Hello once again from A Different Drum!  This is only a brief update to let you know of a couple new arrivals in the store.

I also wanted to mention that one of the CD’s listed in last week’s update sold out immediately– the tour CD by Mirrors.  Thus, if you are looking for it on A Different Drum’s homepage, it is gone.  Also, a couple of you may receive refunds if you ordered but not quite in time.   I’m still catching up on orders, but I’ll keep everybody posted.


The Echoing Green “In Scarlet and Vile” $14 — Yes! After many years of writing and recording, the new album is finally in stock!  It will take a few days to ship all of the pre-orders, so please be patient.  If you did not pre-order, then you can certainly order the CD now, which is sure to be one of the stand-out albums of 2011!   You can order the CD here :

Huminoida “Whiter Album” $18 — This import from Finland is the new album featuring vocals by Kimmo, the ex-vocalist from Neuroactive (think of the Transients and Fiber-Optic Rhythm albums).   It has a nice blend of downtempo and uptempo synthpop tracks which are sometimes minimal, and sometimes more complex.  It reminds me of some classic John Foxx stuff, with a modern edge.   You can order the CD here :

I added a track from each of the above albums for you to check out on the Radio Player here :

* 31 Mar 2011 Minneapolis (MN), Ground Zero
* 01 Apr 2011 Milwaukee (WI), Club Anything
* 02 Apr 2011 Chicago (IL), The Abbey
* 03 Apr 2011 Columbus (OH), The Shrunken Head
* 05 Apr 2011 Detroit (MI), Small’s
* 06 Apr 2011 Toronto (Canada), Mod Club (w/Assemblage 23)
* 07 Apr 2011 Pittsburgh (PA), The Rex Theater
* 08 Apr 2011 Philadelphia (PA), Starlight Ballroom
* 10 Apr 2011 New York City (NY), Rebel
* 11 Apr 2011 Richmond (VA), Fallout
* 12 Apr 2011 Atlanta (GA) The Shelter
* 13 Apr 2011 West Palm Beach (FL), Respectable Street
* 14 Apr 2011 Jacksonville (FL), 331 Nightlife Cafe
* 16 Apr 2011 Dallas (TX), The Prophet Bar
* 17 Apr 2011 Houston (TX), Numbers
* 18 Apr 2011 Austin (TX), Elysium
* 20 Apr 2011 Tucson (AZ), The Surly Wench
* 21 Apr 2011 Los Angeles (CA), Echoplex
* 22 Apr 2011 San Francisco (CA), Red Devil Lounge
* 23 Apr 2011 Portland (OR), Ash Street Saloon
* 24 Apr 2011 Seattle (WA), El Corazon (Note: De/Vision / Iris only)


If you are not a member of the VIP program and you want to pick up the very limited edition new Color Theory release directly from the artist before he runs out of his copies, then go here:


Thanks for your support!

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