, it is impossible
to accuse the musicians of unprofessional recording or unusual state when recording.
Since seas of beer are the most favourable condition for the records and gigs of these
Swedish blokes, the concert in Malmö is simply perfect. In the meantime, well-mastered
record does not leave any hints of non-studio work. Bearing in mind the reputation of
these well-know masters of havoc, no wonder that this record is dominated by remarkable,
powerful industrial rhythms, outbursts of psychedelic ambient, intoxicated, gargling vocals,
sombre and dismal atmosphere transfused by alcoholic delirium, alcoholic despair
and alcoholic hysteria that has only one culprit… No, no, it is not the alcohol, but
this isolated, remote Swedish provincial town Bocksholm with its fauna and polluted
nature that had such a heavy impact on the childhood of these alcohol addicts.

CARTER TUTTI Live Concert LEM Festival 2003 CD 13,00 eur
Some last copies of the live album by CARTER TUTTI. Recorded 2003 at the at the
LEM festival in Spain. Released 2004 in a limited digipack.

CLAUSTHOME  Radiophare II (Les ondes radio) CD 13,00 eur
Label info: The Latvian radionoise gurus Clausthome are back! With its new work

“radiophare [les ondes radio]” they offer a new trip into the world of the radio waves.
The route is a bit different than in the previous work “radiophare [lampe d´ambiance]”
(Indiestate, 2005) – now it is closer to the actual radio waves and leads through darker
spaces. Sometimes you will be left alone in the beauty of the invisible electromagnetic
choir that surrounds us all. Sometimes there will be mere documental fragments thrown
into your ear. At some point, it is sounding like a story about life – a look at life through
radio waves. The sound here is made using carefully selected and processed scans and
recordings of the radio waves, served by Clausthome´s usual attitude to the radionoise
aesthetics. The release is limited to 500 copies and comes in a monochrome
silkscreened digisleeve, recommended to the fans of Bad Sector, John Duncan
and other radionoise and radiodrone projects.

CONTROL Deadly Sins CD  12,00 eur
11 years after making his debut on Malignant side label, Black Plague, the

legendary Control returns home to roost, with another pulverizing display of power.
7 tracks, thematically centered around the 7 deadly sins (with each track clocking
in at the 7 minute), originally released as lmtd CDr for the Elektroanschlag 11 festival.
There is no atonement here, nor redemption offered. Just cold, jarring currents of
massively built power electronics and horror filled death industrial, full of clamoring
factory debris, razor sharp sheets of sonic violence, and grisly metallic grind,
rounded out with Garrison’s trademark vocal devastation. In 4 panel digipak,
designed by John Balistreri of Slogun.. MALIGNANT

CYCLOBE Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window LP  20,00 eur
White vinyl edition! Two inserts. Essentially a duo comprising Ossian Brown

and Stephen Thrower, Cyclobe have created a thrilling and compelling collection
of music, which moves effortlessly from realms of cavernous cacophony to
moments of blissful delicacy. The first new CYCLOBE music to surface since
their ‘death-concrét’ missile ‘Paraparaparallelogrammatica’ (an album made in
collaboration with NURSE WITH WOUND), “Wounded Galaxies” showcases major
new developments, with contributions from Thighpaulsandra, John Contreras,
Cliff Stapleton and Michael J. York. Together, they’ve created an immersive pan-psychedelic
dream warren, rich in detail and surprise. “Wounded Galaxies” front cover features a
stunning artwork by the renowned American artist Fred Tomaselli. Thrower and Brown
are well known for their work in the legendary group COIL, as well as UnicaZürn, The
Amal Gamal Ensemble and Current 93. With ‘Wounded Galaxies’, the group has not
only produced their finest and most ambitious work to date, they’ve created an album
which can stand tall with the year’s most innovative and exciting releases. Ltd x 500 copies!
Phantom Code. ESSENTIAL!

FOUNDATION HOPE Our God Is A Consuming Fire CD  10,00 eur
The latest album Our God Is A Consuming Fire by the Dutch project Foundation

Hope, just like its earlier output, aims at the exposure of hope institute promoted
by the Christian religion. The album is characterised by the transparent but
melancholic atmosphere, where each track radiates with quiet and modest despair.
Our God Is A Consuming Fire is the high class of ambient deeply affecting
human emotions. In short, this album may be labelled the despair consolidated in sound.

GEIR JENSSEN/Biosphere Cho Oyu CD  14,00 eur
These recordings were made by Geir Jenssen [aka ‘Biosphere’] while climbing

‘Cho Oyu’ in Tibet in September and October 2001. Cho Oyu is the sixth highest
mountain in the world at 8201m, situated in the Himalayas near Mount Everest, on
the Tibetan/Nepalese border. This album may be regarded as the soundtrack to the
film of this journey. This CD also contains some of the source material for his recent
Biosphere album, ‘dropsonde’ [Touch 2006].Geir Jenssen is better known as BIOSPHERE,
who has released five albums on Touch over the last ten years. His most recent,
DROPSONDE, has been called “mesmerizing” by Straight No Chaser [UK],
“gorgeous” [Word, UK] and “sublime” [Urb, USA]. More information on
BIOSPHERE and Geir Jenssen’s other work may be found on his website. TOUCH

IRM Red Album CD  12,00 eur
To celebrate that a decade has passed since the release of the IRM “Red Album” LP,
a CD reissue is now presented by Autarkeia. Martin Bladh and Erik Jarl had already known
eachother for a few years when they began their mission as IRM in 1997. Fuelled by the
rage of sonic power-houses like Whitehouse and Brighter Death Now, they recorded a
demo tape that landed them a deal with Cold Meat Industry. Immediately upon its arrival,
“The Red Album” was met by great enthusiasm as it breathed new life in a genre gone
quite stagnant at the time. The sound displayed a unique amalgamation of Jarl’s analogue
bass-heavy eruptions, and Bladh’s revelatory lyrics/vocals which were thematically more
aligned with the apocalyptic preachings of Michael Gira and Nick Cave than the confrontationalism
of William Bennett. Also the monochrome cover designs that IRM chose to work with stood
in stark contrast to the cheap shock tactics that had infested the power electronics scene
for so long. On subsequent landmark albums such as “Oedipus Dethroned” and “Virgin Mind”
IRM honed their sound and dug deeper into the maze of the human psyche, while in parallell
both Bladh and Jarl have explored new aestetic avenues with diverse solo projects.Now when
looking back, it is perfectly clear that IRM have fulfilled and surpassed all the expectations
that the release of “The Red Album” promised. More than ten years down the road, the
adolescent debutants have become the revered minstrels of industrial gospel. Digipack.
500 copies. AUTARKEIA

JARL Vertigo Rebirth CD  10,00 eur
Vertigo Rebirth is the fourteenth album of Swedish composer Erik Jarl and the third

and last part of the Vertigo trilogy. It is difficult to say anything more about Jarl’s music
on the whole. Like the earlier albums, this one generates particularly severe emotions that
could be shortly defined as isolation, intoxication and especially negative, poisonous intuition.
This impression is enhanced by the contrast. Erik opens the album with a track that has a
construction uncharacteristic to his previous compositions. This composition contains quite
strange rhythmics and is rather dynamic, which generates deceptive elation. But that’s only
the first track of the album. The rest fling the audience back to the cold uncompromising space
of drone, piercing and crushing all attempts to perceive the phenomenon of Jarl’s impasse.
This is one more remarkable album for potential suicides. Album “Vertigo Rebirth” lasts for 53
min. 56 sec. Limited edition 200 copies.

KE/HIL Hellstation LP  16,00 eur
L.edition of 350 copies. The 1st fullenght release of this new group with known individuals.

B.Moloch and W.Herich, both active in Genocide Organ and Anenzephalia, joined new forces
and started working on a more personal concept. The result is a dark oppressive sound .
A display of a worldview that only seems to see hope in escapism, cynism or extrem scary
solutions. Musically old school industrial music in its full range from power electronics to
dark ambient tracks. This is really some fresh new blood and Recommended! TESCO

MAEROR TRI Tapes Live In Nevers CD 13,00 eur
The German band Maeror Tri existed from early 1988 to the end of 1996. Over

these nine years they have made a serious contribution to the development of the
European post-industrial scene and had significant influence on many young musicians.
Much of this was also achieved by their own record label Drone Records which has discovered
a lot of talented artists. This compact disk contains the last previously unreleased recordings
by Maeror Tri.  Four tracks are fragments of the band’s 12-hour concert at the “Audio-Visual-
Experimental” festival in Arnhem, The Netherlands, on November 11th, 1995; the fifth track
is a part of their performance at the “Musique Ultimes” festival in Nevers, France, on May 14th, 1995.

MALDUR ALTAI Checkpoint CD  12,00 eur
This is the first full album of industrial/ambient project Maldur Atai, titled Checkpoint.

This dose of music of nearly one hour emanates strong and solid atmosphere that grows,
develops and changes during each exquisitely constructed track. The notional indexes
of the album touch upon a variety of religious aspects. Yet, they all are related to
violence in religion and religion as an arcane or masked violator acting in informational reality.
This album reveals religion as a system marketed and propagated by invisible conspirators.
The system marked by powerful structure, network and techniques. It exists as a secret institute in
the informational field of hallucinations, entices with its promises and attractive images, however,
in reality opens horrible nightmares, marauds and kills. What is worst in this matrix is that it
chooses children as its main target. The adults have been conditioned in their childhood so
that they would sacrifice their children to the system later. Checkpoint is a filtration camp
where the children’s souls are met by elitist creatures of the arcane society wearing black
mantles and hiding their faces. They lie, they enslave, they manipulate and they involve
you in the vicious circle with almost no hope of retreat. Checkpoint is an abstract,
universal and purified vision of Maldur Atai in which many will recognise their own
very personal experiences and the symbols of the everyday secret war.

MALDUR ALTAI Vermin CD  12,00 eur
Vermin is the second full album coming from the industrial/ambient project Maldur Atai.

The subject-matter of this album is the arcane supernatural world that is sometimes accidentally
opened by unawares people. They summon demons they cannot control later. Vermin is a contact
with otherworldly powers with unpredictable aftermath, the word about which will spread for ages.
It is an album testifying the outburst of aggression destroying safe existence. This is one of the
gloomiest and most persuasive albums released recently. The atmosphere of the tracks varies
greatly, yet they have one common impact: they make your hair rise. Languorous, ominous and
full of longing sounds turn into devouring mentally disturbed elements. Rich sample library was
used for the composition of the album. The layout of samples in the sonic fabric is not accidental.
The place of each sample is meticulously chosen and well-thought, so the album seems incomposite
and involving. Vermin is the invasion of powerful and especially malicious demons into the everyday
life upon the accidental uttering of the forbidden mantra. Do not forget to make the circle in chalk,
the vermin knock on you door.

NECROPHORUS Drifting In Motion CD  12,00 eur
“Arctic ambience, melting with imagination, leads the listener to the frozen tundra at the top

of the world. This rarely explored land, resonant with a shimmering radiance that is bleak, barren
and mysterious, is distinguished by slivers of fantastical nuances that twinkle like crystals under
the midnight sun.” The above quotation was taken from a review of the original CD release of
‘Drifting in Motion’ (2000 on Crowd Control Activities). Now, 8 years later it is time for an enhanced
re-release for even more refined sound and experience of ‘Drifting in Motion.’ The entire album
has been carefully re-mixed in 2007 and has been spiced with 3 more nuances, 2 rare compilati
on tracks plus 1 exclusive unreleased track! Peter Andersson is a multi-talented man most famous
for his RAISON D’ETRE project on the notorious label Cold Meat Industry label but he is also are
responsible for music projects like Stratvm Terror, Bocksholm, Atomine Elektrine, Panzar and
many more. For this new release, two artists, Maria Gullqvist (Sweden) and Eva Verholen (Holland)
has been asked to contribute with their own impressions of experiencing ‘Drifting in Motion.’
Their amazing works are presented on the completely new designed CD artwork in a six panels digipak!

NORTHAUNT The Ominous Silence CD 13,00 eur
Second in a series of collaborations between Cyclic Law and Ewers Tonkunstis also

a re-issue of a long sold out dark ambient milestone – the debut Northaunt album which
first saw the daylight back in 2001 on Polish label Fluttering Dragon. “The Ominous Silence”
is more musical album than its followers, with a lot of piano, guitar and synth melodic parts
like in the classical tracks “De Sorte Trær” and “Pain Is Better”, but the typical Northaunt
elegiac melancholy and dark gloomy nordic ambient soundscapes are already here. This
edition has completely new artwork, new mastering and a bonus track, it is limited to 470
copies and comes in a stylish monochrome mini LP-like embossed cover with inner sleeve
and three inserts. 10 Tracks. Running time; 60.00

PACIFIC231 1983-86 Compendium 2xCD  17,00 eur
Pacific 231 is active since 1981, starting with a limited edition Psychic Euthanasia tape

recorded in total stereo, Pacific 231 was involved into VP 231 for a few years alongside Vox
Populi!. His first LP “Unusual Perversions” was released in 1984. After some references, VP 231
was terminated following the double LP L’Enfer est Intime international compilation. Today,
Pacific 231 is the co-producer on all his productions. From 1987 “Power Assume” second LP
on Bunker Records in Canada to his most recent release ! This DCD Compendium* is a
selective collection of early 80’s Pacific 231 works. More than 48 hours of recordings coming
from reel-to-reel tapes has been unveiled and carefully converted to recover two hours worth
of material. The production has been split in two parts as the 1st CD is Studio and the 2nd is
Live. As a matter of interest, for the “Unusual Perversions” fans out there, a good percentage
of the archives are circa 1984 and unreleased. * A compendium is a concise, yet comprehensive
compilation of a body of knowledge. A compendium may summarize a larger work.
TRACKLIST CD 1: Studio Data Archive 1 Studio Data Archive 2 Studio Data Archive 3 Studio
Data Archive 4 Studio Data Archive 5 Studio Data Archive 6 CD 2: Live Data Archive 1 Live
Data Archive 2 Live Data Archive 3 Live Data Archive 4 Live Data Archive 5 VISIT PACIFIC 231.

PARHELION Midnight Sun CD   13,00 eur
Canada’s Parhelion first full length album “Midnight Sun” is a collection of sonic reflections

on the natural geography and harsh climate of the arctic terrain. Perhaps more so, it is also
a meditation on the sacred quality of this mysterious land and man’s relationship to it.
Inspired both by the physical beauty as well as the mystic spirit which shrouds the northern
landscapes, the album is the culmination of several years of studio experimentation and
sound exploration. Blending guitar drones, icy synth pads and environmental sounds,
“Midnight Sun” attempts to convey the solemn spirit of awe and reverence for the great white
north through the use of sound and texture. Edition of 1000 copies in 6 panel Digipack.
12 Tracks. Running Time 60:00, CYCLIC LAW

PHELIOS Astral Unity CD   12,00 eur
PHRAGMENTS Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood CD  12,00 eur
Back in stock!

SOHRAB A Hidden Place LP  14,00 eur
Sohrab was born in Tehran in 1984. He was seven when the Iran-Iraq war ended.

His name, from an old poem called ‘Shahname’, means ‘rouge water’, which can also
mean ‘blood’. He started a punk band with his brother and a friend, which lasted about two
years before splitting. Sohrab is totally isolated in Iran, with little or no connection to what is
happening there. Sohrab is, like so many, displaced within his own country and occupies a
similar internal cultural isolation. This is suggested by Jon Wozencroft’s imagery and artwork;
looking in through shattered glass and an air of menace underneath the surface. He recently
 performed live at Berghain for a Touch night, with Fennesz, Hildur Gudnadottir and others.
It was his first legal gig since a performance by his punk band was broken up by the police in
Tehran…He is currently seeking status as a political refugee… Sohrab used Reason 3,
his midi controller (R)evolution UC-16 and a sampler, recorded live through Ambrosia recording
software. TOUCH

SOPHIA The Collective Works 2000-20003 4xCD 35,00 eur
We are pleased to present and make available once again some of the most seminal and

marking Industrial albums of the last decade. Formed in 2000 by Peter Bjärgö of ARCANA
fame as a need to explore a Harsher sonic terrain, SOPHIA was to become a very singular
mix of pounding Martial like drum patterns mixed with orchestral arrangements and deep
atmospheric passages, which later revealed to be part of the foundation and inspiration to
many of today’s contemporary industrial artists. We’ve compiled SOPHIA’s earlier work from
the years 2000 till 2003 which saw 3 full length albums and 3 eps released over a 3 year
period. Included in this unique 4CD set is the albums Sigillum Militum, Herbstwerk, Spite as
well as the Aus Der Welt, The Seduction Of Madness and Death Dumb And Blind eps, the
whole is housed in a 6 panel A5 fold out cover with an 8 page booklet. This is the chance to
be introduced to this very unique act or to rediscover these long out of print classics.
Limited edition of 1000 copies. CYCLIC LAW

SURVIVAL UNIR Fentanyl Martyrs 2xCD  15,00 eur
Survival Unit Fentanyl Martyrs 2-golden-CD box is the latest cultural terror attack coming

from cultic non-compromising Swedish postmortem/power electronics project. This time an
especially dreadful and relevant theme has been chosen for compromising the declared
illusions of human civilisation. Both discs have been dedicated to Chechnya undergoing
the total genocide, the total war where neither honour nor rules are acknowledged, except
perhaps those of Marquis de Sade, who – bearing in mind the facts of this war – would
have never imagined how far the fantasy of brutal people can advance in order to dominate,
torture and control those resembling themselves.

SVARTSINN Of darkness And Re-Creation CD 13,00 eur
First in a series of collaborations between Cyclic Law and Ewers Tonkunst, this is a re-issue

of the long sold out second Svartsinn album from the year 2003. “Of Darkness And Re-
Creation” is a “collection of stories based on heavy mind struggles, emotional complicity
or elegies which either leads to emptiness or dark places for a re-creation of the self image.
Darkness is all around us or inside each and every one of us, let¹s not fear it.. Prosper in
darkness…” (from the original edition release notes). Maybe the most hopeless and
desperate music ever done by Svartsinn’s mastermind’s Jan Roger Pettersen, it is definitely
one of the classical works from this “new” generation of dark ambient artists that were
gathered around Cyclic Law in the first decade of 2000. This edition has completely new
artwork and new mastering, it is limited to 500 copies and comes in a stylish monochrome
mini LP-like cover with inner sleeve, both with silkscreened elements.
8 Tracks. Running time; 49:33

THEOLOGIAN The Further I Get From Your Star… CD  13,00 eur
Over the course of three albums and a number of other releases, New York’s Navicon

Torture Technologies blurred the edges of power electronics and dark industrial before
ceasing operations in 2009. Now reconstituted as Theologian, Navicon mastermind
Leech continues his exploration of the further realms of experience with a new form of
blackened synth dread that combines the previous project’s crushing electronic attack
with increased heaviness and droneological power.  Following a series of small-run collaborations
with Wilt, Steve Moore, and The Vomit Arsonist released on Leech’s own Annihilvs label, Theologian
delivers their debut full-length The Further I Get from Your Star, the Less Light I Feel on My Face,
a seven-track descent into roaring, cosmic drone, howling electronics, colossal industrial
soundscapes and grim, low-end heaviness. The album draws from several strains of extreme
music–Swedish death industrial, classic power electronics, dark ambient–and adds an
underlying melodic presence; the music is harsh, often hellish, but retains an icy,
desolate beauty. The Further I Get from Your Star comes packaged in a deluxe
DVD-style digipack featuring Leech’s striking artwork and visual design.

THOLEN Neuropol CD  13,00 eur
After his acclaimed first album “Sternklang”, THOLEN now offers us his new album

“Neuropol”. Neuropol is the name of a fictional city where bleak scenarios of a post-
apocalyptic world are painted. A society divided in two distinct classes populates this
contaminated place, a lethargic mass of working slaves on the surface trapped in vast
industrial landscapes and the elite underground, who direct their doings while gaining
power from rituals for the church of Miro. This is a time of imminent change and possible
revolution, since the slaves gathered spiritual power for resistance. This album reveals
the darkest corners of these subterranean temples, deadly industrial complexes  and
hostile slums, where those enslaved are in search of spiritual salvation from mass
control and misery . A roadmap of the winding paths of the oppression of flesh and
spirit. Come to learn about the beauty of impending decay. Come to Neuropol.
The music follows in the foot steps of his previous album with deep, multilayered
ambient passages of unworldly proportions. Edition of 1000 copies in 6 panel
Digipack. 8 Tracks. Running Time 68:00 CYCLIC LAW

TOR LUNDVALL The Seasons Unfold 4xCD BOX  29,00 eur
This 4xCD Box set comes in a matte finish box with gloss-overlaid artwork and

includes an art booklet, remastered versions of “Ice”, “The Mist”, and “Under the
Shadows of Trees” complete with bonus tracks, and the inclusion of the new Autumn
collection “Turning” with tracks from the classic “Autumn Calls” remastered along
with six unreleased pieces. DAIS

The premise behind this new Pyramids cassette release is actually pretty

interesting.  They created a bunch of original “sound and music”, then sent it to
an insane list of musicians to remix and re-interpret.  The result is the
“WVNDRKMMER” tape set.  Featuring artists like Tenhornedbeasts, Yen Pox,
Fear Falls Burning, Bones of Seabirds, Mammifer, This Will Destroy You, Burial
Hex, and about 50 others, this is over six hours of sound spread over five
cassette tapes.  Limited to 300.

V.A. ZUGZWANG CD BOX  9,00 eur
Released at the “ZugZwang-festival”, 06.11.2010, at Weststadt Bar in

Darmstadt, Germany. TRACKS: Gerechtigkeits Liga – Delirium 4:29 – Gerechtigkeits Liga –
Mind Forged Manacles 3:09 – Ex.Order – Border Crossing 4:41 -Ex.Order – The Opiate Of
Combat 4:12 – Minamata – Koursk 6:01The CD comes in a metal case weighted with
a steel plate bound by a punched-out banderole. The release includes an info card,
 the english flyer for the festival and a sticker. total weight: around 300 gram.
Limited edition of 300 numbered copies (on punched-out banderole).
Chamber Music Records

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