Janosch Moldau has already made his mark as one of the most innovative German electro-pop artists in the press on the strength of his two previous albums “Redeemer” and “Motel Songs”. “Lovestar”, his long-awaited third studio album on Motor Music / Rough Trade, is set to be released on the 2nd of November 2012. In the course of his extensive tours, the musician impressed time and again with relentless dreariness, droning synth ballads, and a voice beautiful enough to reduce anyone to tears. “Nonetheless my music only takes the stage in a small parallel universe,” as Janosch Moldau explains, adding that “many feel I make pop music and banal, guilt-ridden love songs, and some regard my music as unenlightened or cheesy due to the religious references.” 
With “Lovestar”, the musician from Ulm relentlessly pursues his course, delivering another album of 14 songs, all full of melancholy and in search of redemption. The album revolves around love in the saddest of moments, but also, and somewhat surprisingly, shifting the emphasis to the outside. “It’s not just about love or personal issues, but also about all the havoc wreaked on this planet in the name of love”, as Janosch Moldau, who elected to isolate himself in a cult called the “Boston Movement” as lead vocal for a few years, explains. “This is thus not a concept album, but rather representative of the mood that literally takes hold of me when I write songs. In a way it’s a dark ritual, and I can only approach music in this strange, sad way. That’s the claustrophobic solo musician’s corset, and my own personal boundaries”.
01. Lovestar
02. My Love
03. Into This Life
04. Satellite
05. Second Best
06. Enough
07. The Final Show
08. Empty
09. The Lovers’ Song
10. In Another World
11. Open Wounds
12. No Gender
13. Abraham
14. Devadasis
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Album information:
Artist : Janosch Moldau
Album : Lovestar
Label : Motor Music / Rough Trade 
Release date : November 2nd 2012 / worldwide

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